War on Women? Guest Post: Barbara Hiller Johnson

Barbara Johnson and her husband Mark Chapin Johnson are dear friends in California. Barbara is quite the satirist, but her Barbs are quite reflective, insightful and strike a chord that resonates with many Americans. She has a unique perspective on the ‘War on Women’! Enjoy.

Barb’s Barb

Warning! All who are offended easily please be warned the contents of this material are written by a satirist.

What ‘War On Women’?

Yesterday I was feeling nostalgic so I started perusing old black and white family pictures from years gone by. I came across a photo of my mother in her late teens lined up with a group of her girlfriends all wearing miniskirts, shorts or pants in the style of the old Annette Funicello movies at a camp ground. You might say, ‘so what?’ Well, this picture was taken in the late 1950’s in Iran. This is the same country where today a woman at the very least would be arrested for such indecent clothing. You see, I hear every day from our President, while hopping from university to university, preaching about this ‘War on Women’, and I keep looking to see where this war is being waged. I could certainly understand if the opposition candidate was a Rick Santorum type, but it’s Mitt Romney! You know, the moderate from Massachusetts! I guess if you say it often enough it becomes fact and there are plenty of young and impressionable women who believe this guy when he says if he’s not re-elected they would forfeit 50 years of progress. Hmmm! I bet there are a few women in Iran who would jump at the opportunity of by passing Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy and go back to those easy days and I have no doubt there are plenty of women in Egypt that are now considering the option of what it might be like if Barry Obama had stopped supporting the Islamists in their country. It is so very difficult to listen to 20 year old college girls trying to scare someone like me about the perils of a Romney Presidency. The poor girls are so brain washed that most of their cells have turned dormant and refuse to process thought on their own. Somehow, their college professors, the media and all the so called women’s groups reached into this immature casing of hormones and emotion and filled it up with the ultimate Halloween boogie man.

I must say I am not the most tolerant person I know, especially when it comes to low forms of IQ in human form. So, you can just imagine how hard it must be to smile and try to put some sense into a mind of a young girl who has not yet had the opportunity to lift a finger to support herself. She has been fed, clothed and educated throughout the years without a moment of doubt that all will be provided for her. She has a cell phone with internet connection, an assortment of computers, all the cute and cuddly accessories of a college life, most likely in pink, and of course the tiniest little skirts assuring the attention of the opposite sex. She speaks passionately about the terrible possibilities of how we might all end up barefoot and pregnant with men in charge of every aspect of our lives. I listen and listen while she spews the Chicago mob machine’s talking points on how to get women’s votes. I’ve heard it all before. I heard it when a 30 year old female law student testified in front of Congress about how she needed her Catholic University to pay for her contraception. I heard it when all the overpaid starlets of Hollywood spoke at the Democratic National Convention. How does one even approach such an empty vessel? My grandfather used to say the worse curse on the planet is be stuck with dumb person, and here I am. Funny, no one paid for my birth control and somehow I managed, and funny how thirty years ago no one I knew complained about paying for services such as a college education and most of us worked, sometimes, at more than two jobs! It’s funny how we all took pride in our achievements and never expected handouts. In my day it was shameful to be on any form of welfare and that included your parents. Our motto was ‘Hear Me Roar!’ and sadly yours is ‘Give Me More!’

I’m not sure what you think you’re achieving for women these days. If it’s equal pay you should look at the White House for paying its women staff 18% less according to government data. If you’re looking for sexual equality, well, you win, I guess. My only conclusion from your level of whining and expectation is that you truly believe that you are not now, or ever will be; competent enough to take care of yourself and that you would need either your parents or the government to provide for your every whim. My generation fought for the freedom to be responsible for ourselves, to achieve as far as we could or wanted to achieve, to be in charge our destiny. I’m saddened to see your generation is about expectations to have others do for you. Who is enslaved with shackles now, you or me? It is interesting that when it came to voting for a woman to reach the White House more women voted for the good looking younger man. Even Oprah, the queen of women’s issues put aside her life’s work to choose color over gender.

So little girl, I feel sorry for you. Not because there might be a chance any real progress in opportunity for women will be thwarted in the future, but for the lack of pride and individual accomplishment I see in you today. We have had a right leaning Supreme Court for decades and there has been no reversal in any legal choices for women. If you survived the farthest to the right President, such as Bush, I have no doubt you can survive Mitt Romney who has only proven in deeds to be a fair and considerate human being. Frankly, I am horribly offended by your lack of respect for the true achievement my generation and ones before mine allowing you to be an independent individual with the right to choose your own destiny. To see all that hard work and sacrifice be squandered by the agenda of one incompetent political figure and his ability to brainwash you is very sad indeed. My dear, you are selling your soul to be at the mercy of a man after all!

Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel.
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Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel. View Posts | View Profile | View David's New Book
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6 Responses to War on Women? Guest Post: Barbara Hiller Johnson

  1. Frozone says:

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jessica Hansen says:

    The only existing war on Women is Obama and the DEMONCRATS fighting against women. Women are underpaid and Obama has been in office for 4 bloody years and did he do anything to bring equality to us women? Absolutely not… I am sick and tired of the many lies and I have also looked and fervently studied out Mitt Romney. I personally think Anne Romney is a lucky woman to have married a nice man. I would have taken him to my Mom as my husband to be if he was single. I literally was going to vote for Obama again and then the more I watched and read about Mitt Romney the more I changed my mind. I watched Anne Romney on the View with the BOCNN or (The Bitches of CNN) and she stands out and I admire her in a many ways. She spoke fondly of her husband and she was sincere. I would probably cried comes NOvember when Obama is dethrone because I have lots of respect for the man but I have changed my mind for my country and the future of my children and grand-children. Mitt Romney has a plan and I am looking forward to enjoy the benefits that comes with our new President Mitt Romney and his runing mate Ryan..

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    I was shocked reading yesterday, USA today/ Gallup poll in key swing states report shows that the most important issue for women in this election is abortion 39%, and for men is job 38% .In 12 key swing states, 60% of female 18 and older registered voters believes that govt policy on birth control issue is “extremely” important to them b/c of new rules state regulations so they prefer Obamafakecare. Wow, the #1 concern is killing unborn babies. The women libration movement results came to this.

    Well, W Bush’s cabinet appointee choices were unprecedented for its inclusiveness at the time with the most qualified people. I’m sure future Prez Romney will do the same.

    In my opinion, Dems women in swing states should be ban from voting. They’re wasting our time in this election.hehehe

    Defund a fascist org- Planned parenthood!=Unethical!
    Vote Romney/Ryan=Vote Respect!

  4. Odette Isabel Trujillo says:

    It’s not a traditon’s problem, it’s not a religion or racism problem’s ,it’s just a Common Sense problem , If You Respect Yourself you vote Romney & Ryan that’s it !

  5. Bob West says:

    Obama is counting on his shameful “War on Women” trick to pull in the final votes he needs to be elected.
    Obama created this “War.”
    No self respecting modern woman I know would vote for this man just because he claims to fight for women.
    Women are far more complex than the physical body view (contraceptives, abortions) Obama has pitched. How insulting!
    Obama, the modern woman has a mind. She can figure out that you are a liar. She can analyze the issues.
    Just addressing her as a contraception consumer is insulting.
    Obama, the modern woman and her family need jobs.
    Her children need a good job after college.
    Obama, the modern woman sees so far beyond your insulting pitch of contraception and abortion, you are one sad “shuckin’ and jivin” dude.
    (Incidentally, the issue is not that a woman is in charge of her own body. Everyone agrees to that. The issue is whether the GOVERNMENT CAN CONTROL US. OBAMA HAS DECLARED HE CAN CONTROL US. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, FOR EXAMPLE, IS BEING ABSOLUTELY FORCED TO DO THINGS AGAINST THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS. Strange, how Obama turns the control he is headed towards of the State over all our lives into a “Woman’s War.”

  6. Joan C. says:

    The biggest problem we are having is with young unmarried women. They are getting brainwashed in high school and college. It is really frightening how bad the situation has become. My grandson brought home a large Obama poster that was given to him in his history class four years ago. (high school) I was really upset then. More than 80% of college professors are extremely liberal and socialist leaning. We have been asleep to this fact for too long. Older women and married women with children have had more life experiences to help make them stronger and smarter.
    They question the facts and make better decisions. I have faith that this election will surprise everyone. Our women are stronger and smarter than the democrats think they are.