What is Mike Huckabee is thinking?

Gov. Mike Huckabee was on This Week Sunday morning and stated that in more words or less that there is nothing wrong with higher taxes as long as it is being spent correctly. In issues of health care, housing, and education, there should be higher taxes to be able to afford programs that help out the neediest of people.

Now, this sounds all well and good, except that in reality, the Federal government has a poor record of using taxpayer’s money appropriately. In the past, billions were spent in helping the poor and needy to get out of poverty and to improve their lives. Billions were spent on education to help troubled schools compete with better schools.

Yet, all of this spending that was done has not ended poverty or helped kids become educated. Health Care, under government’s watch, has given some people access to medical care, but kept many from not receiving from health care, due to the bureaucracy that is involved and the waste that has gone on. Huckabee’s answer that taxes are needed to help make things better won’t help but hurt since government would be involved in issues that could be solved through private charity or action.

Looking at his record as governor of Arkansas, he raised taxes to try and fund improvements to the state, yet they rank in the bottom for health care, economic growth, and education. If raising taxes are a good thing, Arkansas would be having great growth in all of these areas.

Mitt Romney offers a contrast of leading Massachusetts in economic growth, improving schools and health care during his four years in office without raising taxes, compared with Mike Huckabee’s 8 years in office and lack of improvements in any of those categories while raising or implementing a series of taxes. Mike Huckabee is a good and decent man, but he is wrong about tax, education, and health care policy and raising taxes will not solve any of those problems.

You can watch a portion of the exchange here

Romney’s Favorable Numbers on the Rise

Rasmussen Reports notes that Mitt’s favorable ratings are up 6 points (from 29% to 35%). Unfavorables dropping from 34% to 31%.

34% of voters still don’t know Mitt Romney which give the Governor a distinct advantage to lay out his case without a political biases.

Granted there are other biases afoot as this NY Times article notes.

Elsewhere, the influential Club for Growth lauded Romney’s speech Wednesday in Detroit:

The other presidential candidates should follow Governor Romney’s lead and propose similar, if not more extensive, measures to protect American taxpayers and promote continued economic expansion.

In case you missed it here’s a quick excerpt from Romney’s speech:

It is time to make saving easy in America. I believe people should be allowed to earn interest, dividends and capital gains up to a certain amount a year, tax free and without restrictions on how or when their savings and investments are spent. As an example, let’s say we chose $5,000 for joint filers as the annual tax free figure for dividends, interest and capital gains. This would help middle class families to be able to save and to invest - and spend their savings the American way: any way they want.

Recap of Romney’s Major Economic Speech in Detroit

Governor Romney today delivered a thorough economic address to the Detroit Economic Club. An excerpt:

“One hundred years ago, Golden Jubilee for Queen Victoria, unthinkable England would ever be surpassed as a superpower. But 50 years later, America roared passed.

“Inconceivable to us today that America could ever be passed. We’ve been competing with Europe for so long that we’ve gotten a little over-confident. But look east. Asia is emerging as an economic powerhouse. Great news, can buy our goods and products - I was pleased to see all the Buicks when I was in Beijing in December. But also a real challenge. Will Rogers: ‘even if you’re on the right track, if you don’t move, you’ll get run over.’

“Standing still isn’t a viable option. The question for America is this: what direction should we take?”

Afterwards, the Club for Growth issued a press release containing the glowing approval of Club President Pat Toomey:

“Governor Romney outlined today an economic platform that is, generally speaking, very pro-growth despite the surprising limit he suggests for tax-free savings,” Toomey said. “As the governor develops the specifics of his economic policies, we hope he will boldly build upon the limited government, free-market policies he discussed today.”

Finally, the Governor appeared on CNBC’s Kudlow & Company for a detailed interview on economic policy. Here’s a segment on YouTube.

It’s clear that no Presidential candidate on either side of the ballot is as prepared to discuss issues of economic importance as Mitt Romney is.

Cartoon and quote of the day.

  • “The easy way to fix any problem is to go to the people and say you have to pay more money, but that's not what the job of management is. The job of management is to find ways to permanently and structurally change the costs of our structure such that we can have a balanced budget without always raising taxes every time people think there's a need."
  • Governor Mitt Romney, Boston Herald, March 22, 2022

~ Mike

Fiscal Suicide Returns to Massachussetts with a Sense of Irony

With the inauguration of Deval Patrick the Commonwealth of Massachusetts returns to the suicidal tendencies of it’s past. Apparently the inauguration parties have left Patrick a little punch-drunk as he eagerly overturns the spending cuts of the Romney administration:

Haverhill, for instance, will receive $2.6 million in Hale Hospital debt relief, money needed to keep the city’s budget balanced.

Funding for Pettengill House, the Newburyport YWCA, the Lower Merrimack Valley Boys & Girls Club, Salisbury’s Historical Society, Amesbury’s Cultural Council and Salisbury’s Chamber of Commerce also were restored.

Salem State College, which lost $800,000 for its nursing program, will see that money. The state will also pay $500,000 for Peabody flood prevention and $400,000 for the dredging of Crystal Lake.

Romney cut $425 million in state spending on Nov. 9, saying there wasn’t money to pay for those items. Link

Romney left office with the distinction of having governed every year with a balanced budget. The last year was highlighted by Romney’s constant vetoing of the state legislatures spending sprees. Of course kids in candy shops never want to be denied, and the outrage of the liberal legislature was oozing as we well remember.

Some of you might remember the other Romney cuts that Patrick has now restored:

1. Victorian Street lighting in Melrose ($200,000)

2. A gazebo for Braintree ($100,000- thats an expensive gazebo!)

3. Study for the internal combustion engine ($4,000,000- isn’t that Ford’s job?)

4. Money for the Hyannis Athletic Association ($75,000 well I guess Ted Kennedy is a little portly!)

Yet where the stupidity ends the irony begins. In a remarkable show of cognitive dissonance Pork-Barrel-Patrick has claimed Romney left a deficit “hidden” in the details that Patrick will somehow fix:

“It’s a very significant structural deficit,” Patrick said. “We have to deal with that, and we will deal with that. There’s no reason to panic.” Link

(I have no doubt this claim is brought to you by the DNC commitee for 2008)

There wouldn’t be a reason to panic if a) There was really a deficit and b) Patrick was intent on cutting spending. Yet when Patrick has plans to fix his imaginary deficit while increasing spending, one is left to wonder how he will accomplish this.

Barbara Anderson, founder of Citizens for Limited Taxation, said Patrick’s pronouncement gives her a sense of deja vu.

She said a new, reform-minded governor named Michael Dukakis came into office claiming he was left a fiscal mess in 1975 and responded by raising taxes.

Like a dog returning to it’s vomit, Massachusetts has decided return to the days of high spending and high taxes to fix a mess that never existed. How often do the liberals need to be reminded that cutting taxes and spending always leads to a balanced budget? How often do liberals need to be reminded of the failures of past administrations who have gone down this same road?

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