Victor Lundquist

Victor Lundquist and His Grandson

Background & Family
My wife Cindy and I have five children, two of whom are married; we have four grandchildren. We live in Orange County, California. My profession is healthcare management.

Why do I support and promote Governor Mitt Romney? I have been a student of presidential administrations and history since I was about 14 when I read my first book about President Kennedy. My mother often took my brother and me to Knott’s Berry Farm’s Independence Hall to read up on the latest political publications and happenings (Mr. and Mrs. Knott were strong conservatives). My mom and dad were always active in politics, from the local to the national levels. I recall them working for the Goldwater campaign and they helped Ron Packard win only the fourth write-in campaign as our congressman during the Reagan administration.

I started following politics very closely during the Carter administration and have been interested in politics ever since that time. The 2007-2008 run for Governor Romney was my first involvement in a presidential campaign in which I raised funds for GMR while also writing for “Committed to Romney.” I decided to get involved again to do whatever I can to see that the best person gets elected President this time around. It is stunning to me to see the impact to our nation by a man who has no leadership experience whatsoever.

I love to visit presidential libraries. I think these are misnamed as each one is like an extension of the Smithsonian Institution. They are under the auspices of the National Archives and house all the papers of each former President (usually in the tens of millions of documents). But each one is an amazing museum. I have visited the libraries of Johnson (Austin), Nixon (Yorba Linda), Carter (Atlanta), Reagan (Simi Valley), Kennedy (Boston), and Bush 41 (College Station, TX during GMR’s important “Faith in America” speech). Each museum is amazing; many have a life-size Oval Office, usually furnished with all of the original furniture from that administration. Each one is an American treasure in my opinion.

Hobbies: Photography — I have been a serious amateur photographer for many years now. Every photograph tells a story. Surfing — Since I was 5 years old, I have surfed. Work and writing for MRC have put a hitch in my get-a-long as regards surfing. It really is not a hobby but a lifestyle that is superior to anything else I know. I know of men and women in their 90s whose longevity is attributable to surfing, exercise, and prolonged exposure to salt water! Writing — I enjoy writing of all kinds, but persuasive writing is my favorite.

Travel: Cindy and I have always enjoyed traveling. Both of us love history and any time we are fortunate to travel outside of America we learn so much more about how this great country is far superior and for so many reasons.

Favorites: Films: Ten Commandments, Top Gun, O Brother, Where Art Thou? (GMG’s favorite also), King David (Gere), Amadeus, Cinderella Man, and Luther. Favorite book besides scripture: John Adams (McCullough). Favorite place on Earth: Southern California and as near the ocean as possible. Places outside of America most want to visit: Italy and Israel. Favorite words: Passion, wisdom, fidelity, discipline, honor, trust. The place I would most like to visit, stay awhile, and photograph over time: Scotland. Most favorite of all favorites: Spending time with my family members and close friends; there is nothing better!

Victor and Cindy

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