Piers Morgan: “Romney Might Just Save America”, Romney Sons Stop By

Romney family (pictured left to right)- Matt, Tagg, Craig, Governor Mitt Romney, Ann, Ben, and Josh.
(Photo - Win McNamee/AFP)

Looking back at the week, did you catch the Romney sons (minus Dr. Ben) on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’? They were welcomed to Morgan’s television set the day before the second presidential debate, on Oct 15, 2012.

Besides asking about new brother, ‘Tugg’, Piers Morgan asked the four if they are considering what life might be like as the ‘First Family’. His cretinous slipping in of the term “irrational” in his question regarding the positive poll response for Governor Romney after his first presidential debate was… coyly CNN-ish.

The sons concurred that their father’s first presidential debate was a definite plus, and also added that once the vice-presidential pick was chosen, Congressman Paul Ryan, that’s when people began to really pay attention.

The response to how they might deal with being America’s First Family?

Craig Romney summed it up, “To borrow a sports cliche, we’re taking it one day at a time. We honestly are.”

Tagg, Josh, Matt, and Craig Romney were good-humored, entertaining, and are a credit to their parents and the campaign.

A couple of days before the Romney sons appeared on his program, liberal Morgan pierced the hearts of some of his fans by publishing an article giving a half-way endorsement for Romney. And, that’s beastly for Obama:

The great messianic tidal wave of optimism Obama swept in on has been replaced by harsh reality.

He promised Americans tremendous ‘hope’ and ‘change’ and, frankly, they don’t feel he’s given them much hope, or changed very much.

…[U]nemployment is still running at a scarily high 7.8 per cent, meaning 23 million Americans are out of work. Meanwhile, the country’s national debt has risen to a staggering $16 TRILLION, up $5 trillion from when Obama took over. Factor in a still severely deflated housing market, and petrol prices double what they were in 2008, and it all adds up to a pretty miserable economic picture.

That’s where Romney can win. His track record as a businessman is better than almost any presidential candidate ever. He also almost single-handedly turned round the fortunes of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002, after the organising committee turned to him desperate for help.

While throwing a bone to his fans with the false Romney flip-flop meme (don’t cha know Obama evolves?), Morgan also added:

Should Romney now win on November 6, … America will also have elected the squeakiest-clean man ever to run for the presidency in any country in the world.

That’s right, Piers.

It’s high time for some squeaky cleanness in the White House.

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14 Responses to Piers Morgan: “Romney Might Just Save America”, Romney Sons Stop By

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Piers Morgan should invite the Romney’s to save his show from low rating.
    There are two Ben’s in the family? I didn’t know that. The names under the pic description show two Ben.

    My fav is Tagg b/c he’s not afraid to show his emotion all the time.
    Romney/Ryan=Saving America=Authentic Leaders!

  2. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Hi AfricanforRomney. Nah, the first Ben is really Craig. :)

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    Thanks, Jayde. I’ve seen them so many times, but since they all look the same may be except Tagg, i’ve to read names to identify :-)

  4. Jayde Wyatt says:

    I always appreciate your comments, AfricanforRomney!


    i never like that snotty man Piers Morgan,but like everyone else from the Liberal Media and America, they must make a stand, they must make their decision known,cause if we make a mistake this coming election, there will be no turning back….
    Mitt is GODs gift to america, and we Asian/Americans will try to point that out, and make our case to everyone and anyone that would listen…..

    May God Bless the United States of America

  6. Victor Lundquist says:


    I second your opinion about Piers Morgan’s ratings! Having the Romneys on his show probably increased his viewership that night by a factor of 1,000.

  7. Cathy says:

    The 5 Romney boys are a walking testament to the amazing parents Mitt and Ann have been. The whole family would be a wonderful addition to the Whitehouse. Our country would be blessed (literally) to have this family lead us.

    “By your fruit ye shall be known.”

  8. Annette S says:

    This is Piers Morgan making peace with Romney because he knows Obama could very well lose reelection. Why shouldn’t he? Obama’s policies obviously haven’t worked and his opponent is a solid viable option. Romney is undeniably very intelligent, pragmatic, presidential, with a solid plan and a passion to help the Country.


  9. AfricanforRomney says:

    Vic, a factor of 1000 lol! Deep down they know it, Gov Romney leadership is the ONLY way out. Even Jay-z Obama’s a$# kisser believes in “less govt, free enterprise, economic freedom” exactly what Obama is aginst for. wahhhhha, wahhha….

  10. joe nolan says:

    Even snotty creep Piers can see who the real man in this race is,although he threw in a rather left-handed compliment,guess he had to tow the company line somewhat,eh? Romney/Ryan or bust!

  11. Odette Isabel Trujillo says:

    Although Pier Morgan is not a USA citizen ,only a resident ,he is a Brithis liberal and his points of view can’t be the same in UK as in USA ,but I’m agree with him at this time when he says about Romney that Romney Might Just Save America , we all know Romney can do it very well and we know Morgan is trying to increase the viewers to his program , but anyway Romney’s family is a great example to the world All that God can do when a family is built on the Rock !

  12. Anthony Mcdowall says:

    WhenRomnet take the casablana we will see y feel what change is all about. Romney 2012

  13. Joan C. says:

    Obama keeps saying that we don’t know the real Mitt Romney. Well, I have studied and researched the man for five years now. The more I read and learned the more impressed I am. The man is so far above Obama that is a joke to compare the two in any way.
    I have also studied and researched Obama. I was frightened before the last election. It was all there in front of us but no one would listen. Now I am even more frightened! We will not survive four more years of this man’s radical ideas. The frightening thing was that he had so many secrets. WHY! We are finally learning more, thank heaven. Every person in this man’s life has been a radical. How did he ever get elected? Half of this country is uninformed and does not care. They will when we go down in flames. Then it will be too late. Pray for Mitt. He is a class act! So is Ryan. Mitt is our new George Washington, as Beck stated.

  14. jersey dan says:

    Mitt and Ann Romney have every right to be proud of their sons. Every one of them are delightful, charming and handsome! As parents, they are to be commended on raising such a wonderful family. America would be proud to show them off as our next First Family!!!