OFFICIAL: Frosty the Snowman Endorses Romney for 2012

Christmas Eve 2008, Frosty the Snowman makes a rare public appearance to endorse Mitt Romney for President in 2012. Frosty states as his #1 reason he endorses Romney is because of the economy, noting that he had talked to Santa Claus frequently about the 2012 prospects and that they had mutually agreed that Romney would be the best man. Santa Claus, he states, is very eager to have a much reduced work load saying that he had to work overtime in order to make up for what families couldn’t afford on their own because of the downturn of economical conditions.

Will we see Frosty active on the campaign trail in 2011? “Perhaps,” says Frosty, “I’ll definitely make it to New Hampshire and perhaps Iowa, but I’m gonna stay away from South Carolina and Florida.”

Announcing ‘The Mitt Forums’

I’ve been mulling the idea for a while, but after having an organized chat at, orchestrated by John Cronin, I’ve decided to start-up a forum to help promote Mitt Romney for 2012 and provide a meeting place to help organize supporters and get better acquainted with each other, and to have a healthy political discussions.

The Mitt Forums

The link is Please stop by and register and join the discussion. Er, well the discussions not there yet, because it’s brand new, so help us start it. Invite you friends and other fellow Romney supporters as well.

Thank you and hope to see you there,

~Nate Gunderson