Presidential Debate #2: Crowley Butts In, Backs Off, Luntz Focus Group Liked Romney

Taking a cue from the Biden playbook, Barack Obama pulls a face and acts like he’s going to spring from his chair as Mitt Romney makes a point at the presidential debate held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY on Oct 16, 2012. (photographer unknown)

The presidential debate action at Hempstead, New York, is in the can…

There were tense moments.

Pundits and politicians will be talking for days about the ‘terrorism’ Libya moment - the one where Obama water carrier moderator Candy CNN Crowley interrupted Mitt Romney to side with Obama by injecting her jaw-dropping version of fact-checker. Cutting off the Governor, she sided with the President on remarks he claimed he made in the Rose Garden the day after the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Obama said he labeled the attacks as “terror” right away. After the Crowley butt-in, Obama then called from way back on his stool for Crowley to repeat her “fact” louder. Turns out, Obama and Crowley have nothing to crow about:

Democratic strategist Joe Trippi later said on FOX News that it looked like “the ref just threw the flag.”

After the debate, Crowley, who repeatedly cut Romney off, and when all was said and done, bequeathed Obama with 3 minutes and 14 seconds more speaking time than the Governor, tried to back off. She conceded that Romney was “right in the main.”

There’s so much I want to say about Ms. Crowley’s moderating, but I’ll constrain myself and just say she made a disgusting hash of it.

Someone else agrees with me:

After the debate, Frank Luntz (FOX News) conducted a focus group in Nevada of mostly former Obama voters. Romney impressed them. Here is Part 1:

Luntz began the discussion by asking participants for a word or phrase to describe Romney’s performance:

Forceful, presidential.”

Confident and realistic.”


Presidential and enthusiastic.”

Our next president.”

Dynamo! Winner.”

Knowledgeable and sincere.”

Steady and articulate.”

Part 2 may be viewed here.

The 82 voters in the town hall setting were chosen by Gallup and Candy Crowley selected the questions. Romney walked into a stacked game but didn’t back down. Voters saw him as someone with strength, leadership, and a common-sense plan to move America forward. Obama was aggressive, pulled a few Biden-style faces, did a lot of bluffing, and threw in some blaming. He offered NO plan.

No wonder Independent swing-voters like Mitt Romney.

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12 Responses to Presidential Debate #2: Crowley Butts In, Backs Off, Luntz Focus Group Liked Romney

  1. john elsegood says:

    Crowley should never again be considered to handle such debates. Her intrusion was as unforgivable as it was wrong. It is not her job to decide which candidate is telling the truth and she blocked Mitt’s momentum.
    While the empty suit that was Obama in the first debate disappeared to be replaced by a far sharper president only the complete partisans would claim a victory for him.
    This was a tough heavyweight bout and the murderous Libyan affair has more legs in it,- something that will not help Crowley’s preferred candidate..

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    The headline should read this morning “Obama were bullshiting at the debate”! I agree with the focus group gentlemen.
    The bottom line is this Prez has NO vision, no economic plan for millions struggling people.

    My only disappointment was that the timing. Gov Romney were not given enough time to respond for the many lies Obama were fabricating. He even didn’t get a chance to mention Obama’s bogus green jobs. Anyway, Gov Romney is still a WINNER!
    Thank You, Gov Romney for fighting a good fight behalf of us even with media bias, unfair treatment!

    Keep the fight!!! We will WIN!!

    p.s Gov Romney’s face look like he’s under the weather, though..

  3. CS says:

    SO PRESIDENTIAL, HUMBLE BUT FORCEFUL, WITH THE EXPERIENCE & BACKGROUND NEEDED TO RECOVER US…Americans are SEEING, through these debates, why they NEED to get out and vote for R&R instead of being APATHETIC, to stay home and NOT vote~Will be what leads to a VICTORY, that’s ALL that matters, ‘nough said!

  4. Bruce says:

    Romney was debating Candy and “Eye Candy” all night!

  5. LB says:

    The only time I noticed Romney’s face looking a little downtrodden was when Crowley stepped in and stood up for Obama about Libya. He looked to me like he was thinking…”wait a minute…I thought it was ME who was supposed to respond to the President, NOT the moderator and you just totally took me out of the response” She destroyed the moment for Romney and it’s no wonder he had that look on his face at that moment!!

  6. an American says:

    The focus group comments were really good except where the woman said she was not voting for Mitt because he is anti women because of his belief system in his church. WHAT?! I am LDS and I am not repressed. Women in the LDS church work. Yes idealy we would like to be at home with our children but there are many reasons women need to work out side of the home.

  7. Cathy says:

    Great debate for Gov. Romney. He ‘s shown true leadership. He has a plan (many plans) for how to get this country in great shape. He has the experience, commitment, and passion to move things ahead. More importantly, Mitt wants this country to succeed. Obama wants to downsize and degrade America in the eyes of the world. He thinks we only deserve to be equal to everyone else. If we are, we will be prey to anyone that wants to see our downfall. We must always be the BEST to keep ourselves safe and be able to help all other nations that are threatened by rogue regimes. We are the hope of the earth and a good and giving nation.

    America must stay free and strong to defend ourselves and our neighbors. This is what Mitt Romney wants. Obama despises the thought of this and wants equality. Equality will get us all killed or worshiping another God. That will never happen as long as I have a vote!

  8. Annette S says:

    CBS News Poll… 65% to 34% say Romney won on the issue of the economy.

    Luntz Focus Group…A clear majority felt Romney had passion, was presidential and a leader. Romney spoke with passion and sincerity to the questioners. He definitely watched his tone and how he phrased his answers.

    Obama’s confident smiles turned into smug looks or Joe Biden faces as characterized by Jayde. When answering questions he veered off the subject filling it with demagogic baseless attacks on Romney. When the young man asked about finding a job after college..Obama somehow ended up talking about energy. Maybe some feel that Obama got in more punches ( I don’t), but he lost on substance.

    For those who feel Romney had lost opportunities on Fast and Furious or Libya…wait until the next debate on FOREIGN POLICY. Romney will hammer home Obama’s approach to foreign policy for political gain and his misguided world view and he won’t have to worry about a softer approach for questioners.


  9. Autumn Mitchell says:

    I am an American citizen 56 years old, who has never voted a day in my life, but this election I feel it is a necessity! This country is headed in the wrong direction in every aspect since “OVOMIT” took office… We all need to take our Country back by voting ROMNEY / RYAN , it’s our only hope!!!!!

  10. Jim Tills says:

    Great debate. I was extremely disappointed with Crowley’s stopping Mitt just as he was going to refute Obama’s lies by telling him he would get a chance later to answer more fully. She did it many times and it hurt Romney every time because he didn’t get the chance to have the truth before the Independent voter. Her meddling with the Libya matter stop Mitt’s momentum against the proving of Obama’s incompletence or deriliction of duty as President during a 9/11 terrorist attack. Can anyone even imagine a Bush, a Reagan or even a Roosevelt going on a talk show campaign event in a time of a National terrorist attack—known to be such by actual in-time satellite visual account by the State Department? This sorry excuse for a Leader of the Free World needs to be replaced immediately or at least by November 6, 2012.

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  12. Bob Fiorito says:

    Candy Crowley possessing the Rose Garden Transcript at the Debate.‏‏‏
    Please explain how is it that Candy Crowley would have a copy of the transcript at the debate. While you mull that over. Please also explain how is it that Obama knew she had the transcript. Look at the debate video and you will see. After Obama tells Romney to continue, Then Romney turns to Candy and stipulates that Obama did not call Libya an act of terror, Just then Obama said ” Get the transcript” Then Candy interrupted Romney and backed up Obama and produced the transcript, Then Obama said ” Candy could you say it louder and She repeated her remarks. Please tell me this wasn’t planned and Obama didn’t know all about it. I am a Vietnam Veteran proud of my country, I am a Democrat proud of my country, I was an elected delegate for Hillary Clinton I am disillusioned of her but I am still proud of my country.
    This Disillusioned Democrat Veteran is backing Romney so I can still be proud of my country!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, AS WEEE THE PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOOD FOR US!!!!!!!!!!