Testing One, Two, Three!

Greetings, fellow Mittheads! My name’s Andrew Quinn, I’m a sixteen-year old high school sophomore, writer, jazz musician, conservative, and supporter of the serial comma.

I’ll let on a little more about myself, my values, and my reasons for supporting for Romney later, but I wanted to dive right in.

One of my main interests, given my age, is “evangelizing” about Governor Romney to others my age. To this end, I’ve devoted a page under my Facebook account (a high school and college social networking site) to synthesize some Romney news, positions, quotes, etc. If you’ve got an account over there, please check it out and join us in discussion!

Unfortunately for me, school is starting back up tomorrow - which means my time for writing is short on a late Sunday evening. Until tomorrow, I’d like to offer thanks to the great crew that saw me fit to contribute - I’m excited to be here! Romney 2008!

Rudy Not Really Running?

www.race42008.com has an interesting post up wondering if Guiliani is really going to run. When you look at the polls, it looks highly likely. When you consider the self doubters in his campaign and the small infrastructure it flips to questionable.

Its a good read, check it out.

www.race42008.com is a fantastic site with wonderful commentary on the current presidential race.

Fundraiser dinner

Don't let the title fool you. No one is raising any funds tonight. Rather, this is the fattening of the calf before they let loose the dogs tomorrow.

Without slaughtering any more mixed metaphors let me just say… Hold onto your horses. This if going to be interesting.

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T - 1 and Counting

The countdown begins! I’ve arrived in Boston with an hour to spare (before dinner) and before the big event tomorrow.

Full disclosure here: I’ve been a Romney fan since diapers, literally!

I was born in Boston in 1971 while my father attended school here. The Romney’s were in our local church parish. I understand he babysat me once.

Full disclosure #2: Since that time I have never met the Governor until last October at the NRO bash in DC. We happened to run into each other and I mentioned my name. He immediately placed me back in Boston 35 years earlier.

Others have commented on his razor sharp wit but that sharpness spills over into memory in a very cognitive way. You make friends very quickly if you remember their names.

Father Knows Best

Deseret News reports on John Huntsman Sr.’s (Utah Governor John Huntsman Jr’s Dad) work for Romney.

“I don’t want to get involved in situations that would bring the LDS Church into play,” Huntsman told the Deseret Morning News in a telephone interview. “The letters I’m sending out to raise funds all have a disclaimer: This is not because of my church affiliation…”

“I feel it’s important to say that because I don’t want it perceived as a religious campaign of any kind. For me, it’s about the best person who can lead our country at this pivotal point in time,” Huntsman said during a break from touring Huntsman Corp. plants in the Southeast.

For those of you who don’t know who Huntsman is, he is the founder of Huntsman Corporation, a large international chemical company. He is also a finance co-chairman of Mitt Romney’s presidential exploratory committee, as covered in a past post.

Many outside of Utah, may not know that Huntsman Jr. is the Governor of Utah and was an early sign on to McCain’s campaign, along with Utah Atty. General Shurtleff. Many at the time (and still today) wonder why in the world McCain would go to great lengths to sign on the A.G. from such a place as Mormon Utah? The answer? McCain knows Mormon Romney is the real challenger, and likely winner. Has Romney been busy courting people from AZ? Probably not.

The article goes on to say:

Huntsman said he has hosted two events to introduce Romney to potential contributors, in Houston and Philadelphia, and is planning another in New York City. He said he won’t, however, host any events in Utah.
“There are a lot of other folks in Utah who’ll cover those bases. I don’t intend to be one of them,” Huntsman said. “I don’t want to be caught up in anything that’s regarded as church-state.”


But these comments say it all:

“It isn’t like there’s a great split in the family or anything,” Huntsman said. In 2000, for example, he said he supported Elizabeth Dole while his son backed George Bush for the GOP nomination.
Bush won, of course, and the governor expects the same result this time around.

“The governor loves and respects his dad too much to provide an opposing sound bite, but he believes their respective choices in candidates will likely end much like they did in 2000, with the governor riding the winning horse,” his spokeswoman, Lisa Roskelley, said.

What is it about the hubris in the McCain Camp? If you read the article Huntsman Sr. is as kind as could be to his son, yet the Huntsman Jr. can’t avoid the swipe. All I have to say is that McCain stench tends to rub off!

Romney Holds Meeting with Bush Tax Advisors

Romney, knowing the fiscal prudence of low taxes, has enlisted the help of several key people from Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers, Novak reported today:

During his family vacation in Park City, Utah, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney met with former Bush administration officials who comprise his economic policy team to discuss a tax reform for Romney’s presidential campaign.

The meeting included Glenn Hubbard, former chairman of President Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) who is co-chairman of Romney’s economic policy council. Also on hand were former Bush economic policy officials Brian Reardon and Cesar Conda. Gregory Mankiw, another former CEA chairman, is Romney’s economic co-chairman but could not attend the Utah meeting because of a knee injury.

Romney, seeking to contrast himself with Republican presidential front-runner John McCain on taxes, has surrounded himself with architects of Bush’s tax plan. Vice President Dick Cheney had to cast a tie-breaking vote on the 2003 tax cuts because Sen. McCain had voted against them.

We can expect a strong fiscal performance from Romney.


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McCain has made a lot of enemies

Reasons to agree

  1. Former Senate staffer
  2. Former Senator Smith
  3. Few people like Mccain in the Senate .
  4. Former Rep John Leboutillier
  5. Pat Murphy
  6. Paul Johnson
  7. Judy Leiby
  8. Jim Abbott, the supervisor of the Coronado National Forest
  9. Marty Russo
  10. Robin Silver and Bob Witzeman

Reasons to disagree

  1. Anyone who has been in the Senate for as long as McCain has made a lot of enemies.

McCain is in denial with regard to his anger problem.

Reasons to agree

  1. When asked about his temper, McCain has portrayed himself as angry about issues. "Do I feel passionately about issues? Absolutely," McCain has said. "Do I get angry when I see pork barreling and wasteful spending? Absolutely." But McCain's outbursts have not been directed at policy issues or waste. Instead, even if they are longtime friends, he explodes at people who disagree with him or who tell him they cannot support him.
  2. McCain's aides say that McCain himself was the last to recognize that he had a reputation as a hothead, and used to rail at them in private every time a public commentator suggested he had a problem, shouting, "I do not have a temper. I just care passionately."