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SNEAK PEEK: A Full Chapter of Mitt Romney's Book, No Apology!

From FoxNewsnow.com: Mitt Romney is shown reading in studio for his new book: “No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.” FOX 13 has obtained a peek to the first chapter of the book provided by the publisher, Macmillan. Hinckley Institute director, Kirk Jowers says that the writings take a “fresh look” at America’s rising debt and global image regarding foreign diplomacy. The book will be available March 2.

Romney Releases Early Sample of Upcoming New Book

 (Please note: the text “Former Senator” below the video is part of the video embed code and we are not able to change it. Someone from Fox13 put it in when they made the code. We are very aware that Romney was a former Mayor and not a Senator. Err… Governor… I kid.)

Mitt Romney Book Reading - ‘No Apology: A Case for American Greatness’

For more information about Mitt Romney’s new book, including reviews, tour dates, and media appearances, Click Here.

Meg Whitman: CEO for California Governor

The Meg Whitman campaign put together a nice video that covers Meg’s background.

From a young age, Meg learned never to give up and to always seize opportunity. She was in the fourth class of women at Princeton University. She led with confidence at companies such as Hasbro, FTD and Disney. Time magazine has ranked her among the world’s most influential people. And at eBay, Meg helped inspire millions of people to chase opportunity. Now, Meg wants to bring optimism and opportunity to all Californians.

Some interesting facts from the video are: As CEO of eBay she grew it from 30 employees to 15,000.  Not to mention the millions of people that work from home selling goods on eBay.  She also helped grow their annual revenue from $4,000,000 to nearly $8,000,000,000.  Those are pretty darn good numbers!

Mitt Romney makes a cameo around 1:26

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Poll: What is Your Favorite #Obamamovie?

Right now #Obamamovies is a trending top on Twitter.  Some of them are pretty funny…  Which ones do you like best (you have two votes).

Who was the winner of the 2nd Presidential debate?

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I like CzarWars.

Mitt Romney on Hannity & Twitter Feedback

Romney sat down with Sean Hannity to discuss heath care reform on tonight’s show. He also briefly covered cap and trade, the stimulus package and the Afghanistan war.

Here is what some of our Twitter followers had to say:

Just watched Mitt Romney discussing the health care bill on Hannity. Love Romney! Can’t wait til he runs in 2012.. He is exactly what we need. -Callie

Mitt Romney on Hannity: he’s smart, presidential and understands economy. Also has management experience. Remind me again why Obama is prez. -Connie F.

We need business leaders to run the Country. Mitt Romney for President and Meg Whitman for Governor of California. -Jim M.

Mr. Romney for President! -J.D.

Just saw Romney on Hannity and he was quite impressive, presidential timber indeed -Eric B.

Romney is right on regarding Afghanistan and the lack of Obama plan 9 months in! -Patricia R.

Watching Mitt Romney on Hannity.. what a stud -Ashley B.

Well, what did you think?

HT: GOP Toast for the YouTube link.

MRC Fans and Followers - Thank You!

Since the launch of MRC just weeks ago, we’ve seen an amazing jump in the number of MRC readers, fans (facebook), and followers (twitter). We’ve been able to share in your conservative enthusiasm and even your antipathy towards liberalism. Together we’ve talked about ways we can unite for freedom, show our support, and promote our cause to get Gov. Romney into the White House in 2012! Here’s just a peek at what some of you are saying around the interweb:

It’s becoming very clear - Obama’s days, with his radical agenda, are numbererd! I’m purchasing “Turn Around” to read while flying to Seattle & back - will also purchase “No Apology” when that comes out. This is one PRESIDENTIAL man!!! -Louise B.

Romney is showing leadership! We need him. Romney 2012. He already has my vote. -Carla A.

If Romney doesn’t run we are doomed. -Neil J.

I really wish all the supporters of this “ObamaNation” would take a good look at Mitt, his views and his record. We would be in a heck of a better spot with Mitt in the oval office today. -Larry C.

I’m a Christian and I love Mitt Romney and so do my daughters; he’s got our vote! Newberry, SC Style! -Ella N.

I hope to help the campaign again in early 2011. Let’s get back to the United States that worked for the people. -Jack T.

He’d win best looking president!! -Josaphine G.

Can there be any doubt that Mitt Romney should be the 2012 Republican Presidential candidate and the 45 President of the United States? -Paul P.

…Feel free to express your desires for the future of our country, just as these fine folks have, in the comment section below. (Or you can voice it in our chat or forum sections)

Once again, thanks to all of you for your support! - Team MRC

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