Romney Pledges No New Taxes

From CBN News:

Mitt Romney, who is going to be running for president announced today that he WILL NOT raise taxes if he becomes president. I just received this release from his Exploratory Office:

Demonstrating his commitment to oppose any effort to increase taxes on the American people, Governor Romney has signed Americans For Tax Reform’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.” As part of his pledge, Governor Romney will “oppose any and all efforts to increase the marginal income tax rates” and “oppose any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits.”

Governor Romney believes that by keeping taxes low and simplifying the tax code, we can grow the economy and enhance American competitiveness. These fundamental economic beliefs and principles led Governor Romney to become the first potential 2008 pres,idential candidate to sign Americans for Tax Reform’s “Taxpayer Protection Pledge.”

It’s a smart move by Romney. 2008 will be all about controlling one’s image. He needs to show to people that he’s a Reagan conservative. There’s a void out there in the Republican field when it comes to a Reagan type so these type of moves help.

Romney kept taxes at bay as seen in this article by the globe:

On taxes, Romney failed in his efforts to roll back the state’s income tax rate to 5 percent, the level voters called for in a 2000 referendum.

But he won a significant victory in 2005 when he persuaded the Legislature not to impose a retroactive capital gains tax increase on investors.

That, according to Barbara Anderson, a leading antitax activist in Massachusetts, is indicative of one important value of Romney: what he prevented from happening just by being in office.

“People … know what Romney did,” she said. “They don’t have any way of knowing what he prevented from happening.”

The theme?

Romney has shown while governing in a all but socialist state that he had the chutzpah to keep the tax raisers at bay. All this while solving the states financial problems. He also will prove to be the toughest fiscal conservative who has the knowledge and intellect to make conservative philosophy work.

John R. Bohrer of the Huffington Post

For those who are just starting your observation of Mitt Romney, I would like to introduce you to one of the stupid accusations that you will hear (until 2008, when eventually you will want to bash your brains out).

John R. Bohrer of the Huffington Post is the latest zombie who repeats the following: “Romney is more readily identified with the Salt Lake City Olympics and making the state that elected him the butt of his jokes.”

But no one ever gives you an example of the Jokes that Romney tells about Massachusetts, because there are none. Romney says that there are a lot of liberals there, but that is not a joke. It is an observation. And unlike observations from liberals, it is the truth. There are a lot of liberals in Massachusetts. Why does pointing this out hurt the poor feelings of the poor liberals of poor Massachusetts? Were they trying to keep their presence there a secret? Are they behind in child support payments, and think this information will help former wives or girls friends track them down? “Tanner was a liberal, maybe I should look for him in Massachusetts!”

Are we supposed to feel sorry for them? Is Romney a bully, and he would beat up Massachusetts students for their lunch money, and laugh at them, saying that they were liberals, who will probably live in Massachusetts the rest of their lives, because they are stupid Massachusetts liberals? Did he make people cry, when he points out that there are a lot of liberals in Massachusetts? Did he hurt their feelings?

What joy can John R. Bohrer have of repeating this stupid observation. Why do people have the desire to repeat over and over what the main stream media tells them? Is this all they got on Mitt Romney? Romney pointed out that a lot of liberals live in Massachusetts?

Then John R. Bohrer makes the fatal mistake of many liberal blogers when they try to debate. They don’t. He asserted that Mitt Romney was a flip flopper with out giving any examples of times that he has flipped or flopped.

John R. Bohrer said; “And that’s because Mitt Romney views his identity just like every policy position he’s ever taken: temporary.”

Here is some background. Romney advocated states rights when it comes to abortion, and he declared a truce on the issue in Massachusetts. He said he would not change the laws. Now that he is running for president of the United States, he is asserting the same thing: each state should have the right to choose their abortion laws. So he has kind of changed his position from advocating that Massachusetts be able to remain pro-choice, to Massachusetts should remain pro-choice and other states should also get to choose their abortion policy, as he seeks to represent those from more states than Massachusetts. If you want to call that a flip, sure, go ahead. But I get to call you an idiot, if you try and call Mitt Romney a flip flopper, because a “flip flop” implies that he changed his position, and then changed it back again. And Abortion is the only issue that you could try and say his vies have changed. But even this is stupid. Is John R. Bohrer saying that we should never vote for someone whose views have changed? Did he really write a senior paper on JFK, Martin Luther King, and Cesar Chavez? Does he want to see examples were they advocated different things in DIFFERENT situations?

And, John R. Bohrer, I also get to also call you an idiot if you say that all of Romney’s positions have been “temporary” because of this one change.

I also get to call you a jerk for contributing to the stupidity of public discourse. You make an assertion (every position Romney has ever held has been temporary) without giving one example of times Romney has changed his position. No reasons to agree with you, just your attitude of self rightous disdain.

David asserts that he is able to read Mitt Romney’s mind twice. This is something else that will become infuriating over the next couple of years.

David says:

“Mitt Romney must be feeling pretty good right about now” and “Mitt Romney views his identity just like every policy position he’s ever taken: temporary”.

David wrote his senior thesis on “Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Cesar Chavez in 1968”. Was Robert also able to channel the personal feelings of these Cesar Chavez? People wonder what Cesar Chavez would have thought of the protest by illegal immigrants over the 2006 United States Congress immigration bill. Perhaps David can tell us what Chavez thinks, sense he is able to tell us with such clarity what Mitt Romney is thinking.

Mitt Romney said, “Being a conservative Republican in Massachusetts is a bit like being a cattle rancher at a vegetarian convention.”

Does this the truth hurt the feelings of liberals? Romney is saying the truth. Massachusetts is the most liberal state in the union. Is this fact off limits for Romney to point out? Should Romney not be allowed to have a sense of humor? How dare he laugh at the fact that he is a Republican Governor of the most liberal state, or must he assume a somber attitude, and never dare make fun of the fact that Republicans are a minority is Massachusetts? That Romney is able to laugh is admirable. If I had to live with these self righteous little pukes, I would be crying all the time.

Romney is not making fun of every citizen in Massachusetts. He is pointing out the fact that there happen to be a lot of liberals in that state. Is this wrong? Did he say everyone is Massachusetts is dumb? Did he say they are ugly? Did he make fun of them? No. He did not criticize them, he just said there are a lot of liberals. Is he wrong?

Mitt Romney makes fun of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Michael S. Kukakis, and the main stream media tell the citizens of Massachusetts that Romney is making fun of them.

Lyndon Johnson separated himself from racist elements in Texas, and Ronald Reagan did the same with the hippie fringe in California. Grover Cleveland, who in 1884 used the slogan “Grover the Good” to separate himself from the political corruption in his home state of New York”. Every president has had to separate themselves for the benefit of stupid people who think that every single person of a state, religion, or race is exactly the same.

Romney has said:

“There’s no question I do love jokes. Indicating that there are very few conservative Republicans in Massachusetts, I do not think is a surprise to anyone inside or outside of Massachusetts and is in no way an indictment of the state. If anything, it’s a recognition that I have to do a better job of recruiting Republicans.” Governor Mitt Romney, Mighty Mitt Romney, By Shawn Macomber, The American Spectator, 04-21-2006

So, to be clear, did Romney — who came here in 1975 to seek degrees from both Harvard Business and Law schools — pursue the governorship out of some Machiavellian plan to attain higher office, or does he love the state he leads?

“We’ve lived here now 34 years, raised all five of our sons here, and paid a mountain of taxes here. You don’t do that unless you enjoy the state and the economic, social, and cultural opportunities which it provides.” Governor Mitt Romney, Mighty Mitt Romney, By Shawn Macomber, The American Spectator, 04-21-2006

~ Mike

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