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Are you comMITTed to helping Romney win?!

The information on this page will help you find out the best ways you can help.

The race to the White House will hinge on the outcome of the “swing states”. Three-fourths of the states are virtually set as to which candidate they will support. The candidates will not spend limited resources trying to win these immovable states, but rather focus all time, money and efforts on the swing states. A very small percentage change in the voter turnout in these states will make the difference between winning and losing the election. The Romney campaign has identified 12 states that could potentially be won by either candidate.

The swing states are (by electoral vote count): Florida (29), Pennsylvania (20), Ohio (18), Michigan (16), North Carolina (15), Virginia (13), Wisconsin (10), Colorado (9), Iowa (6), Nevada (6), New Mexico (5), New Hampshire (4).

I Don’t Live in a Swing State, How Can I Help?

No problem! There are many ways you can help focus on the swing states:

  1. Donate to the campaign - Donations pay for TV advertising and the massive ground efforts in these states. (Donate here)
  2. Call from home - The Call From Home program is incredibly easy to use, is extremely helpful to the campaign, and does not require you to be an expert on the presidential race to participate. The script is provided and it flows smoothly. (Click here to get started)
  3. Travel to a swing state to volunteer - This is a vital election and many are traveling to swing states in order to help at the local campaign offices. Read more below about volunteering in swing states.
  4. Campaign merchandise - You can proudly promote the campaign with t-shirts, stickers and other merchandise. Products from our store are high quality at a good price, and we ship fast - daily! (Click here to visit our store). You can also get a variety of merchandise from the official Romney campaign store. (Click here.)
  5. Social media - Sharing news and links with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers is a great way to promote the campaign. Here are IMAGES you may use on these platforms to show you’re on board with our “I’m comMITTed” campaign. (Click here.)

    *Use the campaign’s official Facebook app to reach out to your friends who live in swing states. It’s easy!

I am in one of the swing states. How can I volunteer?

The Romney campaign is coordinating a massive ground effort in the 12 swing states. In these states alone there are 270 local campaign offices. The local offices make phone calls, distribute signs, and go door-to-door to identify those who are voting for Romney. Identifying the Romney voters is vital since this information is used to remind them to get out to vote on election day. The Romney campaign has recruited 20,000+ precinct volunteers for election day. This task force will attend each of the polling stations and report when identified Romney supporters have come to the polls. Once Romney supporters have voted their names are removed from the calling lists. Those who have not yet voted may then be contacted with accuracy and encouraged to get out and vote! This is a highly sophisticated effort and is crucial to Romney’s victory.

To find a local campaign office click on the name of the state in the table below.

State# of OfficesHQ cityHQ PhoneHQ Email


Check our blog daily for swing state events and highlights of volunteers working for Romney.

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