By Glen Goodsell

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I’m a registered Independent. In 2008 I was ready for change. I was committed to vote Obama and give my all to his rhetoric of hope and promises. However, a last minute change by Obama on a critical issue gave me a chilling look into the character and integrity of the man I was willing to support as our new President. I couldn’t cast my vote for Mr. Obama. My dilemma – where do I cast my pearls? I was not comfortable with the Republican candidate. I am a person of principle. I cast my vote for another rationalizing that I was voting my conscience. By voting in this way, in reality, I cast my vote for Mr. Obama, a ramification I was willing to risk. I, and others like me share in the responsibility for our current mess.

We have suffered under one we entrusted to lead and he has proven he is not up to the task. I cite only a few promises from Mr. Obama, which he, as our leader, has failed to honor; these are but three of many I could list:

  • “It is irresponsible, unpatriotic to raise the debt (referring to the Bush administration). I pledge to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term.”
  • “My administration will not rest until every American has a job.”
  • “I will make America safer.” Bengazi! We impeached a president in my lifetime for a cover up that did not involve the loss of one life.

Is America “the land of the free?” That is what our founding fathers believed. Do we believe this? I put forth that we are literally in bondage, a silent killer, bondage that will strangle us. That bondage is a government out of control. A government floundering and is no longer “by the people for the people” as Abraham Lincoln eloquently stated in his Gettysburg address. That bondage is a suffocating deficit, a suffocating debt.

What is the solution? We have a clear and decisive choice. We can sit passively waiting for the noose to tighten. Or we can fight to preserve our “unalienable rights.” We can elect Mitt Romney and others who will WORK and fight to free us from our bondage.

There is another broken promise from President Obama. He promised if he failed to deliver, his would be a one-term presidency. That is one promise we need to make him honor. My plea to all is to be wise. Make your vote count. My pride betrayed me in the last election. By casting my vote for a candidate that had no chance of winning I personally contributed to four of the most difficult years of my lifetime and likely your lifetime. I implore all to look within and do what is best – our very existence and ideals hinge in the balance. We have a man in Mitt Romney who is a leader. He is qualified. He will work. He will lead. He is accountable. President Obama does not want to lead. Let’s allow him to work on his golf game. He will work on his golf game whether he is in or out of the Oval office. I will not repeat my mistake of 2008!

I leave one more thought. Just after the Civil War General Robert E. Lee said to his soldiers “Bury your animosities and go home and make your sons Americans.” It is time for you and I to honor this call and be true Americans.

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15 Responses to BETRAYED

  1. Momlark says:

    It just baffles my mind to hear someone say they are proud to vote for Mr Obama. Unemployment, more debt, crazy foreign policy, dishonesty in all he does, Bengazi, abortion on demand, horrible mandate on health care…I mean…I could go on all night. Do these who say this not understand, don’t believe numbers that are in concrete when it comes to debt and unemployment, think republicans are just making up Bengazi, don’t see the set up of giving illegals work permits to secure the Latin vote, all of a sudden support gay marriage to secure the gay vote, say republicans hate women to secure the women’s vote all in the last few months? Oh, and lets talk about unemployment all of a sudden going down ONE MONTH before the election…and again tomorrow, when that hasn’t happened for 43 months!!! It’s almost comical. Mr Obama running to visit storm sites this week when in the last four years it took him days and weeks to do such a thing?? Oh…the election is in five days…DO YOUR HOMEWORK PLEASE!!!!!!

  2. Shirley A. Gray says:

    Thank you, Glen, for your article. I enjoyed reading it, and have shared it, on social networks, where it will reach many!

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    I didn’t vote for Obama in ’08. My conservative values are much more closer with McCain however, i sit out, didn’t vote for McCain either which i really regret. (thought my vote didn’t count in the libral land). Please, Please, people VOTE! Do your civic duty regardless where you live. This election is very important. Do NOT depend on others :-)

    Once Obama elected in the office, i gave him a benefit of doubts for his edu plans, measuring students, teachers achievements, i supported him fully for pulling the troops out of Afghanistan, closing gitmo, his admin transparency promise talks. It didn’t take him long time to abandon all his promises. He chose teachers unions over students, he chose political survival over real changes and principles. All his promises were LIES. Well, Obama FAILED! He failed us very miserably.

    Nov 6, we MUST let him go!!
    Fire Obama!Save America!!

  4. Ron says:

    This President has failed on so many levels it is beyond comprehensible!
    He promised to unite the country…we have more racial tensions now, than I can remember!
    He promised to cut the debt in half…we all know what happened to that one!
    Our economy is in shambles, he’s lied over and over again about Benghazi and what really happened there, not to mention that he and his administration did NOTHING to help those poor men! He shoved the Liberty Confescation Act, also know as Obamacare, down our throats, again lying and tell us that it would reduce our rates! Well, mine has gone up, since this piece of garbage passed, over $180 per month (just today got the new rates starting in Jan and it’s up $38 a month over last year, with less coverage!!), not to mention all the taxes that are hidden in this thing!
    He’s had known TERRORISTS in the White House and has told a well known Russian leader that once the election is over, he’ll have “more flexibility”! The medium income has dropped over $4000 on average since this man took office and let’s not forget his promise to be the most “transparent President” in history…what a joke!
    Bottom line, he HAS TO GO, PERIOD! This nation can not take another 4 years of his policies, as we will never be able to recover. We need a change and now!!
    Romney/Ryan is that change!!!

  5. TeacherBee says:

    Glen, my husband did almost exactly the same thing you did in ’08-only he was never going to vote for Obama. He was one of those people who was able see Obama for exactly what/who his is way before most of the rest of us could. Anyway, despite the incessant protests and nagging from me, his mother, my parents, etc. he cast his vote in that election for a different candidate, claiming exactly what you said-that he was “voting his conscience”-and that was is right as an American. Even though he knew full-well at the time that by not voting for McCain, he might as well have cast his vote for Obama. Well, not even he could imagine the unbridled arrogance with which President Obama would immediately begin to start oppressing America with his Socialist agenda-it has been absolutely shocking the things that he has gotten away with the past 4 years! At the beginning of the Republican primary season, my husband was “all in” for Ron Paul-but when Romney kept surging, he began to pay close attention to what the Governor had to say and what types of things he had accomplished in his life-both professionally and personally. Today, I am happy to report that he is ALMOST as big of a Mitt Romney fan as I am! We both proudly cast our votes for Mitt Romney here in Washington state-and our 11 year old daughter is so excited about the prospect of Mitt becoming our next president, that she asked if she could “help me fill in the box” next to Mitt Romney’s name on my ballot :) We have lived in Washington nearly all of our lives, so we know where our state stands in national elections most of the time. But all I can tell you is that here on the east side of the mountains, I hear nothing but good things said about Mitt Romney, and I see TONS and TONS of Romney/Ryan yard signs proudly displayed, but I think I’ve counted a total of 3 Obama/Biden signs as I’ve driven around town. In fact, the latest youtube video entitled “Conservatism is Calling” that has gone viral on the internet this past week was produced by a local guy that lives here in my home town! I’ve got a real good feeling about Tuesday night…maybe Washington will surprise??? ;)

  6. Joan C. says:

    Anyone who did not read Obama for what he was before the last election was not really paying attention. I was and could not believe that everyone was ignoring the facts. They were there. Nobody seemed to care. The statement to Joe the Plummer, his church, his neighbors, his background and his many secrets. Everything about him seemed to be a secret. I could not believe that our media would not report the true picture of the man. The mere fact that everyone of his college roommates were Muslim frightened me. I seemed to be alone in my fear. We are now getting the truth and it surprises me that he is still up in the polls. The handouts make a difference. Don”t they realize that if he gets his way, we will all be broke. We are right behind Greece. California will be the first to go down. We get saved by Romney or we all suffer from our blindness. A community organizer cannot help us. We are too far gone, thanks to him and all of his professors and czars. Never mind that they are also socialist. We need a true American who is also a brilliant business man. Mitt Romney.

  7. AfricanforRomney says:

    @Joan C, oh, they know, many people are ignoring the FACTS purposely.
    I hear all the time from many Obama supporters, libs friends, their attitude is that he’s historical figure, he’s a black Prez, we may not have again another black Prez so, why not giving him another chance (even from the media you get the same sense for ignoring the obvious cover ups like Bengazi, he gets free ride all the time).

    It feels like they want to make another history for him to serve full term 8 years. The guy is incompenet, no experiance, no leadership skills, but again his supporters wants to keep him with our expenses.

    I hope, many mindful people out there they’ll take a look Obama’s 4 years failed records and vote Romney/Ryan. I’m praying.

  8. Glen Goodsell says:

    We don’t have four more years for a failed experiment. My business is alive through absolute hard work day in and day out. And by the way, “someone else did not build my business” Mr. Obama. I talked with two business people today who know if Obama gets another shot we will have another four years of struggle and hardship.

    I do my best to love all people. I wanted Obama to be successful for many reasons. Sadly, he is not qualified. He is not a leader. He is not a business man. He is not a CEO. His ideals are in stark contrast to the ideals and intent of our Founding Fathers. Again I use the words of Thomas Jefferson, “On every question of construction, (let us) carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.” Be honest with yourself regardless of who you believe got us into this mess. These good men knew the importance of unity, thus, the United States of America. Who do you believe has the ability to UNITE us as a people? We have seen Barrack his example, his record, his attitude, etc. I bear no malice, (I gave my all to the hype and hope) but we have been anything, but united under his administration.

    One important point. This is not a black white thing. I believe I understand a little about this. We are “the land of the free.” We are the land of opportunity. I believe all can rise and I and others will do all we can to be sure that opportunity abounds. I love the words of Sydney Portier in “Guess Whose Coming to Dinner”, “You see yourself as a black man I see myself as a man.”

    There is no doubt. Please use reason and wisdom. I have children and two grand daughters who are counting on us.

    We have given four years. The only clear choice is to make your vote count. This is no time to let pride get in your way. This is not about you, not about me.

  9. Glen Goodsell says:

    A couple of observations:
    I lived in England for two continuous years. This would be considered an industrial free enterprise system. That experience confirmed the evils of the dole (government destroys to soul and will and dignity of the individual). Every able bodied person deserves the dignity of work or entrepreneurship to provide for his our her own. This experience abroad also gave me the crude reality of government involvement in medical care. I would not and did not see a doctor for the entire two years. It is pathetic (I saw first hand) and a classic example of government versus private sector efficiency. The European model (Obama’s not so secret agenda) is contrary to every ideal of freedom our Founders gave us.

    California, my state, is pathetic. Were it not for our amazing spirit of entrepreneurship we would have fallen off the cliff a long time ago. We are clinging to that cliff now. I believe California will turn full circle. We will be forced to as we will be unable to meet the obligations our non business oriented politicians have spun for years. When we fall we will put men and women of integrity and business acumen in place. We can ELIMINATE 90%, yes I’m talking cutting overhead, payroll, etc. Guess what, that is what we, the small businesses of America have done. Remember these words. I promise it will come. When that comes I know good men and women will rise to the call and serve for a SHORT time and return to the private sector to contribute to our society.

  10. Glen Goodsell says:

    A community organizer what a crock. Do you know what they do? They spend their time writing for grants and hand outs. Yes a meal ticket. Is it any wonder why Barrack Obama is who he is. We have the right and absolute necessity to send him to the golf course.

    By the way I think I have played 6 to 8 rounds of golf over the last four years compared to over 100 rounds by our Commander in Chief. I love golf, but I understand responsibility.

    We have no other option. Romney in a landslide!

  11. AfricanforRomney says:

    @Glen Goodsell, we hear you.
    I don’t understand every Prez election focusing only FL, OH, though. The costs may be high campaigning, but the issues are real. CA is a total mismangaed state, also NY high taxes,high living costs. The other day, people were looking for food from a dumpster due to Sandy storm. This is absolutely unacceptable in USA. I wonder who’s getting NY, NJ, CT vote in this election.

    We will WIN!! I wish they send me some type of confirmation my vote for Gov Romney, though. I think we need to go back to finger ink Afghanistan style vote so, i know i’ve reliable evidence on my finger tip. hehehe

  12. AfricanforRomney says:

    @Radass, here we go again! David Stockman, Colin Powell? Don’t get me wrong Collin Powell is an honorable General, however, he’s an opportunitst politician. Very crappy, disloyal politician. Yes, due to intellegence failure, Gen Powell was duped in the Iraq war, including every senator, even former senator Hillary the cover ups Queen and many warmonger Dems. That is a FACT.

    Powell doesn’t even give credible reasons why he’s supporting Obama. It would be more believable if he said he’s supporting Obama b/c he’s black. Nothing is wrong with that. Many supports Obama just b/c of his color. That is fine, but for Powell to say what he said is leaves me he has NO credibilty (political).
    I felt that he used the Bushs to advance his career. Well, David Stockman wants you to buy his book. I know you “Tom”, let me know what he had to say in his book. He was a one time genius, i guess, when he gets old, his brain got rust.

    3 more days Radass! What are you going to do when Incompetent Obama lose Tuesday night, LANDSLIDE! cry? or, pack and move to France? I know you’re a regulation freak. Obama 4 years czar’s unnecessary regulations will be review under Prez Mitt Romney. hehehe

    Btw, Gov Romney is never been a radical right. I agree with you, in the primaries he had lots of pressures from radical right. But, Gov Romney holds conservative values what it matters.

  13. Glen Goodsell says:

    As far as medical cost and medical insurance. Yes rates are sky rocketing. This should tell you how the free market reacts to government intervention. We are in the same boat. We have been forced to go with major high deductible care and continue to see our rates and cost soaring.

    We need to let the free market work. It will. Do any of us think Europe and Socialism work? Help us if we can’t see this.

  14. donna osterkamp says:

    Great post Mr Goodsell . Thanks for speaking up . I enjoyed reading all the comments your post generated . Real people speaking out . I am grateful my husband , Joe , have had the good fortune to meet you and your beautiful family . You are truly amazing . Keep up the good work . It all does matter !

  15. Glen Goodsell says:

    As you know I spend a lot of time out on the streets with business people of all types. I have never seen such a united concern and commitment for freedom. Not everyone I meet is voting for Romney and others with similar views. I get that, but it is very interesting many of those that are voting for Obama have an underwriting concern that their life or wages will not be taken care of by the Machine. What has happened to us when we are not wiling to work and compete and be the best we can be. That is really what this election is about.

    I share the words below from a respected small businessman of dozens of years. Think about these strong words? Where have we been that we as Americans could have this concern.

    Hi Glen,
    Thank you for all of your great efforts getting the true message out,hopefully people will realize the huge contrast
    between the two possible futures we will choose tomorrow,
    One of socialism and crushing financial bondage to a predatory government that victimizes its subjects,or one of
    roll up your sleeves with hard work back to the basics that made us great.
    It is the most important vote that I can remember going back to a strong Reagan against a weak appologetic policy
    Carter,…although I have never felt so concerned that another 4 years of Obama will be the end of America as we know it,…and for that matter if Obama has his way this would also be the last time we are ever allowed the privilege to freely vote for our own president,along with eliminating any other “rights” he feels would threaten his control over us.
    I pray for wisdom at the polls for all that cast such a monumental decision.
    We are truly at a historical fork in the road.
    Best regards,