Romney, Florida Beach, Flag Football: Staffers & Reporters - Game On!

Mitt Romney leads the cheer in a football huddle with debate prep coach Sen. Rob Portman and Senior Staff members. Members of Romney’s Traveling Press Corps formed the opposing team.
Delray Beach, Florida - Oct 21, 2021 (screen shot)

Senior Staffers vs Traveling Press Corps

Taking a quick break from presidential debate preparations, Mitt Romney today donned a t-shirt and shorts to cheer on a bit of friendly beach brouhaha. Spirits were high and Secret Service personnel dotted the beach as reporters, who cover Romney on the campaign trail, and senior staffers were getting set to kick up some sand in a game of flag football on Florida’s beautiful Delray Beach.

“Let’s see; look at the captain. Gail’s a captain, is that right? Got a bracelet for you. This is a “Clear eyes, full heart, America can’t lose, all right?” Romney said to Gail Gitcho, his communications adviser.

“Ashley’s a captain. There ya go, look at that,” Romney said to The New York Times Ashley Parker.

“There ya go; shake hands, shake hands,” Romney told Gitcho and Parker.

Gitcho and Parker shook hands, and then Romney asked Parker if she was going to call the flip in the air.

“You’re going to call it really? You want it to hit the ground?” he asked her.

“You can catch if you want,” Parker said.

Romney decided to throw it up and let it drop. Parker called tails, and after searching for the coin in the sand, Gitcho found it and announced that it was tails.

“Tails it is! That’s the last call you guys are getting,” Romney good-heartedly declared.

Before the game started, Romney looked over his team and and jocularly added “Where’s Chris Christie when we need him? He’s our line.”

Romney, who regularly plays football with his family, watched the first play of the game. Then, with less than 48 hours to go until the third and final debate showdown with Obama, headed off to get back to prepping.

Guess who showed up during the course of the game? Mom-to-five-boys Ann Romney. She got in the mix and threw the touchdown that tied the game! Atta girl!

Final score? 14 to 14.

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6 Responses to Romney, Florida Beach, Flag Football: Staffers & Reporters - Game On!

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    This is an awesome photo ops than Obama’s fake pizza delivery :-) com’n, we need winners. No tie please.

    I hope, Gov Romney will communicate directly to the viewers instead getting into fights, distracted, interrupted by Obama/Crowley team like the 2nd debate. I’m praying for Gov Romney to use his time for productive debate. Utilize your talent! This is IT!

    Obama will do his usual shtick abondening the questions, refusing answers and continue blabbing his B.S what people want to hear. Gov Romney has to come up with a big game plan to outcast Obama as a village clown so, Obama can be judged by his failed records.

    Let’s GO Gov Romney!!!

  2. Diane says:

    Hoping for a Massive Win at the Debate tomorrow nite…and this can happen if the moderator plays fair…Candy Crowley messed it up for Romney on the 2nd debate…and admitted to her error after the debate after the damage was done. Praying that Election Day is a November Surprise…..with a Big Win for Romney/Ryan!

  3. derfallbright says:

    Can anyone remember this number of people sincerely praying that John McCain or George Bush win?

    Maybe it took 4 years of Barrack Obama has made everyone a tad bit more religious.

    Romney/Ryan 2012 ….. Please!

  4. Hillary says:

    I am so excited going to the debate tonight Goooooooooooo Romney!!! Visit WhatToDoInBocaRaton.con for upcoming events in and around Boca Raton.

  5. tim says:

    The future of the country depends Mitt doing well tonight. let’s hope the people of OH can get it together and vote out this fraud that occupies the WH. Go Mitt!

  6. Latin Female says:

    I prayed that Mitt would channel his forceful Dad. tonite. Obama is a rude liar and he cares not about military families, middle class or Israel. His friends are in HOLLYWOOD!! He is not getting the Latino or Female vote. People are not stupid and are not working…..It is the economy!! Obama did not get Bin Ladin, Bush put the policies in place and our brave soldiers got him…Go Romney…