Swing-State Sunday Newspapers Receive ‘Mittzine’

Look what’s coming out tomorrow in about 4.5 MILLION Sunday papers…


It’s an informative, colorful, 12-page publication titled Decision 2012: Who are the Romneys? and is similar to ‘Parade’ and other Sunday inserts. Not only does it feature the Romney family biography, it has a page with stories about Paul Ryan, a chart comparing Obama with The Gov, Romney’s leadership helping to find a missing girl, a Romney/Ryan themed cross word puzzle, and more. Testimonials from former Obama supporters, including U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, are included on the back page.

Voters in crucial swing-states Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia, and Florida will find it in their newspapers tomorrow (more than 160 newspapers), including: The Des Moines Register, The Richmond Times Dispatch, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

To check out the interactive voter guide, just click on the magazine page below, then use your mouse to navigate through the pages. If you click on ‘enlarge’ use arrrows at the top of the page, or at the side of each page, or click on images at the bottom. (Remember to use your ‘escape’ key [esc] to exit.) ENJOY!

The ‘Mittzine’ was paid for by super PAC ‘Ending Spending Action Fund’which was founded by Chicago Cubs baseball team owner, Joe Ricketts. The group focuses on reducing congressional earmark spending and now includes federal government spending cuts and debt reduction.


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16 Responses to Swing-State Sunday Newspapers Receive ‘Mittzine’

  1. calsgal says:

    Wish the LA Times would publish this, but they are part of the lamestream media

  2. Joanna Entrekin-Callahan says:

    I would like to have one of these as a commemorative item. Since I live in California there will be no way I can receive it.

    How can I get one?

  3. Jerri DeCarolis says:

    a.w.e.some idea! i would also like one as a keepsake….how can we do that???

  4. Jayde Wyatt says:

    The ‘Ending Spending Action Fund’ prepared this insert.

    You could ask about copies here:
    (Press and general info contact) http://endingspendingfund.com/contact/

  5. AfricanforRomney says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea and effective. I wish i can travel especially OH, IA and deliver to their kitchen table. :-)
    Umm.. I always wonder how effective million dollars tv ads these days. I don’t watch tv except football games, sunday political shows or rare interesting docs. I wonder how many watches campaign ads??

  6. Fothergillgirl says:

    Brilliant idea! I’m still so sickened that our fellow citizens were murdered in Libya and that there is such a huge cover up for Obama by the msm.

    Romney and Ryan must win! O doesnt like America! Mitt loves it!

  7. ccr says:

    Thanks, Joe Ricketts and PAC!! Great use of $$.

  8. Bob Martini says:

    This appeared as an insert in out weeklies in Alexandria,
    Va. on 10/25 an extremely well done publication.
    Thank you Joe Ricketts

  9. Victor Lundquist says:

    Jayde, THANK YOU so much for finding this and getting out! I loved going through it. I wonder if the OC Register will carry it. I get the Los Angeles Times and I know it won’t be there!

    I believe this piece will have major influence in the votes.

  10. debra gallehawk says:

    I live in Australia but was born in USA
    i hold dual citizenship i will be glad to spread the word
    in Queensland Au to those Americans that live in Australia too

    God bless you MIT Romney
    A true Gentleman !
    and Ann will make a classy not trashy first lady in our White house !

  11. Cathy says:

    This “Mittzine” is wonderful for people that maybe don’t watch TV that much or use the computer, as well as anyone else would love to see and read all these great stories and comparisons. If there are extras, volunteers could deliver them to people that don’t subscribe to the newspapers, so they can get out to as many as can be.

    Excellent find Jayde. This is the BEST site to get all the current Romney information and hot topics. I can’t stay away!

  12. Dina Lindeck Rudy says:

    Why wasn’t it in the Daily Herald here in St Charles Illinois? Should of been-won’t be renewing my subscription.

  13. Joan C. says:

    I researched Mitt Romney four years ago and became a big fan. The more I learned the more excited I became about the prospect of him becoming president. Paul Ryan is the same type person. They are extremely intelligent and have high standards about everything in their lives. We could not elect two more qualified men for this job. I just hope that the American public has the intelligence to support them. They are the team that we need to save our country. We cannot become Greece or Spain. That is where we are headed with Obama. Please work to support these two very honorable men. Romney/Ryan will save our great country!

  14. Joan C. says:

    I would gladly buy this publication.

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  16. Gail St. Pierre says:

    I didn’t get one in my sunday paper in Florida. I guess that’s because we turned red. YAY