A Little Fun at Dems Expense

More specifically at the expense of House Speaker Pelosi and Former Senate Majority Leader Daschle.

In this first video Pelosi informs us on how many jobs will be if the Porkulus Package isn’t passed. The answer will surprise you!

Next, in lieu of Daschle’s withdrawal as HHS Secretary because of his failure to pay taxes on a car and driver that were gifted to him I bring you this video early campaign video for Daschle.

My brother aptly points out that that old Pontiac must have a massive carbon footprint.

~Nate G.

Video of McCain, Palin, Romney and Huckabee in Missouri

To view the following movie you need to have Real Player installed. I don’t think it’s worth installing just for this video, but if you already it click the link below to view the full 42 min C-Span coverage of the rally held yesterday in Missouri.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Campaigns in O’Fallon, MO (August 31, 2021)

Huckabee begins at 8:30 (minutes into the video),
then Romney at 12:00,
McCain at 15:00,
Palin at 26:30

Below is the only clip on YouTube I could find of Romney’s portion. The clip is only 1 minute though he spoke for 3.

~Nate Gunderson

The Primaries are Over - Huckabee Takes Two Steps Backwards

Recently I’ve been blogging about bridging the gap with Huckabee supporters. Yesterday I posted Conciliatory Tones… It’s a Start to give recognition to the efforts of some HA members who seem to be willing to accept or offer an olive branch.

Unfortunately Huckabee’s focus doesn’t seem to be bridging that gap but further dividing it. Bad mouthing Romney openly on national TV will not be viewed by Romney supporters as uniting the party. He has effectively taken two steps backwards in that regard. Yes, Huckabee says that he will support a McCain/Romney ticket it there happens to be one, but that comment by no means hides his clear attempt to keep Romney off that ticket. A Romney VP nomination means Huckabee enters 2012 as an underdog again and he’ll have some serious ground to make up, and he knows it.

I’m sure the disdain between Romney and Huckabee is mutual. But let me point out something here - since Romney has dropped out of the primaries back in February he has not made any negative reference to Huckabee, let alone any mention of him at all. But I have heard things from Huckabee at least five times now. He just can’t seem to let it go. And he can’t let it go because he wants his supporters fired up to prevent Romney being on the ticket and prevent him from being the “heir apparent”.

I appreciate the comments from Huckabee supporters on my post from yesterday, and I now want to make some points concerning what was said. I agree that the media loves that fact that there is this schism in the GOP and are playing it up for all it’s worth. BUT…Huckabee seems all too willing to give them fuel to keep the fire going. YES, I am stating that he is purposefully giving them fodder to banter around with.

Now, what is the real reason for my beef with Huckabee? Among other things I disagree with, this is what Huckabee said:

I think the issue is that, you know, in many ways, Mitt Romney has had very definite swings of position, not just on one or two things, but on many of the issues.

That is a lie. Whether Huckabee believes it or not it is a lie. The media (and Huckabee supporters) have clung to this flip-flop mantra and have taken it far beyond what it’s worth. We have said it many times before and have provided much proof: Romney flipped on abortion, but never flopped. He did not flip, nor flop, on gay marriage, guns, the war in Iraq, support for Bush or Reagan, or any of the other things he’s been accused of. That dead horse has been beat for far too long, and boy does that dead horse really stink. The worst thing about it is that Huckabee is doing it on national TV for his own political agenda, and at the cost of a broken GOP. Thanks, Huck.

Here is the YouTube of Huckabee’s comment so you can see everything in it’s context:

Like I said, Romney as been completely mum about Huckabee since the primaries. Here’s a quote from Romney’s spokesman I found on Jonathan Martin’s Blog:

The primaries are over,” Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said when asked for comment about Huckabee’s statements. “Now, the task of all Republicans is on uniting the party to help elect John McCain, not on sowing division.


~Nate Gunderson

Addendum: Quote from Jonathan Martin’s post from yesterday

At the same time, Huckabee’s Michigan supporters met with McCain social conservative liaison Marlys Popma last night in Saginaw. Though ostensibly held to discuss how Huckabee’s loyalists can help McCain, supporters of the former Arkansas governor also used the get-together to warn against tapping Romney, according to an attendee.

Elizabeth Sipfle, who called me without prompting, said picking Huckabee’s detested primary rival would amount to a poke in the eye of Huckabee’s supporters.

“We made it clear that we want Huckabee to be recognized,” said Sipfle, an Oakland County lawyer who chaired the Michigan effort of the volunteer “Huck’s Army.” “When you snub him, you snub GOP votes.”

Sipfle said she and her fellow Huckabee supporters were disappointed when a former Romney aide who is now working for McCain showed up at the meeting.

“It just was bad taste — and it didn’t go unnoticed,” she said.

McCain Ad: The Fan Club

I don’t plan on posting every single video that comes out of Camp McCain, but the video shown below is one that was especially interesting to me. It was posted on Monday making it ancient in the political blogging realm, but perhaps many of you have not seen it yet. It’s creative, effective, and not your run-of-the-mill campaign ad. I give props to the McCain media folks for thinking outside of the side on this one.

~Nate Gunderson

Iowa Caucuses Revisted (YouTube Videos)

Over the weekend I finally finished editing the video from the trip my brothers and I took to volunteer for Romney at the Iowa Caucuses. I had blogged extensively about the trip in these two blog posts:
1-2-08 - Postcards from Iowa
1-3-08 - Update from Iowa HQ

These videos may not interest you unless your curious to see what goes on in a tactical volunteer campaign, or you just like anything that has to do with Mitt Romney (or you have a crush on one of my single younger brothers, Aaron and Zach). Just click on the two YouTube videos below to watch.

Part 1

Part 2

~Nate Gunderson

Mitt Romney on YouTube!

mitt romney, youtube, abortion, america, taxes, jihad, national reviewWe’ve taken pains to repurpose videos from the NRI Summit and upload them in sections to YouTube. As some reports have noted, there is a battle afoot on various social websites to overwhelm candidates with negative videos.

A good part of our efforts at MyManMitt.com are geared to win that battle. So, if you would, take a moment and view the videos below, add the channel to your subscriptions, leave comments, and rate them! Thanks.

Mitt Romney on Abortion

Mitt Romney on Teamwork

Mitt Romney on Budgets and Deficits

Mitt Romney on Business and Government

Mitt Romney on how NOT to do Healthcare

Mitt Romney on America’s Strength

Mitt Romney on Taxes

Mitt Romney on Healthcare

Mitt Romney on Islamic Jihad

Mitt Romney on Staying Competitive

More videos will be added all the time!