Mitt Romney Joins ‘Americans for Prosperity’ Tea Party Forum in New Hampshire

It’s a tea party… and one of their favorites is attending!

Governor Mitt Romney has accepted an invitation to speak at a New Hampshire presidential forum on April 29th. Billed as a ‘Summit on Spending and Job Creation’ the event is sponsored by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP) which is affiliated with the Tea Party movement.


Americans for Prosperity Foundation is pleased to announce that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is joining the line-up of participants in the organization’s “Summit on Spending and Job Creation” on April 29 at The Executive Court in Manchester. Confirmed attendees also include former MN Governor Tim Pawlenty, former US Senator Rick Santorum and businessman Herman Cain.

“We are honored to welcome businessman and former MA Governor Mitt Romney to speak at the first major summit to discuss spending and job creation as we approach the 2012 election cycle,” said AFP Foundation President Tim Phillips. “The American people are eager to hear how Governor Romney and other speakers might plan to change the ‘spend now, pay later’ culture in Washington,” continued Phillips.

“The summit will provide the people of New Hampshire with an opportunity to hear firsthand from some of the most notable conservatives on the national scene about government spending and job creation,” said AFP Foundation-New Hampshire State Director Corey R. Lewandowski. “We look forward to a lively discussion on the issues. Once again, the people of New Hampshire will play a critical role in determining the standout ideas during this political season,” Lewandowski concluded.

Romney will share the stage with Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, and Rick Santorum. Invitations to participate in the forum have also been extended to Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee.

May we deduct that The Gov will have made a presidential announcement by then?

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Mitt Romney To Begin Accepting Donations for a 2012 Run in “Mid-to-Late April”

Romney will accept donations for a 2012 run in "mid-to-late" April.

Romney will accept donations for a 2012 run in mid-to-late April.

Let’s get this party started!

Although Mitt Romney hasn’t officially announced his candidacy for 2012, there are signs that he will at least announce an exploratory committee sometime in mid April. One major hint is that Mitt Romney will officially start accepting campaign donations for 2012 around the same time:

“A top Mitt Romney official told supporters on a conference call Thursday that the former Massachusetts governor is eyeing mid-to-late April to begin raising money for his eventual presidential campaign, according to call participants

Spencer Zwick, Romney’s chief liaison to the fundraising community, informed the group of donors and outside advisers that the governor won’t launch a full-fledged campaign by the end of next month but would file the paperwork necessary with the FEC that will allow them to begin bringing in the cash needed to post a big number for the second quarter.

As the nearest thing the GOP has to a front-runner, Romney would like to push back the start of the full-blown presidential campaign for as long as possible, but he also must begin putting a more formalized fundraising infrastructure in place.

“If you’re going to raise money this summer and fall you have to create a team and do the paperwork soon,” said a Republican on the call.

There is no hard date set yet — or at least outside Romney backers haven’t been informed of one yet — for either the initial filing of paperwork or an eventual actual declaration of candidacy. The campaign-in-waiting in Boston wants to be flexible about timing so as not to be locked into a day that could be overwhelmed by other news.”

While Mitt Romney is fortifying his financial his fund raising advantage, his Free And Strong America PAC has raised raises $1.9 million in the first three months of this year:

“Republican Mitt Romney, who is weighing a presidential bid, raised nearly $1.9 million in his federal political action committee during the first three months of the year.

His Free and Strong America PAC gave away more than $400,000 to GOP candidates and conservative causes, according to information released this afternoon by PAC spokeswoman Andrea Saul.

The PAC activity is one sign of Romney’s effort to lay the groundwork for a presidential bid. Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, has not declared his candidacy nor started to fundraise for a White House campaign.”

You can feel the excitement here at MRC as fans and supporters get ready for Mitt Romney’s eventual announcement — which should come not too long after he starts officially accepting campaign donations. I know all of us here are eagerly awaiting a formal announcement to run for President in 2012. Many of you have asked how you can begin to help Governor Romney in his efforts… While there are no campaign offices to volunteer at quite yet, one of the best ways to help Mitt Romney right now is by joining us in pledging to donate to the campaign once it starts here.

-Jared A.

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