Candy’s Sugar-Coated Bias: Interrupts Romney 28 Times At Debate, Obama Just 9

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More on Candy’s handy-dandy preference for Obama…

William Bigelow from Breitbart reveals more facts about debate moderator Candy Crowley’s thinly-veiled preference for Barack Obama at last night’s presidential debate in Hempstead, New York:


Candy Crowley, who was suspected of being one more liberal moderator in the tank for Barack Obama, was more than just in the tank for him; she dove in and sucked all the water out for him so he could pretend he walked on water.

In the first presidential debate, Jim Lehrer, no slouch at shilling for the Democratic Party, interrupted Mitt Romney 15 times and Barack Obama only five.

Crowley made Lehrer look like an amateur. She interrupted Obama nine times, (although four of those were when he wouldn’t respect the time limit when discussing assault weapons; he went over his time limit all night long), but when it came to Mitt Romney, she was utterly beyond the pale.

Crowley interrupted Romney 28 times. 28 times. Her desperation to keep Romney from scoring points was so patently obvious that it wasn’t really a surprise when she had her infamous moment: the moment when she interrupted and falsely claimed Romney was incorrect in accusing Obama of refusing to call the Benghazi attack an act of terror.

Bigelow then outlines specific instances, beyond the interruptions, where Crowley’s “obvious partisanship prompted her to treat Romney with great disrespect.” He includes Obama’s lie about the auto industry, gas prices being the new normal, Crowley’s ‘terror- Libya’ interruption, Romney’s statistics, OBAMA’S PENSION INVESTING IN CHINA, ‘fast and furious’ and more. She was the third debater at the debate.

Bigelow concludes:

The fact that Obama escaped all night long by lie after lie didn’t seem to disturb Crowley in the slightest. She had her shadowy agenda, and she stuck to it fiercely. Now it is our job to throw her out into the sun where every American can see exactly how dirty she is.

DO read the entire article here.

Keep in mind Crowley also gave Obama a full 3 minutes and 14 seconds more speaking time than Romney. That’s huge.

Candy sugar-coated the debate for Obama.

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9 Responses to Candy’s Sugar-Coated Bias: Interrupts Romney 28 Times At Debate, Obama Just 9

  1. Mary L Smith says:

    Next time President Obama should hire Candy Crowley to handle the debate for him. She seems better at defending his record than moderating the debate.

  2. Vic Lundquist says:

    It is stunning how the mainstream media ignores the consistent biases of the debate moderators!

  3. AfricanforRomney says:

    I thought Candy was o.k most of the evening and then some point i lost her. The fact checking crap was an eye opener. I thought she purposely set up the situation. In my opinion, both Candy and Obama seems to have some kind of coordination.

    Honestly, the entire evening seems like the adams family reunion gathering. Gov Romney and Ann showed up in the wrong party house, again. Poor, Ann Romney completely horrified what she’s hearing from the serial liar Obama. I made a big mistake watching the debate on tv, though. Usually i listen on the radio, i regret now.

    Where they found these audiences? Most of the audience, even Obama the serial liar looks like they’re the halloween display custumes. They all don’t look real. Don’t tell me they are “undecided”. The women even can’t remember her own question. Obama is the total embarrasment. Almost all of his answer were not relevant to the questions. I never seen such a thing. Obama drama will end Nov 6!

    I can see Gov Romney’s brilliant strategy dragging Obama with hispanic votes with immigration, fast and furious, economy, though. Love it! Gov Romney still kicking the Prez skinny a$# so, i’m very satisfied with Gov Romney performance!!

    Romney/Ryan=Job Creators!=Authentic Leaders!

  4. cleveland elliott says:

    Candy is all bad she is surely a obamamaid

    We can help Romeny to win this counntry needs him NOT A LYEING HALF-BRED

  5. Tracey says:

    Did anyone notice how Candy just happened to have a copy of the speech the President gave on 9/11? And did anyone notice how the President knew Candy had a copy of the speech?

  6. Richard W says:

    So tired of the liberal media holding Romney down, however, the moderator did later side with Romney, though of course, no one’s reporting that:

    Good thing Romney will have the last laugh when he wins the Presidency!

  7. AfricanforRomney says:

    My biggest fear is the next moderator Bob Schieffer. That guy is a hater. I’ve seen Schieffer for many years on his Sunday shows and he got issues. The guy doesn’t even pretend hiding his positions anymore. He’s all out war with GOP. I’ve a feeling that Gov Romney will debate two people, incompetent Obama and Schieffer. Gov Romney MUST have a game plan handling this wacko moderator.

    Obama has huge advantage debating foriegn policy issues regardless his juvenial failed foriegn policy. B/c Obama is a sitting Prez and Gov Romney is not so, Gov Romney have to master the use of attack languages that stays in people mind until Nov 6. No apology! Gov Romney MUST attack, attack and more attack!

    Obama is not trustworthy=Obama=Divider=a Serial Liar!

  8. Annette S says:

    Could we please just once have a conservative or unbiased moderator! Romney had to debate both Obama and Crowley. I understand that Michelle Obama was clapping in reaction to Crowley’s Rose Garden fact checking. I guess she was carried away with hubby trying to cover himself.

    I’m looking forward to the next debate. Hopefully we’ll have a moderator that hasn’t partnered up with Obama.


  9. judith nagle says:

    There were times I felt Crowley and Obama had rehearsed the bull they were trying to pull off, the timing was to set. Shame this couldn’t have been a decent debate. I don’t think the next one will be any better. I voted today. Go Romney!