Newspaper Endorsements Pour In for Romney/Ryan: NH, MA, WV, TX, MI, VA, NY, D.C.

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Like a waterfall, newspaper editorial board endorsements for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan continue to pour in…

Foster’s Daily Democrat (NH)
October 24, 2021

It’s Now Time To Decide

If you had already made up your mind going into Monday night’s presidential debate, nothing said probably changed your mind. But for those who were undecided, there certainly was some food for thought.

But what was lacking on the part of the president was a vision for the future and credibility based on the past. The current commander in chief repeatedly accused Romney of reaching back into history for failed policies of the past both home and abroad. The president summoned images of President Herbert Hoover and others which history has deemed failures. In doing so, Obama tried to gloss over his own history of failed promises — on unemployment, on balancing the budget, cutting the deficit and — as we believe — earning the respect of our overseas allies.

Admittedly, Obama’s failures center mostly around domestic policy — Romney’s strength. But as Romney pointed out Monday night, in order to be strong and respected on the international stage, the United States must be strong economically.

As readers know, there is no doubt on the part of the editorial board here at Foster’s Daily Democrat new leadership is needed from the White House. We believe all three debates — but especially the first — support that notion. We believe that, on balance, the debates have shown Mitt Romney to be the more capable and with a vision for the future — a vision President Obama has failed to offer.

On Nov. 6, we urge voters to give Mitt Romney a chance to offer the nation real hope and change.

Boston Herald
Editorial Staff
October 23, 2021

Romney’s The One

Four years ago the voters put their faith in a man who offered vague promises of hope and change at a time when any change looked like a good idea and hope was in short supply.

What this nation got in Barack Obama was a president who used an economic crisis to further his redistributionist agenda — and, not surprisingly, failed miserably at restoring American prosperity. Oh, he brought change all right — to a government-knows-best philosophy that has given us four years of high unemployment, higher gas prices, a $16 trillion deficit, and a job-killing regulatory environment.
Enough! This isn’t the kind of change anyone can believe in.

The other simple fact is that in Mitt Romney voters have not merely a safe and steady alternative but a proven leader and an extraordinarily skilled expert in the art of the economic turnaround.

He did that all over again for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

What Romney knows at the core of his being is that sometimes government must step aside and sometimes it must lead.

Last night the nation saw a man who in the area of foreign policy is prepared to lead, who knows that for the United States to remain safe it must reclaim its place on the world stage.

During the last four years the world has become a more dangerous place. We can’t afford four more years of a leadership vacuum.

Not when in Mitt Romney voters have the choice of a strong, smart hand on the helm, a decent, caring man, who lives his faith, who loves his country and would serve it well. For all of those reasons, the Boston Herald is pleased to endorse Mitt Romney for president.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph (WV)
October 23, 2021

President Of The United States, Republican Mitt Romney

The past few years have been far from easy for America. We’ve been through two wars, and a crippling financial storm known as the Great Recession. Four years ago, millions of Americans were hungry for hope and desperate for change.

A youthful candidate by the name of Barack Obama promised that change, appealing to both young and old alike.

We took a chance on President Barack Obama despite a number of red flags. For example, he promised to bankrupt coal-fired power plants while on the campaign trail.

When we needed a president and a Congress who would fight to lift us out of a painful recession, they were too busy working to pass a health care law that many Americans still oppose or simply don’t understand.

And let’s don’t forget about coal. How can we? This administration from day one has waged a deplorable crusade to kill coal mining jobs, and to close coal-fired power plants, through a politically motivated Environmental Protection Agency.

Some will tell you there isn’t a war on coal. They will argue it’s just a lot of rhetoric intended to hurt Obama. Those who make such foolish statements certainly don’t live here in the coalfields of southern West Virginia and Southwest Virginia.

Yes, the war on coal is real. It’s very real. And it has to be stopped.

America’s coal miners KNOW Mitt Romney supports them.

Republican Mitt Romney is the man who will end this war. He has embraced coal, natural gas and our other naturally abundant fossil fuels. He advocates a common-sense national energy policy that will put millions of Americans back to work. An energy policy that includes coal, oil, natural gas and — yes — even green energy sources.

Romney is a job creator. He always has been. If elected on Nov. 6, he is our best chance to get America’s still struggling economy back on track, and to help those millions of Americans who are still unemployed get back into the work force.

When voters in West Virginia and the battleground state of Virginia head to the polls on Nov. 6, we implore them to cast a ballot for Mitt Romney. A vote for Romney is not only a vote for coal miners and their families across southern West Virginia and Southwest Virginia, it’s also a vote for a brighter future for America.

Dallas Morning News
October 22, 2021

Romney Understands U.S. Economy’s Link To Global Strength

The 2012 presidential race understandably has focused on the economy and the ways in which each candidate would rejuvenate it. This newspaper has recommended Mitt Romney for president largely on the strength of this issue: His focus on tax reform and the overhaul of entitlement programs is critical for America’s domestic challenges, particularly reducing the national debt.

But contrasts were apparent, particularly Romney’s argument for a more assertive American role in foreign affairs. Indeed, Obama has led from behind at times. Romney also made solid points on how the U.S. could work in the Muslim world for the promotion of gender equality and better education.

Some may wonder why the candidates went far afield into economic issues. But Romney rightly kept making the link between domestic and foreign policies, including on international trade. He did a good job explaining how expanding markets in regions such as Latin America can help our home front. The president has been a weak leader on the trade issue…

The differences between the two candidates on foreign policy are less stark than with domestic issues. But in their final debate, Romney effectively made the case that America can maintain a lead role on the global stage only if it gets its economic house in order.

Detroit News
October 25, 2021

Mitt Romney For President

Americans will be making two choices when they cast their presidential ballots on Nov. 6. They will be selecting the individual who will lead the nation over the next four years, a period that promises to be every bit as challenging as the past four. They also will be charting a long-term course for America.

It’s a big deal decision between two honorable men with starkly different roadmaps.

President Barack Obama came into office in 2009 riding a wave of hope and change. Unfortunately, he has not delivered on the nation’s yearning for change nor on the specific promises he made to fix what is broken. The president is asking the country to be patient, but his plan isn’t producing results that would merit more patience, and the president hasn’t spelled out what he would do differently in a second term.

Hope and change are still what Americans are seeking. This time, Republican challenger and Michigan native Mitt Romney offers the best hope of changing the nation’s fate.

Romney brings credible plan

We anticipate that Romney will govern in the same manner as Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, a practical leader who shares his background as a business executive.
Romney’s five-point plan for economic revival centers on energy independence, a goal that is finally achievable thanks to the natural gas boom and development of the Canadian oil sands; a better trained work force; trade that increases the demand for American goods and services; debt and deficit reduction and promoting the growth of small businesses. If implemented in urgent fashion, we believe the plan will work.

Romney would simplify the tax code and create a regulatory environment that works to protect consumers and assure a fair marketplace, but doesn’t place the regulators in control of every private sector decision.
What’s missing in Washington is that willingness to move toward a middle ground. This all-or-nothing attitude has resulted in the inexcusable failure for three years of the president and Congress to pass a budget, a gridlock that has thwarted bipartisan solutions to the debt and deficit, and has now placed the country on the edge of a frightening fiscal cliff.

That’s not leadership.

Romney has been an effective leader his entire career, both in business and politics. As governor of Massachusetts, he worked with a Democratic legislature to produce difficult health care and education reforms. We are optimistic he can restore the art of compromise to Washington.

He lifted the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics out of a desperate financial hole and turned the games into a successful enterprise.

As a businessman, he established a reputation as a turnaround expert, rescuing failed companies and returning them to profitability, allowing them to create jobs and economic opportunity for their communities. The federal bureaucracy is nothing if not a turnaround project.

Aside from his sterling resume, we also see in Romney a strength of character. He’s his own man. We doubt he will be led off course by those who place party ahead of the good of the country. In Monday night’s final presidential debate, Romney passed the commander-in-chief test, demonstrating a level-headed view of foreign affairs.

But Obama said himself in a midterm television interview that if by the end of his first term the economy was still broken, he should not be re-elected. Well, the economy is still broken, and we have lost confidence in the president’s ability to make the necessary repairs.
While both poverty and dependency have increased on Obama’s watch, Romney promises to replace government checks with private sector jobs and reverse the decline in middle class incomes. It is heavy lifting, but we favor the candidate who is committed to it.

Romney’s goal is to help all Americans live independent and productive lives, free to rise to the extent of their personal capabilities. He would not shield them from risk or the consequences of their decisions, but neither would he deny them their earned rewards.

Our hope is that Mitt Romney would restore faith in the core principles of free men and women, free minds and free markets that made America great, and will keep it so.

Grand Rapids Press
October 24, 2021

Mitt Romney’s Experience And Leadership Can Rebuild America’s Economy

Few Americans will forget that electric moment when Barack Obama took the stage in Chicago’s Grant Park on the night he was elected president.

We were a war-weary country jolted by an economic plunge and looked to the man promising hope and change and assuring us that, yes, we could. We were inspired.

Four years later, do you feel the same way?

But four years later, we need to be further along. And we don’t believe we are on the right path.

Our economic engine is sputtering. We have maxed out the national credit card, adding $5 trillion to our already burdensome debt.

Four years later, do you feel optimistic?

We do not believe he has made the case that he deserves another four years as our president.

The Michigan-born Romney has built a successful business. He rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics from disaster.

Most importantly, he demonstrated as governor of Massachusetts that he can work with the other party. Working with a Legislature dominated by Democrats, Romney was able to erase a $3 billion budget gap without raising taxes.

Romney has offered a 5-point plan built around boosting small businesses, calling them “our engine of economic growth” and creating energy independence by harnessing our own resources.

As a businessman, Romney wants to crackdown on nations including China that engage in unfair trade practices that hurt American businesses and workers.

And he recognizes that it is time for serious talk about changes to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to make sure the entitlements remain for future generations.

Tackling those problems will require leadership and compromise and two-party solutions. That means Romney will have to stand up to the extreme elements of his own party and set aside divisive social issues while focusing on rebuilding our economy and putting Americans back to work, making us stronger and safer.

After the last four years, we believe Mitt Romney is the right man for the job. Do you?

Loudoun Times–Mirror (VA)
October 24, 2021

The Next Four Years

For president, we find ourselves torn between the sitting president Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney, not unlike the population at large if one places credence on the various polls.
It’s not whether the country is better off than it was four years ago; it is which candidate will put us in a stronger position four years from now.

If there is a problem with the Obama presidency, it’s a problem of overextended expectations. And Obama does need to be scolded for the promises that simply weren’t going to come true in the existing economic times.

Romney has made what appears to be a sincere push to the center of American politics and articulated an apparently genuine desire to create bipartisan solutions using his experience in business. And despite the acrimony that pervades all national elections, we know that Romney can work with members of the opposing party. His experience as governor of Massachusetts demonstrates that he can reach across the aisle. During this time he steered the state out of a budget deficit and helped to implement a workable state health care system.

And while we credit the White House with good work in stabilizing the economy, we feel that a Romney presidency is in a better position to make it thrive. The Times-Mirror endorses Mitt Romney.

New York Post
October 25, 2021

For America’s Future, The Post Endorses Mitt Romney For President

Four frustratingly long years ago, a war-weary and economically battered America took a flier on a savior.

It didn’t work out.

America needs more than hope. It needs leadership. That is why The Post today endorses the candidacy of Mitt Romney for president of the United States.

Scrape it down to bedrock, and Mitt Romney knows that there is but one issue in this campaign: America’s woeful economy, and the demonstrated inability of President Obama to cope with it.

Obama says he inherited the mess, but he’s done nothing to fix it. Borrow, spend, regulate and redistribute is not a prescription for sustainable growth, yet that has been the totality of his program.

Americans need jobs — jobs for those trying to raise a family, jobs for those who are leaving school, jobs period!

Instead, they are about to be saddled with an unworkable health-care boondoggle that will suck hundreds of billions from a private-sector economy that could better use the cash to create — yes — more jobs!

Can Mitt Romney really turn all this around? Yes, he can.

In the debates, Americans saw a leader.

They saw a man with the experience, the temperament, the principles and the knowledge to address America’s economic woes instead of just blaming others.

After all, as governor of deep-blue Massachusetts, he worked with a Democratic legislature to close a $3 billion deficit without raising taxes or borrowing.

Because, in the end, the fundamental problem is the president’s core philosophy.

He believes in equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity — and that is not how America is supposed to work.

America is not working right now.


For four more years?

We think not.

Mitt Romney for president.

Washington Examiner
October 24, 2021

The Clear Choice For Troubled Times

The American economy is treading water in the short term and threatened by a crushing debt burden in the long term. To fix this mess, and to bring back what most Americans consider economic normalcy, we urge our readers to vote for Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.

With his successful business career, Romney understands how government policies, however well-intentioned, can harm business growth and exacerbate unemployment. He will restore pragmatism, balance and fairness to a business climate that has been chilled by Obama’s ideological approach to regulation. He will end Obama’s appeasement of influential and moneyed constituencies — especially organized labor, environmentalists and trial lawyers — that has harmed entrepreneurs and, ultimately, the workers they wish they could hire.

Obama came into office at a difficult time in the nation’s history. We don’t think it fair to judge him against some fairy-tale notion of what a president can do. But it is perfectly fair, after four years, to judge him by the standards he set for himself.

But Obama did not just promise the stimulus would create jobs. He also promised that his economic stimulus package would create the foundations for future growth.

In February 2009, Obama convened a “fiscal responsibility summit” at the White House and pledged “to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office.”

Despite his vow to make tough choices, Obama has presented no plan to put the nation’s entitlement programs on a sustainable fiscal path. He discarded the recommendations of the fiscal commission he created to address the problem.

In the partisan process of ramming his national health care law through Congress without a single Republican vote, Obama left behind a junkyard full of broken promises.

In contrast with Obama, Mitt Romney spent most of his career in the private sector. He helped found Bain Capital, one of the nation’s top private equity firms. While at Bain, he invested in hundreds of companies, helping to build such familiar name brands as Staples, Domino’s Pizza, Bright Starts and Sports Authority — all of which employ many thousands of Americans.

In 1999, Romney applied his impressive management skills to the difficult task of saving the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games. The event had fallen deeply into debt, and corruption scandals had scared off corporate sponsors. Romney trimmed budgets, secured new sponsorships, restored the integrity of the Games and ultimately ran a $100 million surplus.

Romney has pledged to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a market-based alternative. He’s proposed simplifying the tax code by reducing rates and eliminating loopholes and deductions — an act that would instantly make America more competitive and improve the risk-reward ratio for entrepreneurial risk-taking. Romney has embraced the idea of giving states more control over Medicaid, which is crippling their budgets. He promised to transform Medicare into a system in which today’s young people, as seniors, will choose among plans that compete for their business.

But whatever their doubts about Romney, Americans know exactly what four more years of an Obama presidency would bring. Obama has proposed an additional $450 billion in economic stimulus spending, even though the first round was a dismal failure. He has promised to shield the unsustainable welfare state from necessary reforms and to fund the status quo by raising taxes only on the top 2 percent of taxpayers. But the math in his plan does not add up, and so either debt will continue to pile up or he will also raise taxes on the middle class.

If he wins this election, Obama will have “flexibility” to become even more aggressive in bypassing Congress and enacting new regulations. But even if he does nothing, his re-election would mean that his burdensome health care law would automatically go into effect, imposing crushing new mandates on businesses and interfering in individuals’ health decisions. Whatever doubts exist about Romney’s ability to repeal Obamacare, it goes without saying that chances of repeal are nil if Obama is re-elected.

Honest people will disagree about how much of his agenda Romney can realistically implement. But at least his election would provide America with a fighting chance in both economic and fiscal terms. What Americans need now is not a savior or a messiah, but someone who knows how to take a troubled situation and turn it around. Romney is the man for the job.

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24 Responses to Newspaper Endorsements Pour In for Romney/Ryan: NH, MA, WV, TX, MI, VA, NY, D.C.

  1. Shane Ownbey says:

    I love Mitt Romney!!
    . . . and We’re Gonna Win!!!!!

  2. Crystalf says:

    Nice! Thanks for putting them together, Jayde!

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    Nice! The choice is clear, these newspapers will have a great chance surviving under Prez Romney.hehehehe

    Eat your heart out Gen Colin Powell. The black sheep Powell is an opportunist. I feel like he used the Bushs to advance his career. Very disappointing! he’s voting the goddamn color instead of charcater, competency, leadership…
    umm…where is IA? Com’n IA, show us some courage.

  4. jani says:

    there is only one candidate who is truly interested in the future of this country…”It is Romney” And I am so glad to see that all the media has not been bought by Obama and his communist thugs….Bring it on Romney, we need you, the country needs your strength to promote us, not degrade us as this last prez who does not even like America!!! What are people thinking?

  5. Carla Trussell says:

    The following story moved me to tears. God bless Mitt Romney and God Bless the United States

    “As the governor was en route to the amphitheatre they were told the crowd was showing “strong numbers”. What greeted him was a lot more than just “strong numbers” though. It was a massive wave of thousands and thousands of supporters. Before going on the governor apparently peeked out a few times and was shaking his head in disbelief at just how many people were there to see him. He was told by organizers up to a thousand more were turned away because there simply wasn’t any room left. People said you could feel the size of the crowd under your feet backstage. Somebody had passed out a ton of “thundersticks” and the people were banging them together and making this amazing rumbling noise. There were some real veteran campaigners backstage and I’m told they were all blown away by this crowd in Colorado. It really was like some big time rock show. Just a huge response for the governor.
    So Governor Romney goes onstage and gives his speech. The crowd just totally embraces him. From beginning to end. Every word. They are fired up. Loud. Positive. Cheering. Just an amazing moment for the campaign. Everybody backstage were all smiles and peeking out at all those people and shaking their heads. This is the kind of moment in a campaign you never forget. Ever. Nobody who hasn’t experienced it can really understand this feeling. You’re looking at a candidate being transformed right in front of your eyes into the next Leader of the Free World. They go from being human into something just a bit more. It’s all those people. That energy. It kind of fills the candidate up and makes them bigger than life. And you are watching it happen in real time. Right then.

    The governor returns backstage and he is smiling and shaking hands, taking congratulations from everybody around him. He’s saying how great it was. Somebody yells out he’s going to win Colorado and the governor laughs and says he thinks so too. And then something very interesting happens. He moves away from the group of people just a bit. Maybe ten or fifteen feet or so. Just enough to have a little space to himself. And enough people notice that the area gets a lot more quiet, and they are trying to watch the governor without looking like they are watching the governor. They can all kind of tell something is happening right then. It was described as something very peaceful and powerful that came over that backstage area for a moment. And the governor, he lowers his head and his eyes shut tight and you could see him take a slow deep breath and then he lets it out and says quietly, but just loud enough for some to hear, “Lord, if this is your will, please help to make me worthy. Please give me the strength Lord.” And then his eyes open up, and he’s back to smiling and laughing and shaking hands and being the candidate once again.
    I’m 100% convinced Mitt Romney was shaken to his soul right then and there. I think at that moment it was sinking in he might really be the next American president, and it humbled him right to his core, in every nerve of his body. And as he was saying that little prayer, you could hear the sound of thunder from all those thundersticks outside. Like this huge low rumble that just surrounded all of them at once. A quiet little prayer, and the sound of thunder.
    The sound of God.

  6. Midnirdr says:

    Your story moved me to tears. I watched some of the Colorado event on C-span via this site and I saw tears in Governor Romney’s eyes. I have been a supporter of Romney’s since 2007 and I am glad the rest of the country is seeing what I always felt about Romney: he cares, he understands what America is about, and he will do everything in his power to bring our country back to greatness and economic prosperity. He will lead! God Bless Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and the United States! We need it.

  7. Ginger A Saunders says:

    Mitt has had a lot of prayer lately. He is our only hope,
    God has blessed this country and he is with him.
    I saw a couple of paper there that astounded me, glad to have their endorsement. I also was very pleased with Iaccoca endorsement.

  8. Annette S says:

    Carla Trussell….

    Thank you for taking us there by telling us this story!


  9. Carla Trussell says:

    Ya’ll share the story. How can anyone not be moved by it?

  10. Cathy says:

    Carla, what a heartwarming moving story. Gov. Romney was truly moved to prayer. He is a humble man of deep faith in the Lord and relies on a higher power to guide and direct him in this awesome calling he was called to serve.

  11. Victor Lundquist says:

    Amazing to see all the newspapers finally “getting it.’ Or maybe it is they don’t want to be left in the dust?

    Carla, thank you for sharing that. You have the story in quotes. What is the attribution? Was this quote published somewhere? If so, where?

    Thanks again.

  12. Jayde Wyatt says:

    It’s great to read all of your comments!

    Looks like Carla’s piece came from ‘The Ulsterman Report’ today:

    After Romney’s speech tomorrow, expect to see more endorsements.

  13. Carla Trussell says:

    It was from the

  14. Susan says:

    Thanks for sharing the story. Romney/Ryan has my family’s votes (6) in New Mexico. I’ve been trying my best to change people’s thinking here. Difficult as this is a blue state even tho we elected a republican Governor, who was there as well, Susana Martinez.

  15. Carolyn Love says:

    Carla Trussell, thank you for you writing about Colorado! It touched me deeply and brought tears to my eyes. We are praying for him that God will put this good, decent man in the White House to bring our country back to Him!

  16. Carla Trussell says:

    So I’ve just lately discovered the Usterman Report. What are the feelings on this website? Are they factual? Considered reputable?

  17. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing Carla! It just proves that Mitt gives it all to God…he’s a TRUE success!

  18. Ann says:

    Thank you, Carla, for sharing that beautiful story about Mitt in Colorado… I could definitely understand how he would feel humbled at the awareness of his coming new responsibility… being President of USA! Our prayers are being answered. More and more important newspapers, intelligent leaders, and millions of Americans are helping Romney and Ryan win the election so our nation will thrive once again! GO MITT ROMNEY AND PAUL RYAN!

  19. Cathy says:

    AMAZING to see all these newspaper endorsements. More coming I’m sure. So exciting and thank you all for endorsing Mitt. You won’t be sorry, you’ll be amazed at how fast this economy will turn around with Mitt at the helm.

  20. Linda Dieter says:

    The windows of heaven are opening for Mitt and Paul-and if we are going to stand up for our country-now is the time to vote for this team. Mitt has proven to me personally that he has the leadership skills to turn this country around to a prosperous nation once again. I’ve known of him for over thirty years and he hasn’t done a thing to change my opinion of him. He has been prepared for this and he brings the skills and smarts to the table that we are sorely in need of to lead us to growth and prosperity. Go Mitt and Paul from the state of Massachusetts!!!!!!!

  21. Bea says:

    Wonderful we all need to PRAY not only for Mitt and Ryan but for our poor country that is in shambles. In the next few years if we have the same leadership we are doomed and down the drainage. I for one do not want my children to grow up in a dangerous territory nor country.

  22. MILLIE says:

    I have been reading the Ulsterman report for some time, still going thru it all. The interviews with “White House Insider” are very good. He predicted the drone going to kill the one guy they said was responsible for the Benghazi debacle 24 hours before it did so. He apparently works close with this administration and is disgusted by it. If you go thru the reports, be sure and read what he writes. Very interesting stuff.

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