EXCLUSIVE: Mark DeMoss Remarks to Evangelical Leaders — Houston Ranch, January 14, 2022

Mark DeMoss

Following this past Christmas, reports surfaced of a meeting by prominent national evangelical leaders to be held in Texas sometime in January. You will recall this meeting involved over 150 people at a ranch outside Houston, January 15th. The ostensible purpose of the meeting was to caucus and select one of the presidential candidates behind which all voters could unite — in effect, to choose the one “non-Romney” candidate that they thought could best defeat Romney. Fascinating!

As with any caucus, some were prepared to stand and persuade others to vote for the candidate they believed to be the best to select as the Republican nominee for President.

One of those leaders present that day, at the ranch outside Houston, was nationally known and highly respected Mark DeMoss, a prominent Evangelical. Mr. DeMoss stood for Governor Mitt Romney.

Though I have never met Mr. DeMoss and therefore do not know him, I can only imagine that his remarks to this body required a tremendous amount of courage, especially with the understanding that the vast majority of those present were intent on selecting a candidate they believed could best oppose, and therefore defeat Governor Romney! For this one act alone, I have tremendous admiration and respect for Mark DeMoss. I strongly believe that Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States — if so, I believe that history will hold Mark DeMoss out as a true American patriot in the stature of any this nation’s finest patriots of the past and present.

I am most grateful that Mr. DeMoss granted MittRomneyCentral.com the privilege of publishing his remarks to the group of 150+ Evangelicals exactly one week ago today. When I requested “an editorial” from Mr. DeMoss through our friend, John Schroeder of Article VI Blog, I never dreamed I would receive his remarks to the other evangelical leaders at the ranch that day.

Mark DeMoss’s speech that day is published below in its entirety — unedited.

[Almost exactly one year ago, Nate Gunderson published this outstanding article by Mark DeMoss that received over 2,300 views and 33 comments]

Mark DeMoss founded The DeMoss Group in 1991, and since then he has served some of the world’s most prominent and effective Christian ministries and enterprises. Mark has been involved in shaping some of the largest Christian events and campaigns over the past decade while simultaneously overseeing the growth of his firm. He has extensive media relations experience with both religious and mainstream media and provides particular expertise to clients in crisis/issues management and communications. Mark provides primary public relations counsel and strategic planning for The DeMoss Group. His first book, The Little Red Book of Wisdom, was published in 2007.

Favorite DeMoss Group Core Value > We demonstrate uncommon integrity.

REMARKS to HOUSTON EVENT January 13-14, 2012

By Mark DeMoss

In the summer of 2006 I began a search for the perfect presidential candidate. I’m here to tell you: I still haven’t found him—or her.

But I would suggest, neither have you—because there simply is no such thing. Just as there’s no such thing as the perfect employee, teacher, or pastor. None of us can find another person—including a spouse—with whom we agree on everything.

However, I’ll tell you what I did find that summer of ‘06. I found one of the most remarkable men and families I have ever met or known in Mitt Romney, his wife Ann, and their five sons. Governor Romney was my choice for president in ’08, and he remains my choice today. I didn’t arrive at this decision lightly.

So how did I, as a conservative and an evangelical, land on Mitt Romney? After reading all I could find and talking to people who knew him, I went to see him and told him I’d like to help him. I also told him he couldn’t pay me—ever.

I have a three-part litmus test for choosing a presidential candidate:

1. He/she must share my values (not necessarily my faith or theology)

2. He/she must be competent to lead and govern should they actually get elected.

3. He/she must be capable of getting elected.

So let me talk for a few minutes about values, competence and electability.


  • First, while I am not interested in (nor worried about) giving platform to Mormon theology, I think this country would benefit from a good dose of Mormon values. Their overwhelming commitment to marriage, family, hard work, honesty, integrity, morality and character is something to be admired and modeled. Frankly, this church’s record in this area often outperforms ours in many ways. (I was reminded about this again just last weekend while watching one of our fallen evangelical leaders starring in ABC’s reality show Wife Swap.)

    I’ve been in the Romney home numerous times. I’ve been with Mitt in offices, holding rooms, hotel rooms, restaurants, cars and planes all across this country and everything about him is real. I’ve gotten to know dozens of his friends, colleagues and advisors. I’ve even attended his church.

    His marriage of 42 years is rock solid, and I’ll tell you this: I don’t worry about waking up one day to a headline about Mitt Romney like we have been saddened to hear about leaders among our own ranks like Gov. Mark Sanford, Sen. John Ensign, Sen. David Vitter, and countless pastors.

  • Gov. Romney has fought hard for values we care deeply about. For example, he immediately condemned the November 2003 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage in his state, and then lobbied hard for a constitutional amendment protecting traditional marriage.
  • Keep in mind; Mitt had an 85% Democratic legislature in Massachusetts. This is an important point, which I think is either unknown or lost on many conservative critics. An 85% opposition legislature means bills and measures the governor proposed could be changed at will. It also means measures he vetoed could be overridden at will.

    (By the way, Mitt cast 800 vetoes as governor of Massachusetts—that’s one veto every day-and-a-half for four years.)

    Finally, it means he had to know how to work constructively with people on
    the other side, which is something we could use more of today.

    So when you hear Mitt Romney did something as governor you don’t like, take a minute to find out if he did it, or an 85% Democratic majority did it over his best efforts and objections. A fair and honest assessment of his record requires this.

  • Under his leadership, Massachusetts’ public schools began offering middle school classroom programs on abstinence from a faith-based organization.
  • As governor, Mitt Romney vetoed bills providing access to the “morning¬after pill” and for expansive, embryo-destroying stem cell research.
  • He staunchly defended the right of the Catholic Charities of Boston to refuse to allow homosexual couples to adopt children in its care, and filed a bill to protect such religious liberty.
  • National Review political reporter John Miller wrote that, “a good case can be made that Romney has fought harder for social conservatives than any other governor in America, and it is difficult to imagine his doing so in a more daunting environment.”
  • Listen to what one notable Republican had to say about Mitt Romney.

    “In a few short days, Republicans from across this country will decide more than their party’s nominee. They will decide the very future of our party and the conservative coalition that Ronald Reagan built. Conservatives can no longer afford to stand on the sidelines in this election, and Governor Romney is the candidate who will stand up for the conservative principles that we hold dear. Governor Romney has a deep understanding of the important issues confronting our country today, and he is the clear conservative candidate that can go into the general election with a united Republican party.”

    Who said this? Rick Santorum did when he endorsed and campaigned for Mitt just four years ago. Nothing in Mitt Romney’s record, speech, or life has changed since Sen. Santorum offered that endorsement, which, knowing the senator, I believe was offered seriously, genuinely, and as a matter of real conviction.

  • I have concluded that Mitt Romney’s values more closely resemble my own than any president in my lifetime.

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The Extra Mile

Phil_UT has provided us with another fantastic guest post.

I often thought it was funny when I saw the poster that was entitled “All I Need To Know About Life I Learned From Star Trek”. Until one day when I actually read some of the statements, and found it was surprisingly true. However, in my life I can say that everything of value I learned in life was from football. Well, not totally true, so let’s just say one of the most important things I have learned in life came from an experience in football. So, to enlighten and amuse you, I will tell you the story that has quite literally changed my life.

As a young sophomore starting my first year playing football for our small town High School football team, I was a bit concerned when we arrived for the first two-a-day practices to find that we had a new coach. The superintendent of our school. After all, he was the man with the paddle (yes, back in the day it was perfectly acceptable to spank unruly students). For those of you that might not be familiar with football, two-a-day practices start a couple weeks before the actual start of the school semester and are designed to do one thing – kill you. The coaches would tell us that they are intended to get us in shape, but we knew the reality, it was legal murder. These practices were two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon of non-stop exercise, running, more exercise and more running. Well, on this particular day, after two hours of work, most of the players could hardly stand, much less walk. The coach called us up, so we all met in the middle of the field and he told how terrible we looked and if we did not get any better we would not win a game. Really quite the motivator. After his speech, we thought he was done, so wearily we head to the locker room. Looking over our shoulders we could still see the coach standing in the middle of the field watching us. We were confused. Right before we got to the locker room door, the coach hollered out to us: “ Gentleman, were are you going?” Now we were really confused. He then said, pointing to a bus parked in the drive: “ Gentleman, do you see that bus? Get on it, now”. Well, we were now so totally confused, we did as he said and slowly got on the bus. He then got on and drove us exactly one mile away from the school and told us to get out of the bus. As we gathered around the outside of the bus, the coach came out looking at his watch and said: “ gentleman, you have twelve minutes to make it back to the school, if even one of you does not make it in that time, we will do this again, the time starts now”. WE made it back, but barely.

After the evening practice that same day, we heard the same thing from our coach: “Gentleman, get on the bus”. Again he drove us exactly one mile away from the school and this time told us we had eight minutes to make it back or we would do it again. Day in and day out this same procedure repeated itself after each and every practice. Even after school started and games began, we would always end practice with the now tiresome cry of “Gentleman, get on the bus”. The time that we had to make it back to school varied each time, but the consequence if we failed was always the same, we would have to repeat the run. No matter how we did in practice or in games, it was always the same. For three years this went on and none of us ever quite understood why he made us run that mile each and every practice after we had already given all we had to give during practice.

Finally, at the end of my senior year of football, at an All State banquet, I got the nerve to ask coach. I said, “Coach, every single day for the last three years we always gave you everything we had and more. We always tried our hardest and yet every single day you made us run that extra mile. Why?” His answer changed my life that day and has helped guide me through all of life’s trials and triumphs. He said, “ Phil what was your team record the last three years?” I answered “ 33 and 3.” He responded. “ Pretty good, wouldn’t you say?” Of course, I replied with a “yes”. He then asked, “did we have any single superstar on this team?” We did not, we were just all an average bunch of players, and so I replied, “No”. He then said, “Phil, the reason you were so successful was that no matter what you all were always willing to go the extra mile, not for yourself but for your team.”

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Leadership by Mitt Romney

…………………. [see video of Oprah with Chris Christie below the fold] ………………..

Before addressing the subject I chose, I would be remiss if I did not congratulate Governor Romney on behalf of the MRC team and its loyal readers. Congratulations to Governor Romney, his family, campaign team, grassroots volunteers, and the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire for this historic beginning of the 2012 election year! Amazing results from very hard work indeed.

Leadership skill is claimed by all six Republican candidates – Governor Romney stands well above them all as a gifted leader. Governor Romney’s Iowa and New Hampshire finishes are quite simply the result of masterful leadership at all levels. Competitors and pundits will spin these last 10 days for advantage – but, trust me on this – when Rick, Jon, Rick, Newt, and Ron get to pillow talk each night with their wives, each one is saying, “Whoa, that is incredible what Mitt put together and what he is accomplishing! Unbelievable!”

Governor Romney Winning

Congratulations Mitt!

Ronald Reagan was famous for saying to Jimmy Carter, “Now there you go again!” when Carter strayed from the truth. I caught Piers Morgan’s interview with Mr. Gingrich Wednesday night when Gingrich came right out and said, “I am going to win South Carolina.” My reply to the television was, “Now there you go again!” He can’t help it. Politics is as much about setting the right expectations as it is about anything. Contrary to Gingrich’s lemmings who think otherwise, he is not as bright as they surmise. During this interview, he repeated a string of lies about Gov. Romney, at least two times, that included references to abortions, liberal judges, raising taxes, etc. Ridiculous. “Now there you go again.” But Gingrich uses free advertising to get his sound bites out knowing full well that many people in South Carolina will not dig deeper for truth. We (you and Team MRC) as grassroots volunteers are going to do everything we can to make Mr. Gingrich eat those words and then beg to join the team.

IMPORTANT: Please do not believe any polls that state that Governor Romney is leading or is expected to win South Carolina. PLEASE! Accepting any mindset of complacency is dangerous and could result in a loss that would wipe out any momentum gained in the last 10 days. Even worse, it sets a precedent that could reverse the trend. We cannot stress this enough. As hard as every volunteer worked these last ten days, the time to redouble efforts is right now and we can never let up until January 22nd — a day of rest will be good then. If you hear about positive polls, I hope that will only steel your determination to work harder to get to every last voter to get them out to vote. Can you help us at MRC spread the word on this throughout the United States to all volunteers willing to make phone calls to South Carolina voters? Gingrich and Perry are desperate. Their state of mind will likely lead them to cross the ethical line many times in the next 10 days.

Observations after New Hampshire: In my opinion, CNN’s coverage of both the Iowa and New Hampshire election nights was superior to FOX by a factor of 10. CNN had numerous pros on deck and their coverage and analysis were balanced and insightful. FOX seemed more like entertainment and shallow, especially in Iowa. I detected a shift with CNN away from their liberal bias reputation toward balance. By the way, Hannity cannot hide the fact he is biased against Governor Romney. On the night of the amazing New Hampshire win, you could see in his face and posture that he was disappointed that his favorite boy Santorum finished poorly. Are you as tired as I am of Hannity’s constant cliche repeats of what Democrats want? If he throws a football or repeats those cliches again, I may not check back until March.

Side Note: New Hampshire final exams result in combined scores for Gingrich, Santorum, and Perry of 21% — Compared to Ron Paul’s final score of 23%. Feeble Trio Diffused! Keep it up!


DANGER ZONE: Whether the harsh criticism will make Romney — who last week eked out an eight-vote win in the Iowa caucuses — a better candidate in the long run, as some suggest, or permanently handicap him if he is the nominee, as Democrats hope, remains an open question. — NPR, 1/10/12

GOP ATTACKS: The sudden intraparty assault has helped Mr. Romney in one way, prompting even conservative skeptics like Rush Limbaugh to come to his defense. The conservative Club for Growth singled out Newt Gingrich for “economically ignorant class warfare rhetoric” that is “downright Obamaesque.” — The New York Times, 1/11/12

ECONOMIC WOES IN S.C.: How much Ms. Haley’s support for Mr. Romney factors into the race will be closely watched. Although some here applaud her nearly singular focus on sharply reducing government spending and lowering the state’s unemployment rate, which now sits at 9.9 percent, she is not broadly popular. — The New York Times, 1/11/12

NEW HAMPSHIRE CATHOLICS: One surprising finding: Santorum, a Catholic, won only about 8 percent of self-identified Catholic voters, a serious underperformance on his part since Catholics accounted for more a third of the electorate Tuesday. Gingrich, also a Catholic, won 10 percent of Catholic voters, according to exit poll interviews. Romney, a Mormon, dominated among Catholics winning 45 percent of them. — NBC Politics, 1/11/12

DNC STRUGGLING TO RAISE FUNDS: Emmerling challenged the notion that the host committee was having a difficult time raising money. […] “It hasn’t been easy,” Harris said of the host committee’s fundraising efforts. “But there’s no question in my mind it’s going to happen.”Another member of the host committee, a Democratic activist who asked not to be identified, told the Observer that host committee leaders have said the Obama restrictions have made it tough to raise money, but they believe it will be done….”Are they working hard and losing sleep over it? Yes,” the source told the Observer. “But they didn’t seem at all desperate. … I don’t have inside information, but I think they’re over halfway there, though.” — Charlotte Observer, 1/11/12

OBAMA LACKS MORAL COMPASS (Belafonte): [no second term] If there was the kind of moral compass serving Barack Obama the way we hoped, the moral force would have helped him make choices, the absence of that force in his equations, that barometer to guide him when he has to make these decisions that are hugely complicated, he should have come to the table with the things that would have helped us in this moment of crisis.” — Big Hollywood, 1/10/12

GINGRICH/PERRY SHILLS (Gov. Romney quotes): “But, you know, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich are going to be the witnesses for the prosecution. I’m not worried about that. They can take it as they like,” he said. “You saw last night that approach didn’t work very well for (them). And so we’ll take it to the next level.” CNN, 1/11/12

DAVID GERGEN, ROMNEY’S WILD CARD: It is worth remembering, too, that the Olympics hired Romney to head the Games while he was at Bain Capital. Is it logical to think the Olympic committee had any sense that Romney was a predatory capitalist? The question answers itself. — CNN, 1/11/12

ROMNEY MADE THE FIELD WEAK: But Romney didn’t just face a weak field — he made it weak. His strength, money, and organization scared off some serious challengers. […] He simply beat one former governor who many in the press — this writer included — thought would beat him, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, and drove him out of the race early. When another governor, Rick Perry of Texas, made a late entry as the Romney killer, he instead wound up illustrating how well prepared for this battle Romney really is. — Politico, 1/11/12

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Gingrich: Romney ‘Buying the Election’ Class Warfare, A Closer Look

Newt Gingrich is petulant that his poll numbers are plummeting due to his record being vetted via political ads in Iowa. He admitted today that it took him two weeks to “get his legs” under him to respond… (Turtle appendages?)

It’s becoming a habit for Gingrich to lash out by swinging a weapon most conservatives loathe - the class warfare axe. The former ethics-sanctioned Speaker of the House is repeating the line that Mitt Romney would “buy the election if he could.”

Yesterday, while stumping in Atlantic, Iowa, Governor Romney responded:

Mitt Romney Denies Gingrich Claim That He’d ‘Buy the Election’
Jan 1, 2022 5:50pm

ATLANTIC, Iowa — Mitt Romney today pushed back on claims launched by Newt Gingrich accusing him of wanting to “buy the election” if he could, saying that this election is being driven not by money, but by message.

“Let’s see, Speaker Gingrich I think announced that he raised 10 million this quarter and he ought to be proud of that. We’re working hard to raise funds as well. This is an election, however, that’s not being driven by money raised — it’s being driven by message, connection with the voters, debate and experience,” Romney said during a press conference at the Family Table diner in western Iowa.

“I think that those are the features that are driving the campaign so far and I think they probably will be through the entire process,” he said.

(emphasis added)

A reminder…

Mitt Romney and wife, Ann, donated $1 million to the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games and Romney donated to charity his salary for three years of headaches and labor as President and CEO.

Romney generously did not take a salary for four years of work serving as Governor of Massachusetts.

What was Gingrich doing during that time?

Taking $1.6 million lobbying for Freddie Mac.

During the months leading up to the 2010 mid-term elections, Romney fervently worked to end the Obama domination in Congress. It’s hard to put a price on the hours Romney was gone from home and the miles he traveled criss-crossing the nation (flying coach) to stump for GOP candidates. His Free and Strong America PAC also gave generous donations to many conservative hopefuls.

Romney is a doer.

What was Gingrich doing leading up to that time?

Sitting on a couch with Nancy Pelosi.


Gingrich pontificated from time to time as a FOX News contributor and hawked his wares/ideas. Even though he wasn’t tied to a 9-5 job, I guess we should give him a pass for not putting forth much effort to help candidates during mid-terms. After all, he did have the arduous responsibility of scouring the jewelry cases at Tiffany’s.

There is also the little matter of Newt relaxing on a two-week cruise in the Greek Isles shortly after announcing his presidential candidacy - a development that prompted his campaign manager and half a dozen senior advisers to throw in the towel.

Gingrich is now crying “Pearl Harbor!” because he didn’t put in the planning and hard work to get his name on the Virginia ballot.

And, don’t forget - it was just a couple of weeks ago that Gingrich slammed Romney for his private-sector work at Bain Capital creating tens of thousands of jobs for Americans.

Class warfare? A cheap, leftist swipe.

Buy an election? No, Newt.

Romney is earning it.

Voters in Le Mars, Iowa, flock to meet Mitt Romney on his final campaign ahead of the caucuses. Dec 31, 2021 (Photo by Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images)
Voters in Le Mars, Iowa flock to meet Mitt Romney on his final campaign ahead of caucuses. Dec 31, 2021 (Photo/Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Here’s video of Mitt and Ann speaking in Atlantic, Iowa yesterday:

UPDATE on VA Atty Gen Ken Cuccinelli’s ballot legislation: NO GO

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GET OUT THE VOTE FROM HOME: Sign Up to Help Get People to the Polls for Mitt!

It’s time to take action and help Mitt!

With only 4 days left before the Iowa Caucus and 11 days until the New Hampshire Primary, we need you to SIGN UP to be a part of Mitt’s Get Out The Vote From Home Team.

Anyone with a phone and a computer with internet access can help Get Out The Vote for Mitt in Iowa and New Hampshire through the campaign’s simple online call-from-home system. Volunteers will be making calls Friday, December 30th through Tuesday, January 3rd to help make sure all of Mitt’s supporters turn out to cast their ballots for Mitt.

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A Call to Action - Help Make Phone Calls for Mitt!

Here’s a note from Rich Beeson, the Romney Campaign’s Political Director. Some of us will be meeting up at the campaign office in Orem, Utah to help make calls (details below). But if you can also make calls from home, using your cell phone. Sign up for a shift today!

With less than 30 days until voting begins, we’re asking for 30 minutes of your time.

This Saturday, thousands of Mitt supporters will be making phone calls to voters in key early states using our simple online call-from-home system. Will you rise to the challenge and sign up for a 30-minute shift for National Call Day?

We hear from a lot of you that want to help the campaign, but don’t know how - this is a great place to start. You will be instrumental in delivering Mitt’s message to voters that will be casting their ballots in just a matter of weeks.

Join thousands of supporters from all 50 states that have already answered the call for help. Here’s how simple it is:

1. Sign up for your 30-minute shift today: http://mi.tt/12-10-signup
2. Watch our short, simple training video.
3. Sign in on Saturday and make calls for Mitt!

This election is too important to sit on the sidelines. America’s on the line - answer the call.

The Utah campaign office is located at 1120 S 1350 W Orem, UT 84058 behind the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, in the Wolverine Crossing complex directly across from 5 Buck Pizza (I-15, exit 269). Call 801-900-3149 if you have any trouble finding it.

P.S. If you can’t make it to the office on Saturday, you can join thousands of supporters from all 50 states that have already answered the call for help by using our call-from-home system. Sign up for a National Call Day call-from-home shift now: http://mi.tt/12-10-signup

-Luke G.

New Romney Office Open in Utah - Calling all Volunteers!

Volunteer at the Utah HQ in Orem!

A bunch of us are gathering at the new Romney HQ in Utah County to man the phones for Mitt this Saturday, November 5th! The doors are open all day (any day of the week) to volunteers.

You can RSVP on our Facebook event page, email ccarter@mittromney.com to sign up for a shift, or you can just drop into the HQ any time on Saturday.

Hope to see you there!

Romney HQ in Orem
1120 S. 1350 W., Suite 110
Orem, UT 84058
*take University Parkway exit on I-15, office is located right off of Geneva Road (across from 5$ Pizza).

CALL TO ACTION! Team Mitt Announces A National Call-From-Home Program

For the hundreds of you who have been asking us what you can do to help…


From Mitt’s official blog:

This is your call to action. Mitt needs your help!

This Saturday, October 15th, we are launching a nationwide initiative to contact voters in key early states. Supporters, like you, are able to make phone calls from home, making it much easier for Mitt’s message to spread.

All you need is a phone and a computer with an internet connection.




MRC is working in conjunction with Young Professionals for Mitt to set-up a gathering of callers at a local business in Orem. WE ARE LOOKING FOR BIG NUMBERS OF MRC READERS TO COME JOIN US HERE! All attendees will receive one of our Mitt 12 stickers, but there will also be drawing for shirts, signed books, and also an opportunity to Meet Mitt at one of his next local events!

We are looking to gather MRC readers to fill the 2-4PM time block. (If you can’t it at 2, the call center is open from 8AM to 7PM. Come anytime.)

Click here for more details and to RSVP for the Utah event.

RNC Meeting in Tampa, FL: Only Campaign Represented? Mitt Romney

The Republican National Committee has landed in Tampa, Florida this week for their three-day summer meeting (site of the RNC convention next year). Officials continue to organize and are scoping out convention venues.

Guess who is the only GOP presidential candidate to send representatives there?

You know it.

Mitt Romney.

WashingtonPost.com August 4, 2021

TAMPA — Mitt Romney has dispatched three senior campaign officials to hold strategy briefings with Republican National Committee members at the RNC’s summer meeting here, as Romney tries to consolidate the party establishment around his 2012 candidacy.

No other Republican presidential candidate has a presence at the four-day meeting, according to multiple RNC members. Romney’s team arrived in Tampa — which will host the 2012 Republican National Convention — to present the case for his candidacy to the RNC’s 168 state party chairmen and other committee members, the vast majority of whom are unaligned in the presidential contest.

Romney campaign roster announcing campaign briefing at the RNC summer meeting in Tampa, Florida. 8/4/11 (click on photo to enlarge)

Romney’s deputy campaign manager, political director and communications director will outline Romney’s strategy in the early voting states, the campaign’s fall timetable, and provide a briefing on the status of the race at a closed-door meeting here Friday.

The campaign plans to distribute maps of the country, color-coded based on the early states, so-called “momentum” states that follow, and the Super Tuesday states. It will brief RNC members on the political organization Romney is building in each, according toan RNC member who attended a pre-briefing on Wednesday with Romney officials.

The campaign also will give RNC members a packet featuring positive press clippings and a list of endorsements Romney has received in various states — an apparent effort to show that many in the GOP hierarchy are consolidating around Romney.

“The Romney campaign’s been the only one I’m aware of doing briefings like this, setting up organizations in all 50 states,” said Saul Anuzis, an RNC member from Michigan.

(emphasis added) Continue reading here.

Smart, smart, smart!

More RNC news coming out of Tampa…

August 4, 2021 - RNC rejects tough sanctions on primary calendar

TAMPA, Fla. (WACH, AP) — The Republican National Committee has rejected a plan to impose tougher sanctions on states that jump ahead in the presidential primary calendar.

The measure would have stripped VIP passes and desirable hotel accommodations from states like Arizona and Florida, which are considering late January primary elections. That’s a violation of RNC rules, and some Republicans say it could cause chaos.

But the RNC Rules Committee voted Thursday to postpone action on new sanctions until next year.

Republicans from states like New Hampshire and South Carolina called out Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer by name Thursday, pushing her state to wait its turn. Any significant change, they say, could force their states to move primaries to December or January.
Arizona Republicans say an earlier primary would highlight issues important to Western voters.

RNC’s latest ad: ‘Change Direction 4’

► Jayde Wyatt

‘Restore Our Future’ Pro-Romney Super PAC Rakes in $12.3 Million

Here’s a piece of good news to start the week…

Restore Our Future, a Super PAC created to help support Mitt Romney (and combat Obama Super PACS) has raised a big, fat, wad of cash for The Gov.

The prolific group formed by former Romney aids, for the first six months of this year, has raised a whopping $12.3 million ($12.231,700 to be exact):


A political action committee that supports former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the Republican presidential primary raised $12.3 million from mostly big-money donors in the first half of this year.


The political action committee is an independent group that can run ads to bolster Romney’s bid and may not coordinate with his campaign. Its treasurer is Charles R. Spies, who was Romney’s general counsel in the 2008 Republican primary. Its board of directors includes Carl Forti, who was political director for Romney’s primary campaign three years ago.

Restore Our Future is one of two “Super PACs,” independent political committees that take unlimited contributions, that have been created to help a presidential candidate. Former White House officials have set up a similar organization to promote President Barack Obama’s re-election.

The Romney-friendly committee could give him an advantage in the Republican primary by running ads attacking his opponents, which would allow Romney to conserve resources for his campaign.

Some of the donors: W. Spann LLC of New York, F8 LLC and Eli Publishing Inc. of Utah, J.W Marriott and Richard Marriott of Marriott International Inc, Louis M. Bacon of Moore Capital Management in New York, and John Paulson hedge fund manager. Another substantial, interesting donor was a homebuilder based in Texas - Bob Perry - who in the past, has donated money to Rick Perry (no relation).

More great news… Restore Our Future was very careful with expenditures:

The PAC spent just $22,329.50, money that went to business licensing, legal fees and insurance.

We’re proud of the support Restore Our Future has received from across the country,” said Charlie Spies, the group’s treasurer.

These donors recognize Mitt Romney is the most experienced and qualified candidate to challenge President Obama’s record of out-of-control, big government spending which has led our country to a historic $14 trillion debt and near double-digit unemployment. As evidenced by our report, we will continue to keep costs to a minimum to ensure that our donors funds go to accomplish our main mission, helping Mitt Romney defeat President Obama.”

(emphasis added)

Maggie Haberman, senior political reporter for POLITICO, also wrote an article about the ‘pro-Romney super-PAC filings’. She characterized Jonathan Martin and Ken Vogel as “pouring through” the Super PAC’s records to ferret out who the donors were. After stating the number of donors, Haberman further nuanced her article with a quote from Martin/Vogel: “Other givers were even harder to unmask.”

Is Restore Our Future engaged in masked activity?


Super PACS are independent expenditure groups allowed to raise unlimited amounts of corporate or union money, as well as receive donations from individuals. In January 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court lifted a century-old limit on the amounts corporations, labor unions, or individuals can raise for elections – for or against a candidate – as long as their activity is independent of the candidate and campaign.

Some PACS reveal donors, such as the House Majority PAC. Others are organized under section 501(c)4 which doesn’t require donors to be revealed. Traditional PACS such as political parties and candidates’ campaigns do make public those who donate. Restore Our Future is FEC-registered which means all donors are disclosed.

On June 29, 2022 ‘Priorities USA’, an Obama Super PAC, created by former White House advisors Sean Sweeny and Bill Burton, released a multi-state ad targeting Republicans. The ad aired in battleground states: Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, North Carolina, and Florida:

“We are Americans. We know right from wrong. And we know the ads blaming President Obama for the economy are politics at its worse,” the ad says[…] “The Republicans have opposed economic reforms at every turn.” […]

(my emphasis)

‘Priorities USA’ wears masks does not disclose donors.

Maybe resident Politico detectives Jonathan Martin and Ken Vogel will dig in Obama’s Super PAC ‘Priorities USA’ (and sister PAC ‘Priorities USA Action’ which is required to reveal donors). Then, along with Maggie Haberman, perhaps the three of them will have more to write about.

Restore Our Future (exactly what Romney will do) deserves a big, fat, THANK YOU!

► Jayde Wyatt