A Note of Thanks From Mitt and Ann Romney, Farewell Tribute

A ‘thank you’ from Mitt and Ann Romney…

Ann and I cannot thank you enough for supporting and believing in our cause.

This was more than just a campaign — this was a national movement.

Thank you for the work that you did — going across neighborhoods to knock on doors and put up yard signs. Thanks for making phone calls, coming to rallies, donating funds, and convincing friends and family to join our team.

What’s really inspiring is that you came together because you care about America.

We still believe that better days are ahead. It’s up to us to rally together to renew America’s promise and restore American greatness.

From the bottom of our hearts, Ann and I thank you for your support, prayers, efforts, and vote. We are forever grateful to each and every one of you.

Today’s a new day. Keep believing in America.

Thank you and God bless America,

Mitt and Ann Romney

With a full heart, this article is an attempt to convey the impossible - the depth of gratitude and admiration I feel for Mitt and Ann Romney. There just aren’t two better Americans.

To Mitt and Ann…You are heroes. Setting aside the comforts of privacy and home, because you dearly love America, you opened your arms to our nation. You didn’t offer a paltry, awkward one-arm extension, or an obligatory, half-way pat-pat hug. No, you offered a big, wide, all-encompassing we-love-you-we-want-to-help embrace. And it was wonderful. We felt your arms around us for nearly year and a half. Without thought of personal gain, you endured and shone throughout a rigorous campaign, continual scrutiny, the opposition’s brutal, incessant slander, media bias, the arm-chair critics, the long, never-ending on-your-feet hours, on-the-road suitcase living, and precious time away from your treasured family and other loved ones. You did it! With a deep desire to help reinvigorate and restore our troubled, economically traumatized country, you did it! You inspired us, lifted us, and gave us real hope. You did it with steely determination, strength, and style. And, you tied it all up with a ribbon of courage and class. Speaking on FOX News about the night of the election, dyed-in-the-wool Democrat strategist, Susan Estrich, said that you, Governor Romney, were a “model of dignity and grace, and set the tone” for civility. She spoke the truth.

To remember the good times we shared along the way, I’ve gathered a montage of a few memories…

A day to remember! On a bright and windy day on a farm in New Hampshire, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney stood on a farm trailer bed and thrilled us: “I’m Mitt Romney. I believe in America, And I’m running for President of the United States.” Scamman Farm, Stratham, NH June 2, 2022
(Photo - NH by Matthew Healey/UPI)

“In the campaign to come, the American ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense, and I intend to make it — because I have lived it.” - Mitt Romney, presidential announcement

In a gesture so familiar to Mitt and Ann - serving others - they offer bowlfuls of Ann’s special homemade chili to the happy crowd who had gathered to hear the good news that The Gov was in the presidential race.
( June 2, 2022 Scamman Farm, Stratham, NH)

“I refuse to believe that America is just another place on the map with a flag. We stand for freedom and opportunity and hope.” - Mitt Romney, presidential announcement

Snowflakes fall…True partners, Mitt and Ann take the weather in stride as they campaign in Mason City, Iowa. Dec 29, 2021

“I don’t want to transform America; I want to restore the values of economic freedom.”
- Mitt Romney

The air is chilly but warmth is felt as Governor Romney hugs a supporter who had waited for hours in the rain to see him. The Secret Service keeps a watchful eye…

“President Obama trusts in the wisdom of government. I put my trust in the ingenuity and creativity and commitment to hard work of the American people.” - Mitt Romney

As the campaign bus rolls over hill and dale, Mitt reviews speech notes.

“If there is anyone worried the last four years are the best we can do, if there is anyone who fears that the American dream is fading away, if there is anyone who wonders whether better jobs and better paychecks are things of the past, I have a clear and unequivocal message: with the right leadership, America will come roaring back.

We are Americans. We can do anything.” - Mitt Romney

At town hall meetings and rallies across America many supporters brought copies of Romney’s excellent book ‘No Apology’ for him to sign.

“There are three pillars that sustain a free and strong America:

l. A Strong Economy
2. A Strong Military
3. A free and Strong People.”
- Mitt Romney, ‘No Apology

After the primary elections concluded, Mitt Romney traveled to Israel. He’s pictured here being warmly greeted by long-time friend Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on July 28, 2012, in Jerusalem. (Photo- Uriel Sinai/Getty Images Europe)

“We cannot stand silent as those who seek to undermine Israel voice their criticisms. And we certainly should not join in that criticism. Diplomatic distance in public between our nations emboldens Israel’s adversaries.”
- Mitt Romney, speaking at the Jerusalem Foundation in Jerusalem, Israel. July 29, 2021

The large and enthusiastic crowds always clamored to shake Mitt’s hand.

“I commit to you that I will be the President that this moment demands. I will work to strengthen our families, to rebuild our economy and to keep our military second to none in the world.” - Mitt Romney

How many times did Mitt ascend and descend the steps of his campaign plane?
(Photo - Charles Dharapak /AP )

“Free enterprise has done more to bless humanity than any other economic system not only because it is the only system that creates a prosperous middle class, but also because it is the only system where the individual enjoys the freedom to guide and build his or her own life.” - Mitt Romney

Republican presidential candidate and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and his wife Ann clasp hands with former Polish President, freedom-fighter, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa during a meeting at Artus Court, in Gdansk, Poland, on July 30, 2012. Mitt also held talks with Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk. Walesa, the anti-communist icon, strongly endorsed Romney’s candidacy. July 30, 2021 (Photo - Janek Skarzynski/Getty)

“This is a country that made a prisoner a president … that went from foreign domination to the proud and independent nation you are today. And now, for both our nations, the challenge is to be worthy of this legacy as we find a way forward. The false gods of the all-powerful state claim the allegiance of a lonely few. It is for us, in this generation and beyond, to show all the world what free people and free economies can achieve for the good of all.”
– Mitt Romney, speech delivered at the University of Warsaw, in Poland July 31, 2021

Coal miners knew they had a true friend in Mitt Romney… Eight-month old Brock Graham was brought by his father to meet Mitt at a rally at Century Mine in Beallsville, Ohio. Aug 15, 2021

“We will achieve North America energy independence by 2020, by taking full advantage of our oil, our gas, our coal, our renewables and our nuclear power. Abundant, inexpensive, domestic energy will not only create energy jobs, it will bring back manufacturing jobs.” - Mitt Romney

Getting a candidate where he needs to go…Romney campaign bus meets Romney campaign plane! Mitt boards his campaign bus after arriving in Clearwater, Florida, for a campaign event . Oct 5, 2021 (Photo - Josh Haner/ NYT)

“Our example – and commitment – to freedom has changed the world. But along with the genius of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and our Bill of Rights, is the equal genius of our economic system. Our Founding Fathers endeavored to create a moral and just society like no other in history, and out of that grew a moral and just economic system the likes of which the world had never seen. Our freedom, what it means to be an American, has been defined and sustained by the liberating power of the free enterprise system.” - Mitt Romney

The Romney family enjoys the balloon drop at the end of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. Aug 30, 2021

“We know that our future is brighter and better than these troubled times. We have been knocked down. We have been tested. But we don’t accept an America of limits. We know that America is a land of opportunity. We still get up each day and thank God that we’re Americans. And we know that with hard work and strong leadership, our greatest days are ahead.” - Mitt Romney

At the many, many campaign rallies and town hall meetings held across the USA, Mitt never failed to inspire the crowds with his vision to move our nation forward. Eye-catching signs from enthusiastic supporters were also appreciated. The Gov also held countless round tables for business owners and workers. Governor Romney is pictured speaking at Brady Industries in Las Vegas, Nevada on Feb 1, 2012.

“If we focus on these five areas – energy, education, trade, deficits, and championing small business – America’s economy will come roaring back to life. And we will finally see a comeback for America’s middle class.”
- Mitt Romney

Every town counts! The Gov speaks to a huge crowd in Ohio on July 12, 2012. (Photo – mittromney.com)

“Never before has federal policy run so contrary to the needs, ideals, and aspirations of the American entrepreneur. And with all that we’ve been through these past few years, the challenges can seem awfully big. Some might wonder if we have lost our confidence. But confidence is not what is missing – all that’s lacking is direction and leadership.” - Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney speaks during a primary night rally with members of his family, (L-R) Matt, Tagg, Craig, wife Ann, Ben and Josh Romney. June 21, 2022 (Photo- Getty)

“We know that our future is brighter and better than these troubled times. We have been knocked down. We have been tested. But we don’t accept an America of limits. We know that America is a land of opportunity. We still get up each day and thank God that we’re Americans. And we know that with hard work and strong leadership, our greatest days are ahead.” - Mitt Romney

Mitt reaches into the cupboard on the campaign bus to make his longtime favorite sandwich - peanut butter and honey! (Photo - Justin sullivan:Getty)

“Free enterprise has done more to lift people out of poverty, to help build a strong middle class, to help educate our kids, to make our lives better, than all of the government programs put together. If we become one of those societies that attacks success, one outcome is certain – there will be a lot less success.” - Mitt Romney

After sharing a pizza dinner, The Gov played with some of his grandchildren as they watched a portion of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, on August 29, 2021
(Photo - Melina Mara:The Washington Post)

“We have always been the country where dreamers build dreams and where one dream helps launch another. And if those dreamers are rewarded with prosperity, we view that as a reason others would be encouraged to dream big as well.

We have to understand that today much of the world is hungry for the big dreamers with big ideas. America must fight to grow these dreamers and innovators…”
- Mitt Romney

They generated phenomenal excitement! Mitt and Ann, Paul and Janna wave at a campaign event.

“One must ask whether we will still be a free enterprise nation and whether we will still have economic freedom. America is on the cusp of having a government-run economy.” - Mitt Romney

The massive crowds were simply amazing…

“We have a sacred duty to restore the promise of America.” - Mitt Romney

Mitt often said the enthusiasm of the crowds inspired him and, on long days, infused him with extra energy. The Gov is pictured entering a rally in Colorado Springs, CO. (Photo - Justin Sullivan/Getty)

“I feel like we put it all on the field. We left nothing in the locker room. We fought to the very end…” - Mitt Romney speaking of his campaign Nov 6, 2021

Farewell, Mitt and Ann! You’re the best!

To everyone who supported Governor Romney in anyway, thank you. To those who gave their time knocking on doors, making phone calls, organizing fundraisers, giving money, those who bought Romney/Ryan signs, stickers, and apparel to help advertise, to all who spread his message through conversation, twitter, facebook, email, and blogging, your efforts are so greatly appreciated.

To Nate, Aaron, and Luke Gunderson and the entire MRC team, it has been my great privilege and joy to labor with you in such a noble cause. We gave our all. To our wonderful readers, thank you for your tremendous support and for inspiring us along the way. (We had some awesome chat parties, didn’t we?!) In years to come, I’m sure it will bring happy thoughts to remember we once were part of a grassroots group for Mitt Romney known simply as MRC.

Friends, for as long as I live, this song will evoke the memories I hold dear. I suspect it’s probably the same for you:

Born free.

Never stop fighting to keep it that way.

With best wishes and love to you all,


(*Video - Kid Rock performs “Born Free” at a Mitt Romney for President Rally at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Michigan. Video by Celeste Katz, New York Daily News. Feb 27, 2022)

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94 Responses to A Note of Thanks From Mitt and Ann Romney, Farewell Tribute

  1. Cindy stilldreaming dawn says:

    God be with you both… Please contact me .

  2. Jana Truman says:

    Even though we lost the campaign I feel America won because you ran. I have hope for us yet because our country still has men and women like you who are willing to endure the gauntlet of running for public service. You represented yourself and our values with honor, dignity, and acumen. I pray your family will be blessed for their willingness and that you can all have a well-deserved vacation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. Carol Baker says:

    Thank you Mitt and Ann for your service to our country! I still do not understand why the map is so red and yet evil prevailed. Perhaps you should have asked for a recount due to all of the voter fraud going on.

  4. lovetheusa1234 says:

    In every candidate from now on, I will search for the qualities that Mitt brought to the campaign: compassion, grace, an incredible moral compass, intelligence, respect, and a sincere deep love of the USA. Sadly, I will forever be searching for Mitt. Ann, thank you too, for letting us into your world. You are a remarkable woman.

  5. Ann Stettler says:

    Please encourage Paul Ryan to run for Speaker of the House.
    We need truth in politics and voter ID is the only way a good and fair election will accomplished.
    Thank you again and I wish the best to you and your family,

  6. Tammy Knott says:

    Thank you Mitt and Ann! I am so proud that I live in a state that you won…..North Carolina! May God Bless you for all your hard work and dedication to America! You have knocked down walls that you cannot imagine! Thanks for representing our faith and never wavering! You are a “true” missionary! May God bless you and your sweet family! Please reconsider running again in 2016~As Jimmy Valvano, former NC State basketball coach stated in a speech when he was diagnosed with cancer…..”DON’T EVER GIVE UP”!!! You need to be our President and First Lady in 2016! :)

  7. Julia says:

    Dear Mitt and Ann and Family!
    I cannot begin to express my deep gratitude for your sacrifices and courage for running for president.
    You have raised the bar for American greatness through
    Your examples. American people need you and I hope you stay in the political arena. Now more than ever do we need
    Your voice. Thank you, thank you, thank you for running a campaign based on facts, American dream and hope!!! My husband and I always wanted to be better people after hearing either one of you speak! You have inspired me and countless others to be people of integrity, honor, stand for truth and optimistic!
    I was devastated with the results of this election. My heart aches for our country and for my children’s future. I really respect how unselfish you have been throughout your lives.
    Thank you!
    I pray for all of you!
    No effort is wasted!
    Sincerely ,
    Julia Hermansen

  8. Sandra Bray says:

    I am sorry to be so bold, but I do have one question… Now I am by far politically literate, yet I am doing my best, as there is always something new to learn in everything… I sat up the entire night of the election, and I fell to pieces when I watch the numbers come in… I did not understand this Electoral College voting stuff until recently, and it is to my understanding that they do not vote until December 19th… Couldn’t it be possible that they tally to where you Mr. Romney could still become the President, which is what a great multitude of the people desperately want and need?
    If this be so, please do not give to defeat, as there are allot that Pray and have Faith in God!!! I Pray that God have Mercy on us, and God Bless You and Your Family… God can fix this, as he did not turn his back on the people, but that the people have turned their back on God, and I don’t believe God wishes for those of us that believe in him to suffer at the hands of what this man has done, or will do in the future…
    God Bless Us All!!!

  9. Judith M. Hernandez says:

    Mitt and Ann. Thank you for standing up for our principles and beliefs and running for president. You are both incredible human beings. May the Lord bless you and your family.My family and I are proud to haven given you our vote and always will.


    My president
    even if the voice of the people who chose evil were more numerous than those who chose good as stated in HELAMAN 5:2, I know that one day the righteous will take over the government of the wicked. i love you and your policies and we members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saint in Warri-Nigeria district Ugborikoko branch here in Africa, Delta State, Nigeria. thank you for trying to save USA and the world and we wish you would come back again for another race for presidency. we love you.

  11. Sharon Lutz says:

    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for addressing those concerns and educating us what is wrong with our country-its economics. If there is any way you can indirectly address your ideals with the congress or senate leaders to help get some of those proposed ideals heard and put into action. I do not have trust in Obama at all and our family is fortifying our faith with stronger spiritual moments including the talks from General Conference and symposium talks so we can strengthen our shield of armor in faith and be able to face what is yet to come. I cried when Ohio went Obama and felt a deep mourning. Then I was concerned for you and Ann as you both worked hard and dealt with so much negativism from the media and the Obama camp which I thought was wrong. But any wrong doing that may have occurred I feel the Heavenly Father will prevail there. Thank you again and we got a book on the Real Mitt Romney and my husband and I have been reading that together and feel even closer to you guys. My thoughts will be with you guys forever. Sherri

  12. Valorie says:

    Thank you so much, Mitt. We believe that you would have made a great president. You were a serious candidate who was not in it for the celebrity status that Obama enjoys. You were not in it to play golf. You were not in it for the vacations. I truly believed that you and Paul Ryan were the grown-ups choice. Unfortunately, most of America did not see it that way. It is always a difficult challenge to overcome a sitting president. Thank you so much for trying. And thanks to your wife for being the epitome of a first class lady. She is amazing. There are not two finer people alive. May God continue to bless you!

  13. Kai Verbarg says:

    Governor and Mrs. Romney, you fought the good fight, standing firm in the face of unprecedented personal attacks. Along with you, we would have wished for different outcome, and my belief is that America is missing out on what would have been a great and successful presidency. Bless you and your wonderful family!

  14. CS says:

    what a beaUtiful montage…we all thank you, Mitt & Ann, for your committed spirits…you were excellent role models for us as Americans, and what we dream of achieving in our beloved country…at this time, we must chose Peace in our hearts, as we strive to graciously accept the loss, but never ashamed to want what we feel is best….praying we don’t lose hope, dependent on GOD evermore to meet our needs and carry us through the next four years.

  15. Marsha Danals says:

    I believe voter fraud cost you the election! I also believe that Christians need to wake up and study the principles and values taught us in the Bible and gain a closer relationship with the Lord because, there wouldn’t have been one Christian who voted for O. God Bless you Mitt and Ann and family and thank you for giving it all you had. Prayers for our county and the leaders to come together in compromise and make our nation great again.

  16. Kathryn Cannon says:

    Mitt, you are a wise and good man and would have made an excellent president. You fought long and hard to rescue this country, and I thank you for that.

  17. carol says:

    I’m so very sad that we will not have the opportunity to have a President Romney. I think you would have been a refreshing change in this very corrupt government. Everyone I know was voting for you. God bless you and your wonderful family.

  18. Billie Duke says:

    My sadness at the election results is beyond words - Mitt and Ann you gave us hope for the future. We know you cared about all of us and about this nation. Your faith and your compassion sustained us. Thank you. The next four years will be tough but with the inter strength you installed in us - we will survive.

  19. Liane says:

    Mitt & Ann - Thank you for yourr dedication to the campaign. This country would have beeen a much better place with you as our “Commander in Chief”. Prayers for you and your family. God Bless You All

  20. Paulee says:

    How beautiful as is your heart and soul…Your tribute is beautiful. How sad we feel. We came so close. It was not ever them, we were fighting evil, selfishness, money and power. Thank you for all you contributed here, you will forever be a fond memory with much respect for your wit, your writtings, and your American patriotic spirit.. Love you and God Bless you…
    Forever friends,

  21. L Dulaney says:

    there are so many wanting to withdraw from the union… we can re-establish the United States of America, and let the liberals have Obamaland. Will you be the President of the United States of America? We really do need you. I know if they had counted the military vote that came in a day late, or even did a recount of the close states it would have come out differently.

  22. sbenson says:

    My heart still aches that these two wonderful people are not in the White House. Such dedication. I know god is in control and so do they. Prayers to them and their family, we needed them so badly.

  23. Leo P Landry Sr says:

    Thank you Gov and Mrs. Romney we tried.

  24. Bobby Elmore says:

    Completely perplexed, and disappointed beyond words that you are not our First Family. God gave us a choice, and looks like the majority chose wrong for our country. Thank you for the grueling days of travel and campaigning. You Sir, will not be forgotten. You have my loyalty and my respect for a lifetime. God bless you and all your family.

  25. Torrie says:

    So sorry you lost, our country needed you to save it! I know you were robbed by the media, and Obama!!!!
    God Bless

  26. Rita says:

    Cannot even begin to imagine ALL the Hard work put into This Campaign. A Great Big Thank You To All The Romney’s and Ryan’s. Such an Honor of Mine to be A Part of Your Rally’s. First Time For me in my Lifetime of almost 60 yrs. Never Forget All Of U.God Bless America. God Bless You.

  27. Laura Butler says:

    Governor Romney,
    I thank you with all my heart for the sacrifices that you and your family made to run. Perhaps what you brought to light during the campaign will take root and grow before our country mirrors California’s experiment with socialism. It makes me wonder if our schools teach history.

  28. Natalie Mitchels says:

    You and your family are the epitome of character, integrity, competence, and compassion. We were devastated that the Presidency was stolen by a man that has none of these invaluable traits. It feels that we have lost hope and our inspiration, but we will continue to will fight on to protect the principles that you fought so hard for. We wish you and your family all the best this Thanksgiving and Christmas!

  29. Linda says:

    It was a pleasure working on your campaign through our local Victory Center. I met MANY wonderful people. I was beyond shocked when I saw the numbers coming in on FOX.

    You and Paul Ryan were robbed. The American people were robbed because YOU had the plan to bring our great country back from the last 4 years of misery.

    I wish you, Ann and your beautiful family the best. And may God continue to bless The Romneys.

  30. AfricanforRomney says:

    Thank you so much Gov Romney & Ann for taking a courageous stand all the way to the end. You fought a great fight against all odds including with your own damn party. You were on the top of Obama’s neck until the end. You’re SIMPLY THE BEST!!!!
    Let Jah reward you and your family for all the work you do.
    Tagg Romney for Congress!!?? :-)

    Jayde, Vic and MRC team, thank you so much! for all the work. You guys will be missed.

  31. Jun says:

    Dear Mitt and Ann Romney,
    Although we are from the Philippines I and my family with 4 kids watched your campaign everyday from the time you declared your candidacy as President of POTUS in the primary until you and Paul Ryan were nominated by the GOP. From that time on we were praying that you will be elected as president of the United States of America because we know you are the best candidate who possess the highest integrity the hold the high position in the land, we saw also the evil campaign by the Obama administration and his surrogates to destroy your reputation because he has no record to defend on with 16 trillion deficit, high un-employment, sluggish economy. We also saw that standing or reputation of US has been stumpy under Obama administration. We saw you had been firmed to your conviction and did play the most campaign in clean and decent way.
    I, my wife and my friends shed tears when you loosed. It was a surprise to us, we were expecting that you will win because of your very strong record and visions for America. The thought and questions came to my mind why you loosed? One of this I think is because of voter’s fraud, second; most Americans now specially the rising generation are no longer intelligent voters and had strayed away from the founding principles of your nation. Here in our country I’m sure any candidate for president who will run with the agenda to redefine marriage by accepting same sex marriage will lose because this is evil in the sight of God. Obama is also threatening religious freedom and yet the people voted for him. I can’t imagine America is now taking the different path to socialism.
    I pray that you will continue to fight for the cause of liberty and freedom. I pray for you and your family’s good health as well success in your future career. Remember the best is yet to come. You still have a special role to play in the future. We love you and your family.

  32. Lesa Anderson says:

    Thank you so very much.I am deeply saddened and upset about this outcome.I was and am still hoping for people to stand tall and not allow this kind of fraud in America.You and your family as well as Paul Ryan’s have touched America in a way that can only be explained as our only hope to get America back to the way it was meant to be.You have all the qualities America needs in a President to prosper.Thank you all so much for your time and effort. May God Bless you and your family always !

  33. Robin for Mitt says:

    Thank you MRC for bringing so much hope for the past year and before that. You’ve worked so hard. Thank you Ann and Mitt. I weep for our nation. You would have been the best president since Lincoln. You are a man of honor and amazing intelligence and the dignity this office requires. Thank you for working so very hard for us! I am truly heartbroken.

  34. Lisa Paul says:

    I feel so numb it is difficult to find words that describe the pit in my stomach. How could so many good people choose a platform that supports the killing of babies in late term abortions, a platform that has great reluctance to uphold a belief in God, cannot stay true to the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman, oppresses the poor and the needy and vilifies hard work and success? I thank you Mitt and Ann, your courageous family and all those who gave their all to fight to restore righteous values and principles to this great nation. I am proud to be part of the 49% who were not blinded by the flattery and misrepresentation of what is right and those principles that can bring greatness to a people. I do not think that the majority of the other 50% realize what they have chosen. Thank you again for all you have given in the fight for the nation we love so dearly. There is much more work to do. Perhaps now we need to continue to go about blessing and serving others one life at a time, which for you and your family it will be back to business as usual. I feel sure that the Romneys will continue to be involved in serving others always. Thank you, thank you.

  35. Mary Adler says:

    Thank you so very much, both of you. For all you endured, shared, gave, hoped and prayed, as did so many of us. You would have brought what we as a nation so desperately need to survive. The movement and ideals are not gone…I hope you don’t go far either….God bless you and keep you both.

  36. Linzilu says:

    Thank you Mitt and Ann for being such great examples to the American citizens. It really is unfortunate that the American people chose Obama’s “free handout” way of life as opposed to hard work, family values, morals, integrity and honesty. We know you were exactly what this country needed, sad for those that couldn’t see beyond the “attractive distractions” that Obama was promising. I still think this was an unfair election turnout with all the voter fraud allegations that have come to light. Can there not be an investigation? Keep fighting the good fight Mitt and Ann! Just know that we still have your back! To the true Americans, we love you.

  37. Linda Harrison says:

    Thank you, you both are truly great American’s, and stand for all the values that so many of us share. I for one of millions wish the turnout could have been different. This country is in for more of the ‘worst to be had’ than these people that voted for him would ever dream of !!! Thanks again for all your great work and I know God will bless the both of you, and praying God will continue to bless this country.

  38. BMA says:

    I have great sadness and a heavy heart over the outcome of the election. I’ve never been so passionate about a campaign in my life - never watched the news and prayed for a candidate as I have for Mitt. He didn’t HAVE to run for president, he didn’t NEED to run for president, he didn’t even want to run for president—but he did it for the good of the nation because he is a righteous and unselfish man. I hurt for him (and Ann) over the lies that were circulated about him —- I don’t see how the winner of this election can live with himself knowing he won only because his campaign was focused to destroy a great man. I have lost trust and respect for our current president. For a time, America had hope that our nation would be guided by a leader who knew how to fix the problems — it is disheartening indeed to know we are back to four more years traveling down the same path of destruction. Yet, we MUST have hope, for a people without hope are doomed. My hope is that somehow Mitt Romney will be given the opportunity to do what he does best - and turn around the USA. To say thank you to Mitt and Ann, and their family, seems to lack the intensity of feeling that accompanies those words. Yet, from the bottom of my heart I say with all the power of my being, THANK YOU. May God bless you dear Mitt and Ann and if it be His Will - may you lead America. I haven’t given up on that hope.

  39. Marta says:

    November 6 was a sad day. The country would have been so much better with you two in the white house.
    Thank you,

  40. Annette S says:

    Jayde….Just as with Ben and Vic, I hate to hear that this is your last post. I will miss your articulate, informative and very witty writing style. Thank you for the beautiful montage of pictures of the Romney’s and Mitt Romney quotes. I will record many of these quotes and treasure them always.

    I want to thank you also for being such an incredible contributor to MRC in it’s final days (post election days). You posted pictures, cartoons, stories etc. and kept our spirits up when so many of us are in mourning. You have been a real soldier to the end.

    I hope that many of you on the MRC staff will regroup and find another way to fight this battle for a prosperous, free and safe America. If you do…I will be there to support you.

  41. Marilyn Petitto says:

    Where to start, I believe there is a God and he will see what is going on in our Country and do something about it. I have never seen an election that was so awful, but I know one thing what goes around comes around and that guy in the White House will get his. The only way he won was by buying votes and I know that for a fact, passing out $10.00 to vote for a jack-rabbit is not legal and it will come out. So please have faith. We now have lost the last change of any class in the White House, we have not had it in the last four years and will not have it in the next four years. Mitt and Ann would have turned our Country around and brought respect, kindness and knowledge back to the White House, we do not have that now and will not for the next four years. I can only say thank you Mitt and Ann from the botton of my heart for all that you have done and hopefully will still do for our Country. I wish you and your family well, you deserve it and I really, really hope you will have the opportunity to read all of these good wishes. Thank you again Mitt and Ann for being two very special people and caring the way you do for our Country. Some day it would an honor to meet you both. Thank you again.

  42. SK says:

    Thank you Mitt and Ann, you fought a good fight and 1/2 the country is in morning for the loss a week ago. I pray for you and your family that you recovery from the loss of sleep. energy, election. I will not easily recover…still mourning the loss to a deceptive, ugly truth of another 4 years of this horrible Presidency. God save America. But, it is written…

  43. PeggyC41 says:

    I’m still not convinced that Mitt lost. But I’m optimistic that there is a God in the Heavens and that he knows that Mitt is just too honest and good for this US. Maybe a few more storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc are needed to bring this nation to their knees. Before the election was even held there were reports of voter fraud and balloting issues and predictions the election was rigged which made me pessimistic about the outcome. I felt it wouldn’t be a fair reading of the people. Seems we get what we get and there’s no way to bring justice. We can scream about fast and furious, about Benghazi, about no credible birth certificate, about how much the first family spends of our tax payer money and how the President wants $10 a gallon gasoline, and how Obamacare is raising our costs of health care, and on and on, yet nothing can be done. And when he picks the Supreme Court our hands will be tied, and he knows it. So I have a heavy heart for us, not for Mitt and Ann. They are probably relieved they don’t have to take on a nation on its way down, but at least they tried in a big way. We love them around here. Utah and Idaho didn’t even know there were two candidates.

  44. Herb Wysong & Doris Wysong says:

    We cannot thank you enough for the tremendous efforts by you and your wonderful family to save our great nation from utter destruction by this corrupt, incapable, dishonest administration. You are our shining light to come out of the darkness and despair. We believe every military vote should have been counted before rushing to declare a state winner and that widespread voter fraud, illegal voting, stolen identity
    and other tactics were used to nullify legitimate legal voters.
    Thanks again for your great courage and fine example for
    all true Americans!

  45. Clara Perry says:

    Thank you so much! Our country owes you a deep debt of gratitude for putting yourselves forward to give us a choice to vote for decency and accountability.

  46. Syble Edwards says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts. It is very difficult to overcome mass stupidity and fraud. If voter I.D. had been required in every state, you would have easily won. It’s a shame that a man can win president of the United States through lies, fraud and deceit!!!!

  47. Chantelle says:

    My thoughts are that President Romney got cheated from this election. There are votes in Ohio that are 108% for Obama - how is this possible? I pray that someone from the Romney camp reads this and forwards this to on to President Romney and his beautiful wife, Ann. My prayer this day is that all of us who’s vote did not count in this election, will pray and fast that President Romney will be still be elected President on Jan 20. As he rightfully deserves! That evil will not win and that knowledge will be given that this election was a fraud - My heart is in such despair, but since I have decided to hold onto this small window of hope I smile again and feel liberated! As President Romney is the man who should be in the white house - all my research shows that George Soros and a few others of Obama’s regime have stolen this election, with some battling counties counting the votes twice with not valid id. required. I am praying for a miracle - and pray that President Romney with the kindest respect ‘please don’t give up on America…please fight for us!” Millions of Americans need you and your leadership of integrity, kindness and tenacity. If we lie down now and let Obama and his chicago thugs win - then I am afraid that never again will we see good men in the white house. I promise if we as Americans let this tyrant win that he has plans to be a President a third and fourth term. Pray for a miracle! Pray for President Romney to be placed where he belongs - leading America as our President. God bless us as we fight the evil of this election! Jan 20 is not here yet:)

  48. Joe Harrison says:

    God Bless Mitt and Ann. I’m 62 and Mitt was the best Presidential Candidate for over 2 decades. We really needed you and America will suffer due to a very poor decision by the masses just interested in what the gov’t can give them.

    We shall ever be endebted to you for your great example. I hope God will bless you in a very special way and that Ann can be strengthened and be healthy. Wow she would be a Great 1st Lady.

  49. citigirl says:

    I am Mormon and have friends in Philly that voted for Romney. The news article released today about 100% voting for Obama is false. I am so tired of Obama stealing my country and my rights! Please someone out here - please tell President Romney to fight for his votes! As he did win this election and if we don’t fight now, we will never see the America the Beautiful again. Thank you for being a man my husband looks up to!

  50. Michael Plamondon says:

    Mitt you fought a hard fight, you did it with dignity, truth, and no mudslinging. You showed America what a real Presidential campaign should be. Like many armies in the Book of Mormon we know the war against evil is rarely won in just one fight. We must continue to fight for what we believe. Satan doesn’t give up and we can’t either. We know that ever since this country started the attack on family values that’s been the success of their destruction. When we consistently fight for family values and morals as God has advised us we will win against Satan and his collection of followers. I am a recent convert and it is because of the truths of the Bible sustained by the book of Mormon that has reactivated me in civic and religious responsibilities. These believes also give me hope not just in the temporal world but in the spiritual world. I hope you will regroup and run in 2016 and I look forward to meeting you in Ann in the spiritual world. Sincerely Michael Plamondon

  51. Bernadette Ferriter says:

    Thank you for being so special and for all the effort you gave to save this country. There is no further reason to stay here and my family and I are returning to Germany in summer.
    Stay well and remember how important you both were to all of

  52. Rose Arnaudo says:

    Thank you so much!! You are fantastic people! Enjoy your beautiful family. Please do not let the party give up on America!! We have to stand our ground. We are and have prayed for you!! Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  53. MELinFL says:

    You and your family are an inspiration to us. Thanks you for working so hard to bring us hope. Thank you for reminding us that blessings do come to those who are honest and have integrity. Hope you get to serve a mission together for the LDS church, as thousands would be blessed by knowing you. Wishing you the best to you and your family!!!

  54. Zara says:

    I live far away from America, and I am not even an American. But I have left heartbroken and still grieve for the fact America have missed the very competent man to be a great president. I followed up the US presidential race for months and I was very convinced majority of America would voted for Mr. Romney after America learned how incapable Obama is in handling the economy and also foreign policy of America. I was shocked of the result. I felt very sad and I don’t know how long my disbelief of this election result will go away from me. I believe something not right was there in the process and I hoped it was. I have great admiration for Mr. Romney of his success, his passion for running for president, his good character, the way he speaks is truly how a president should speak, he was never tempted to speak the way obama spoke of him. I fall in love with his beautiful and fully supported family, especially Ann Romney, his running mate Paul Ryan and his beautiful family, his success team, his motivated supporters. All those pictures are truly America. I was left shocked. I am very and deeply disappointed. Mr. Romney, you are truly a great person, obviously the most suitable and capable man to lead a great nation, to bring back America to its prosperity and respect from other nations. I respect you and admire you of your intelligence, capability, success, and your beautiful and respectable wife and family. I pray for you and your family that God bless you and will show you His love. I believe God has a beautiful plan for you. We never know what will happen in this reelected administration. Sometime may come up. God bless America.

  55. Linda Sheffield says:

    Thank you Mitt and Ann. Our country needs you and we are in mourning over the results of this election. To paraphrase the scriptures, it seems that we are in the days when a good man is rarer than rubies. Who can find a virtuous man? We found one in you, and we worked hard for your election.
    Is there still hope left that the results of this election can be turned around? Many of us are still hoping and praying for that outcome. Hoping and praying that God will still bless America.
    God be with you and yours.

  56. Cathy says:

    There are no words to express our gratitude for your service to us the American people. I had such hope that we could get our wonderful America back, but God has another plan and he will not dessert us. You are the president of 1/2 of the country and you always will be. We will fight for what you would’ve fought for. We will represent what you represented. We will not compromise our ideals, values and God given rights, because we know you that’s what you would’ve done and fought for. If nothing else, this has only made us all stronger, more courageous, and more resolute in our mission. So all is not lost. You’ve stirred up a great American awakening and we will continue to stand and fight for our freedom and liberty.
    Thank you dear Mitt and Ann. You have renewed a hope and fire that has never been felt by me and I’m sure millions as well. I’ve never felt the stirrings in my soul for anyone more than you. My soul is broken, but not defeated for I take comfort knowing there are really men of great courage, character, and conviction that will step up when we hang by a thread. Congratulations you have won Gov. Romney…America lost and lost big.

    Bless you all.

  57. Kellie Russell says:

    Thank you so much for showing us the way! I am very sad about the outcome of the election, but I do believe you had an impact on the American people. I just hope that more people use the knowledge you have provided us with. Thanks again, Governor to you and your wonderful family. Believe in America!

  58. Barbara says:

    Nixon ran against Kennedy and lost. however he did run again and went on to win an election that won every state in bright red Except Mass and DC. The Demo finished him with the water gate fraud. We are trading with China as Nixon put it in Play not George W Bush. My point is this to the Dear Romneys’ we need you back. We want you back. I do not blame my party for your loss I blame the American voters and a government tht allows voter fraud. We need to recount. I predict that is you do comeback you will win as wide as Richard Nixon did and don’t forget he did it twice He won the second bid also. Nixon was a great man brought to his knees by the political machine and the media. MItt and Ann I still believe you are meant to be in our white house. God Blessings to you both. America is in morning for you both. You will be sadly missed.

  59. Carla M says:

    Such a sad day for us when you didn’t take the White House. We are ever grateful for all the hard work you put into this campaign and the long hours. I have no doubt you gave americans hope and they will still fight the good fight in spite of who is president, they now know they can no longer be complacent and have to make stands to fight for whats right! This election was a wake-up call and many will learn from their choices. Our prayers go out to you and Ann, you are wonderful people and such great examples. We will always admire you no matter what you choose to pursue. You gave us hope that we can have leaders with values and not march to the media’s agenda. Stength will come as you have laid a wonderful path down for those who wish to follow. Thank you again for all the sacrifices you made, we truly wish it was you that had won!

  60. Vicki Burger says:

    Can’t thank you both enough for the great work and service. My husband and I are so heartbroken that you are not the President and First Lady. I truly believe we have become a nation who does not reconize honesty, goodness, and true leadership when it hits them in the face. May the Lord look over you and your family. If by some miracle you decide to run in 2016 I will do all I can to beat the streets, call, whatever to help. This naion needs a Mitt Romney for President.

  61. Jan Byer says:

    Thank you for caring about America… God Bless You and Your Family

  62. Bernice Hoefer says:

    You and Ann and your family were in our prayers and hearts and will always be. I feel you now have millions moref people who love you all. I know that God is happy to claim you as His own. You will be sorely missed.

  63. Vera Louder says:

    My heart is warmed everytime I see these images and remember the wonderful spirit you portrayed to the people of this nation. Thank you both so much for that and for the wonderful people that you are and the example of goodness that you portray! May God bless and reward you and your family.

  64. Victoria McGill says:

    I have supported and believed in you in 2008 and in 2012 and my heart breaks for our country…for what we have lost in not having you as our President! You and Ann have my heartfelt thanks and admiration for all you have done and for who you are. The best man did not win on Nov. 6th and our country will continue to be divided, in debt with continued job losses. Please know how much you and Ann are loved and appreciated. God Bless You Both and your family always!!!

  65. Rosemary E. says:

    Thank you Mitt, Ann, and Family for opening up your lives to us as a nation! We will NEVER forget your sacrifice, your courage, and your example. We expect you to continue to do Great Things Mitt! The Best is yet to come!

  66. Shirley says:

    Republican National Lawyers Association
    PO Box 18965
    Washington, DC 20036
    Email: info@RepublicanLawyer.net
    We all know the election was stolen please help us fight this or we republicans will have no reason to vote again!!

  67. Sally says:

    I am so proud that I voted for Mitt Romney. That will never change.
    Thank you Mitt and Ann. Thank you Jayde. I will miss MRC.

  68. Barbara Getty says:

    Best wishes to you Mitt and that wonderful wife Ann..and your great family. It was an honor to have a connection on the computer through this election which should have been all in your favor..your goals and plans for our country are what the USA is all about..will continue hoping one day we will have that dream country again..I am sure this one will see that it doesn’t happen…GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY..

  69. Gary says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the USA is not ready for a great leader like Mitt Romney. I believe we have to find out just how bad it can get before it can be great again. Obama’s re-election seemed to be too easy and possibly not even legitimate…..Mitt’s loss was like a punch in the stomach and i can’t imagine how he felt that night, but we will all shrug it off and come back fighting again in 2016.

    I wish Mitt, his family, and Paul Ryan well… they gave their best and that’s all they could do.


  70. Deb says:

    Thank you once again for being an inspiration to so many during this election, and for giving so much of yourself throughout the campaign. Those of us who supported you know without a doubt that you would have done a great job as president. Wishing you, Ann and all your family the very best in the future.

  71. Sharon P says:

    Dear Mitt and Ann,

    Thank you so much for living the good lives that you have. I know God wants us know what good looks like, and certainly we could see it in your family and in the Ryans. I was so elated when you picked Paul Ryan as your running mate. If there was any doubt that you meant business about restoring our economy in anyone’s mind, you selection of him only emphasized your commitment to keep that promise to the American people.

    My husband and I took our family down to the Republican Victory party in our area. We anxiously watched as the results came in. When it was announced Pres. Obama won, I couldn’t hold back my tears-my thirteen old daughter was crying too. I have never been so politically involved as I was this past election cycle. I never trusted or believed in any candidate as I did you. I got my teenaged daughters involved with me in making reminder calls to people to vote on Nov. 6th. It was a small thing, but I wanted them to be engaged as they will be the next generation of voters.

    I have mourned the loss of this election. I too, as some have stated, worried that the election would not be won honestly. Please investigate the many claims of voter fraud. If we don’t stop the corruption now, we can never hope to have a fair election again in this country.

    God bless you, and thank you for all that you and your family and the Ryans have done to show that the American dream does not have to die.

  72. Cathy says:

    Just listened to “Born Free” …can’t stop crying.

  73. Joan C. says:

    Mitt and Ann
    You and your family have been such an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for working so hard for such a great cause. We respect and love you and your family. I am glad that you will be safe. I was worried about your family if you won. Please stay in this fight. We need you. Do not give up on us or this country. You can still influence many people and make a difference. Help Marco or Paul become our next leader. I hope to be around to see that. It will happen.
    I will miss some of the people who wrote here, such as African for Romney. Enjoyed your opinions.

  74. Joan C. says:

    I do think that there were too many things in this election that did not add up.

  75. BJ says:

    Thanks to a great couple Ann and Mitt and families. You gave it a great try and I for one are heart broken. It was wonderful to hear you say you were running for “Love of Country” and not for revenge. What a horrible thing for a sitting president to say, what class. The votes for the sitting president weren’t that great considering he has been campaigning since day one of his first run for president and it has been on tax payers money. The Media on all of the channels gave him more free time that any other person that has ever run for president, how fair is that, they must be all bias or something don’t you think? Much love to you and your family, Ann and Mitt and God Bless America, I think God is very angry!

  76. Ethel says:

    Thank you Mitt and Ann Romney, also Paul Ryan and family for a great, clean and classy run for the Whitehouse. Aways enjoyed listening to you and Paul and it breaks my heart that we will not see you in DC. If we still have a Country left after these next four years, maybe you can still make there. You and Ann, Paul and Family are in my prayers and hopefully you can run again and win. American has lost a true and loyal friend for a President and one who has the business experience to really help get our Country out of this mess. God Bless you all.

  77. Bob West says:

    The better man did not win.

    America is the loser for electing Obama.
    History, if it is honest, will prove the fraud and dishonesty of Obama.

    We all grieve the loss of traditional values - respect of human life, respect of normal marriages, hard work and freedom not government hand outs.

    The country has crossed the point where those who ask what their country can door them are now in the majority.

    Obama and his Chicago dirty politics gang do not mind using the poor, the uninformed woman, the minorities, and the homosexuals to grab power for themselves.

    Thank you , Mitt and Ann, for your devotion to high ideals and for giving we who believe in America a chance.

    I shook your hand in Pueblo, worked for you for months, made phone calls, walked precincts, put up large signs, contributed, convinced voters, and stood as a watcher in the local County vote count room. (I was an eye witness to the lack of transparency and fair play in the Democratic Machine.)

    It has been my honor to work for you.
    Thank you, and God bless you and all your family.

    God help America.

  78. CJ says:

    Mitt and Ann, you have both been refreshing and inspiring to those of us who have felt lost and alone. We have lost everything we worked for, our home, jobs, our ability to live independently, we had given up all hope. But you helped us see that there are many others out there like us and there is strength is numbers, though they may not have won this election they have ignited a common sense of purpose. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Blessings to you and your beautiful family.

  79. Bonnie Levin says:

    Gov. Mitt Romney, Ann Romney & Family,

    We need to thank you for showing Americans what family values are again and needs to be part of our lives! Your devotion and your families devotion to this campaign is an inspiration to us all. I saw you in Wisconsin and took veterans and 1st time voters in WI to the polls even though I live in IL. It was my honor to do this and spread the word. I would do it again in a minute for you! You & Paul Ryan showed more class and how Americans should be! It was a bright light for a change!

    Chicago-style politics is a byword used to designate a set of characteristics associated to the less commendable aspects of the recent political history of the American City of Chicago, Illinois, (i.e., corruption, patronage, nepotism, authoritarianism) which is often cited as an example of blatant corruption.” We currently have 2 governors in prison with unanswered questions about Jessie Jackson, Jr., now under investigation for several matters, (in hiding until the election is over(?) and Rahm Emanuel and President Obama’s participations in the conviction of former Governor Blagojevich. Now Benghazi, what’s next?

    We are so heartbroken that you are not the President and First Lady! It is Americans loss. Please consider running again in 4 years because America needs a strong leader like you! But first let’s work on getting some Governor’s out of office in 2 years and then you will be ready again!

    God Bless America and help America!

  80. Cathy says:

    “God be with you till we meet again;
    by his counsels guide uphold you:
    With his sheep securely fold you;
    God be with you till we meet again.”

  81. Mike Ruffing says:

    Dear Mitt and Ann: Thank you for your sacrifices and standing up for what is right and taking the arrows of hate and decit from the Left with grace and dignity.

    I ferverntly hope you find happiness in whatever you choose to do and that I am lucky enough to one day shake your hand and thank you in person.

    Again, thank you both so very much.
    God Bless,
    Mike Ruffing

  82. Ann says:

    Our deep felt thank you for all you have done for America, Mitt, Ann, and the Ryans! We are the better for all the good ideas, inspiring speeches, and boundless energy you all gave us these past several months! Thank you, too, for the Mit Romney Central web site which I read and remarked on many times during the campaign…. my lifeline to connect with other Romney voters following your campaign to save our country! Sorry about the half who believed the lies Obama’s team spread about you, or were so dependent on government $$$ they couldn’t see your plan to help them become independent. May God continue to bless you all, your families, and the good people of America. Help us weather the storms coming ahead!

  83. Gary Alan Chidester says:

    I have honestly enjoyed reading ‘Mitt Romney Central’ these many months. The articles, the photographs, the insight… put clarity and vision into the direction of this campaign. I will truly miss seeing MRC as part of my daily routine. I have attended 24 Romney Events in Iowa since 2007, shook Mitt’s hand 15 times, spoke with him several of those times, and even had my photo taken with him… a few times! He signed my book: ‘No Apology’, an early campaign sign, a magazine cover, and my ‘Mitt’ cap that was covered with ‘Romney’ buttons that I had made. Mitt Romney is a man who honestly believes in helping his fellowman. His ‘Love of Country’ is genuine. And he actually does have a great sense of humor! Over the last 50 years, Mitt Romney is the most qualified candidate running for President that I have ever seen. I sincerely hope and pray that in 2 or 3 years, the entire Republican Party will support Gov. Romney from Day 1. I am confident that someday in the future, people will look back and say, “Mitt Romney was one of the greatest Leaders that America has ever had.” May God Bless Mitt Romney, his wonderful wife, Ann, and his entire Family. America is worth fighting for… and ‘Tomorrow is another Day’! Farewell dear friends… until we meet again. I love you guys!

  84. hunibuni2 says:

    Dear Mitt and Ann,
    In my heart, you are my President and first lady. It hurts to see what is going to happen to our Country, and your leadership is the only thng that could have changed it all. People are stupid, but when people think that everything is going to “free” for them, that is how they vote. I know in my heart that the fraud by the UNIONS in key swing states was part of the undoing of this election and of course, along with the Chicago thugs, unbearable!. How we needed Mitt to turn our Economy around and make us a prosperous nation again, for new job markets and for jobs for the kids getting out of college. So SAD. I will think of you and Ann always, as I worked for 2008 and continued to be your number one supporter through the 2012 Campaign. God Bless the man that would have been the BEST PRESIDENT EVER and his lovely first LADY. WE Love You. Will miss seeing your wonderful smile!
    Boca Raton, FL

  85. ccr says:

    How to thank you, Mitt and Ann, and then Paul and Jenna, for what you sacrificed for our country, our beliefs and our ideals ? Words can’t express the gratitude I feel. I have both tears of gratitude but also tears of sadness and reality of what happened last week.

    Many prayers from my heart have been offered that your hearts and minds will feel at peace and have understanding of God’s purposes and feel so many people’s love, respect and gratitude for what you offered in this election.

    May God Bless You……….because it is so richly deserved as you left it all out there…..with dignity and grace.

    For our country….I do pray.

  86. BenInOregon says:

    WHY!? Are you guys closing shop? There is so much you can do for the conversitive movement in America. You have 100k+ followers on FB and 37K+ on tweeter.

    I have enjoyed your insight and posts. Please don’t leave!



  88. IR says:

    Sir, You did not loose _ United States of America lost because you were the only one who could save USA.
    We wanted you to be our President and by you being our President we had hope of a better future.
    I still cannot come to terms and I wish time will heal my wounds

  89. Sally says:

    I also would like for this site to continue. So many people, from all over the USA and other countries, like minded in many ways, high ideals, positive thinking - being able to touch base here, it has been great. We should continue, we can share information, we bring strength and hope to each other.

  90. BMA says:

    Please don’t stop this site. I love the information. We need it.

  91. Maryann says:

    Govenor Romney and Ann:
    It was such a privilege to get to know about you during your campaign and to have the opportunity to vote for you as President. I want to thank you, Ann and your entire family for giving up several years of your personal life and freedom to try to make a difference in our country. You fought a good fight, you are an honorable, godly man and I feel so extremely sad that we will never know how much good you would have done for the US. However, God is in control and He has great plans for you and your family. I pray health and happiness, peace and joy to the Romney family. God bless!

  92. Hoc Vu says:

    Please don’t go anywhere… You may end up needing to assume the Office of President after all, after allegations of vote tampering and fraud are proven and prosecuted!! God bless America, let truth and freedom prevail!!

  93. Lori says:

    God gave America a gift when you ran for President… I will never understand why you and your family are not in our White House. Thank you for all that you have done. Your and inspiration to our country. May God bless you and your family.

  94. Doris E. Onorato says:

    Thanks !

    November 16, 2021

    This is a thank you note to a good man.

    Thank you for turning aside from a life of ease and security to run for the presidency against an incumbent.

    Thank you for enduring the slander of you, your family, and your faith perpetrated by a criminally negligent media.

    Thank you for calling things such as ‘terrorism’ by their right name.

    Thank for selecting Paul Ryan as vice presidential running mate.

    Thank you — and your lovely wife — for demonstrating true love.

    Thank you for handling yourself with grace and equanimity in every situation.

    Thank you for your patriotism.

    Thank you for believing in America . It is to our eternal shame that America did not, in this time and place, believe in you.

    May God Bless yours and Paul Ryan’s families with HIM in CONTROL all things are POSSIBLE. Thanks

    I with Millions of other Americans wish you and your family the best I Pray with you for this nation.