Nevada Caucuses: Romney Supporters Anticipate Win in the West

It’s the big day!

As the Nevada caucuses get underway, Romney supporters are revved up and ready to vote in the first GOP contest in the WEST. Marking the fifth competition in the 2012 primary race, the NV GOP Party is hosting and caucuses are only open to registered Republicans.

With 28 delegates at stake, caucusing begins at various times across the state but most will happen between 9 AM and 3 PM Pacific Time. A 7 PM caucus will be held in Clark County to accommodate those who can’t participate in the day due to religious reasons.

Mitt Romney is polling very well in the Silver State (poll taken Feb 2, 2022):

Governor Romney made a quick campaign trip today to Colorado Springs to host an event at Springs Fabrication. He’ll be back in Nevada tonight to host a primary rally at the Summerlin Ballroom in the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas.

CNN is planning extensive coverage; read more here.

CNN livefeed possibilities may be found here and here.

For those interested in FOX News, Bret Baier will host a campaign edition of Special Report at 10 PM ET. A possible livefeed for FOX coverage may be found here.

C-Span Schedule:
10:40 PM ET LIVE Road to The White House Newt Gingrich, NV Republican Caucus
10 PM ET Venetian/Palazzo Congress Center, Las Vegas, NV

11:00 PM ET LIVE Road to The White House Mitt Romney, NV Republican Caucus
Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa, Las Vegas, NV

The following Twitter info has been posted on our chat box for a couple of days; it bears posting here:

Note: According to an email sent to reporters this morning, Newt Gingrich is foregoing the usual election night party tonight. Instead, he has scheduled a press conference. It was reported yesterday that Newt didn’t conduct his usual full schedule of events but spent time on the phone trying to raise money. He also met with his Super PAC sweethearts, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson. Now, speculation is circulating about the purpose of the presser. By the way, his presser will be held in the Venetian hotel (run by Sheldon Adelson). Given Newt’s recent marveling about Donald Trump’s ability to create a media event (when Trump endorsed Romney), it looks like Gingrich is attempting to do the same.

Romney supporters are invited to join us on our chat box for caucus results.

Go Mitt!

► Jayde Wyatt

~Addendum from Ross
Despite the NVGOP stopping caucus results from leaking early, this is still the only situation that anyone will beat Mitt tonight.

UPDATE: Mitt wins! Along with our Primary Results and Delegate Count feature, CNN has an interactive map where you can project what will happen in the upcoming races.

Mitt Romney doesn’t care about poor people? WRONG!

In the 24 hour news cycle, the story of the day has been Mitt’s comments to CNN in the early morning after his Florida win. While I think even the most ardent Romney fan would admit that this could and should have (and will be) phrased more adeptly, the liberals have taken and run with the partial quote that he’s “not concerned with the very poor” … It looks worse in print that in the context of the interview:

Mitt cares deeply about the poor, and his actions speak louder than words. How many “journalists” have bothered to mention that Mitt has given over $7,000,000 (SEVEN FREAKING MILLION!) to charitable organizations in just the last two years? Records from before then show the Romney’s consistent giving millions upon millions to organizations that care for the poor. By contrast, Joe Biden gave only $3690 to charity in an entire decade … that’s PROOF of someone that doesn’t care about the poor. From 2001-4, the Obamas made nearly a million dollars, but donated LESS THAN 1% of that income to charity.

Or what about when Mitt gave cash out of his pocket to the lady in South Carolina who said God guided her to follow Romney’s campaign bus to find help to keep her lights on? The EXACT SAME CNN REPORTER (Soledad) even reported about that a couple of weeks ago … does she have no memory?

Mitt doesn’t care about poor people? Demonstrably false and easy to debunk (and this is without even delving into fact that Mitt, as a Mormon Bishop for several years, dedicated much of his time to caring for the poor in a very “hands on” fashion). If Obama and team push this theme it will come back to bite them. Mitt’s done more to care for the poor than any snarky reporter or any of his political rivals.

Recall Vic’s post from a couple days back that highlighted Romney’s life of service and included the following YouTube:

Additionally, Brit Hume on Fox News today adroitly argued that anyone who wants to “make hay” or be offended by this out-of-context quote wouldn’t be voting for a GOP candidate anyways. I’d have to agree.

A Cave on the Side of the Mountain Part 2 - A Family Separated

Phil_UT follows up part 1 of his “A Cave on the Side of the Mountain” piece with part 2.

Hopefully, a few of you read the first installment of this dialogue. Several people have commented on the fact that in the first part, I left my family separated with hope dimming of their being reunited. You say, “surely that was an oversight”, or “what happened to the rest of your family”. Well, the plot thickens as it was not an oversight, but instead an intentional omission. This way, I have the opportunity to continue the story with you, maybe, creating a little anticipation about whether or not we were reunited in the end. So………

To give a brief overview, during a camping trip we stopped near Silverton Colorado and as we prepared camp, we noticed a cave on the side of the mountain. Of course with young children, the talk soon spread to speculation that surely there must be treasure or great mystery in the cave that seemed so close. As things sometimes work out, the infection of excitement spread to my wife and I, and as a family, we decided to hike up to the cave. Half way up, and well over an hour into the hike, (the cave was not as close as we surmised), I decided to head across a rock fall to see if I could get a better appreciation of how much further it was to the cave. After proceeding a ways onto the unstable rock flow, I turned around and noticed that several of my children had followed me out onto the rock flow. Noticing that the cave was now fairly close I decided to carefully ascend up the unsteady rocks with children in tow to find our treasure and uncover great mysteries. My wife, being much smarter, decided to head up the tree line with the rest of the children, as it was much safer. When I got to the ledge that the cave was on, my children and I carefully moved around the ledge only to discover that the cave was not a cave at all, but just shadows covering a fold in the rock face. Greatly disappointed, we headed straight down the rock flow and back to camp as it was getting late and the sun was close to setting.

Now, we pick up the story……

Arriving back in camp, it dawned on me that my wife and other children had continued up the tree line, and after scanning the mountainside, I could not see any trace of them. Frantically I started to yell out to her, but I did not receive any answers. The sun continued to set and the darkness was becoming more prominent. Not knowing what to do and with panic starting to rise in my heart, my children and I continued to scream as loud as we could to my wife and other children. As we paused to listen for a response, we were met with a deadly silence. Thoughts of my wife and very young children trapped in the night on the cold mountainside brought the greatest fear I have ever known into my heart and soul. My children and I began to cry and sob as we continued to scream for her. Still, no answer. Flashing in my mind was the thought of being permanently separated from my wife and other children. My sobs racked my body, as I was sure we would never be together again and all because we were deceived into thinking that great treasure awaited us in the cave. The last vespers of light were rapidly fading, and hope and despair had taken their hold on us. We were now a family separated.

Wait a minute, I know you are saying. What does any of this have to do with the election for President of 2012? Well, the answer is again simple. We are at a point in our history that clearly gives us a choice between two totally different countries going forward. Do we want a country that “we the people” only exist as a tool of an ever-expanding government? A country where the American spirit and yes, the American dream no longer exists. A country that is led by a man that thinks that the government should be the answer to all of our needs, wants, and desires. A country where freedom and liberty are only diminishing shimmers of light, like on the mountainside that fateful day. A country led by a man that to achieve his goals is pitting one American group against an other. Where class warfare is the order of the day. Where envy and greed have replaced hopes and promise. A man who, if re-elected as President, will truly make us a family separated. For truly even though we come from diverse backgrounds, interests, dreams, hopes, and aspirations, we are truly a family. An American Family. This is one of the two choices that we have this coming election.

Or, do we see an America that is ruled by the wisdom and foresight of our founding fathers based upon the rule of law, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. An America where the citizens do not serve the government, but instead, the government is the servant of the people. An America where freedom of choice, of dreams, of desires, of ambition, of innovation is fostered and encouraged. Where the bonds of over burdensome regulations that strangle the very core of American prosperity, are loosened and removed. An America that is truly “One nation Under God”, even though we are of many different faiths and beliefs. Where there is respect and honor given to the One that has made this great country possible. An America that stands strong in the face of adversity, that rallies behind our fallen, our hurt, and our oppressed. An America that is truly the shining light on the side of the hill that is a beacon to the whole world of what is right and good. An America that stands proudly beside our friends and allies, but firm against those that would oppress or enslave us. An America that has a strong military that will protect us against those that would seek to destroy us. An America that is based upon the merits and the boundless limits of our ingenuity; our own inventiveness; our desire to dream the impossible. An America that is defined by a family that is united and stands together as one.

Two choices, but two decidedly different futures for this great Country. Just like my family, this country is right this minute on the precipice of being a family that is separated. One that is torn apart from within where hope and promise are diminishing. To me the choice is clear. Clear because I know a man that can bring this country once again to stand together. I know a man that will be a uniter and not a divider. I know a man that has the skills and capability to lead us through these troubled waters. I know a man that although the light may be fading and many in the world think that shadows are covering this great land, will bring back prosperity and promise. Take a moment and read through the words of this great man:

“I want to restore America! I want to turn around America!”

“How would you break the partisan gridlock in D.C.?” “By finding people who care more about the country than anything else.”

“America’s strength rises from a strong economy, a strong defense, and from the enduring strength of our values.”

“The true strength of America is self-rule, and a government that answers to a free and independent people.”

“I understand the economy. Not as an academic, not as a politician, but as someone who has worked in the economy for 25 years.”

“I’m happy in life as long as I’ve got my soul mate with me.”

“Growing up in a Judeo-Christian religious foundation, one measures one’s life by the contributions one has made to God and his children.”

“I want to keep America the most attractive place in the world for every kind of innovation, investment, and job growth!”

“There’s nothing wrong with America that needs transforming. I want to restore America. I want to turn around America!”

“I love the Constitution, and by the way, not just a few of the Amendments, all of them!”

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A Cave on the Side of the Mountain

Phil_UT has given us permission to post his piece here as a guest post.

Growing up in Colorado, I was richly blessed with parents that had a great love for this country, nature, and the freedom we so often take for granted. Each summer we would pack up in our car with a small tent trailer behind and head off to explore this great land that we live in. Through National Parks and Forests, my parents taught me to love and appreciate all that America has to offer. At each stop, mom would explain the history of the area and would constantly drag us through obscure museums and shops. At the time we protested, but to this day I have to thank my parents for giving me such an appreciation for the beauty, the majesty, and the history of this great nation.

It is no wonder that as my wife and I began our family that I would want to continue this summer tradition. So, with little kids in tow, we would head off several weeks each summer revisiting all the old trips that I took with my parents. On one such trip after we had just left Mesa Verde, I wanted to take my family on the Durango to Silverton train. So, up we went over the million-dollar highway to Silverton. When we got to the National Forest campground, it was full so we decided to camp in an open area next to a stream. As we pulled in and started unloading, we noticed about halfway up the mountain across the road there was a cave. It actually looked so close that we could easily get to it. As we unpacked, my children’s imagination started to expand about what great treasures must surely lie inside that cave. As often happens, their banter about treasures and mysteries inside the cave became infectious and soon my wife and I were joining into the speculation. As we finished setting up camp, it was decided that since that cave was “so” close, we would hike up and discover the great treasures that surely awaited us. With four small children in line, we headed up the mountain.

One hour later, what had appeared to be a short easy hike was turning into a considerable effort. However, the dreams of mystery and treasure in the cave continued to drive us forward and upward. Another hour passed and it seemed that we were barely making any progress. I made the decision to leave the tree line and head across a rock slide flow to see how close we were. As I stepped across the loose rocks, my apprehension began to build as it was very unsteady, but yet I continued forward. Fifty yards onto the rock flow; I turned around and in horror noticed that two of my children had followed me out onto this unstable ground. My wife and the other children had continued up the safer tree line and where almost out of earshot as I called out to them. Click here to continue reading

Romney Headed Back to Iowa, Interviewed in Denver, Houston (VIDEOS)

Autumn in rural Iowa...
Mitt Romney will return to the Hawkeye State to campaign on Monday, November 7, 2011.

Mitt Romney is heading back to the Hawkeye State next week…

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney returns to state Monday

Associated Press
November 2, 2021

DES MOINES, Iowa — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is returning to Iowa Monday to campaign in territory he captured during his bid for the GOP nomination four years ago.

Aides say the former Massachusetts governor plans to campaign in Dubuque and Scott counties, along a swath of eastern Iowa he carried in his second-place finish in the 2008 caucuses.

Romney has kept a low profile in Iowa this year, but has recently added staff and spoken of winning the leadoff nominating contest set for Jan. 3.

He campaigned in western Iowa in October.

Romney was last in Iowa on October 20th, where he held a business roundtable in Treynor.

Yesterday, The Gov was in the Mile High City. Here’s video of his interview with 9NEWS anchor Kyle Clark; Romney discussed his campaign ideas:

UPDATE - Here’s another interview of Romney on Houston KTRK TV (H/t Bosman):

► Jayde Wyatt

Romney Fundraiser in Denver: Recap and Full Video

Denver, Colorado

Directly on the heels of receiving a second round of Colorado endorsements, Mitt Romney held a luncheon fundraiser in downtown Denver on Friday. I was fortunate enough to be among the 100 or so attendees to hear Governor Romney give about a 15 minute speech and then take several questions from audience members.

Many of the state’s public officials who have endorsed Mitt were there including Attorney General John Suthers and Secretary of State Scott Gessler. Mark DeMoss was a surprise guest at the event. He is the founder of the DeMoss Group, an evangelical Christian public relations firm out of Atlanta.

Mitt began by talking about his experience in the last GOP debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Much of the rest of his speech was spent stressing his economic credentials, touting American exceptionalism, and pointing out President Obama’s failures in office. Mitt did not hesitate to call out Rick Perry during the Q&A session for labeling social security “a ponzi scheme”. Romney referenced to his book, No Apology, for possible solutions to the issue, but the main point was that social security should be saved not ended. It appears that this is an issue Mitt and other Republican candidates will try to use against Governor Perry.

Mitt was sharp and on top of his game as usual. The speech was full of stories, facts, insights, and a good dose of self-deprecating humor. Every time I hear him speak I am even more convinced that this is the man who should be leading our country. No one else in this presidential race possesses the combination of knowledge and successful experience that Mitt has.

Please enjoy the videos I filmed at the fundraiser. I apologize if the picture is a little shaky at times. My arm was just a little bit cramped after holding my phone in that position for 15 and 20 minutes at a time.

The Speech

The Q&A

Questions asked during Q&A:
1) What are your thoughts on card check, labor unions, and right to work?
2) How can we make sure budget cuts are to unnecessary administrators and not essential services?
3) What is your reaction to Obama’s jobs speech?
4) How do you let the average American know you are for the middle class?
5) What do you think of Governor Perry’s stance on social security?
6) What will the first week of a Romney administration look like?

Colorado Elected Officials and Leaders Endorse Mitt Romney

Lots of endorsements are rolling in for Mitt Romney…

From The Centennial State - Colorado:

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today welcomed the support of Colorado elected officials and leaders.

Colorado is an important state in my campaign,” said Mitt Romney. “It means a lot to have the support of so many great officials and leaders in the state. I look forward to working with them as I campaign across Colorado spreading my pro-growth economic message.”

Coloradans are looking for a change in the White House,” said Secretary of State Scott Gessler. “President Obama has had three years to turn around the economy and he has failed. Mitt Romney has the experience in the private sector that will be needed to get our economy back on track.”

Announcing her support, State Senator Nancy Spence said, “Mitt Romney’s record is unmatched. In addition to his successful record as governor, his twenty-five years of experience in the private sector make him the best candidate to lead an economic recovery.”

“President Obama’s policies have failed to grow the economy and create jobs,” said House Majority Whip B.J. Nikkel. “In contrast to the President’s record of job losses and increased spending, Mitt Romney created jobs and cut spending as governor – that is why Colorado voters will support him at the caucuses and in the general election.”

State Representative Cindy Acree said, “Whether it is his twenty-five years of experience in the private sector, his leadership during the 2002 Winter Olympics or his record as governor, Mitt Romney has displayed the leadership we need to get our country back on track.”

“After three years of failure, it is clear we need a leader who understands how the economy works,” said State Representative Robert Ramirez. “Mitt Romney has worked in the real economy and understands what is needed to grow the economy and create jobs.”

Colorado Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney

Scott Gessler, Colorado Secretary of State
Kyle Hybl, CU Regent, 5th Congressional District
Nancy Spence, State Senator
B.J. Nikkel, House Majority Whip
Cindy Acree, State Representative
Robert Ramirez, State Representative
Victor Mitchell, Former State Representative
Bob Balink, El Paso County Treasurer
Jack Hilbert, Douglas County Commissioner
Barbara Brewer, Mesa County Assessor
Garry Brewer, Former Mesa County GOP Chairman
Katie Witt, Longmont City Council Member

Previously Announced Members Of Mitt Romney’s Colorado Leadership Committee

Senator Hank Brown
Governor Bill Owens
Senator Wayne Allard
Attorney General John Suthers
Congressman Bob Beauprez
Claudia Beauprez
Colorado Treasurer Walker Stapleton
University Of Colorado Regent-At-Large Steve Bosley

(emphasis added)