Announcement: MRC Teams Up With and to Launch the “One a Day for Mitt” Campaign


We are pleased to announce that is joining efforts with and to launch a new campaign to promote Mitt Romney online! is a grassroots forum that many may remember as a popular pro-Romney hangout during the 2008 campaign. Today each of its 1,500+ members will receive an email calling them back into active duty. is a website that provides news links in a style similar to the Drudge Report.

The three sites (UltiMitt, GotMitt, and Mitt Romney Central) will be linked together by easily navigable tabs which you now see on the top right of our page: News, Forum, Blog.

Each of these sites would exist and function perfectly well on their own, but there is a specific purpose for us combining together, and that is simply to promote…

The “One a Day for Mitt” Campaign

This simple campaign is designed to take supporters, who are willing to dedicate a few minutes a day, to engage in meaningful and effective activism. Campaigns are much like people pushing a big boulder. If people push at this boulder one person at a time, or if multiple people push in different directions the boulder doesn’t move. If the people coordinate, push all together, in the same direction, they will find that their combined efforts will have much greater impact. Pretty soon this rolling boulder will attract the attention of onlookers willing to join in the big thing that’s going on, wanting to do their part.

Once each day at the UltiMitt forum there will be posted a simple task that people can complete, return and confirm their efforts. Tasks will include sharing items such as sharing things on Facebook, tweeting, writing emails, creating a MyMitt account, making calls from home, and inviting others to join the effort.

The role of this site (MRC) will be to continue helping people be informed of the on-goings in the campaign, but also to utilize our large readership and 30,000+ Facebook fans to direct supporters to and join in on the “One a Day for Mitt” campaign.

It has been my observation that only a small percentage (about 1%) of people who keep up on the news of political campaigns actually put forth the effort to support that campaign in whichever way they can, thinking their contribution will be insignificant. I’m hoping that you will be one of the few who will realize that if you push, other people will too. Please push with us to make this a successful campaign.

Go now to The registration is very simple. The forum set-up is simple. Get started on your first One a Day for Mitt task by inviting your friends to join today.

~Nate Gunderson

Happy 2nd Birthday MRC!!

Two years ago today we launched this site with hopes of it gaining traction and being a source of news and info - all with one purpose in mind: help Governor Romney become President of the United States. Thanks to dedicated writers, and a successful promotional push, and a little SEO magic, we’re very pleased today with the results and that it is indeed a valuable resource for Romney supporters and newcomers all over the country. We have received no outside funds to run or manage this site, and all our contributors are unpaid and uncompensated in any way. True devotion to the cause and very supportive readers are what has spurred us along.

It’s not often (enough) that I get to do this, but I want thank Jayde for her unwearyingness in keeping fresh content on the front page day in and day out. Due credit should also be given to Ross and Luke who have done much behind the scenes to promote and maintain the site, and also to Dave P. for his efforts in developing many of our static pages. And to our rag-tag group of writers past and present we greatly appreciate your efforts: David K., Thomas Alan, Vox Patriota, Bosman, Jared A., and Jeff Fuller.

Just for fun I looked-up on the internet archive what our site looked like 2 years ago. Below is a small screen-grab of the oldest version I could find, October 5th 2009, about one month after we began this site. Click here to see the whole page as it was nearly 2 years ago.

Romney’s team promised that his campaign would kick it up a few notches after Labor Day, and they have kept good on their promise. Things are going to get a lot busier here over the next few months leading into the primary, and will get even crazier when he wins it. Two years down, 14 months to go.

A big thanks to all of you!

~Nate G.

Memorial Day Reflections… from Mitt Romney Central

Governor Romney’s Statement on Memorial Day:

As we observe Memorial Day, we owe thanks to the many Americans who have fought and died to defend our country. Their courage, their willingness to lay down their lives, reminds us that the United States is not a country like any other. Rather, we are an exceptional nation. Those patriots who are on the battlefields today or have gone to battlefields in the past, some never to return, have left us a stronger country, a great nation that, whatever its divisions, shines as a beacon of liberty before the peoples of the world. Memorial Day is a solemn day, but it is also a holiday of barbecues and family gatherings and vacations. Today, let us give remembrance and respect to those who have sacrificed everything to keep us safe.

Memorial Day reflections…

Guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington Cemetery

Soldier, rest! Thy warfare o’er,
Sleep the sleep that knows not breaking,
Dream of battled fields no more.
Days of danger, nights of waking.
~ Sir Walter Scott

This weekend we remember our fallen, those in the United States military who, throughout our history, bravely and freely sacrificed their tomorrows for our today…

Memorial Day 2011 ~ by Oliver North

Quantico National Cemetery – When I was a kid, we called May 30th “Decoration Day.” It was an occasion for Boy Scouts to be up before dawn and report, in uniform, to the American Legion hall. There, Cub

Boy Scouts laden with flags & flowers to decorate graves of veterans on Memorial Day. 1928

Scouts would be paired with older Boy Scouts, organized into detachments of a dozen or so and issued bags of small American flags. Each group then “deployed” in station wagons and pickup trucks to local cemeteries and churchyards, where we placed Old Glory on every veteran’s grave. Later in the morning, there was a parade down Main Street, led by a color guard, the high-school band and ranks of veterans from World War I, World War II and the war of the moment, Korea. The Veterans of Foreign Wars sold red poppies to raise funds for the disabled. Politicians made speeches, and citizens prayed in public. It was a solemn annual event that taught us reverence for those who served and sacrificed for our country. It’s no longer so.

Begun as a local observance in the aftermath of the Civil War, the first national commemoration took place on May 30, 1868, at the direction of General John A. Logan, commander of the Grand Army of the Republic. Though his General Order No. 11 specified “strewing with flowers or otherwise decorating the graves of comrades who died in defense of their country during the late rebellion” – meaning only Union soldiers – those who tended the burial sites at Arlington, VA, Gettysburg, PA and Vicksburg, MS, decided on their own to decorate the biers of both Union and Confederate war dead.

For five decades, the holiday remained essentially unchanged. But in 1919, as the bodies of young Americans were being returned to the U.S. from the battlefields of World War I, May 30th became a truly national event. It persisted as such until 1971, during Vietnam – the war America wanted to forget – when the Uniform Monday Holiday Act passed by Congress went into effect and turned Memorial Day into a “three-day weekend.” Since then, it’s become an occasion for appliance, mattress and auto sales, picnics, barbecues and auto races. Thankfully, there are some places besides Arlington National Cemetery where Memorial Day still is observed as a time to honor America’s war dead.[…]

Continue reading here.

This video, made by a Canadian, represents the gratitude we feel for all American allies, who share the battle and give their lives for freedom…

May Angels Lead You In

Words can’t convey how thankful we are for those in our military who pay the ultimate price for our freedom! They are liberty’s heroes. A tribute… (Misspelling in title and last year’s date doesn’t alter the tribute.)

Better than honor and glory, and history’s iron pen,
Was the thought of duty done and the love of his fellow-men.
~Richard Watson Gilder

May you have a meaningful Memorial Day!

from all of us at MRC

► Jayde Wyatt

Free and Strong America PAC: Behind-the-Scenes Video of Mitt Romney’s CPAC Speech

Governor Romney’s Free and Strong America has just released some exciting behind-the-scenes footage of Governor Romney’s speech at CPAC. What makes it even more exciting is that MRC’s own DaveP can be heard speaking @ 1:21 and then a few seconds later you see him! Lo, and behold… MRC’s Rebel Ross is standing right next to him! And, there is a quick glimpse of Aaron Gunderson (the guy wearing glasses) behind Ross.

Believe In America - Behind the scenes at CPAC 2011

“I believe that America is an exceptional nation of freedom and opportunity and hope. Believe in America. Our freedom depends on it.” ~Mitt Romney

Inspiring speech, Gov Romney! (And, great job, MRC guys!)

UPDATE: Upon closer inspection, Orit Sklar, prominent Jewish activist from Georgia and Romney supporter, can be seen listening intently to the Governor @ :45. Read more about Ms. Sklar here. During the last presidential election, Ms. Sklar blogged for Mitt. Check out her Facebook page and/or follow her on twitter.

Our good friend, Jeff McGee from NY for Mitt, can be seen shaking Romney’s hand @ :53. Happy to catch a glimpse of Jeff; his tweets from CPAC, along with those of of Team MRC, were very helpful!

UPDATE 2: CPAC Facebook has posted six photos of Governor Romney. While checking them out, be sure to click on each one and leave a supportive comment (photos at top of page). Click here.

UPDATE 3: Thanks to Romney supporter dcMike for sharing a few photos he took of Mitt and Ann at CPAC. Here’s evidence he was up close and personal!

Mitt Romney shakes hands with enthusiastic supporters after speaking at CPAC February 11, 2011. Photo courtesy of dcMike

The lovely Ann Romney in the middle of the CPAC throng - February 11, 2011. Photo courtesy of dcMike

► Jayde Wyatt

CPAC 2011 is Over…

cpac clean up

The straw poll results have been announced, Allen West has finished speaking, most of the bloggers are off to the bars… CPAC 2011 is over and winding down.

Governor Mitt Romney gave a remarkable speech (with a special intro by Ann Romney), and performed very well in the straw poll.

We’ve had an extraordinary time here at the convention. We met a lot Romney fans, got acquainted with a number of our readers, had great discussions with all sorts of conservatives, and did a number of interviews with various media and blogs. We’ve also made some good connections that will help us in promoting our site, as well as networked with other pro-Romneyites that will help us in promoting Romney.

It doesn’t hurt that we probably sold a few of our shirts along the way (since most of us were sporting them through the halls.)

We want to give a big thanks to those who support us by reading our content, sharing links on Facebook and Twitter, and leaving comments on our posts. But the biggest thanks of this evening goes to those who donated to help us get here because our trip would not have happened otherwise. We still have some costs to make up and would still appreciate any purchases from our store to assist in bearing the financial burdens of the site.

Also (before I forget), thanks to Ross, David, Luke, Aaron, Jeff, and the many others who made the trip here to support Romney in the straw poll and listen to the great speakers of the conference. It is fun and enjoyable, but still a sacrifice of funds and time away from family and work.

This is going to be a fun and interesting year in politics as the GOP primary shifts into gear - starting in 3..2..1…

Students swamp Governor Romney after he delivers his speech at CPAC - Feb 11, 2011.

MRC’s own Rebel Ross shot a little video footage of the surprise post-speech party for Governor Romney:

“Romney! Romney! Romney!”

UPDATE by Jayde - CPAC 2011 Official Video “Taking America Back” Day TWO (2/11/11 - the day Mitt spoke):

Additional links:
CPAC 2011 Official Video “Taking America Back” Day ONE

The importance of CPAC

~Nate G.

Will You Help Sponsor Team MRC members for CPAC 2011?

Hello stalwart Mitt fans! I am making an official request for financial help in order to send members of our hardworking team to CPAC this year. Since we are an independent site and have no financial backers we are left to our own means in order to make this trip. We have two team members Ross and Dave P. who are already attending at their own expense. There are 4 of us who’d like attend but our respective personal finances would not allow for that. Collectively we have put in literally thousands of hours to produce this website, and no team member receives compensation for doing so. Time is something we have, and have sacrificed. Money is something we have not. Will you help us?

If we are able to attend we will do our best to promote Romney for President, promote this site, and provide frequent and interesting updates on CPAC. We will bring our video and still cameras, laptops and our iphones, everything at our disposal to bring you live updates on this site and via Twitter.

It will cost us about $500 per person to attend. That cost includes airfare, hotel, and cost of registration. If there were a little extra we’d also like to throw a little lunch reception to meet with any of our readers who may be attending also. (I highly recommend attending if you are able. I attended last year and had an absolute blast.)

How could you not want to send these young, Romney-supportin' chaps to Washington DC?!

Depending on how much we raise, this is what we will do with the money:

$500 - We send Aaron the stalwart.
$1000 - We send Luke our SEO expert and page manager (He’s got the nice camera, too.)
$1500 - We send dedicated contributor Jared A.
$2012 - I (Nate G.) will attend myself. I have attended before and want to make sure the younger chaps get an opportunity first.
$2300 - We will rent a meeting room and hold a small lunch meet-up where we can train team members and any readers who want to attend.

Anything more than that we will use to bring promotional items such as fliers, button, bumper sticker, and perhaps some of our t-shirts.

Can you help by contributing $100 or more? Even $5 will help. But my favorite is $20.12, just to send a message. Just click the button to donate.

We will run this drive through the day and keep you posted on our progress. Thanks!

~Nate Gunderson

Update: Wahooo! We just cleared $500 - Aaron is packing his bags as we speak! Now we just need another $500 to send Luke… Thank you so much!

Two New Team MRC Members

Permit a personal moment for me as I post on some of the goings-on in the Gundy Clan.

Baby Jude

Proud New Father

First, I’d like to congratulate my brother and fellow team member Aaron on becoming first-time father over the weekend. He and his wife welcomed in Jude Adams Gunderson on New Years Day. Jude weighed in at a healthy 7lbs 4oz and was 19 inches long, and according to Aaron he is extremely handsome. Both baby Jude and mommy are doing very well, but Aaron is still reeling from shock. I kid. But seriously, I doubt Jude’s parent are fully aware of the work and sleepless nights that are about to hit them. :) Since Jude can’t quite read, write, or even vote - we’ll just make him an honorary team member.

Second, we’d like to welcome back our youngest brother Zach to the team. He returned New Years Eve from a 2-year church mission in Hong Kong where he learned Mandarin Chinese. Zach has supported Romney with us for a long-time and even went with us 3 years ago to Iowa to volunteer for the caucuses - which happened to take place exactly 3 years ago yesterday. Little Zachy is very easy-going and fun-loving, and yes ladies, he is available.


Zach, Nate and Luke (Aaron was at hospital w/ his wife)


Nate, Luke, Aaron, Zach - Urbandale, IA - Jan. 2, 2008

Better late than never:
Earlier in 2010 I wanted to recognize and congratulate team member Dave P. on his journey into the happily-ever-after. Dave got married in June and we still wish him the best as he ventures into life’s greatest institution.

~Nate G.

MRC’s Year in Review: A Look Back at the Top 10 Mitt Romney Articles of 2010

As Americans pause to review the past year and look ahead to 2011, I’d like to look back on what I feel were the top 10 articles here on MRC for 2010. The following articles demonstrate why this site has become a go-to source for Conservatives, TEA Partiers and Independents:

10. Nate Gunderson wrote a great article reviewing the first year of Mitt Romney Central and how successful our site has become. I think all of the team members here are grateful for the growth of MRC from a small site to becoming the ultimate destination for all Mitt Romney related news and articles.

9. MRC opened our Mitt Romney 2012 store this year which makes us a convenient source to purchase American-made products to proudly show support for Governor Romney!

8. Governor Romney released his highly anticipated new book in the March of this year. Luke Gunderson gave us sneak peak of No Apology: The Case for American Greatness - a tremendous must-have reference for anyone interested in getting America back on track.

7. Lots of work has been done behind the scenes here at MRC — and we have to give credit where credit is due. Our man Dave P. has researched and compiled tons of relevant info on all the major issues of our time. Dave has put in many hours of tedious work to create a library of recourses, where all Mitt Romney fans can go to get actual Mitt Romney quotes, videos, and links regarding his stance on issues such as Abortion, Immigration, and Health Care Reform.

6. A misconception about Mitt Romney s that he is a RINO. Aaron Gunderson wrote an great article addressing that very issue. It deserves to be read by every conservative as they ponder which 2012 candidate to support for the next presidential election. (I also recommend reading his follow up article explaining how a true conservative like Mitt Romney was a Tea Partier long before the Tea Party exploded onto national politics.)

5. We’ve seen many favorable polls here over the past year. Aaron Gundy’s post about the Marist 2012 GOP poll is a good reminder of why Mitt Romney will be a tough challenger for the 2012 as Mitt Romney as he receives support from diverse groups such as the Tea Party, Independents, college graduates, and women.

4. Bosman has written a series of excellent articles on RomneyCare but I like this article the most in which he clearly explains that we already have a health care mandate in the United States. He explains how Romney’s plan is different and emphasizes a crucial question: Should individuals pay for their own health care or pay for other people’s health care?

3. Rebel Ross’ article, So This is How Liberty Dies…With Thunderous Applause, is a powerful post lamenting loss of freedom that came with the passage of ObamaCare and strongly condemns political leaders in Congress who so foolishly patted themselves on the back for passing a law which undermines the freedoms that Americans enjoy. As one of my top three personal favorite posts on MRC, it is worth reading again.

2.  Vox Patriota’s article The Year of Our Obama is one the most compelling and impressive articles I’ve read on any site for why Barack Obama needs to be a one term president. Nate Gunderson listed this article as one of his favorite articles and its certainly another one of my top three favorite articles on MRC. It perfectly captures the collective frustration and anger that many conservatives, Independents, TEA Partiers, libertarians and growing wave of liberals feel towards him. As the 2012 elections comes closer, its worth reading again to remind ourselves why we need a man like Mitt Romney in office.

1. Jayde Wyatt’s post showing Mitt Romney’s Christmas card generated huge buzz on the internet as websites such as POLITICO, National Review, TIME, Hot Air, a prominent Canadian news site, Wonkette and Comedy Central’s Indecision Forever posted links to her article. It generated approximately 15,000 visitors to our site that day. Way to go, Jayde!!

All of us here look forward to 2011 — it will be an exciting year as the 2012 election starts to heat up and we continue to attract more fans of Mitt Romney. Thank you all for a fabulous 2010; here’s to another great year!

As we say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011, we wish everyone a happy and safe New Year’s eve and day!

-Jared A.

MRC Welcomes New Contributor: BOSMAN

Many of you may already know BOSMAN, or you may recognize his dancing Obama Kool-Aid image…


We are pleased to welcome BOSMAN aboard team MRC and look forward to his contribution. BOSMAN has been an active blogger at, and recently started his own conservative gathering place at He brings a unique and important perspective to this site as he is the only contributor who hails from Romney’s home state of Massachusetts. (BOSMAN = Boston Man)

BOSMAN has long history of active conservatism in his home state and enjoys the rough and tumble of politics. He is a small-business owner, and was also an educator in his early career. You can read more on his bio page.

Welcome, and let the blogging begin!

A Helpful Resource for Mitt Romney Supporters

In these last days before the mid-terms, its seems there is too much good Mitt news to stay on top of. Myself, along with many of our contributors here at MRC are working hard in our respective local races and simply haven’t had time to stay current with the nationwide happenings. I for one, really can’t wait till the day after midterms when I can finally get back to promoting our man, Mitt.

Mitt Romney on the Issues

Although my brothers and I have been MIA in recent days, Jayde has been working hard to keep our front page fresh, and we thank her for that. Also, behind the scenes our contributor Dave P. is working hard to compile useful information for anyone interested in learning about Mitt Romney. Dave’s efforts have been focused specifically on the ‘On The Issues’ section of our website (see the pull down tab on the top bar of this page).

Our goal with the ‘On The Issues’ section is to have readily available information for Romney supporters to refer to when Mitt’s stance is in question. This should prove to be an awesome recourse to battle misconceptions about Romney with facts.

We’ve created each of these short links for various topics as an easy way to remember, without having to navigate to the page and copy and past the link. Hope you find them useful.

Mitt Romney on Abortion:
Mitt Romney on American Culture and Values:
Mitt Romney on the Economy:
Mitt Romney on Education:
Mitt Romney on Healthcare Reform:
Mitt Romney on Immigration:
Mitt Romney on Same-Sex Marriage:

Lots more issues pages still in development! …If you’d like to see a certain issue covered, please comment on this post.

~Aaron G.