Our Crazy Uncle

A member of our family needs a major intervention. 

We’ve got to face it.

Our family member just isn’t responsible. He’s a con artist. His lazy work ethic, get-rich-quick pitches, begging us for cookies then stealing our cookie jar, down-and-out sob stories, accusations that we’re starving his children, lackadaisical care of his possessions, refusal to lock his doors so freeloaders won’t take up residence in his house,  blowing the money we give him on risky ventures, addictions, and personal larks, refusal to balance his check book, reluctance to distinguish between needs and wants, denial of reality so he can continue to live his lavish lifestyle, reliance on credit card upon credit card, forgetting to pay us back, picking our pockets while we bandage his wounds, in-our-face-screaming that  he can’t live on what we give him, plugging his ears while we plead with him to stop spending and live on a budget, giving our hard-earned money away to his friends so he’ll be Popularity King, making us feel guilty because we live within our means, continually expecting us to pay his bills, and his threats that we owe him a comfortable life until the day he kicks the bucket because he’s family has GOT. TO. STOP.

Uncle Sam, it’s time to sit down and shut up. Here are some things you need to hear:

Because of you, our family’s credit rating is bad… really, really bad. Because of you, our checks bounce. Because of you, the places we do business with lock their doors when they see us coming. Because of you, our credit cards are no longer accepted. Because of you, we’re a Chinese breath away from bankruptcy. Because of you, the fees and interest rates we’re forced to pay on your bad loans bilk us out of over $500 million per day… yes, $500 million PER DAY. Because of you, our national debt will reach an eye-popping, sweat-inducing, astronomical amount of $1.4 TRILLION for the 2009 fiscal year. Because of you, our dollar is falling and others are working hard to defeat it.      

From Truthout.org Oct. 6, 2009: Nations Seek to Dump Dollar as Oil Currency

Robert Fisk, writing on Tuesday for The Independent UK, has reported that a number of Arab states, along with several major world powers, have been holding secret meetings to formulate a plan that would eliminate the US dollar as the main form of currency in international oil transactions.

The nations involved - which include a variety of Gulf states, as well as China, Russia, Japan, India and Brazil - are seeking to switch from the dollar to a collection of other currencies such as the yen, yuan, euro, gold as well as a forthcoming unified currency to be used by members of the Gulf Co-operation Council.

According to Fisk, the move to eliminate the dollar from international oil transactions will have far-reaching implications for the United States, and could lead to a brutal trade war with China. Fisk writes:

The Americans, who are aware the meetings have taken place - although they have not discovered the details - are sure to fight this international cabal which will include hitherto loyal allies Japan and the Gulf Arabs.

Against the background to these currency meetings, Sun Bigan, China’s former special envoy to the Middle East, has warned there is a risk of deepening divisions between China and the US over influence and oil in the Middle East. “Bilateral quarrels and clashes are unavoidable,” he told the Asia and Africa Review. “We cannot lower vigilance against hostility in the Middle East over energy interests and security.”

This sounds like a dangerous prediction of a future economic war between the US and China over Middle East oil - yet again turning the region’s conflicts into a battle for great power supremacy.

Glenn Beck explains -Are We Facing the End of the All Mighty Dollar? Part 1:

Glenn Beck –Are We Facing the End of the Almighty Dollar? Part 2:

Plans to sink the U.S.dollar are ongoing and have been fomenting for some time. Here’s an opinion/summary on the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting at Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, January 28  - February 1, 2009 Shaping the Post-Crisis World.  Keep in mind that the author is a gold trader; what he claims should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, it’s an interesting read:

“Read between the lines of Putin’s speech and you find all the hints you want. The Chinese and Russians are burying the US alive. The Japanese, Germans, and Gulf States keep a very low profile for the moment. The decisions have been made: wait for 2010. They will use the unfolding chaos to introduce the new currency basket and trade rules… There is a brand new system being designed that will borrow from the past and apply 21st century tools for barter / counter trade / excess capacity etc. An Exchange Platform will cut out the banks altogether… [Chinese Premier] Wen delivered his speech in Davos and went straight to Berlin where they put the final touch on the new world currency basket, sponsored by Berlin-Moscow-Beijing-Tokyo-Riyadh. Moscow and Berlin already have a massive counter trade / barter trade agreement in place, and Beijing was eager to joint that platform as well.” The new global currencies are planned for launch in January 2010. They will be launched amidst growing chaos. Events up to that time will be tumultuous.

Uncle Sam, we’re tired of your blathering and black-jack dealing. You’re bloated and blameworthy. You have gone from being annoying and unresponsive to downright dangerous. Because we’ve enabled you too long and turned a blind eye to your buffoonery and blundering, we’re beggared, too. So, Uncle dear, it’s time for a strait jacket and rehab. Get out of our way. With de-tox and intensive therapy, maybe you’ll shed corruption and once again be a moral, contributing member of our family. Until then, we, the American people, will sacrifice all we have and all we are to restore the greatest nation on earth – the United States of America.

Additional links:
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Is Communism Something to Celebrate?

Victorious Red Army marches into Shanghai 1949

60 years ago on Oct 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was born. After many years of civil war between the Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintang) and the Communist Party of China, and complicated by Japanese occupation, Mao Tse-Tung raised his fists in triumph at the gates to the Forbidden City. “The central government of the People’s Republic of China is established!” he declared before a crowd of up to 1 million people in Tienanmen Square. “The 475 million people of China have now stood up!”  he added in response to a Napoleonic quote: When China wakes the world will be sorry.

Today, glossing over decades of violence, terror, human rights violations, manipulation, deprivation, deception, propagandizing, continual monitoring, and repetitive use of force, the People’s Republic of China are staging an elaborate spree for a world-wide audience as they mark 60 years of Communist Utopia.  (Highly militaristic in style, can the comrades people really be that giddy?) 

In a bizarre show of support, the Empire State Building will be bathed in red and yellow lights today (colors of the Chinese Imperial Court). Obama is celebrating, too. Just a few days ago, he made sure the flag of the People’s Republic of China was flown next to the Stars and Stripes on official ground near the White House.

On November 6, 1957, at the Meeting of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, Mao boasted, “The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system; this is an objective law independent of man’s will. However much the reactionaries try to hold back the wheel of history, eventually revolution will take place and will inevitably triumph.”

Raising the Chinese flag next to the American flag in the capitol of the United States may play well in China, but it doesn’t play well with freedom-loving Americans. Mao Tse-Tung is wrong. Socialism isn’t inevitable. We must continue to send Obama the message that courting the Chinese to fund his Marxist goals will not be tolerated. Capitalistic innovation and prosperity, along with the freedoms afforded us by our Constitution have enabled our nation to bulwark against destructive dictators and tyrannical ideologies. Let’s do whatever it takes to wrench ourselves out of the financial noose we’ve invited China to twist around our throats. While extending goodwill to the PEOPLE of China, we who cherish liberty could never celebrate this wretched authoritarian regime.

Romney to Visit Iraq and Afghanistan in the Next Couple Months

Romney to Return to Iraq and Afghanistan

I don’t think many of our readers doubt that Romney is setting the stage for a second run at the presidency in 2012. For those few that do, perhaps this news will lay those doubts to rest.

From CNN Political Ticker:

Mitt Romney says he wants to return to Iraq and Afghanistan

Eric Fehrnstrom, an adviser for the the former Massachusetts governor and 2008 Republican presidential candidate, tells CNN that “we are working through the appropriate channels to make this happen.”

“I’m going to Afghanistan and Iraq in a couple of months,” Romney declared in an interview published Sunday in the Washington Examiner. “I’ll get an assessment of what’s happening there and what the prospects are. But I certainly would support our troops with the additional troops which are being called for by General McChrystal, and provide the equipment and the manpower and the budgetary support which our troops deserve.”

The article states that Romney once visited Iraq and Afghanistan in May of 2006, as Governor of Massachusetts in a trip that was sponsored by the Department of Defense. I’d also like to point out the Fehrnstrom, mentioned in the article, is Romney’s official spokesperson and a current adviser.

Recently, I wrote the post entitled Romney Burnishes His Defense Credentials noting that Governor Romney has recently taken several opportunities to highly criticize President Obama and his missteps on foreign policy. He did so in interviews, in several media appearances, at the Values Voter Summit, and particularly at his “conversation” at the Foreign Policy Initiative luncheon. This news about Romney’s visit to the war zones is a clear indication that when he runs in 2011 he will be as knowledgeable and experienced as possible on foreign policy to ensure he can lock up the DefCon vote. It seems to be working as he is already receiving great reviews concerning his “grasp” on policy.

I reiterate the fact that there is currently a void amongst potential POTUS candidates as the obvious go-to person for DefCon voters, which void was previously split between McCain and Giuliani. DefCon voters will be looking for a place to go. More and more we will see them gravitating to Romney. This week’s fundraiser that McCain is hosting for Romney might be one of the first steps in that process.

Good luck on your trip, Governor.

(Hat tip to Bill at GOP Toast for the news. You can read his blog here.)

UPDATE: Romney Afghan trip delayed

Iran’s Long Range Missile Test

Ahmadinejad claims that its newly-revealed nuclear facility in Qom is a year away from becoming operational. Really? What IF Iran is much closer to developing a nuclear warhead than we’ve been led to believe? Who knows the truth?

Diplomacy is always the best first approach to pursue when negotiating conflict. When negotiations fail, sanctions come into play. The United States had knowledge of Iran’s secret nuclear facility a year ago. Why weren’t crippling sanctions imposed sooner? The Big 3 (Obama, Brown, Sarkozy) made it very clear last Friday that we are no where near military action. However, the time for effective sanctions against Iran is very nearly past.

Way back in February of this year, Iran’s student news agency, ISNA, revealed that Ahmadinejad said Iran has obtained the technology to produce nuclear fuel and Iran’s move is like a train … which has no brake and no reverse gear.

(English spoken at :26)

Because so many question marks surround the Iranian regime, today’s long-range missile test is very worrisome. We await the results of the P5+1 nuclear negotiations meeting on Oct 1 in Geneva…

Video of Romney’s “Conversation” at the Foreign Policy Initiative Luncheon

Found this at Free and Strong America PAC blog:

The video is uncut and is the entire “conversation”, nearly an hour long. I’ll come back to it sometime while I’m not at work. :)

Be sure to read Jennifer Rubin’s recap of the event (click here). Her intro:

Former governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney was the lunch speaker at the Foreign Policy Initiative conference. In a conversational interview with FPI board member Dan Senor, he appeared more relaxed and fluent than he had on the campaign trail. Without a fixed script (or any notes), he was able to demonstrate some impressive grasp of details while setting forth his big-picture critique of the Obama foreign policy. He gave credit to the president for his willingness to stick to a winning strategy in Iraq and for not “yanking all the troops out,” as he had promised during the campaign. But that is where his praise ended.

Romney speaks at the Foreign Policy Initiative Luncheon 9/21/09

The Honduras Mess. Or, What Happens When You Side With a Despot Over a Democracy

Earlier this year a wannabe Hugo Chavez by the name of Manuel Zelaya attempted to illegally stage a vote which would start gears in motion to take away his term limits. The country’s legislature called it illegal. The courts called it illegal. The nation’s military refused to help him. What was Zelaya’s response? His thugs took over part of an Air Force Base and seized the ballots. People marched, condemnation was thrown widely around by all branches of government. Eventually, Zelaya was exiled for his treasonous behavior (he probably should have been put on trial, but his ousting as president was utterly legal).

The matter was handled relatively bloodlessly and the country moved forward smoothly with its temporary new president. So does our president congratulate the new government on ousting a pain in America’s butt and threat to his own country? No. He demands his return and even threatens sanctions if his will is not done. Madness? Yes. But it’s par for the course for Obama. Friends he pokes sticks at, enemies he embraces.

Now we flash forward to today. Zelaya is back in town in the Brazillian embassy (why Brazil is protecting him, I do not know) which means this will soon all come to a head, probably with a few unnecessary corpses in the street. We can only hope it doesn’t mean that another country in the Americas will fall to tyranny’s heel.


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