Waking Up? Hispanics in NV and CO

The Hispanic Leadership Fund has just released a number of videos that are having a profound affect on the Hispanic communities in Nevada and Colorado! Given the tight race in these two states, the Hispanic vote is critical. By every measure; social and family values, economics, immigration and foreign policy, the Hispanic community should be aligned with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The positions, values and principles espoused by Mitt Romney serve the needs of the Hispanic community, as they do the needs of all Americans. Those who have immigrated to the US from Latin countries are some of the hardest working people I know, and they are as aligned with Mitt Romney and the majority of Americans on family and social values.

Take a look at these videos and share where you can in key swing states. This needs to go viral in our Hispanic communities.

English Version

Spanish Version

Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel.
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Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel. View Posts | View Profile | View David's New Book
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9 Responses to Waking Up? Hispanics in NV and CO

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Thank you, Mr Parker. The timing is very important. I was reading the New Yorker magazine article today titled “The final Push, Obama team’s high risk strategy” and i was amazed to learn that the adult latino population in Nevada has grown by 39% compare to 2008 15%. Please, please, send out this video message. Especially, Obama need Oh, Nevada, WI or IA to win.

    The momentum is in our side. 6 more days! for victory!!
    Vote Romney/Ryan=Limited Govt=Save the soul of America!!

  2. Ann says:

    Great new video ads!!! Necessary, too!! Here in Arizona we have large numbers of Hispanics, and most are good people who want the best for their families. Many have small businesses, too, perform services, earn $$$$, stay off welfare, and want good educations for their children. Many got suckered into voting for Obama last time, but this time, voting for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will be good for them, the economy, and good for legal citizens! GO ROMNEY AND RYAN!!!!!

  3. Bob West says:

    How can we support Obama? Obama as Senator of Illinois has voted for partial birth abortion, and has forced the Church to its knees, forcing the Church to do abortions under Obamacare. Romney will not interfere with a woman’s rights, but he has promised to not have the government force abortions down our throats.

    How can we support Obama, who gave us his word in 2008 that he would help us with immigration problems?
    Yet after he was elected, AND OBAMA HAD THE MAJORITY IN BOTH THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE, Obama did nothing. He did zero for Hispanics. Romney is an honorable man who will correct our immigration issues.

    How can we support Obama, when we know the declining
    economy will affect many Hispanic families hardest? Obama has never managed a business, he has failed to even present a federal budget as required by law, and his policies have the economy in a free fall. Romney has solid business experience. Romney created tens of thousands of jobs for Hispanics. Romney turned the Winter Olympics from bankruptcy to success. As Governor of Mass. Romney worked with a Democratic controlled government to turn the failing Mass. economy around; it was headed for bankruptcy and Romney got the government in the positive column and back on its feet. Romney will build a stronger economy for all of us as President. We need jobs.
    Obama has failed.
    Obama has tried to divide us. Obama has put us against each other as his strategy to win.
    Romney will put us back together!
    Hispanics vote for Mitt Romney !

  4. Carolyn Tucker says:

    We need the the Hispanic vote as much as you need to vote for Mr. Romney. As you know Mr. Obama has failed the American people in many ways. He will do anything to get votes in these last day. Mr. Romney seems to be a very a caring person. As he has said we need jobs to strengthen our ecomony, in order that countries in the Middle East will have a better relationship with us.

  5. John says:

    America and Hispanic open your eyes, open your mind looking around the country in the past 4 years, 23 million unemployment, 47 million on food stamp, $16 trillion on debt, high cost of living and wasted the money he borrowed by bankruptcy company from his ideas, enough is enough, no more fail policy in the next 4 years, we can’t afford it any more, because we were too hungry, too poor, and too struggled with Obama years of good talking, no ideas to create job, empty promised,laughing talking but no result, we the unemployment had hard time live hour by hour,day by day, night by night, week by week, month by month, and year by year,but Obama never known how we starved, the medias that supported Obama never know or don’t care about the poor, we knew the true from his heart when the Benghazi attacked,Obama still happy go to collect money, but when storm sandy coming and his poll behind Mitt he rush to respond,when his convention the storm Issac came in he was not rush as this time,keep in mind that these shown that he worry about his re-election more than he worry the American people, he worry about his job more than our job. why the American people don’t believe Mitt the success man? the success leader can make a success country, the wealthy man can make a wealthy nation, how a man never ever done any thing in the job can create job? why the American people still believe the fail policy that brought America the greatest country to the ground? we want to go to work and have a better life, we don’t want to stay home for Obama food stamp and get poor and poorer, America please wake up,and stand with Mitt,so he can lead America for prosperity, that is the America dream and hope, go ahead Mitt, you are the true leader.

  6. Renee says:

    We need to elect a President who’ll work for all Americans!…R&R 2012

  7. Cathy says:

    Obama thinks being a third world country is good enough for the United States. He thinks we just need to be equal or less than other countries, because we don’t deserve to be any better. He want’s to downsize and diminish our presence in the world, because he’s ashamed of America. That’s why he goes around and apologizes for us instead of reminding them of all the good things our country has done to help everybody.
    Well, his logic is going to get us all killed, and we’ll be bowing down to rogue nations that will occupy us when we are too weak to defend ourselves. We MUST be the strongest leader in the world so we can help us and others who are not strong, to keep peace and freedom alive and flourishing. So, if you want an America that is the same or worse than countries many have fled from, then Obama is your man. But, if you want a free and prosperous America to live the American dream, then Romney is your man. Please remember this when you go vote. There will be no other place to flee to if we lose America.

  8. TOBY BANKS says:




  9. gloria says:

    New leadership a new AMERICA! Vote Romney.