Jayde Wyatt

I’m a westerner.

My haunts…

Sage-brushed desert, Ponderosa-pined mountain trails, Palm tree’d cities, and Pacific Ocean sand.

It’s ‘sunshine and hummingbirds’ when I’m hiking, biking, volleyballing on the beach, booked in a good read, or sipping a ‘Pink Starburst’ Jamba Juice smoothie through an extra large straw.

Politically speaking…

I admire people who: are indefatigable.

I admire people more who: are indefatigable, principled, and get things done.

I admire people most who: are indefatigable, principled, get things done, steer clear of Capitol Hill’s rat-pack, wrap themselves in the United States Constitution, have smarts, give generously, and possess true grit.

Most admired?

Mitt Romney.

Romney’s private-sector life, multitude of accomplishments, challenges faced, knowledge attained, talents developed, skills honed, principles lived, wisdom gained, generous giving, life of service, unwavering patriotism, and indefatigable grit… are exactly what America is gasping for.

The real deal.

Mitt Romney.

Man for our times.


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