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Tweet of the Day From @AndreaMSaul


Thanks to all the new supporters who have stepped up to the plate. We are glad to have you with us!

If you still want to donate to Romney’s campaign click here.

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Time to Donate to Romney’s Campaign

From MittRomney.com:

Now It’s Up to You, America

Today, the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. But regardless of what the Court said about the constitutionality of the law, Obamacare is bad medicine, it is bad policy, and when Mitt Romney is president, the bad news of Obamacare will be over.

This November it’s all on the line. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Donate $10 or more to put a stop to the policies of Barack Obama and help Mitt Romney in November.


Update: As of 1:30PM ET, already $1,000,000 has been donated to the Romney campaign since the Supreme Court’s ruling announcement.

Update: Watch Romney’s reaction to the ruling (with transcript) here.

Update: Romney’s New Ad: Day One, Job One: #FullRepeal

Romney vs. Axelrod: A Tale of Two Pressers

I’m excited to mention that Rush read one of our MRC tweets on the air today. I’m not posting it here on the top because it’s part of this story. To see the tweet he read and hear the audio be sure to continue reading the story below. Thanks, Nate.


Very interesting news today has many heretofore Romney-doubting GOPers taking courage in the swift, hard-hitting capabilities of the Romney campaign. Two “surprise” press conferences were held today, by Romney and Axelrod, but only one ended up being an actual surprise. Both were dominated by the Romney camp. These events happened early enough today that they were actually discussed on Rush and Hannity today, and will certainly make your evening news.

Part One: The Axelrod press conference

  • A surprise visit by Chief Obama strategist David Axelrod to Boston was publicly announced just last night. Purpose of his “presser”: Dis Romney’s record as Governor.
  • Oddly, the short notice is somehow enough time for CNN to arrange to have a live feed available. Team Romney springs into action to round up a large group of protesters armed with big signs, and chants.
  • Romney supporters are waiting on the steps of the capital building as Obama’s advance Team arrives to set up. (Pics below)
  • Throughout the presser attention is obviously stolen by protesters as they run through a series of chants including: Solyndra, Five more months, We want Mitt, Where are the jobs, Broken record, and more. Axelrod actually responds to protestors at one point with the phrase “You can’t handle the truth.”
  • Big win for Team Romney as news reports focus on the protestors rather than Axelrod’s anti-Romney message.

Part Two: Romney holds surprise press conference in front of Solyndra

  • On the other side of the country Team Romney has the entire press corp on a bus with Mitt on board as well. The press are told only that they are going to a secret location and they will be there in one hour.
  • Less than an hour after Axelrod’s presser ends CNN (and others) break news that Romney will hold press conference at Solyndra.
  • Mitt highlights the failure of Solyndra as a symbol of Obama’s administration and calls it a huge conflict of interest by Obama.
  • Conservatives in the blogosphere and on twitter cheer Team Romney for being two steps ahead of the competition

This is one of those days that is great for following news events on twitter. I will enclose only a small number of the great tweets, pictures and videos coming from today’s events. More below the fold.


Thirty-two contenders have been whittled down to just two! Our survivors who will face-off in the last match-up of the VP tournament are Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, and Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Here’s the current bracket with Round 4 results included:

[Click on the chart to view larger version]

Paul and Rubio could not have taken more differing paths on their march to the finals. Paul Ryan’s course matched him up against 4 excellent and currently serving GOP Governors: Jan Brewer (AZ), Nikki Haley (SC), Bob McDonnell (VA) and Chris Christie (NJ). While Rubio’s route was much more varied including a Senator (Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania), a Governor of a U.S. territory (Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico), a former Secretary of State (Condoleeza Rice), and another fellow Senator (Jim DeMint of South Carolina).

Good luck to Congressman Ryan and Senator Rubio in the last round of voting. The winner will be announced on Monday!


The poll: Whom would you most like to see as Mitt Romney’s VP pick?

The Finalists!

[poll id="80"]

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

~Nate Gunderson


We have four #1 seeds and four Division Champs! This is the round where one of them will finally have to fall, well… two of them actually.

Here’s the current bracket with Round 3 results included:

[Click on image to view larger version]

Round 3 recap: It seems the #1 seeds are the heavy favorites no matter where they go. (1)Marco Rubio still pulled out a hefty 81-19 victory over (2)Jim DeMint. The closest round was a 16 point win (58-42) in the (1)Rob Portman vs (3)Jeb Bush match-up.

The #1 seeds have plowed through 3 rounds unscathed, now something will have to give. Put in your votes below, and let us know why you chose your picks in the comments. Have fun!

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

~Nate Gunderson

The polls:

Division A Champ vs Division B Champ

[poll id="78"]

Division C Champ vs Division D Champ

[poll id="79"]


After a long hiatus I am finally ready to put up round 3 of our Veep Madness poll. I have to apologize, but when real-life work calls I have to submit, and this is the busiest time of year for my work. I will make the final rounds of the tournament move much faster; round 4 will start on Tuesday, and the final round will begin next Friday.

Here’s the current bracket with Round 2 results included:

[Click on image to view larger version]

Round 2 recap: Most of the higher seeds won unscathed again this round, with only 2 minor upsets (according to my seeding.) Blowout victories were achieved a second time for (1) Chris Christie, (1) Paul Ryan and (1) Marco Rubio. Though they didn’t dominate quite to the extent that they did in round one I think all 3 faced must more staunch opponents, making their big wins even more impressive. We had the closest win in any competition yet with (2) Jim DeMint squeaking out a 51-49 victory over (3) Mitch Daniels by only a 22 vote margin.

Round 3: The Elite 8 contests feature two #1 vs #2 match-ups, and two #1 vs #3 match-ups. Will any of the #1 seeds fall or will all the #1′s be division champs? Which competition will be the tightest race? Will there be any blowouts? Feel free to comment below.

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

The polls:


[poll id="74"]


[poll id="75"]


[poll id="76"]


[poll id="77"]

RNC: Mitt Romney is Now the Presumptive Nominee

RNC Chair Reince Priebus

The Republican National Committee is throwing their official support and all of its weight behind Governor Romney.


Less than 24 hours after sweeping five primaries and declaring the Republican presidential nomination fight officially over, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee are moving quickly to coordinate their efforts.

“Governor Romney’s strong performance and delegate count at this stage of the primary process has made him our party’s presumptive nominee,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “In order to maximize our efforts I have directed my staff at the RNC to open lines of communication with the Romney campaign.”

The leading edge of the synchronization will be four liaisons between the two organizations. Brian Jones, who has been serving as an adviser to Romney since late last year, will lead that effort. Kevin Madden, who served as the press secretary for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid, will advise the communications operation and serve as a DC-based television surrogate for the Romney/RNC effort. Ward Baker, a veteran Tennessee-based GOP strategist, will help coordinate the political and field teams. Ron Kaufman, a veteran RNC member, and Ben Ginsberg, who served as national counsel to Romney’s 2008 race, will also facilitate interaction between the two groups.

From the beginning of the Romney’s primary campaign they stated that his planning and fundraising would be designed to perform a long slog through the primary season in order to win the nomination. They have done just that and a new election season begins. For many Romney diehards this moment has been six years in the making. For myself it almost seems surreal that it is finally happening.

The time has come to rally around the nominee. Please consider donating to Romney’s campaign what you can. Maybe pick up some promotional t-shirts and bumpers stickers too. Learn where and how you can volunteer to help the campaign. It’s only six and a half months until election day - let’s gear up for a tough fight now. You can start by watching Mitt’s speech from last night’s victories.

MRC Announcement: I’m pleased to inform you that my brother Luke Gunderson and I, along with staff writer David Parker, were elected as alternate national delegates for the RNC convention in Tampa and will be attending it in August. We look forward to doing some live blogging and tweeting directly from the big event.

~Nate Gunderson

UPDATE: The RNC has made good on their word to help Romney and have done so extremely quickly. Check out the new video they made entitled A Tale of Two Leaders

Excellent CBS Videos in Search of “The Real Mitt Romney”

Mitt Romney November 2007 - Click image to view full size

Have you heard the story about when Mitt Romney closed his company for a few days so he along with his fellow co-workers and employees could go search for a co-worker’s missing daughter in New York? What about the one where Romney (while Governor) and his boys saved a family of six and their dog from a sinking boat? Those are a couple of the character defining anecdotes that you don’t hear much of in the media that continually tries to portray him as a plastic automatron devoid of emotion and personality. Those who have studied Romney and his life know that such is not the case.

The CBS videos below touch on what is perhaps my favorite of these “personalizing” anecdotes: Mitt digging up a tree stump at a home after the San Diego fires of October 2007. Why is this one my favorite? Perhaps it’s because Mitt performed this act of service without any heraldry while he was in the midst of a presidential campaign. Or perhaps because it’s the only one we have pictures and video of the events as they unfolded, and we have the homeowner to thanks for that. Wouldn’t you take pictures if a potential future president showed up on your lawn to help out?

The reason for the CBS segment about Romney is due to a new chapter about Mitt Romney being added to a book published in 2007 called The Mormon Way of Doing Business. (The videos below are much more about Romney than Mormons.)

Video highlighting Romney digging up the stump:

Video discussion with book author Jeff Benedict (and others) discussing “stories about Mitt Romney”:

Did you get a good look at Mitt vigorously swinging that axe in the first video? I’ve been to more than a few Scout Camps and have seen both men and boys swinging an axe to chop wood. You can tell instantly if they have experience at it, and to me it’s obvious that Mitt has done this more than a few times.

For more info (and pictures) on the tree stump story check out our older posts where we have highlighted it:
MUST SEE: Mitt Romney Doing Bad Hair and Blue Jeans… in 2007!
VIDEO: Mitt Romney on the The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno
Mitt Romney has Literally Defined the Meaning of “Service” by Example
Mitt Romney’s Best Stump Speech — Examples of Servant Leadership

~Nate Gunderson

Addendum: Another good read-> The Mitt Romney You Don’t Know

VEEP MADNESS - Sweet 16!

Polls are now open for round 2 of our Veep Madness tournament and we are down to 16 candidates! In each contests vote for the candidate you would most like to see as a potential running-mate for Governor Romney.

Here’s the current bracket with Round 1 results included:

[Click on image to view larger version]

Round 1 recap: Sixteen contests… sixteen non-upsets. All of the higher seeded candidates sailed through the first round with the sole competitive contest being between Mike Huckabee and Susana Martinez. Governor Martinez edges out the former Governor of Arkansas by 4 points and continues on to face Bob McDonnell in round two. Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio both pass their first round by an enormous 88-12 margin. Both candidates face tougher competitors in this phase.

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-We know Romney hasn’t completely sealed the nomination
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

Good luck candidates, and may the odds be ever in your favor. :)
~Nate Gunderson

Note: This round will run until Midnight on Monday.


VEEP MADNESS Round 1 - Cast Your Votes!


As the nomination looks more and more like a lock for Governor Romney and the VP rumor begin to swirl in media, right now is a perfect time to launch our own pick-your-VP-candidate tournament!

The 32-candidate bracket is laid out in the image below. Just like NCAA March Madness this is single elimination. Voting for Round 1 will close Wednesday at midnight.


[Click on image to view larger version]

Please note the following:
-This is not an official Mitt Romney website
-We know Romney hasn’t completely sealed the nomination
-This poll is simply for fun and has no bearing on the real selection
-We don’t seek to influence Governor Romney and his campaign with the outcome of our poll

Have fun!
~Nate Gunderson