One Year After the Election, Has Time Proven Romney Right?

It has now been a year since the presidential election - lets take a minute to recount some of the key events that have occurred since that fateful day. It is really amazing how accurate many of Romney’s forecasts have proven to be. started the conversation with a provocative article titled “Was Romney Right About Everything?” and the news about Romney’s accurate predictions just seem to keep coming. With President Obama’s approval ratings at all time lows, I can’t help but wonder how different things might have been with a different president.


1) Obamacare - Democrats as well as Republicans agree that the roll-out of Obamacare has been an embarrassment. The new website that people were to use to sign up for health insurance has been basically unusable and not functional since day one. Tech gurus find it humorous that the federal government, with all its vast resources, can’t produce a website capable of handling the amount of traffic seen by the Drudge Report. Lets remember that Romney ran against Obamacare from the beginning citing numerous difficulties and contradictions inherent it its laws.

But the website is only part of the problem. A bigger problem is how it was discovered that Obama willfully lied to America time and again by saying “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it. period.” It is now widely known that Obama knew since early 2010 that millions of Americans would not be able to keep their health plans. Already 3.5 million Americans have had their healthcare plans cancelled, according to the Associated Press. Conservative estimates say that 14 million people will have their insurance plans cancelled. Obama apologized recently for misleading Americans, and is currently scrambling to try to fix his healthcare woes.

It is my opinion that the biggest bombshells with Obamacare could still be coming. For example, the media hasn’t really begun to discuss the skyrocketing costs of health care premiums Americans will have to pay to purchase new, more comprehensive health plans. Also, for those Americans who are forced to switch health plans, many of those individuals will not be able to keep their doctor because their doctor may not accept their new health insurance plan. Remember, Obama promised repeatedly that Americans would be able to “keep their doctor.” Obama should have followed the RomneyCare model by letting each state have more control over their own healthcare plans and by rolling out the healthcare reform in phases.

2) Russia - We all remember how the Obama administration mocked Romney for saying that Russia is America’s “number one geopolitical foe.” Romney’s statement caused Obama to say one of the most childish retorts ever uttered by a president during a debate: “The 1980’s called and they want their foreign policy back.” However, as time has gone on, Romney’s hardline stance on Russia appears to be proving more and more accurate. For example, earlier this summer Moscow defiantly refused to extradite National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden to the United States, prompting Obama to cancel a meeting he had scheduled with Putin during the Group of 20 summit. “Russia has stabbed us in the back,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, the New York Democrat regarding the extradition of Edward Snowden. Further, Russia has blocked United Nations action against Syria and, more recently, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told lawmakers that Russia was one of the countries supplying Syria with chemical weapons.

And now, just last week, Forbes magazine’s list of the “Worlds Most Powerful People” placed Putin as world’s most powerful person and Obama as number two.

3) Detroit - This year Detroit became the largest American city ever to declare bankruptcy in U.S. history. Detroit’s bankruptcy became a symbol of Obama’s inability to rescue a flagging U.S. economy. The Motor City was a symbolic battleground during the election, with Romney proudly touting his father’s ties to the auto industry and his childhood years in the state, while the Obama campaign relentlessly attacked Romney for a New York Times op-ed article he had written years earlier headlined “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” Of course Romney didn’t write the title to the NY Times article. The title was written by the NY Times editorial board. But Romney did say that “Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check,” and advocated a “managed bankruptcy” process for the auto industry rather than a federal bailout to get Detroit through the first phases of their turnaround. During the campaign, Obama frequently blasted Romney for his comments in the NY Times article. Obama said time and again, “[W]e refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt, I bet on American workers, and American ingenuity and three years later that bet is paying off in a big way.” Ironic words considering how the city of Detroit has fared since those comments. And yet, the federal government has made pretty clear there won’t be any sort of bailout for the city of Detroit like there was for the auto industry that lives there. Obama eventually took Romney’s advice to allow the auto industry to go through a managed bankruptcy process.

4) Government Shutdown - During the race for the White House, Romney spoke of how a government shutdown would be very likely due to Obama’s inability to work with Republicans in congress. One year later, the government did indeed shutdown for nearly two weeks, people were forced out of work, the economy was unnecessarily slowed down, and the U.S. threatened default of its payments. The shutdown and threat of default could have been avoided with a President more able to work with both sides of the aisle.

5) Mali - During a foreign policy debate in October, the Romney briefly expressed concern over Islamic extremists taking control of northern Mali — an obscure reference that was mocked on Twitter at the time, including by liberal comedian Bill Maher. Three months later, France sent troops into the country at the behest of the Malian president, bringing the conflict to front pages around the world.

6) Syria - Obama declared that there are clear “red lines” that Syria can’t cross without forcing the U.S. to get involved in their civil war. However, once those red lines were crossed by Syria when they used chemical weapons on their own people, Obama stated that military action was necessary, but then quickly withdrew his support for involvement in Syria. Declaring foreign policies that America has no intention of enforcing destroys American integrity and credibility. Who could trust a president who establishes a “corner-stone” foreign policy and then immediately refuses to uphold it? America cannot afford this kind of leadership. “If there is a part of the world in which America is stronger, it’s hard to find,” said Stuart Stevens.

So yes, it looks like Romney was indeed right about a whole lot of things, and we’re only 10 months into President Obama’s second term. I shudder to think of what other things Romney will be right about in the next 3 years.

CPAC 2013 Live Online - Romney to Speak on Friday

Mitt Romney is set to give his first public speech since election night. The CPAC convention is a familiar and welcome venue for him to give his post-election remarks. We will embed the UStream live feed here through the remainder of the conference which runs until Saturday evening. Be sure to come back and chat with us during his speech.

Romney speaks at 1 PM Eastern on Friday. Paul Ryan speaks earlier that day at 9:30 AM.

[Live Broadcast Over]

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Below is a condensed schedule of speakers for the conference. All times are Eastern. For the full schedule visit CPAC’s website.

TH 9:00 AMKen Cucinelli - VA Attorney General
TH 9:15 AMAllen West
TH 9:30 AMPat Toomey - PA Senator
TH 11:45 AMMike Lee - UT Senator
TH 1:15 PMMarco Rubio - FL Senator
TH 1:30 PMRand Paul - KY Senator
TH 3:15 PMRick Perry - TX Governor
TH 3:30 PMTim Scott - SC Senator
FR 9:00 AMMitch McConnell - KY Senator
FR 9:15 AMKelly Ayotte - NH Senator
FR 9:30 AMPaul Ryan - WI Rep
FR 12:00 PMRick Santorum
FR 1:00 PMMitt Romney
FR 2:25 PMBobby Jindal - LA Governor
FR 3:35 PMEric Cantor - VA Rep
SAT 9:05 AMSteve King - IA Rep
SAT 9:15 AMScott Walker - WI Governor
SAT 9:30 AMNewt Gingrich
SAT 9:45 AMMichele Bachmann - MN Rep
SAT 11:45 AMArtur Davis
SAT 12:00 PMSarah Palin
SAT 2:30 PMMia Love
SAT 3:45 PMReince Priebus - RNC Chair
SAT 3:55 PMDavid Keene - NRA
SAT 4:10 PMCathy McMorris Rogers - WA Rep
SAT 4:40 PMAnn Coulter
SAT 5:00 PM 2016 Straw Poll Results
SAT 5:10 PMKeynote: Ted Cruz - TX Senator

A Note of Thanks From Mitt and Ann Romney, Farewell Tribute

A ‘thank you’ from Mitt and Ann Romney…

Ann and I cannot thank you enough for supporting and believing in our cause.

This was more than just a campaign — this was a national movement.

Thank you for the work that you did — going across neighborhoods to knock on doors and put up yard signs. Thanks for making phone calls, coming to rallies, donating funds, and convincing friends and family to join our team.

What’s really inspiring is that you came together because you care about America.

We still believe that better days are ahead. It’s up to us to rally together to renew America’s promise and restore American greatness.

From the bottom of our hearts, Ann and I thank you for your support, prayers, efforts, and vote. We are forever grateful to each and every one of you.

Today’s a new day. Keep believing in America.

Thank you and God bless America,

Mitt and Ann Romney

With a full heart, this article is an attempt to convey the impossible - the depth of gratitude and admiration I feel for Mitt and Ann Romney. There just aren’t two better Americans.

To Mitt and Ann…You are heroes. Setting aside the comforts of privacy and home, because you dearly love America, you opened your arms to our nation. You didn’t offer a paltry, awkward one-arm extension, or an obligatory, half-way pat-pat hug. No, you offered a big, wide, all-encompassing we-love-you-we-want-to-help embrace. And it was wonderful. We felt your arms around us for nearly year and a half. Without thought of personal gain, you endured and shone throughout a rigorous campaign, continual scrutiny, the opposition’s brutal, incessant slander, media bias, the arm-chair critics, the long, never-ending on-your-feet hours, on-the-road suitcase living, and precious time away from your treasured family and other loved ones. You did it! With a deep desire to help reinvigorate and restore our troubled, economically traumatized country, you did it! You inspired us, lifted us, and gave us real hope. You did it with steely determination, strength, and style. And, you tied it all up with a ribbon of courage and class. Speaking on FOX News about the night of the election, dyed-in-the-wool Democrat strategist, Susan Estrich, said that you, Governor Romney, were a “model of dignity and grace, and set the tone” for civility. She spoke the truth.

To remember the good times we shared along the way, I’ve gathered a montage of a few memories…
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Presidential Race in Rear View Mirror: Romney Ran Classy, Tough, Big Issues Campaign

Nov 7, 2012: The morning after the election Mitt Romney relaxed with his family in Boston and shared a favorite treat - chocolate milk. While tweeting this photo, Mitt’s Body Man DG Jackson wrote, “Gov hanging out with family this morning. What an incredible family. So blessed to be so close to them.”

A rear view mirror look at the presidential election…

A headline yesterday announced the Romney campaign was shellshocked. Well, duh. Who wouldn’t be? I was. We all were.

With our nation in dire straits, we believed, hoped, and prayed our fellow Americans would see Obama’s vicious smears, lies, class warfare, and unrelenting personal attacks on Governor Romney for what it was. Gutter distraction. Unable to run on his record, knowing the real obstacle to his reelection was the economy, Obama and team decided early on to “kill” Romney with the aforesaid Chicago thuggery tactics. And a complicit mainstream media aided and abetted them.
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Mitt Romney & The Baby Brigade: A Walk Down Memory Lane

With their 19th grandchild on the way (son Craig’s wife, Mary, is expecting) Mitt and Ann Romney are obviously very comfortable and happy around babies. Ann recently shared just how much they love having their grandchildren with them (it was fun to see them at various events throughout the campaign!). Along the trail, several pundits also noted how natural and at ease Governor Romney was holding babies handed to him by parents along the rope line.

I’ve been saving a few photos of The Gov and the tykes he met. With another peek into the window of Mitt Romney’s oh-so-kind heart, here’s a walk down baby brigade memory lane…

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VA Store Owner Mourns Obama Reelection, Closes Store For a Day

Tuesday’s presidential election result caused a Virginia jeweler to close his store for a day.
(Photo -

After Tuesday night’s election outcome, R.T. Lyons, a grief-stricken jeweler in Bedford, Virginia, chose not to open his store the next day. He taped signs to his store windows explaining why

The owner of a Bedford jewelry store is explaining his decision to “mourn” the outcome of Tuesday’s Presidential election.

R.T. Lyons, owner of Lyons Jewelry, closed his business Wednesday and posted signs in his windows that read: “Closed to mourn the loss of the America that our forefathers endowed to us.”

I just didn’t feel like coming to work,” Lyons said Thursday. …

Lyons said he was experiencing feelings of grief. He believes Barack Obama’s second term will bring an end to capitalism in the United States and ultimately hurt his business.

Lyons said he believes the President is trying to undermine the principals of free enterprise that were established by America’s founding fathers. He worries that Obama will raise taxes on the wealthy people who patronize his jewelry store.

“I’m in the luxury business,” Lyons said. “I deal with more expensive items.”

Although he didn’t support Obama in 2008, Lyons said he was hoping the President could be successful. He was “excited” about the possibility of a Romney presidency, due to the Republican candidate’s background in business.

I’m sure people who are community organizers are excited (Obama) is in the White House,” Lyons said. “I was thinking I would be excited about a businessman in the White House.”

Lyons said his decison to close was not a ploy to attract attention to his business.

I didn’t want to be happy and wait on people that day,” said Lyons. “I think I was in a period of mourning yesterday and it was good for me. I went through the process. I don’t know how many steps there are, but I went through them yesterday.”

Mr. Lyons, we can relate.

UPDATE – ‘The Mourning After’ Man flies flags half-staff after election

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Cartoon Grin Gallery: Obama’s Reelection

Over three the years plus of Mitt Romney Central’s existence, political cartoonists have peppered various posts with pointed commentary portrayed in a picture. Entertaining us, informing us, and lifting our spirits, they became friends along the campaign trail. In a ‘hats-off’ tribute to their extraordinary talent, this article showcases their post-election insight…

Grin, giggle, and guffaw gallery:

Jerry Holbert - Nov 7, 2021

Ken Catalino - Nov 7, 2021

By Steve Breen - Nov 8, 2012-

Lisa Benson - Nov 8, 2021

By Glenn McCoy - Nov 7, 2021

By Chuck Asay - Nov 9, 2021

Henry Payne - Nov 8, 2021

By Michael Ramirez - Nov 6, 2021

By Bob Gorrell - Nov 7, 2021

By Robert Ariail - Nov 9, 2021

By Eric Allie - Nov 7, 2021

Glenn Foden - Nov 8, 2021

By Chip Bok - Nov 7, 2021

Another by Jerry Holbert - Nov 8, 2021

Thank you, cartoonists! It was wonderful sharing the campaign trail with you.

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Election Results, Exit Polls, News and More [Live Blog]


We will be posting results and updates all night long. Keep checking back!

Updates: (Newest to oldest, ALL times Eastern)

11:15 PM - Networks projects Obama wins re-election

11:15 PM - NBC News calling Ohio for Obama technically giving him 270 needed to win.

11:15 PM - Networks calling Iowa for Obama

11:00 PM - AP calls NC for Romney

10:30 PM - Romney gaining ground in OH, barely trailing in FL. Legal battles could be imminent.

9:45 PM - Electoral forecast update: Romney MUST win OH, VA, FL, and CO or IA in order to reach 270

9:40 PM - CBS calls New Hampshire for Obama

9:30 PM - FOX calls WI for Obama

9:25 PM - Current Intrade: Obama 89%, Romney 11%

9:20 PM - NBC and FOX call Pennsylvania for Obama

9:15 PM - Florida: 78% reporting: Obama 3,393,471 ; Romney 3,393,664

9:00 PM -

9:00 PM -

8:55 PM - @VicLundquist: Governor of Pennsylvania just gave an update here at HQ. Said based on turnout, Governor Romney will win PA later.

8:50 PM - No definitive information from any of the swing states yet. Fl, NC, VA, all too close to call. OH and NH with only small numbers reporting. Romney must take FL, NC and VA PLUS one of OH, PA or WI+IA or WI+NH. Looks like a long night ahead.

8:30 PM - (R) McCrory wins Gov in NC, a pick-up for the RGA

8:20 PM - 57% reporting in Florida; Romney +3

7:25 PM - Per CBS - popular vote so far: Romney 1,781,731 ; Obama 1,655,082

7:25 PM - Florida returns: 5% in, 50-50.

7:15 PM - Exit polls show Romney winning Indiana by 12. Obama won by 1 in 2008.

7:05 PM - CNN Virginia Exit Polls: 49-49

7:00 PM - WaPo reports that Romney has not even written a concession speech (click here)

6:55 PM - Via RCP: Battleground Pollster Projects 1.5 Point Romney Win (click here)

6:50 PM - This is the crowd waiting to greet Romney in Pittsburgh a few hours ago (click here)

6:35 PM - Drudge on early exit polls: Romney winning NC, FL; Obama winning NH, PA, MI, NV; Toss up: OH, VA, CO, IA

6:25 PM - Here’s a preview shot of where Romney will be giving his victory speech tonight (click here)

6:05 PM - Judge orders poll workers in Philly to cover mural of Obama at polling location (story here)

6:00 PM - Check out Mitt and Ann voting this morning:

What Time Do the Polls Close?

Here is a list of the poll closing times for each state:


7:00 PM
Florida (polls in the panhandle close at 8)
Indiana (some polls close at 6)
Kentucky (some polls close at 6)
South Carolina

7:30 PM
North Carolina
West Virginia

8:00 PM
New Hampshire
New Jersey
Rhode Island
South Dakota (some polls close at 9)
Texas (some polls close at 9)

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