‘Running with Romney’ VP Series Part 4: VA Gov Bob McDonnell (VIDEO)

Fmr MA Governor Mitt Romney and VA Governor Bob McDonnell (Photo / AP)

Today Bret Baier’s fourth installment of veep series Running With Romney aired on FOX News. Governor Bob McDonnell (R-VA) was the topic:

McDonnell joined America’s Newsroom this morning to weigh in on the visit. “We’re excited,” he said. “[Romney’s] talking about jobs and energy, and I want to be there to help him.”
He added that the only thing he can do is help the voters see who should be the president, because 30 to 35 percent of the Independent voters in Virginia will determine the outcome of the election.

McDonnell plans to help Romney in the next six months by talking about jobs, energy and taking care of America’s veterans.

“Mitt Romney is the guy to do it,” he said. “If we don’t convince people that he’s the best one for jobs with an 8.2 percent unemployment rate and debt reduction with a $15 trillion debt, we’re not going to have a stronger country going forward. So, that’s the role that I’m playing right now.”

(emphasis added)

Part 4- VA Governor Bob McDonnell

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Baier’s ‘Running with Romney’ VP Series Part 3: Rep Paul Ryan (VIDEO)

Rep Paul Ryan (R-WI) answers a question as Governor Mitt Romney looks on during a Romney rally at an oil company in Milwaukee, WI. April 2, 2022 (Photo Steve Senne/AP)

The third segment of Running With Romney, a series of potential VP interviews by FOX News’ Bret Baier (Special Report) aired today. The spotlight was on House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan:

At age 28, Ryan was elected to Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district but he quickly moved up to become the youngest chairman of the House Budget Committee in 2011. Speaking about his budget plan, Ryan says, “We knew that if we offered solutions, that they were going to demagogue those solutions. But we feel that we have a moral and a legal obligation, that if we don’t like the direction the president’s taking the country, we should do something about it.”

Republican strategist Mike Murphy noted a downside if Romney chooses Ryan as his vice presidential nominee, saying, “Paul Ryan budget genius, very important in the Congress, good guy, Romney’s close to him, talks to him a lot. The downside is you nominate Paul, one, you take a real player out of the Congress. And two, you’re going to re-litigate the Ryan plan which has policy advantages but some political baggage.”

Ryan reiterated what he has previously stated when asked about becoming Romney’s running mate. “If they ask me to consider it, then I’ll consider it. But that’s months away from that kind of decision being made as far as I know. I like my job. I think I can make a big difference doing what I’m doing.”

Part 3 - Congressman Paul Ryan

View additional segments by clicking on names below:

Part 1 - Sen. Marco Rubio

Part 2 - Sen. Rob Portman

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Baier VP Series: ‘Running with Romney’ Features FL Sen. Marco Rubio (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney and Florida Senator Marco Rubio attend a town hall meeting in Aston, PA.
April 24, 2022

FOX News’ Bret Baier is running a series on his television program (Special Report) in which he interviews potential VP picks for Governor Mitt Romney. He’s dubbed his series Running With Romney. Last night Senator Marco Rubio was the first to be featured. Here’s the interview:

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Veepstakes Speculation is Complete Entertainment

For about a month, I have been intending to write this piece but didn’t have the courage to write it until today; not until somebody smarter than I wrote what I have been wanting to.

Credit: The Economist

I acknowledge right up front that I will likely anger some people that read this. That is not my intent at all. There is no question that the choice of a vice president by Governor Romney is very important for America as that person could become president in a heartbeat. Absolutely! However, I argue here that there is almost no value whatsoever in publicly speculating and debating who that person will be, many months ahead of when Governor Romney will make the decision. It is a well accepted truth that the selection of a veep has little to no impact in a presidential contest, except in the negative (remember unprepared Palin?).

My assertion is that all public discussion and debate of who Governor Romney’s choice in a running mate will be is a complete and utter waste of time. Especially when considering the many hours a week devoted to this one topic in radio and television talk shows. That said, I believe there are two exceptions to this assertion, both of which I consider to be of minimal value. The two exceptions are:

  1. Entertainment Value
  2. Potential Candidate Response Value

First — the entertainment value. This is the main reason we see all the public speculation and discussion. We all enjoy speculating about everything. It is fun to think about who might be catapulted from a given strata to number two! I love the speculation myself. Heck, Nate developed our site’s “Veep Madness” awhile back — It is brilliant and fun! I see all the public speculation about the veep choice much like using Instagram (I just got it on my Droid). It is fun, a novelty, and a complete waste of time, except for the entertainment value. It is much like watching Modern Family. There is no value in spending time watching Modern Family except being with those you love and to laugh, right?

Second — the potential candidate response value. Since so many possible veep candidates are asked the question, one of them might say something really stupid like, “Are you kidding me? I would love to be picked as vice president by Mitt…I think I am the best person in all of America for that position!” So, there is a little value in the public discussion on this point — very little and that value is as a negative determinant.

Do you trust Governor Romney’s judgment in this decision? I do. What person alive has better analytic skills than Governor Romney? What about judgment? Exactly. Do you think the person he ultimately chooses will be properly vetted? Okay then. What value is there in all the public debate and speculation? There is none. It is pure entertainment value. That’s it. Am I right? Am I wrong?

Look what Karl Rove wrote in the every first three paragraphs of his latest Wall Street Journal opinion piece:

We’ve entered the silly season when vast numbers of words will be expended on who Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate should be. Since the actual announcement is likely to be made shortly before the Aug. 31 GOP convention, we’ll have to endure three-and-a-half months of pundits handicapping prospects.

This exercise is largely useless. Who thought at this point in 2000 that the vice-presidential nominees would be Dick Cheney and Joe Lieberman, or in 2008 Sarah Palin and Joe Biden?

The person who matters most in this decision, Mr. Romney, appears to be approaching it with appropriate seriousness, appointing a longtime trusted aide, Beth Myers, to vet possible running mates.

[emphasis added]

I think Rove is wrong on one point. The exercise is not entirely “useless.” There is entertainment value, right? I mean the sitcom Modern Family makes a lot of money and Instagram is worth $1 billion — so there is value — its not entirely useless! I love to disagree with Karl Rove! Here are two of my favorite lines from Rove’s Op-Ed:

Having played a role in this process, I know that if done well this will be a political proctology exam for each individual considered. […] This is not an activity for the squeamish or reticent.

Entertaining! And to the point of having almost no influence whether a presidential candidate will win or lose the election?

Running mates haven’t decided an election in more than a half-century. For example, research by Bernard Grofman and Reuben Kline, political scientists at the University of California, Irvine, suggests that the net impact of the vice-presidential picks in 2008 was roughly one-half of one point and is generally less than one percentage point. Presidential elections are rarely that close.

So why do we all spend hours and hours speculating on something of no value? His last sentence wraps the piece well: Click here to continue reading

Romney’s Triple-Header Endorsements: House Spkr Boehner, WY Gov Matt Mead, PA Gov Tom Corbett

UPDATE - After John Boehner endorsed Mitt Romney, he appeared on CBS This Morning. Charlie Rose tried to play hardball:

It’s a triple-header today….

House Speaker John Boehner, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead, and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett announced today they are standing with Mitt Romney.

As Chairman of the Republican National Convention Aug. 27-30, Speaker Boehner remained neutral throughout the GOP primary. Now that Governor Romney is all-but-official to be the nominee, Boehner offered a hearty endorsement:

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

Saying he “will be proud to support Mitt Romney,” House Speaker John Boehner gave the former Massachusetts governor his endorsement Tuesday.

“I think Mitt Romney has a set of economic policies that can put Americans back to work and, frankly, contrast sharply with the failed economic policies of President Obama,” Boehner said. “And I will be proud to support Mitt Romney and do everything I can to help him win.”

Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) have already endorsed The Gov.

From the wonderful Equality State, where women were first granted the right to vote, comes today’s endorsement from Wyoming Governor Matt Mead:

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead

“I am proud to have Governor Mead’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “With his help, we can defeat President Obama, reverse the failures of the last three years, and change the direction of the country. I look forward to his efforts as we work to make government smaller, create jobs, and ensure that future generations are not burdened with debt.”

“Very few leaders come along with the breadth of experience and knowledge of the economy as Mitt Romney,” said Governor Mead. “At this moment in our nation’s history, with economic uncertainty at home and instability abroad, we need a leader like Mitt Romney to strengthen our economy and maintain America’s place in the world. I am proud to stand with Mitt and will work my hardest to get him elected in November.”

Background On Matt Mead:

Governor Mead is the 32nd Governor of Wyoming. Mead was elected in 2010 and currently serves on the Council of Governors, which advises top federal officials on matters related to the National Guard. He also co-chairs the National Governors Association’s Special Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety. A recent poll shows that Governor Mead has a 77% approval rating.

Prior to his election, Mead was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as U.S. Attorney for Wyoming from 2001 to 2007. Mead has worked in private practice and as a local, state and federal prosecutor. He and his wife Carol operate a farm and ranch business in southeast Wyoming.

From the Keystone State, where a Jefferson Republican victory rally in October 1802 saw Pennsylvania toasted as the keystone in the federal union, comes the enthusiastic endorsement from Governor Tom Corbett:

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett

“I’m extraordinarily proud to earn Tom’s support,” said Mitt Romney. “Tom has been a wonderful leader for Pennsylvania and shares my values of spurring economic security through scaling back the size of government and promoting pro-growth policies. There is no doubt that Pennsylvania will be a crucial state in November. With Tom’s help, I know that I will be able to share my vision of restoring American greatness to Pennsylvania voters.”

Now that the long primary season has ended, it is time for Republicans to come together and unite around the one candidate who can defeat Barack Obama and institute a bold conservative vision that we need in Washington,” said Governor Tom Corbett. “That is why I am heartily endorsing Mitt Romney. Our country needs a president who will reverse President Obama’s failed policies and ensure an opportunity for all Americans to prosper. Mitt Romney will restore fiscal sanity to Washington by cutting spending, lowering taxes, and reforming entitlements.”

Background On Tom Corbett:

Tom Corbett was elected Governor of Pennsylvania in 2010. Corbett served two terms as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General. He was also the United States Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania from 1989 until 1993. Corbett and his wife Susan have two children.


Santorum still hasn’t endorsed Romney:

To crystallize the point that he isn’t going to make an endorsement in the immediate future, Santorum told his supporters that it was entirely up to them who to vote for in next week’s Pennsylvania primary. “I haven’t supported any candidate at this point,” he said.

And, Santorum sent out a mailing still ripping Romney:

The Des Moines Register reports that a week after he quit the presidential race, a fundraising letter from Rick Santorum arrived in Iowa mailboxes saying, “It truly frightens me to think what’ll happen if Mitt Romney is the nominee.”

“The blunt message quickly had Republicans here speculating: Did Santorum order up the mailer right before he suspended his campaign on April 10, so its timing was just a simple and understandable mistake? Or, did Santorum, who is still raising money and possibly not quite ready to come to grips with his loss, send this wording out deliberately?”

Meanwhile, after Newt Gingrich’s Utah ballot check bounced and he said it was “one of those goofy thingsand after making news for being bitten by a penguin, I guess it was too much for Gingrich’s campaign chief, Michael Krull. He quietly departed from the campaign yesterday.

Ron Paul is still doing his thing.

Team Romney is kicking it up! The inner circle is expanding and Beth Myers is on the hunt for a V.P.


(emphasis added to endorsements)

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VEEP MADNESS - Sweet 16!

Polls are now open for round 2 of our Veep Madness tournament and we are down to 16 candidates! In each contests vote for the candidate you would most like to see as a potential running-mate for Governor Romney.

Here’s the current bracket with Round 1 results included:

[Click on image to view larger version]

Round 1 recap: Sixteen contests… sixteen non-upsets. All of the higher seeded candidates sailed through the first round with the sole competitive contest being between Mike Huckabee and Susana Martinez. Governor Martinez edges out the former Governor of Arkansas by 4 points and continues on to face Bob McDonnell in round two. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio both pass their first round by an enormous 88-12 margin. Both candidates face tougher competitors in this phase.

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-We know Romney hasn’t completely sealed the nomination
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

Good luck candidates, and may the odds be ever in your favor. :)
~Nate Gunderson

Note: This round will run until Midnight on Monday.

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VEEP MADNESS Round 1 - Cast Your Votes!


As the nomination looks more and more like a lock for Governor Romney and the VP rumor begin to swirl in media, right now is a perfect time to launch our own pick-your-VP-candidate tournament!

The 32-candidate bracket is laid out in the image below. Just like NCAA March Madness this is single elimination. Voting for Round 1 will close Wednesday at midnight.


[Click on image to view larger version]

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-We know Romney hasn’t completely sealed the nomination
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

Have fun!
~Nate Gunderson

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Time for Our Veep Madness Polls - Make Your Nominations

We will be running a Veep Madness poll very soon, just as we did last year. Though this year’s poll won’t coincide with March Madness, we will use the same bracket-type single elimination competition. But before we start we want to know who do you want to see on the list!

Our poll will include 32 potential candidates so we need to see some names. Please leave your nominations in the comments section below.

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-We know Romney hasn’t completely sealed the nomination
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

Thanks, and let’s have some fun with this!
-Nate G.

South Carolina, Remember

South Carolina

I spent a good part of the day today hungry for news about how things are going in South Carolina. Like many, I’m ardently hopeful that Mitt Romney can knock out his competition on Saturday in the GOP primary so we can move on to replacing Barack Obama without all the Republicans emptying their war chests fighting each other. I agree with Michele Bachmann that President Obama is taking the country down a path of no return. Once the government begins providing medical care for its citizens, for example, there’s no turning back, and I believe our system was never intended to have a Federal government that large. Such a strong Federal government, with power to both give you everything and take everything away, is a threat to your liberty, and the related cost will be a threat to our country’s sovereignty. That’s the way I feel.

Since Newt seems to be Mitt’s closest competition in South Carolina, I thought I’d provide a few headlines for you to peruse:

Newt Can Hardly Contain Himself

Today Newt must have felt emboldened since he made a few more outlandish statements to add to his growing list. For example, on the stump he espoused a first amendment-violating religious litmus test for people joining his administration, saying any muslims need not apply unless they are willing to take an oath rejecting Sharia law. While I agree religious law has no place in the law of the United States, such an oath to disavow your personal beliefs to be able to serve your country violates my sense of religious freedom, and to call all Muslims religious extremists is offensive, of questionable judgment and very likely to get Newt in trouble, again.

GOP faithful will also remember that while Sarah Palin has become somewhat of an icon in the Tea Party movement, her selection by McCain as his running mate in 2008 was widely panned and, again, largely rejected by independents. Nevertheless, Newt, seemingly feeling good about his chances, stated Palin would have some role in his administration, with speculation that may mean as Vice President. Finally, in apparent outreach to the very far right on economic issues, he today advocated a commission to study going back to the gold standard.

While Newt may have had a couple good lines in the debate, we need to remember this is the same old guy that spiked then crashed earlier this season. He may pick up a few points, but with continued statements like this he’ll crash again. You know it. I know it. Rick Perry said in the debate it’s important that we vett our candidate today, and not find out in September he’s unelectable. Well, we know today what the answer is about Newt.

Why Mitt

Meanwhile, unlike Newt, Mitt continues to show he’s the best situated to defeat Obama. This is proven by a recent series of polls showing Mitt leading President Obama in six key swing states. It’s also proven by poll after poll showing Mitt ahead of Newt nationwide. Numbers show Mitt anywhere from 3% to 17% ahead of Newt and in a dead heat vs. Obama, while Newt trails Obama by 11%. The polling doesn’t lie: while Newt has on occasion been able to deliver a more visceral punch, Mitt is seen as more “presidential,” better able to rise above the fray and more likely to truly be able to take on Obama, who will, by virtue of his current job, appear presidential. And Mitt’s no slouch at debating, either. If your goal is to replace Obama, there’s really only one choice, on the electability meter and all other measures: Mitt Romney. Click here to continue reading

Ken Starr Op-Ed “Can I Vote for a Mormon?”; Also- MSNBC’s Larry O’Donnell Admits Obama Fears Romney

Lot’s of good news tonight for Romney and his supporters.  First off, Ken Starr (most notably known for the Clinton/Lewinsky case, but a man who is a true legal scholar and current President of Baylor University) has penned an Op-ed entitled “Can I Vote for a Mormon?”  While it’s not an endorsement, and doesn’t even mention Romney by name, it is a great historical and constitutional argument why he/we could definitely vote for a Mormon.

I strongly encourage Americans who would ask this question [“Can I vote for a Mormon?] of themselves to consider and weigh thoughtfully our nation’s constitutional traditions. At their best, those are traditions of welcoming religious forbearance.

To support this proposition, I return to the founding of our constitutional republic — boasting as we rightly do the oldest Constitution in the history of the planet. Only 27 amendments have been ratified to that basic document over our 222 years as a representative democracy. In fashioning this remarkably enduring document, the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia made it absolutely clear that no religious test should ever be imposed to hold office. The Founders also made clear that religious dissenters (such as the Quakers) should not be compelled to take an oath if doing so would be a violation of conscience. Building on those twin pillars of tolerance, the Supreme Court at its finest moments has likewise vigorously defended the right of all persons to participate in the democratic process, including holding office, without the burden of religious tests or qualifications.

According to the American political tradition, there are essential questions by which all office seekers are qualified, regardless of their faith journey or history. The first is: Does the candidate subscribe completely to our constitutional structure, including freedom of conscience for persons of all faiths — or no faith? A second question for the thoughtful voter is related to and flows from the first: Will the candidate subscribe, without any “mental hesitation or purpose of evasion,” to the oath to protect and defend America’s Constitution? If the answers to those closely connected questions are yes, then voters should proceed to cast their ballot on the basis of the candidate’s qualifications, platform and policy positions — not the candidate’s membership (or lack thereof) in a particular faith community.  …

In my own life, I have drawn great strength from my religious practices and, according to the teachings of my faith tradition, I intend to continue to keep in prayer those who are chosen to lead our nation. That said, the litmus for our elected leaders must not be the church they attend but the Constitution they defend.  …

America should stand — in an intolerant world characterized all too frequently by religious persecution — as a stirring example of welcoming hospitality for highly qualified men and women of good will seeking the nation’s highest office. Life experience, personal qualities and policy views are the pivotal points to guide Americans as they go to the polls in 2012.

I realize that most American’s already agree with Mr. Starr on this point, but for those that may feel that voting for Romney is an endorsement of Mormonism, the strong case that is presented above may open some hearts and minds to supporting the best choice and best chance to replace President Obama … Mitt Romney!

********And in a relatively raw video clip, BreitbartTV interviewed MSNBC’s Larry O’Donnell at a Bar in New Hampshire where he admits that Romney is the GOP candidate most feared by Obama.

Money quote:  “Romney is the one they don’t want. They know they can beat anybody else. Romney, they think they can beat, but it’s a harder road.”  Watching the whole 6 minute video shows this to be a candid and honest exchange, not a liberal plant or talking point (We saw that in the immediate post-debate analysis on ABC last night when Democratic Strategist Donna Brazelle stated to the panel and audience that they want to run against Romney because he’s the weakest candidate … she was met with laughs and jeers from the rest of the panel and the audience for that obvious lie)

Some other interesting tidbits from the video:  O’Donnell’s perplexed by Newt’s attack on Romney’s career at Bain saying it should have no effect in a GOP primary, but that those attacks may have some effect with some voters in a general election.  He also doesn’t think the GOP VP choice will matter much, though the interviewer mentioned my favorite choice, Marco Rubio, being able to take Florida off the map for Obama.