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Announcing MRC’s New Campaign: I’m comMITTed!

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When we launched MittRomneyCentral.com a little over three years ago we had just one purpose in mind: help Mitt Romney become elected President of the United States. In order to achieve that goal, we have worked hard to build our audience by providing an attractive website, informative daily updates, cutting-edge SEO, and outreach into the social media platforms. We continue to have great success and daily growth on Twitter (26K followers) and Facebook (76K likes). Each day we have several thousand return visitors to our website - some of the most engaged, informed and supportive fans of the Romney-Ryan team.

Building an audience is key to reaching our goal - but followers, fans, Facebook likes, and daily visitors are NOT the measuring sticks by which we will gauge our success. Our end purpose is not to entertain insatiable minds with news and commentary.

The purpose of MittRomneyCentral.com is to spur engaged readers into engaged volunteers.

It is an unfortunate reality that so many who are concerned with politics never do anything more than wring their hands with nervous hope that the things that matter will take care of themselves. They won’t, unless we act.

My hope is that YOU, the reader, will:

  1. Contemplate your ability to contribute time and/or money
  2. Have the willingness to act accordingly
  3. Act now!

The time to delay and procrastinate has passed! No more cheering from the sidelines. No more excuses… It is time to get comMITTed!

ComMITTed to putting this country on a course of financial stability!
ComMITTed to handing our posterity a country not burdened with crushing debt!
ComMITTed to fighting the ills of liberalism, starting with firing Barack Obama!
ComMITTed to saving the future of this great country we love!
ComMITTed to do everything you can to elect Romney-Ryan on November 6th!

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Today we launch this campaign with the hope that all of you will take that crucial last step to activism. We have a static page dedicated to providing information on ways you can best serve the campaign. GET STARTED HERE: http://MittRomneyCentral.com/comMITTed

As part of the “I’m comMITTed” campaign, we will also post daily highlights from volunteers, details of Romney campaign events in swing states, and continued instructions of how you can help. Look for more posts later today, and each day up until election day.

~Nate Gunderson

37 Awesome Post-Debate Tweets

[Technical difficulties: Tweets all of sudden are not auto-embedding. Will hopefully fix soon!]

As a whole these paint a clear picture of how the debate truly went. The following tweets are from pundits, fans, talk-show hosts and liberals.








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Poll: Who won tonight’s debate? Romney or Obama?

Be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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Be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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ONLINE DEBATE PARTY: Live Video, Chat, Bingo and Prizes!

It’s Romney vs. Obama, and if you are online the party is all here!

~~Live Stream~~


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~~BINGO (with prizes)~~

Click on this image to download a printable PDF with 5 different Bingo card options.
Obama Debate Bingo

How to win prizes with BINGO:
1-Download the PDF (click image) and print one of the five cards. I don’t suggest using card 5 :)
2-Mark off the words/phrases as Obama says them.
3-When you get Bingo leave a comment on this post. “Yell” BINGO, state which card you used, and which 5 phrases used gave you the Bingo. (Be sure to use the blog comment form, not the Facebook comments.)
4-The first 5 winners will get prizes. The comments are sorted by time-stamp, but since first-time commentors need to be moderated their posts may not show immediately, but when they’re approved they’ll show up in the right slot. Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you about shipping your hard-earned winnings!

The prizes all come from our Romney/Ryan 2012 Store.
1st: Choice of any 2 shirts, and 3 stickers
2nd through 5th: 1 free shirt and 1 sticker

ENJOY! And good luck to the Governor tonight!
~Nate G.

Pre-debate Warm-Up: Think of This Video While You Watch Tonight

[Video produced by Politic Math]

If you hear Obama use a phrase tonight like, “Our businesses have gone back to basics and created over 4 million jobs in the last 27 months, more private sector jobs than were created during the entire seven years before this crisis — in a little over two years,” you can know that although it’s technically true, it is still just a big lie. Truths that are lies, we’ll hear plenty of those from Obama tonight.

If you don’t know what I mean, you didn’t watch the video.

~Nate G.

PS - come back tonight for the debate, we will have a live video embed, live chat, and debate bingo with prizes for the winners - all right here on our front page.

Who Wants to Spend a Day on the Road with Mitt or Paul?

Midnight tonight is the deadline to be entered into a drawing to win a day on the road with Mitt or Paul. All you have to do is click here and donate at least $3 to the campaign. Easy peasy.

And YES, it could happen to you. Read the story below about JoAnne, one of our readers (also an MRC Chatbox regular) who happened to be a lucky winner in one of these contests back in August and had an amazing experience:

On an especially warm sunny day in Goodyear, Arizona my phone rang and a nice young voice told me she was calling from the Romney for President Campaign. We had been making regular contributions to the Romney campaign so I immediately thought that they were going to thank us for our donations and then ask for more. I was taken by surprise when I was told “congratulations you have just won the VP contest.” Just before Paul Ryan was announced as Mitt’s VP choice I had entered a contest to win a day to campaign with him. You just needed to donate $3 and your name would be entered in the drawing. I decided $3 was kind of skimpy so I raised mine to a $5 contribution thinking I would never win this thing anyway. My Bunco friends can attest that I rarely ever win at games of chance. I was told that they would be in contact on the dates and the destination and that I would be e-mailed documents to sign and to fax them back as soon as I could do so.
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Video and Transcript: Mitt Romney Accepts the GOP Nomination

“President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans — and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.” - GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, left, and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan wave to the crowd at the conclusion of the GOP National Convention at the Tampa Bay Forum in Tampa, FL. Aug 30, 2021 (Photo - Melina Mara/The Washington Post)

The speech we’ve all been waiting for!

It is now 3AM here in Tampa, and Luke and I have a flight in a few hours, so the commentary will be short: I loved it.

Here is the speech!

Recommended read: GOP 12 - Grading Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech

Addendum by Jayde - What they’re saying about Mitt Romney’s “defining speech” at the GOP Natl Convention:

“Reaganesque Themes” … “Enduring Sense Of Optimism” … “Chance To Recapture The American Dream”

McClatchy News: “Appealed To The Nation’s Enduring Sense Of Optimism.” “Mitt Romney presented the first crucial chapter Thursday of his bid to become the country’s 45th president, accepting the Republican nomination and urging the nation to look closely at his résumé, his vision and his remedies for the ailing economy. … He appealed to the nation’s enduring sense of optimism.” (McClatchy News Service, 8/31/12)

The New York Times: “A Direct Appeal To Americans Who Were Captivated By President Obama’s Hopeful Promises Of Change…” “Mitt Romney accepted the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday by making a direct appeal to Americans who were captivated by President Obama’s hopeful promises of change, pledging that he could deliver what the president did not and move the country from its worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.” (The New York Times, 8/31/12)

The Washington Post: “Romney Spoke Emotionally About His Mormon Faith And Church Community, About His Romance With Ann And Raising Five Boys…” “In accepting the Republican nomination, Romney spoke emotionally about his Mormon faith and church community, about his romance with Ann and raising five boys, about his mother’s feminist streak and his father’s entrepreneurial spirit.” (The Washington Post, 8/30/12)

CNN: “Romney Offers Reaganesque Themes In Defining Speech” (CNN, 8/31/12)

NPR: “Spoke To Those Disillusioned With President Obama … Genuinely Moving Interludes.” “It spoke to those disillusioned with President Obama, and criticized his record on the economy and lack of business experience, while stressing his own. And it had its genuinely moving interludes…” (NPR, 8/30/12)

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum: “That Is What We Saw Out There Tonight: A Man Who Is Compassionate And Capable.” (Fox News, 8/30/12)

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: “An Optimistic Picture For The Future … The Chance To Recapture The American Dream.” “Romney painted an optimistic picture for the future, describing the election as the chance to recapture the American dream. ‘Now is the moment when we can stand up and say, ‘I’m an American. I make my destiny. And we deserve better! My children deserve better! My family deserves better. My country deserves better!’’ That drew an ovation.” (The Washington Post, 8/30/12)

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith: “The Thing About Romney: He Does Deliver. This Is The Speech He Needed To Give.” (Twitter.com, 8/30/12)

National Journal’s Tim Alberta: “A Full-Spectrum Speech…” “This now a full-spectrum speech, and Romney hitting Obama at every possible turn. Very, very aggressive.” (Twitter.com, 8/30/12)

Roll Call’s David Drucker: “Mitt Romney Nailed Acceptance Speech.” “Mitt Romney nailed acceptance speech. Right amount of red meat fervor. Great swing-state tone. His best moment when it was needed.” (Twitter.com, 8/30/12)

Fox News’ Bill Hemmer: “This Is Why They Came To Tampa…” “These delegates loved it. Loved every minute of it. This is why they came to Tampa…” (Fox News, 8/31/12)

The New York Times’ Ross Douthat: “A Highly Effective Reintroduction To Romney The Man…” “It was a highly effective reintroduction to Romney the man, w/absolutely nothing in it to make Americans nervous about voting for him.” (Twitter.com, 8/30/12)

National Review’s Robert Costa: “This Is One Of His Better Speeches. … Romney Showed Heart.” COSTA: “Look, Mitt Romney had to introduce himself to the country tonight. This is one of his better speeches. Why? Romney showed heart.” (CNBC, 8/30/12)

National Journal: “A Sweeping Broadside Against Obama’s Economic Policies…” “In a sweeping broadside against Obama’s economic policies, Romney told delegates in Tampa that the president’s promises ‘gave way to disappointment and division;’ that families and businesses expected to be doing better by now; college graduates ‘thought they’d have a good job by now, a place of their own …’ and the nation expected by now to be ‘paying down the national debt and rolling back those massive deficits.’” (National Journal, 8/30/12)

The Hill: “The Speech Electrified An Eager Crowd…” “The speech electrified an eager crowd of delegates packed into the Tampa Forum, who rose repeatedly to their feet to cheer and applaud the GOP nominee while waving signs that exclaimed ‘Mitt!’ and ‘Believe!’” (The Hill, 8/30/12)

· The Hill: “Romney: What America Needs Is Jobs, Not Hope And Change” (The Hill, 8/30/12)

The Washington Post: “Where Obama Lacked Business Experience, Romney Has It In Spades…” “Romney’s best moment (to our mind) was when he talked wistfully (and emotionally) about missing the joys of raising kids — a genuinely human moment that almost anyone, no matter their party registration, could relate to. Romney also did well in casting himself as the anti-Obama. Where Obama lacked business experience, Romney has it in spades. Where Obama made sweeping promises, Romney made simple ones. (The most quoted line of the speech will almost certainly be this one: ‘President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise…is to help you and your family.’)” (The Washington Post, 8/30/12)

Politico: “Threw Down The Gauntlet Against President Barack Obama.” “Mitt Romney accepted the Republican nomination for president with a speech on Thursday night that not only laid out his personal history and his ticket’s policies, but threw down the gauntlet against President Barack Obama.” (Politico, 8/30/12)

Miami Herald’s Marc Caputo: “Romney Is Killing It. Strong Speech. Crowd Can’t Get Enough.” (Twitter.com, 8/30/12)

USA Today: “Romney Vows To Put His Soul Into Restoring America” (USA Today, 8/30/12)

NBC News: “Romney Accepts Nomination, Projects Forward-Looking Vision For Nation” (NBC News, 8/30/12)

Reuters: “Romney Makes Appeal To Americans Disillusioned With Obama” (Reuters, 8/30/12)

Fox News: “Romney Pledges To Lead, After ‘Disappointment And Division’ Under Obama” (Fox News, 8/30/12)

The Washington Times: “Romney: Election About Jobs, Obama Failures; Promises To Help Families” (The Washington Times, 8/30/12)

Full speech transcript below the fold:

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Special Store Discount Tonight in Honor of Romney’s Acceptance Speech

First of all, since so many people are asking…

What time does Mitt Romney speak tonight? Romney is set to speak at about 10:30 Eastern time, and will end at 11.


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Paul Ryan Accepts VP Nod, Gives Speech That Rocks the House [Video & Transcript]

Republican vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan waves with his family (from left) Sam, Liza, Paul Ryan, wife Janna, Charlie, and mother Betty Ryan Douglas after his acceptance speech during the GOP National Convention in Tampa, Fl. Aug. 29, 2012. (Photo - Charlie Neibergall/AP)

Historic. I will forever cherish the memory of being present in the arena when Paul Ryan, our VP nominee, gave an electric speech to a very excited and enthusiastic crowd in Tampa. I am extremely doubtful that Romney could have picked a better candidate to be his running mate. My brother, there with me in the arena, summed up his feelings in this very apt tweet:

The entire speech of the GOP’s VP nominee:

By the way, that VP debate is on Thursday, October the 11th. Better start popping that popcorn now.

-Nate G.

Paul Ryan’s full remarks as prepared for delivery:

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