NEVADA: Taking Action to Get Out The Vote — Duty Calls

By Rachel Anderson

I had the opportunity to depart to Las Vegas, Nevada for three days last weekend to be a part of something monumental for America. As the 2012 Presidential election is at its peak, with only 11 days to go and a close race behind us, nothing but determination has motivated hundreds of volunteers from all over Utah and California, including myself, to get Mitt Romney elected in the White House.

Rachel Anderson

With Nevada being one of the twelve swing states for November’s election, I couldn’t help but sign my name up to make sure Romney got the good ole Sin City’s votes.

As I stood in line with 100 other students and retired adults getting ready to board the bus, the Romney Campaign volunteers handed each one of us “Romney/Ryan 2012: Believe in America” stickers. At that moment, all I could think to myself with a smirk on my face was “Move it or lose it Obama, my man Mitt’s taking over the White House!”

With previous experience volunteering for Prop 8 my senior year of high school in 2008, I kind of had an idea of what this experience was going to be like; knocking on doors, making phone calls, being an awesome representative for what is right…you know, the usual civic duties. Although I’m not the happiest or nicest person when it comes to walking around for hours in dry desert heat, I sucked it up and told myself this was for America.

Friday night we arrived at the Marriot hotel in Las Vegas around midnight. Our trip leader started passing around envelopes with our names on them that included a deployment schedule, 30 bucks cash for food and hotel room key. I thought to myself… “Mitt really knows how to take care of his people and keep his supporters happy, even in Vegas!”

8:00 Saturday morning, we found ourselves waiting for the bus to take us to Brady Industries where everyone would meet for instruction. After listening to a welcome speech from Jim Davies, Ann Romney’s brother, they immediately put us in vans and sent us to a Republican rally put on by the Mitt Romney Campaign. After a couple hours of food, comedians, speakers and radical rallying, we were then sent out to different parts of the town with bags full of, Romney/Ryan fliers, early voting location fliers, Dean Heller fliers, pens, and precinct bubble-in forms with registered voters names. We then started our quest to receive either support or straight rejection for the Republican Party.

Mitt Romney at a campaign rally in Las Vegas, NV, September 2012 (photo source unknown)

The next two days involved constant walking and making phone calls; talking to many proud supporters of Romney, encouraging them to vote early in hopes to receive support for the Republican ballot, in which most already had. Aside from the excitement we received from Romney supporters, we also ran across many pro-Obama supporters. Some closed the door on us, some yelled at us and some even called the cops on us. It made me wonder why all these people were so angry towards everything that comes near them.

As the hours cruised on by and the day got hotter by the minute, I ran into a lady, in her 70’s who really stood out to me. As we were walking through her neighborhood, she asked what we were doing. I told her we were part of the Republican Party reminding voters to vote in hopes to receive support for Romney and Ryan. With a bitter sound to her voice, waiting for her to yell or kick me off her property, she said this:

I’m a Democrat. Born and raised a Democrat. But I’m voting for Romney. We need to save this country.”

Just from those simple words, it was a humbling experience for me. Knowing and seeing that people with different views and beliefs than the rest of us can see the danger and despair our country is in. It doesn’t matter who you are – your race, religion or what you believe – we are Americans; this is America and we need to work together to fight for our country. We don’t want any of this Obama ‘change’ talk that is dividing our country while we watch it crumble from the laziness of our current president. In fact, why would we ever want a president that can’t even man up and take responsibility for his own actions?

Let’s vote for a man that can rebuild a foundation for our country and bring hard work, education and belief in God back in this country; a man that we can not only trust, but that can be a strong leader and representative of our nation. Romney is the man to help mend our nation and bring us back together as a country and to save the citizens of America. He is a true American and stands up for what is best in this nation. This short three-day weekend in Vegas helped me to realize the importance of the 2012 election and the impact it will have on all of American society. With a few parting words – make your vote count and let’s kick Obama out of the White House!

Rachel Anderson is 21 years old and is a senior attending Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. She is currently the Assistant Sports Editor and Sports Writer for the UVU Review. Her interests include outdoor sports including hiking and snowboarding in nearby mountains. Other passions include exploring the many cultures of the world and the study of political issues (she credits a high school journalism teacher that required her class to watch the 2008 presidential debates as part of instruction). Rachel looks forward to one day working in the field of sports journalism as a writer and reporter in the NBA and/or action sports. She has a goal of working in PR back East as part of her career. Rachel grew up in Southern California.

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10 Responses to NEVADA: Taking Action to Get Out The Vote — Duty Calls

  1. Adam R. says:

    So far early voting numbers in Clark County are mostly Dem, but absentee ballots are evenly split. The NVSOS stats only identify votes by party registration and not results. How many of the Dems and Indys are voting Romney? I’m not sure. I have faith that the gap can be closed.

  2. Adam R. says:

    Also, I cast my ballot straight GOP on 10/20 (with some random non-partisan judges whom I’ll forget about later). I’m not registered with any party. My early polling place was in the Western portion of Vegas.

  3. Cathy says:

    Rachel, you are truly a credit to your country. I enjoyed reading your account of your “get out to vote for Mitt” in Las Vegas. Thank you for your service and commitment. I know you and all the other volunteers made a big difference.

    I am planning to do all I can here in Ca. to help where I can to get Gov. Romney elected. I challenge anyone who loves America and its freedom to do ALL you can in the swing states, to step out of your comfort zone for a few hours and enlist in the service of your nation. Your country needs you at this time. We are under attack from within our borders. The enemy will not retreat until it destroys America. Will you sit back and let it happen or get out to fight? I choose to fight for my children and for all those who have fought and died for the American dream. Who is with me?

  4. Charlene Travelsteadc says:

    I am so proud to be an American and my American duty is to vote and so is my husband’s. We are a democratic party but will definitely vote for Romney/Ryan. Just for the record, we did not vote for BO in 2008. They cannot lose. Rachael, thank you for all your good work, you are definitely an inspiration to the American people and for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Thank you again.

  5. gloria says:

    Our country needs a BIG pick me up! We need to stand and work together and put the right leadership back in the White house. We cannot afford to waste another 4 years! IS NOW OR NEVER! VOTE ROMNEY.

  6. AfricanforRomney says:

    Good for you. I heard on the news many people are voting early at the same time, Odummers unions are very organized in Nevada. Let’s keep the momentum going and VOTE Romney/Ryan!!!! We will WIN!!

    Obama’s early voting tactics MUST to stop. It leaves a whole lot of rooms for Obama to cook the numbers and mess with voters records. I DO NOT like early voting.

  7. Victor Lundquist says:

    Thanks Rachel for a good report on the big liberal state of Neveda! I am hoping there are mostly intelligent people there that read up on facts. If so, Romney can win the state big. Unions have no problems breaking the rules though.

  8. FRANK KILLEN says:

    HEY, as an old guy that participated in two invasions, served as a merchant marine,and a staff sgt. in the 2nd armored division. now retired from advg. I certainly appreciate the great effort put forth, in behalf of Mitt and Ryan.This nation needs a stand up president such as Mitt Romneny and Paul Ryan. Mitt has the real “stuff” that will bring this great nation back as a greater nation. Mitt will save the constitution and make the U S A strong again, a place we can be proud to say, WE STAND UP FOR AMERICA.

  9. Rachel Anderson says:

    Thank you all so much for the response! I couldn’t be a more proud American. It was such a great experience to get out there and hope to make a change! I encourage everyone to get out and be a true example of what this country is all about. We need more all the support we can get for this election so Romney/Ryan can win!

  10. Zbigniew Mazurak says:

    Thanks for your hard work, Rachel! Your efforts will pay off on November 6th!