Final Thoughts on a Great Candidate

First of all, a huge thank you to the 59,832,706 people who voted for Mitt Romney during this last contest. 60 million people saw what we here at Mitt Romney Central have believed about Mitt Romney from the beginning, that he would be the best person to lead America during these challenging and changing times. And we thank each and every one of you!

From the beginning, Mitt Romney has had to overcome huge obstacles to become the GOP nominee. Not only was he from one of the most liberal states in the country, but he was also responsible for a health care law that inspired Obamacare, something conservatives loathe to this day. Ironically, Mitt Romney represented the last chance for America to turn back from Obamacare, and yet America chose otherwise.

Also, Romney had to break new ground for religious freedom by being the first Mormon nominee of a major party. In a party with such large numbers of religious conservatives, this was no small task. Democrats are usually quick to point out how accepting they are of minorities of all stripes, but in this case it was the Republicans who were the first to nominate a well-qualified individual from this religious minority group and the GOP deserves credit for that.

Further, Romney was the first businessman to get so close to the presidency in a very long time. An unfortunate reality in American politics is that people with successful business backgrounds open themselves up to all kinds of attacks from political opponents. Whether the attacks be “he’s a rich guy who doesn’t understand the common man,” or “his business did harm to some people,” being a businessman is a profession fraught with difficulties when running for high political office. It’s really a shame because something America needs so badly is someone with skills and acumen for creating businesses and managing debt ridden programs.

Romney deserves great credit for having broken new ground in all these areas.

From the beginning, Romney surprised a lot of people who wanted to write him off for one reason or another.

In the general election Romney achieved one of his most amazing accomplishments, Romney matched Obama in fundraising. Obama, the greatest fundraiser of all time, was matched by a challenger without nearly the advantages of the current incumbent president. That is an amazing accomplishment. I am sure that Romney will continue to use that prolific ability to raise funds in order to help other candidates who fight for conservative values. 

When the candidates went head to head in the debates, Romney trounced the president during the first debate in a way no sitting president had ever been defeated before. That was another huge accomplishment. Romney went on to garner favorability/likability numbers that were even better than Obama’s after that first debate because people got a chance to see the real Mitt Romney, not just a caricature drawn by the Obama campaign. Romney didn’t attack Obama’s character, but the Obama campaign from the beginning set out to “destroy Romney” through character assassination. That is one of the main reasons Romney’s likability numbers were so high.

So if Romney was such a great candidate, why did he lose? It’s a good question and here’s my take.

Heavy Democratic turnout due to Obama’s ground operation, much heavier than anybody on the conservative side was predicting, is what won the election. In 2008, Democrats came out in huge numbers to support Obama. Back then, 8% percent more democrats showed up at the polls than Republicans. This year 6% more democrats showed up than Republicans. With margins like that, it is pretty tough for a Republican to win. Romney actually won independents in the swing states of OH, PA, VA, CO, and NV but still lost due to heavy Democratic turnout.

It is difficult to beat an incumbent president, even one with a lackluster record like Obama’s. I think a lot of people on the right thought it would be easy to defeat Obama, but that was simply a wrong assumption. Those people forgot that Obama’s coalition was still in place from 4 years ago and that he would have 1 billion dollars to defend himself with.

Further complicating Romney’s chances of upsetting the president was the jobs report numbers. I think many Americans (rightly or wrongly) felt like the economy was in fact improving because the jobs report improved markedly in the final months of the election.

Lastly, Hurricane Sandy helped Obama win re-election because it didn’t allow Romney to continue hammering away at his economy/jobs message during the last crucial week of the campaign. Obama got to walk around the Jersey Shore looking presidential, compassionate, and bipartisan. The hurricane blunted Romney’s momentum going into the final week of the campaign.

So that is my take on the campaign. We here at Mitt Romney Central want to thank Governor Romney for running a great campaign. It was a sacrifice Romney didn’t have to make. Romney did it out of love for his country and a genuine desire to get America on the right track. We congratulate Mitt Romney on the obstacles he has overcome and on running a strong campaign.

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71 Responses to Final Thoughts on a Great Candidate

  1. Kym Van Der Linden says:

    I am so depress over the result. I am not over this like other people. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan - two GREAT people to lead our country, and what happened, the incompetent, deceiving Barack Obama won - thru deceits, petti attacks, etc… ( Is there a chance that Mitt would try 3rd time - love of country? … hopeful).

    I also blame the two ‘fat guys’ - Dick Morris and Chris Chritie. Dick Morris was the first to predict Romney’s landslide on FOX - lower turnout, independent, etc… Other Republicans follow suit, and thus influenced Romney’s campaign, and Republicans let down their guards. Dems revenge: make Dick Morris eat his words, and got out the votes. Next time, ‘assume worst case scenario - not taking anything for granted’.

    Another observation is that on FOX, the conservatives and Republican are too truthful on TV. Dems use their analysis against Romney. For example, Oreily saying Romney was not clear on ideas, Kristol on Afghanistan after the convention, etc.. - Dems pounced on these, and attack Romney; thus, hurt Romney. Hannity was the only one that gets it! THANK YOU Sean Hannity !!!

    Now, Chris Christie … LOOSER. Embarassing to watch, 2 days before election. Unbelievable. Disgusted. Furiated, hurt party and Romney. Can’t believe or understand what he did. Good thing Romney DID NOT pick him.

    I am hurting very much. I can’t believe that we lost! I can’t get over this. I am emotionally very SAD about the results. My 4 year old cried with me as well. AMERICA lost BIG TIME on 11/6.

    The electorate is very different now than ever - lots of immigrants that do not know what is going on, politically foreign, vote on emotion and not intellect/common sense, and watch liberal/bias media channels i.e. CNN, MSNBC, etc.. They don’t know better because they are not inform, or understand. GOP need to work on this harder, at the local level to educate Latinos, Asians, Jews, etc… We need to get more bilinguals on our side - GOP/Republican, to run for office in the House and Congress.

    GOP should not cave in Obama’s second term. We don’t need to change our principles, and our beliefs.

    I am so GRATEFUL for this website. I wish I could have done more to help Mitt, but w/3 kids, it was tooo hard to do. I am so sad as I write this. It hurts me dearly, and I am still very depress about this.

    May GOD bless Mitt and Ann Romney; Paul and Janna. They fought hard and dearly deserve the White House. The majority/popular vote - ALL of US want you Mitt and Paul - but the electorate WON. We are SAD and the country LOST.

    I am hopeful maybe Mitt will try again ….

  2. Heidi Stevenson says:

    I am tired of hearing reasons why Romney lost. Bottom line, he is a clean, moral man that ran a clean campaign. The Country is too immoral to want that.

  3. Annette S says:

    I have been reading that not only is it difficult to unseat an incumbent, but especially an incumbent whose predecessor belonged to the opposing party. Not only did many who voted for Obama believe he needed more time to fix the economy, but they believed he inherited his economic problems from Bush. They believed it was the Republicans that got us into this economy. But the housing bubble financial melt down was created by Fannie, Freddie and the Democrats who controlled their policy. Obama supporters wrongly blamed deregulation of banks and tax cuts. I believe Republicans should have pushed back on this harder. Obama used blaming Bush as a major reason that a Republican should not be put back in the White House. This might seem ridiculous to Republicans and some moderates, but many on the left believe it. Rather than just saying…no you shouldn’t keep blaming Bush, Republicans should have dismantled Democratic theories or philosophies.

    I thought Romney, however, went along ways in convincing people of his dedication to help the middle class. He talked about individualism and how growing the economy will increase taxable revenue. It would have helped if surrogates, pundits or talk shows could have pushed back on Obama accusing our present economy on Bush & Republicans

    Speaking of our present economy……I just read on the Fox Home page the following…..

    “A major coal company announced more that 160 layoffs across three subsidiaries this week, becoming perhaps the first company to follow through on threats to make cutbacks in the event of a second President Obama term.”

    “Robert Murray, a vocal Mitt Romney supporter and CEO of Murray Energy Corp., began to inform workers of the layoffs the day after Obama won re-election. He announced 102 layoffs at Utah American Energy Inc. and another 54 layoffs at The American Coal Company in Illinois.

    Let’s take the Senate….2014

  4. Annette S says:

    Kym Van Der Lynden

    I know what you mean about Bill O’Reilly. Sometimes I have to turn the channel. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t care who gets elected.

    Hannity has been great. Yesterday a contributor on his show said that you couldn’t consider Romney to be a Reagan conservative. Hannity refused to join in and cut him off. He then said with conviction…..since Romney was nominated I have come to really respect him and the Democrats ruthlessly attacked him. (something like that….Not an exact quote)

    There are many who are broken over the election. People may seem like they’re over it, but it will take a long time for this tragedy to heal.

  5. fran morasco says:

    thanks so-so much to Gov. Romney & Ryan and their families for giving us hope for a little while -for all your time and the commitment you gave to try to help this country . My heart is so sad for all of us. May God Bless you all and this country as we move on.

  6. Barbara Evans says:

    I am also one who can’t get over obummer winning another term. I just couldn’t believe the people were that stupid to listen to more lies, when he never did what he promised when he ran before. I am upset that Mitt didn’t get in and I believe that the election was fixed, we know what a crook he is, so how can we think otherwise. Anyway Mitt you are a great man and I do hope we can somehow manage to keep our heads above ground during this term, and only hope and pray that we can do away with obamacare so that we seniors can breathe and be taken care by physicians not laymen as to what medical we can and can not have. I am still down in the dumps and I only wish there were a way to get Mitt in the Presidents seat… Love you Mitt Romney

  7. Joanna Entrekin-Callahan says:

    This Nation owes a HUGE debt to Gov. & Mrs. Romney for putting themselves out there and giving us REAL hope that America could depend upon. Their unwavering integrity made it incredibly easy for everyone to back Gov. Romney…. and I truly grew to admire him as I haven’t admired any politician for many, many years. I so wanted our Nation to have a Godly man and one of undeniable integrity, honesty and generosity to lead us in this strife ridden time.
    My heart is still mourning this loss for our Nation. To know that my grandchildren will never know the America I have known is HUGE to me. This entire journey has been really personal for me.
    Thank you, Gov. Romney from the bottom of my heart for fighting the good fight and trying so valiantly to mend and heal this broken Nation.
    God Bless You and Your Family… and you will all continue to be in my prayers.

  8. Marianne says:

    I had decided early on that Mitt was the one i would vote for for President. I can’t believe how so many in this Country could be so blindsided to what has now happened. the next 4 years are going to be very trying times and i pray to God that we will survive. Thank you Mitt for giving your all to try and turn America around. i had thought that America woke up. i was wrong. God Bless you, Mitt Romney

  9. mstchamberlain says:

    i think the ones that voted for Obama ARE proud of there vote in 4 years

  10. timothy jackson says:

    even though the absentee ballets came a day late they should be heard .. they have the right to be counted because they are part of the vote .. this needs to be pursued .. there is no excuse for them not being part of the count ..

  11. Tony says:

    I agree with much of the sentiments here. This great nation had the opportunity to truly hire a turn around team with a strong track record. I believe in my heart that Mitt Romney was the absolute perfect man at this time for this job. Mitt didn’t lose; we did.

  12. Eileen Kooima says:

    I also would like to thank Mitt and his family for taking the time that has to go into running a campaign and for being above the temptation of running a negative campaign. Also he can be proud of the people that supported him. Reading all these comments I know there are still a lot of decent God fearing people in the country.

  13. Esther Shippee says:

    Thank you a million times Mr.Romney. May God bless you and your family and lead you to your station in life. You deserve great and wonderful blessings in this life and the next!

  14. William Williamson says:

    Hi thanks for giving us hope. I wish you the best and will pray for you often. God have mercy on this wayward nation and those of us who voted for change. Please expose those who cheated and may it trigger change.

  15. Venetia says:

    I want to thank Mitt and his family for caring about the American people and wanting change as much as we do . Mitt you would have been a wonderful President because of your caring attitude and your desire to help everyone . I really wish the election would have went differently . Thank you from the bottom of my heart for fighting and trying to men this broken nation. God Bless You and your Family . You gave us hope that there was someone that really cared . This nation really needed a Godly Man and that Man was you Mitt. You will all be in my prayers.

  16. Patricia Desouza says:

    These comments are helping me. I, too, have been enormously impacted by the election result. I am still mourning the loss of this country, as we know it, and for the chance of seeing Mitt Romney assume the presidency. Today, I saw President Obama giving a speech about the fiscal cliff. He supposedly spoke in front of a group of 200 “supporters”. I guess that means there were no members of the audience who did not vote for him. He said that the “majority” of Americans voted him back in and he is going to move his tax plan forward. So much for bipartisanship or any attempt to heal a seriously divided and traumatized nation. And by the way, Mr. President, winning by about 2 and 1/2 million votes is a pretty slim “majority”. Mitt Romney would have embraced the entire American family. His loss on Tuesday night was a loss for all of us. Thanks for the very valiant and honorable effort to help us, Mitt.

  17. Claire Henry says:

    All the above comments state how I feel and more. I’ve been depressed for days over this election going to Obama because he doesn’t deserve to be our President and lead this great country. He cheated us out of our Mitt Romney who is a true American and would have led us out of this tyranny. He gave us hope and now I feel hopeless. I fear the next four years under this administration. I might close with this additional comment. I hope the mainstream media can live with themself on assisting OB in running a the worst smear campaign in political history. Romney/Ryan were class acts until the very end. May God Bless you and your families.

  18. amit (@CArepub) says:

    Glad to see the gratitude and caring people expressed here. My Twitter timeline is full of ugliness. Romney’s are great people. Period. I knew that politics is a deadly game and getting too deeply involved is scary. But in my head I had framed my utter commitment to Mitt winning as being something I was leaving for my kids - my inheritance - I am not that old or dying :) - but the point is that I felt Mitt would make a major difference to the path this country takes. I am concerned and hope that somehow I was just being overly invested and things will turn out ok and we’ll turn around at some point maybe more slowly and without permanent damage.

  19. Venetia says:

    Mitt Romney 2016

  20. artzi says:

    I agree with some of this but not all. I believe that Romney lost this election due to voter fraud, which was rampant across the country. An honest person can’t win an opponent who cheats. That along with the fact that ballots for our military were sent out late and therefore sent in late. If these votes had been counted it would have been a very different outcome. This are the reasons we have the wrong person as President of these United States, plain and simple!

  21. Valerie osborn says:

    There so many words I could say, but just tell you
    that you were the one that should have been there in the White house. We needed a president that would have started a healing process. this nation is so in trouble as you well knew. We want to thank you for all that you and Ann did. Apparently our nation is not ready to be healed. The road it is going down is a dangerous one and we the people need to take mind of it. We are so thankful you gave that view to us for it sets us on the right track . It may take four more years of dealing with “Obamba world” but we are not going down without a fight for the right. Sometime the “good guys” have to win. The Lord will help us as a nation when this nation wakes up finally ask for his help. It is the signs of the times and we know that the adversary is behind all that was done to you and the party. With fervent prayers united in one voice we can get through what is to come for us. We love you and humbly thank you for your example, for your fortitude and for showing us a glimmer of what might have been and for what you have taught us. “Choose the right” should ring through out the nation. It should be our motto.God be with you always.

  22. tony says:

    god bless you mr romney you are the best person to ever run for president you did not lose on tuesday america lost b.c. we will not have you as president i thank you for running and wanning to help all of us you are a great person i can see it in you the best for you and your and god bless you forever thank you .

  23. Jeanette says:

    This country has not hit rock bottom yet. As soon as the presents run out, the money is gone and the promises are visibly empty, those who voted for Obama will see that they created this mess. The media needs to REPORT the news, all of it, not swoon to it, create it, dance with it. We had the best qualified candidate in Mitt Romney. He could have run an ugly, mean, dirty campaign like the other one did, but that would not have been the man we wanted as president. We are NOT out numbered though. Just out voted.

  24. Ruth Polston says:

    God bless both families! Gov. Romney and Congressman Paul Ryan are truly men of integrity. We are so sad!

  25. Jinny Black says:

    You are a good man Mitt Romney. A class act. O wouldn’t know class if it jumped up and bit him. We are in deep stuff here, and I really think you could have gotten us out of this mess. I cannot believe anybody with kids would vote for this group of dishonest, smug incompetents. Our kids, and grandkids, are going to be dealing with this for many moons! Trying really hard to get out of this funk, and let go of some of this resentment I have toward some of my misguided friends. I wish you, Ann and your beautiful family, all the best. You did a great job, Thank You, and God Bless.

  26. Bonnie says:

    So saddened by the result of the election. I know it was fraud in the voting! I wish someone would investigate it! I voted for Romney and Ryan. I thought the country would carry they through, but with all the unemployed, ones on disability, or people that care, all voted for Obama, they like handouts, I am a working person, pay taxes, do my own housework, yardwork, improvements to my home, and I think we are scum due to the current President, he is not worthy to be President! I think you, Mr Romney would have made a GREAT President! I wish I had the power and the money to tear down the current President! I am so glad he cannot run again! Send him away! What is wrong with this country? You did a Great Job Mr Romney! I am sad everytime I think about the election, was up all night, praying, hoping my husband doesn’t loose his job! He is a coal miner! Please Mr Romney, run again! This country needs your help!

  27. Carolyn Zauss says:

    Thank you so much to Mitt and Paul for giving us real hope. I was so sad when I went to bed on election night. I was stunned and disappointed deeply. You both are men of honor and share my same values morals and values. I felt that in you, I would be best represented as a citizen of this great country and you would do what was best for us all and not your own agenda. I did worry for you of the bigger powers that be who would not like you and would seek to harm you if you did not comply. I prayed for your safety as well as your successful campaign. Thank you so much. I know this too shall pass and it is only for a season and I also know that God is incharge and will reign in His own time and that brings me peace. It’s not that far off, I am sure. God bless yo uboth in al you have done and continue to do for all of us in this country.

  28. Mary Sousa says:

    You inspired us, your dignity and integrity shined like a shinning star. It is with a heavy heart that the Presidency was taken from you. Thank you, your family and all your supporters, of which were many. The next 4 years will be ever so challenging, but the human spirit is strong but we will not have Mitt Romney at the helm.

  29. Therese says:

    Obama will destroy this nation. You were our last hope for integrity, honesty and economic recovery.. Thank you for loving us more than some loved you… I wish we could split this country in half and let the liberals do their own thing. I for one, would love “One Nation Under God” with a servant of God, such as yourself as President.. I for one will remain heartsick for a long time over this loss. If we could replay the election, I’d vote again for you…..

  30. Doris Boyd says:

    Gov Romney and Ann and family. Just want u to know I voted for u. U r a beautiful family that luvs the Lord and America which was plain to c. I encouraged others 2 vote 4 u as well. God bless u 4 everything u did to become our president. Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen they way they do but I know there were lots of threats against u and ur family. If u or your family had been harmed that would have been a much more tragic situation thatn u not winning the presidency. Any way just want to say I was shocked and dissapointed the way the election went. I am still praying 4 America and 4 u and ur family. God bless.

  31. Odette Isabel Trujillo says:

    I still feeling very depressed,will be very difficult to overcome this great disappoiment,you and your pretty family still im my heart for ever.Every time I heard your voice I felt joy in my heart , The night of November 6th when my grandchildren went to sleep, they had an illusion and they asked me Grandma when Romney win please call us , I said of course I will ….then early in the morning they told me, I know…. cause you didn’t call us ! Like my daugther says : Mitt didn’t win because you can’t fix stupid person tha didn’t vote for him. God Bless You and Your great family . My English isn’t good but I am sure I learned a little more English in this campaign, your Great Campaign !

  32. Agnes Manning says:

    Mr. Romney, his family, and associates didn’t have to put themselves through this grueling process. They could have enjoyed their harvest. But I became truly convinced that they did it for love of country. Though I also suspect fraud and illegal activity, it has become obvious that a large number of voters bought a ticket for that “Long Black Train” that Josh Turner sings about: “…whose only destination is the the middle of nowhere.” I will remain at the station, sadly waving to those aboard. “There is victory in the Lord above, so don’t go riding on that Long Black Train. No cliff is as dangerous as the one looming ahead for those who vote in people who support abortion, gay marriage, fornication,….., for what are we as a nation if we make God and his laws unwelcome here!!!”

  33. Noelle Joy Pincock says:

    Heartbroken and horrified that America has lost a great Leader. We will soldier on, and try to save our country for our Grandkids.
    Thank you Romney family for all your sacrifices.
    We love you!

  34. Shirley Casale says:

    Our Military Were not allowed to vote and had their votes been counted Mitt Romney would have won . Also too much voter fraud going on and Democrats were behind ever corner making sure their votes counted! This was not a fair election at all!
    We should be investigating before Obama is sworn in for the second term . Anyway where is his proof of citizenship? We have a traitor from another country in our Whitehouse !

  35. Shannon says:

    The best thing we can do now is REFUSE to watch any news channels except FOX. I don’t watch the others, anyway. I tried but was so disgusted by them. Low viewers is not a good thing for them. Boycott so to speak.

  36. Barbara says:

    Gov. Romney I have supported you since 2005. One of my good friends was in your employe at the time you were President of the Republican Governors. I was heartbroken in 2008 when you backed out of the race. I was overjoyed to have you win the primary in 2012. I followed you every day. I never thought for a moment you would not be elected. I was one of those who just could not believe the Republicans would not vote. To think 3 million did not vote makes me sick. I do blame some of the other Republicans who were trying to be elected. I think they should have backed you up entirely and made it know to those that followed them the most important issue was to defeat Obama. I think Rick S. for one should have made this very clear. He was running for himself not to defeat Obama. I am as devastated as all of the above messages. I know how hard you and your family worked to reach Nov 6th. Yes The USA has lost dearly this election. You were in the right place at the right time. Clearly those that voted for Obama
    are the very ones that will be hurt the worse. Too bad the rest of us have to go through this with them. I pray a selfish prayer, Please God have Gov. Romney seek the office again in 2016. He will win without a doubt. I can’t imagine going on without Mitt Romney in my daily life.

  37. Sharon Reinhart says:

    Very sad Romney did not win. I am fearful for our very lives.

  38. Ms jude diamond says:

    Everyone I know is depressed. My only comfort is that he is safe, he is too good a man to be involved with all the corruption in the government. god has better plans for him. Mitt Romney is so missed, just being able to listen to him made me believe in america again. God Bless Him and his.

  39. Nancy Lee says:

    Gov. Romney, I thank you for the dignity and selflessness that you displayed during a very gruelling campaign. I was devastated when it was announced that Obama would be in power for another four years. I only pray that the good Lord will watch over our country during this dark period we have facing us. With some of the chicanery he has already displayed with his “Executive Orders”, this country is in for a very difficult period when our very democracy will be in peril. Thank you again and keep all of us as well as our country in your prayers. God bless you and your entire family.

  40. Walter says:

    Mitt Romney and family put their hearts and souls into this campaign. He would have made a great president. Unfortunately he was demonized by a ruthless party, unable to stand on its own record, seeking another power grab. I believe the slippery slide will continue - both morally and economically. From this increasing slide, my hope is that the American people will start to be more educated, and learn why we cannot continue on this disasterous path. The man that will convey this message clearly, with passion and conviction, will be Marco Rubio. It’s still worth saving - it’s just going to take a few more years.

  41. Janice Kipp says:


  42. Spryng Southerland says:

    I am deeply sadden for our loss. We not only lost a God fearing man as President we lost our country, our freedom and have now engaged in the start of Socialism. I pray you will give it another run in 4 years. If we still have the right to vote. I have come out of this election with a clearer sight of what will be taking place in America. 15 years ago the Holy Spirit placed in my heart this word. “Watch the UN.” I didn’t know what he was telling until this election. Today, I know what he was telling me. UN wants to control the world and make us slaves to a one world government. Saying that, I will fight for our constitution to the end. Mitt you gave us hope for a better tomorrow, we have lost the battle but I pray we win this war we are about to embark upon. Thank you for being who you are in the Lord and thank you for stirring up the spirit we have in ourselves. If you and your wife feel lead by the Holy Spirit to run again, I pray we have another chance to vote for you again. I pray also America will still have the right to vote in 4 years.

  43. Maria A. Htfield says:

    Brother Romney, I don’t know how to find the right words to express my gratitud to our Heavenly Father above for you and your special bright spirit. I’m so proud to belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of lds . I whant to follow your example of righteounes and humility it was an honor to be part of JUNTOS CON ROMNEY., you did not lost the election, AMERICA LOST YOU. God bless you and your wonderful family, In my heart you are my president.<3

  44. Vicky Zelenka says:

    This country lost the best opportunity in 25 years to have a good decent person as Commander in Chief. We blew it, not Mr. Romney. We let him down and allowed the brutality of Obama’s cronies to steal and cheat their way to victory. I hope God will continue to bless the Romneys and I hope Mr. Romney understands just how sad we are that he isn’t going to lead us in the next 4 years. I feel a great sadness and loss but am thankful I had the opportunity to support this wonderful man.

  45. Susan Powell says:

    I too loved Mitt and Ann Romney. They are wonderful people, I’m heartbroken that they did not win that election, and that I won’t be seeing his face onTV for the time. Or see him in the in the white house. But I believe that the Lord Jesus is ready and about to fill that vacuum in me and He is faith I know that God is in control I’m going to pray regularly for the Romneys that the Lord will touch them in a special way. I will also pray for Obama that The Lord will intervene and change the president’s heart. I also pray for all of you who are distressed over the election outcome that the Lord will comfort you all amen.

  46. Ann says:

    Yes, Mitt Romney lost the election, but he is a great man, a charitable man, a very competent leader, a spiritual and inspiring Presidential candidate; the best I’ve ever seen. He will recover, eventually… and I hope and pray that Governor Romney and his lovely family will accept the deeply felt admiration of the 57 million Americans who voted for him… (Plus all the others whose touch screens defaulted to Obama, our Military whose ballots were “late” and others whose ballots weren’t counted correctly)
    We had a chance to elect a truly qualified, good man, but we didn’t. America is the real looser!!!! An elderly woman from Chicago I visited with in ’09 right after Obama took office, shared her thoughts; “Honey, we’ll ALL find out about dirty Chicago politics now, just as I have in my life!” At this time, I’m not surprised about anything from Obama’s administration: Benghazi coverups, Fast and Furious gun sales, no ID and other illegal voting, the Acorn rebirth with different names, Iran shooting at a drone on routine flights, Obama’s grandiose speeches that aren’t worth a “hill of beans,” our nation’s Fiscal Cliff, Debt Crisis, Obamacare, Taxes on everyone who earns money, our failing economy, and other inept actions originating in the White House. The losers in this election are “We the People!” May God bless the wonderful Romney and Ryan families and our nation… we’ll surely need it!

  47. Libia says:

    Governor Mitt Romne Thanks for your great time as a candidate for the presidency of this beautiful nation. But at the same time is deteriorating in all aspects as economic social and political. Unfortunately, there was no integrity or decency of your opponent. The very cynical, to deal with their negligenciasy lies, also a dirty campaign and traps are reporting. In order to know and know the nation, you are not going to get to the level of your opponent.
      It is greatly thank the gentleman for yourself and your successes in your professional life as a great citizen.
    I ask the Heavenly Father for you; spill many blessings to you, beautiful wife and family.
    I must say that I dreamed that, Tu came back to be a missionary from your church. I interpret this: That you, as a candidate left a message to the world.

  48. Cathy says:

    Mitt, you are my hero and the hero of 57 million people who love you and will miss you terribly. I feel like I’ve lost my best friend. Thank you and your family for their sacrifice for all of us.
    There are just no words to express how we all feel. I know you were as shocked and stunned as we all were, but your deep faith in God will see you through and bless your life as you have blessed all of ours.
    Thank you, our country will cry out for you soon.

  49. donna says:

    Thank you Mitt and Paul for all your hard work on the campaign trail. I feel a great deal of sadness that you were not elected to the office of President and Vice President. Listening to both of you speak it gave us a great deal of hope. I know both of you would have worked very hard to get America heading in the right direction.
    Now we will pray that we survive the changes Obama has in store for this country.
    Again thank you and may God Bless the both of you and
    your families.

  50. Peggy Clyde says:

    Thank you, Governor Romney. We appreciate all you tried to do for America. America is a great country and we hope and pray that we will be able to stay free. I feel that you were truly the man to keep us free. You love America and the constitution as much as we do. Thanks so much for running.

  51. Judith Arcansalin says:

    Mitt Romney, you fought a very good fight and though you didn’t win in this election, you’re a winner in the hearts of americans who believe that you have the leadership to lead this country to greatness again. Your humility and examples will forever stay in my heart. Your love for your family and the american people is outstanding and I’m very proud because I voted for you :)

  52. Mark Mariani says:

    Dear Gov Romney,
    I am so sad that you are not the leader of this country! I was hoping that americans would wake up and vote for a true american who cares about our economy and loves America you are a Gentleman and an honest man and thats what scared these fools away you honesty. I wish you all the best in your future Thank you Very much!

  53. Shari says:

    Romney family, thank you for being willing to go through the trials and joys of a campaign for the past 2 years. We will continue to pray for you and our country, and ask for peace and healing for all of us. God bless you.

  54. Sean Oliver NC says:

    I’m sad. Great thoughts Ben.

  55. Norma Rivera says:

    The comments of a lot of you helped ease somehow my feelings of disappointment and hurt on the result of this election. I want to add my gratitude with those that have been expressed here by numerous people to Mitt and Ann Romney for all the sacrifices and the unkind remarks they have endured from people of the left. during the course of the campaign. They are the best couple I have seen in public service for a long time and their love for America is something that made them special because they did what they did not for self promotion but because they wanted to change the course of this country’s downward spiral. I got involved in Mitt’s campaign, something I have never done before, because I believed his integrity, business acumen, and true love for this country would be our saving grace. But an honest man is no match to one whose whole agenda revolved around lies and fraud and a media who are as corrupt and liberal as the man who pulls their string. No, Mitt didn’t lose in a fair and square election. The result was rigged and the means that were employed throughout was one of deceit. so in a lot of American hearts, he is the true president.

  56. Lucinda M. Craven says:

    Mitt, Ann, Paul, and Janna, we the American people love you dearly. We are all going through a terrible grieving period. We are all so very sorry for our loss. I pray that you will have the chance to read everyone one of these comments as I have. I agree with everything that has been said thus far. We all know of your greatness and goodness. God be with you. Remember that millions of people in this country love you.

  57. Agkcrbs says:

    Obama’s ground game? What a joke. Turnout hit both sides, but Obama lost 8 million voters(!) from 2008, while Republicans lost 1.6 million. Obama got this for one reason alone: he sold himself, and waged war upon decency.

    I can’t stand watching the mindless leftist media go all innocently back to their daily spin… as if you could sneak out one night with a gun, assault, rob, and murder some innocent guy, and then show up to work the next day like you’re a normal person. Romney’s character was assassinated by a press complicit with the Obama campaign. In a better country, these people would be prosecuted and jailed for disrupting the democratic process. In a tolerable country, their man would at least be booted from office. In a morally cancerous country, he would be re-elected anyway.

    Now we have calls by those who never quite got the message of conservatism for the GOP to discard all the principles of this campaign so we can “win more votes” next time — basically, fight evil with evil, defeat liberals by becoming liberals, and stoop to Obama’s level. But seeing the outpouring of support by all these beautiful people who understood what we were voting for, my heart takes courage that many of us won’t forsake what Mitt stood for, what we all still stand for. Romney’s a truly great man, but a man nevertheless — but the greater message of decency still shines in the eyes of the countless supporters like those here, with their sweet expressions of support. These are the people I need to see to remember the America I just voted for. Bless you all.

  58. Hungarian Crusader says:

    Should a internet petition be started now and sent to Romney asking him to run again in 2012?
    What do you think?

  59. AfricanforRomney says:

    You don’t see Libs and Dems taking their fight to the voting booth. They’re always united to advance their radical agenda regardless who’s the nominee. Obama was down in every imaginable way out there. Why Gov Romney goddamn “BASE” didn’t bother to show up at the polling place?

    The GOP party let down Gov Romney electibilty HUGE chance. I wish Gov Romney run as indpendent. Who are these 3 milllion+Regisitered Repubs voters don’t bothered to show up at the voting booth? I know they traveled to protest for chick- fill-A miles away in mass. The media reporting that Gov Romney got a larger slice vote from evangalicals. That’s one untold truth so far. I don’t beleive it for a second at all.

    I’m registered indpendent, vote for conservative values. I fell betrayed by Gov Romney’s base supporters. I thought he’s gainining the indpendents votes in huge margin so, poor me i thought the conservatives, the Republicans votes are always there for him. I’m very mad as hell. The GOP can’t put aside these pity, stupid divisions in a very critical time. You can’t win unless you showed up and vote. Simple.

    If you sat out for religion reason, i hope Jah will burn you in HELL.

    I would like to see Gov Romney to take Sec of Defense job in Obama admin. F…GOP!

  60. AfricanforRomney says:

    @ Hungarian Crusader, are you out of your mind?
    If GOP manage to beat future Dems nominee Martin O’Malley in 2016, I would like to see Gov Romney in the highest cabinet job. Also, I would like to see Tagg Romney to run for the office soon. I wish Fox give some type of show to Ann Romney. That’ll be awesome!!! If there’s petition for Ann or Tagg let me know.

  61. Hungarian Crusader says:

    Why is that dumb?
    Many other leaders in the past ran multiple times before winning.
    I would say just once more and done.

  62. Hungarian Crusader says:

    I meant to say 2016. :)

  63. AfricanforRomney says:

    VP’s run for Prez after the final defeat, but i don’t remember a Prez elect nominee running again for Prez. Refresh my mind, who run again? Do you think people have a stomach to invest in your after 1 billion dollar waste in Repub side and Obama’s side 1billion+ petro dollar waste?

    I think it isvery important to invest money and time in senate, congress for candidates who can advance conservative ideas. Limited govt, work ethics, freedom, liberty, free market in honest responsible way, strong defense, strong military, well i’m also for border, culture and language :-)

  64. Cathy says:

    Mitt you are the president of 1/2 the country, 57 million people. Our vote went to you for your ideals and leadership. In our hearts, minds and souls YOU are our president. The rest of this country will know soon why they should’ve looked at you a little more. Now we all will suffer, needlessly, if only ….

    Pray our country survives, but right now I have my doubts.
    You won this election, it’s the people that lost BIG!
    Bless you all, I felt like you were part of my family and that’s why it hurts so much.

  65. Rita says:

    Mitt, you are the president to millions of us in our hearts. myself and my family are heartsick over our loss of you not being elected. It’s hard to put into words. We have no choice but to continue fighting against the evil that is in the WH now and never give up! You fought against all odds and maybe lost the election, but you came out the BIG winner in the end to most of us, and that will become very evident as time goes on and this country turns even more into something it was not meant to be. We must all remember this country’s divine destiny. Thank you, Mitt Romney, for your wonderful courage you portrayed in this election.

  66. Susan Rae says:

    Dear Mitt and Ann, (Dare I call two people so admired by their first names? You have become beloved household names!) Keith and I have supported your principled political campaign from the start. We believe God gave Americans the opportunity to choose between founding principles, values, virtue, grace, family strength, life and liberty, and sound fiscal responsibility and the polar opposite-dangerous and degenerate social and fiscal irreponsibility. When a small majority chose the latter, we were reminded of Mosiah 29, and will now wait eagerly to see what the Lord will do. We had thought that the stone would roll forth without hands as you led the world to a better and more secure future. Now we realize that you have already sacrificed so much of your time and resources to move the Lord’s kingdom forward. Attitudes have changed. You exemplified the very best in human dignity and Christian character. Millions saw that and supported you. All of us will follow your advice and pray for the President, but our hearts will always ache for a Mitt and Ann Romney White House. The Lord’s ways are not our ways. Do I dare suggest that you plan to run again!! We pray that you will continue your mission of public service and if we could we could love to be on your team! With great love and respect! Keith and Susan Hilbig

  67. John says:

    Hi, my fellow friends and republican that love America and love this great nation, I was a big supported Mitt since I saw him the first time in 2007 he running for president, he is the most experienced, most qualify,and had best leadership style, most presidential in the America history candidate for president. He is too good, too strong, too smart,too gentle,and too presidential to be president , so he was lose by the scare of Obama, democrats,liberal,the press,the medias,the lie, the fake attacked , the dictatorship to control all bad news from Obama over sea and here,and fault,if they don’t destroy him Mitt will be a great president, so they have to do every thing to kill Mitt. I don’t know what do you guy see the problems Mitt lose, but I see many problems,please educated and try the best as the republican can do for the future so the American people will come back for us.
    1. the 47 % comment,
    2. I love to fire people,
    3. I don’t concern about the poor,
    4. the Fema, it good for the need of victim( Mitt must not talk about it,let the federal take care but he need to go to tour the damaged and visit the suffered from storm like the Issac storm he went there before Obama).
    5. the foreign policy, he must attacked Obama the right reason why Obama didn’t know what happened there, he must not attacked the Europe and Russia,because they have a lot of people as American citizen here, he Missed good opportunities when he went to England and criticized it Olympic prepared, he must announce his foreign agenda across the world that he will be ally to every country to the entire world even communist country,to solve the world crisis problems and change the world of battle field to be the world of trade(trade field)to help the poor country to be the country of development and prosperity,
    6. the most of American people are the poor so they really need help,Mitt must stand with the poor,the middle class and the rich,
    7. the youth like the speech like Obama, arrogant, coward,and speech like very angry, speech loud, speech fast and laugh the same time,
    8. if the republican don’t change court and policy,this country will become only democrats, because the minority, the Hispanics, the black get more and more and the most are democrats.
    9. the press and the medias,
    10. the lie tactics from the medias, the democrats and Obama.
    These problems cause Mitt lose.

  68. Joan C. says:

    Mitt didn’t lose, the country lost. This man will never really lose. He is a man who stands tall no matter what happens. OBama us insecure and determined to take us down. Stay tuned, the worst is yet to come.
    At least the Romney’s will be safe. I was worried about their welfare if he won. This was a frightening election. The family is a class act. I am afraid that part of the reason he lost had to do with the Republican primaries. Many who supported Santorum did not vote. He turned many against Romney.
    If more of our base had turned out they might have made it.
    The more I learned about Mitt and Paul the more respect I had for them. They represent what our country once was.
    I pray that we will wake up one day, before we become Greece.

  69. Patti King says:

    I fell in love with the Romney/Ryan ticket because I saw truth, honor, morality, love of family, love of country and brilliance in each of their expertise. I am confinced that Romney would have been one of the greatest Presidents because of all of these attributes. Even though the polls were wrong they were looking at, when you look at the massive voting fraud with the machines and no voter i.d. in all the swing states, Romney would have won hands down. When you go back and watch, listen and study ovomit’s campaign heads….they were smug and confident…i noticed several times, but chalked it up to arrogance. I think that they were ready and set up for the voting fraud on the machines and knew courts had shut down the voter i.d. laws due to DOJ suits. They knew exactly what was in place. Romney did not lose one state that had photo i.d. This election was stolen and all the evidence coming in from FL shows how they did it down there. Thankfully Allen West fought what he knew was fraud and many patriots went down to FL to help. I wish all candidates Romney included would file a lawsuit in OH, VA, FL . These marxists know they won’t and so they get away with it time and again and will be more bold and blatant in another 2 and 4 years. Wish someone would stop it now. Mitt Romney deserves to be President, he won it but it’s being stolen by corruption. What chance do we have in the next election unless they are challenged and proven the criminals they are?

  70. Sandra Parten says:

    On my Facebook page there was posted a picture of Lady Liberty with her hands covering her face in sorrow. I felt her pain, and thought of this quote:
    “So this is how liberty dies…with thunderous applause.”
    Such was ominously stated by the fictional character Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) in “Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Sith” as she watched Emperor Palpatine tell a cheering Senate that he had taken all power away from them to form a Galactic Empire
    A country morally bankrupt as is ours does not deserve someone like Mitt Romney…perhaps that is what God is trying to tell us… a nation….to repent and come back to Him…. My gratitude for Mr. Romney and his family for his sacrifice, and my deepest sympathy goes out to our nation. But we all know that God is still at the helm, and no matter what we endure now, we all know the end of the story. We have to continue the battle. We shall lick our wounds and come back. We hope that you will do the same. God bless you and your family.

  71. Sara Mendez says:

    I’m so sad, because Romney /Ryan was the only hope for this nation to be greater as it was before. Romney is a great man that without doubt, he was the one to turn this country to become a strong one, proud and always defending those that are giving and fight for our freedom and hope to live in a better country. Today, at this moment our hope is gone, but there is always in or other way God will walk with this Nation of his hand. I, wish all this be only a bad dream and we can wake up and see different and a better future with R/R in the W.H. God bless these men and hope they can come back, with all my heart. My heart will cry for long time. Thanks, for all your hard work. With all my love, always will remember Romney and Ann, the same with Paul Ryan and wife. God bless.