Paul Johnson

I’m a corporate and securities lawyer in San Diego, California. I became a Mitt fan first when I attended the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002, which, many forget, was right after 9/11. The games had already had their share of issues when Mitt was asked to come in and turn them around, and he did so beautifully. I became a fan of his politically when I heard what he accomplished as governor of Massachusetts: he worked across the aisle to balance the budget without raising tax rates, left a rainy day fund and implemented an innovative solution to reducing his state’s health care expenses. I knew back in 2007 we’d need someone like him to turn things around in DC. Unfortunately that didn’t work out at the time, but I was ecstatic when Ann Romney convinced him he had to run again in 2012.

I first got involved with blogging for Mitt when I went to Iowa in the 2008 cycle and there met Vic Lundquist and Nate Gunderson. They agreed to let me make some posts on the ComMITTed to Romney blog where they were contributing at the time. I really enjoyed it and felt it was something I could do to promote the campaign beyond financial contributions and making phone calls. When 2012 came around, I reached out to Nate and he agreed to have me back on MittRomneyCentral. I’ve been having a blast since!

Beyond politics, I’m a huge U2 fan, having traveled to Dublin to see them live, and waited all day at least 4 times to be able to get a prime spot on the floor in front of the stage. I enjoy running sprint triathlons, since they require me to work out, burn the calories I seem to eat too many of, and can be trained for during the limited time I have. I’ve got 3 kids, love animals and have a happy life.

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