Cartoon Grin Gallery: Obama’s Reelection

Over three the years plus of Mitt Romney Central’s existence, political cartoonists have peppered various posts with pointed commentary portrayed in a picture. Entertaining us, informing us, and lifting our spirits, they became friends along the campaign trail. In a ‘hats-off’ tribute to their extraordinary talent, this article showcases their post-election insight…

Grin, giggle, and guffaw gallery:

Jerry Holbert - Nov 7, 2021

Ken Catalino - Nov 7, 2021

By Steve Breen - Nov 8, 2012-

Lisa Benson - Nov 8, 2021

By Glenn McCoy - Nov 7, 2021

By Chuck Asay - Nov 9, 2021

Henry Payne - Nov 8, 2021

By Michael Ramirez - Nov 6, 2021

By Bob Gorrell - Nov 7, 2021

By Robert Ariail - Nov 9, 2021

By Eric Allie - Nov 7, 2021

Glenn Foden - Nov 8, 2021

By Chip Bok - Nov 7, 2021

Another by Jerry Holbert - Nov 8, 2021

Thank you, cartoonists! It was wonderful sharing the campaign trail with you.

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20 Responses to Cartoon Grin Gallery: Obama’s Reelection

  1. Cathy says:

    Great cartoons Jayde…trying to laugh, but it’s still too soon. I miss my Mitt.

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Cathy, thanks so much for the wonderful comments you’ve left throughout Mitt’s campaign.

    Yes, it is still difficult to see the sunshine through the clouds of disappointment. My hope is that our cartooning friends will at least bring a smile today to our sad faces.

  3. Estrella says:

    this is so hilarious!!

  4. Harriet says:

    Let the expensive vacations begin. Now we will be cleaned out at the end of 4 years and I can bet the Obama’s will be so much more richer then when they came into the White house. Their going to take advantage of everything they can get while in there. They don’t care about us at all. If they did Michelle would have said, let’s take less and more moderate vacations and spend that money on the people who need it in this country. Nope! They went on luxury vacations. Bet someone is going to say they paid it out of their own money. Well, the vacations they took they could not afford on their own, they would be broke. Nice, we can feed our families but they can take luxury vacations on our money. Also, Be warned Hitler did the same things Obama is doing to this country and the people didn’t believe it could ever happen until it was too late. Wake up America. This is about protecting our country and freedom. To do nothing now is to let it happen. Don’t cry about it later. It’s too late. God Bless America and watch over her.

  5. Pat Compton says:

    that cartoonist is reading my mind! the election was so close, wish there was a way to but maybe god is protecting Mitt and Obama will have to come through with his bogus promises. God bless you Mitt!

  6. Annette S says:

    The reelection of Obama and passing on Mitt Romney is such a missed opportunity for this country to get back on the right course. I miss seeing Mitt Romney in the news, his interviews, the articles and the hope and enthusiasm that his candidacy generated. You can be sure that nearly half the country is broken over the results of the election. Mitt was just the ideal candidate to help this country dig it’s way out of the mess that we are in and now we are scared and uncertain about our future. I am trying to be brave and pick up the pieces, but there is this emptiness inside, but it will go away with time.

    Jayde….Thanks for the cartoons. They are funny but so true at the same time! We need to start thinking about getting control of the Senate in 2014. Stop Obama and his reckless policies.

  7. Rebecca D says:

    Thank you Governor Romney and your wonderful family for your desire to serve this great country. You campaigned with class and courage and strength. The depression surrounding so many of us is palatable. We know that a great dis-service was done to our country on election night. The will of the people is shocking to me. 1/2 of our country can see the writing on the wall. The negative will now accelerate and life will be much harder for each of us. Obama will take this as a mandate to push all of his progressive liberal agenda forward - just like his campaign slogan - forward - but not in a good way. Thank you to Paul Ryan and his family also. You 2 were exactly what this country needs and it is so sad that it didn’t happen. I am an optimistic person and I’m sure I will be again tomorrow, but I feel as if someone died - it was our “FREEDOM.” :(

  8. sandra fair says:

    my heart is broken for Romney &Ryan and there familys ive watch the whole campaign ,but know lots of others did also .wish you two an familys so much to say .Mitt you guys was wonderful tell your familys thanks for all the hard work. Which it could been different. sincerly yours sandy

  9. Val says:

    Although Romney didn’t win the presidency (which he should have) if not for apparent buy offs from Obamas and maybe even rigged voting. Romney did however gained something more precious-the hearts of more than 50% of americans. He can go forward knowing that we will support him in any decisions he makes in the future. We loved to see him run again in 2016, but I think that would be a very hard road for him and for his dear wife Ann. We wish him God’s choicest blessings what ever he does and wherever he goes.

  10. Carmen D says:

    It is sad to see the outcome, but remember this is not the end, it is the beginning of another fight. Let’s stand in our principles and beliefs.
    God Bless America and help us fight to keep his word and commandments alive and to go back to the foundation of our Country, the Constitution that was created in biblical principals. Let’s fight to keep the frame of our Country intact.

  11. Beverly J Blair says:

    To Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and their families, thank you for a great run for the Presidency that should have been yours. The country will be much worse off for the lose. We were so hoping for a brighter morning after the election. I can’t believe the people voted for another 4 years of the same. I am ashamed of the way you and Mr. Ryan and your families were treated, the lies, the cruel things that were said I just want you to know we love each and everyone of you and wish you the very best for your future. Your wealth has not changed the wonderful people your are. Again thank you!!!!!!!!! Please pray for the country and the people, we will keep you in our prayers, especially your wife Ann.

  12. Natalie Sheridan says:

    Very funny but I wish Mitt had won the election, I hope he considers running again.

  13. Sandy says:

    Thanks to the Romney family. My heart is hurting also. How could our people not see what Obama has in mind. I wish everyone could have seen the movie and understood what he has in mind for all of us. It would have been different. Thanks to our people who care about each other and love our country. We will keep our eyes open and take advantage of any opportunity we have . Keep in touch with each………… love to all……..

  14. Kathryn Larsen says:

    Mitt and Ann Romney, what a great choice America had and squandered. Paul Ryan was also my first choice for VP. You fought the good fight for all of us…may God bless you and keep you.

  15. Ann says:

    I loved the jokes! They lift my spirit now.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mitt, Ann and the Ryans!!!! You ran far, fast, steady, and inspirational, and never looked back! You made the nation proud for nominating such a fine set of leaders. I am deeply saddened and angry with the election results, and I sincerely fear for the nation, and my kids and grandkids…. I hope God will bless our country; we are essentially leaderless again….

  16. Agnes Manning says:

    Agree with comments about Romney and Ryan, as well as their families. They gave of themselves greatly to help this country, and surely will continue that.
    Wondering if those who voted for “O” and his gang, were singing Kenny Chesney’s song and “breaking free from reality”? States added smoking weed to the list of “important” issues, like gay marriage. Yup! Smoke weed, numb yourself with alcohol, live in the euphoria of fornication, and use any other substances to escape the reality of what’s really going on in world. PARTY, PARTY, PARTY!!! And where will you be after the party’s over?
    Come on America. Get with it! We’ve been sold out to decadence. Only prayer and faith in God can help us now. Whether one believes in Him or not, when we meet Him face to face, there will be no compromise. He has let us make our choices, and there will be consequences. Unfortunately, many of us will have to live with those consequences, not just for the next four years, but many. I strongly felt that Mr. Romney would put on the brakes and slow down this train to turn it around, but instead, many jumped on Josh Turner’s “Long Black Train”, headed for the “middle of nowhere”!!!!!

  17. Shannon says:

    The people who voted for Obama weren’t thinking….those high voting incompassing the inner cities had voters that don’t even care about the future of America as long as they get their free phones and food stamps. The smart, educated people, those that believe in American and actually know what the consitution is are the ones who voted smart.

  18. Shan says:

    Shout out to all the voters for Obama!
    Be careful what you ask for. He fooled you once. Shame on him. He’s fooling you twice. Shame on you.

  19. V Larson says:

    Santa Clause in the White House? How soon will his bag of goodies run out. “from those who have to those who have not” Carl & Obummer

  20. Deb Leahy says:

    I am so disappointed by last Tuesday’s outcome. I worked at the polls and I do understand why Romney lost - as I counted people as they voted, 75% were Hispanic or Black. The smell of alcohol was apparent on many voters, some were high on other substances. Most of the “couples” were not married; however they had 2 or 3 children under 5 years of age with them. Men and women came in all day long in droves. I found out that the local Democrats went to the local homeless shelter and carpooled voters to the polls, after giving them food. These are now the people who are voting for the group that will now run this country. They only voted because they were afraid of losing their “stuff”. (ie free rides)