VP Debate: Biden’s Bad-Mannered Buffoonery Blows It, Ryan Resolute

Vice President Joe Buffoonery Biden proved once again at last night’s vice presidential debate in Danville, KY, what an embarrassment he is for the United States of America. (photographer unknown)

With his derisive laughter, zombie eye-rolling, feigned incredulity, exaggerated theatrical gestures, continual interruptions, and over-all condescension, Vice Presidential smirk monkey Joe Biden negated any gains he hoped to make at last night’s V.P. debate. Biden’s performance sealed the deal for him… as the simpleton from Scranton and America’s permanent political huckster. Debate moderator, ABC’s Martha Raddatz, failed to control all-show Joe and left many yearning for Jim Lehrer.

Although GOP Vice Presidential candidate 42-year-old Rep Paul Ryan is 27 years younger than 69-year-old Biden, he was resolute, reassuring, and ready to take on the smart-aleck. Ryan was clearly the adult seated at the debate desk in Danville.

Polls from CNBC and CNN revealed Ryan won.

Here’s just a sampling of Twitterverse take-aways (comments from FOX News contributors at end of article):

FOX News’ contributors:

Ed Rollins - Fox News contributor, Republican strategist, former Huckabee presidential campaign manager

President Obama in his debate with Gov. Romney seemed to be missing in action. Vice President Joe Biden should have been. He was rude, talked non-stop and did nothing to further the discussion in a serious way. He was like a Cheshire cat with his inappropriate smile, and it was like a political speech without anybody else in the dialogue.

Paul Ryan was knowledgeable and tried to have a serious discussion on very important issues. Biden insisted on talking over him.

This ended up like being trapped in a bar next to a know-it-all drunk. Biden wasn’t drinking but he reinforced why he only got 1 % of the vote when he ran for president four years ago.

Ryan made a favorable impression. Biden reinforced the impression that he’s a blowhard! Ryan helped his ticket. Biden hurt his. …

Joe Trippi - Democrat political analyst, former Howard Dean campaign manager, Fox News contributor

Ryan surprised with his grasp of foreign policy… Biden looked confident and in command, but might have come across as condescending at times.

Andrea Tantaros - Co-host of ‘The Five’, columnist for New York Daily News

While Thursday’s vice presidential debate didn’t change the minds of voters in either party, independents and women will only remember Biden’s bizarre behavior — and not in a good way. Vice President Joe Biden lost on style and likely turned off women with his disrespectful, jerky mannerisms. Congressman Paul Ryan was steady and played it safe.

It was a draw on substance. Ryan won on the economy and entitlements. Biden bungled on Libya, but he won on Afghanistan. But as hard as Biden tried to overcompensate for President Obama’s poor performance, the memory of his disaster in Denver wasn’t repaired in Danville.

Dick Morris - Fox News contributor, political commentator, author

I think Biden raises serious questions about his ability to be a heartbeat away from the president. His inappropriate conduct is glaring and will backfire with the American people. He had no dignity or presidentiality.

Chris Wallace - host of FOX News Sunday, blasted Biden’s antics:

[I’ve] never seen anyone be so disrespectful in a presidential or vice presidential debate.

And Wallace said that he’d seen most of them — all but the first four in 1960. He called his demeanor “unprecedented.”

“I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a debate in which one participant was as openly disrespectful of the other as Biden was to Paul Ryan tonight,” Wallace said

He added: “It was openly contemptuous and disrespectful.”

UPDATE via Hewitt blog:

Congressman Ryan turned in a sober, reassuring and detailed performance, winning new fans and solidifying his ticket’s lead, which is growing.

UPDATES: The Wall Street Journal’s summary is pitch perfect.
So now we know what Team Obama’s comeback plan was following last week’s defeat in the Presidential debate. Unleash Joe Biden to interrupt, filibuster, snarl, smirk and otherwise show contempt for Paul Ryan. The carnival act contributed to the least illuminating presidential or vice presidential debate of our lifetimes....
But this 90 minutes wasn’t about an exchange of ideas or a debate over policies. It was a Democratic show of contempt for the opposition, an attempt to claim by repetitive assertion that Messrs. Ryan and Romney are radicals who want to destroy “the middle class.” Mr. Ryan’s cool under assault was a visual rebuttal of that claim, and we certainly know who looked more presidential.

Add to that the growing chorus of “angry old man” conclusions, and there’s a disaster developing for the Democrats, the third in a row after President Obama’s pratfall and the collapse of the Libyan cover-up. (Stephanie Cutter might be counted as a fourth.)

By Glenn McCoy - Oct 12, 2021

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19 Responses to VP Debate: Biden’s Bad-Mannered Buffoonery Blows It, Ryan Resolute

  1. Beverley Clement says:

    Biden needs to go home to Delaware, sit on his BACK porch, sip his JD and rock himself back to sleep in his rocking chair. He can only hope his nightmarish performance does not get himself kicked out of his own family.

  2. CS says:

    really sad to watch, ‘huckster’ Joe, WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE, RUDE & UNPROFESSIONAL…GOOD JOB by Paul, stood his ground and kept his game on by his calm, focused demeanor, despite the many interruptions made…anyone w/a mind can see the ‘writing on the wall’, the choice is still clear in what we NEED for a STRONG RECOVERY~STRONG, HONEST, GOD FEARING LEADERSHIP WHO ARE WILLING TO BE ACCOUNTABLE.

  3. Annette S says:

    Joe Biden’s guffaws, snickers and eye rolling is because he is frustrated and doesn’t have the answers. Obama and Biden’s answer to creating jobs and lowering the debt is raising taxes on the rich. Ryan had substantive content in his remarks and all Joe could say is “malarky”.

    BIGGEST laugh of the debate was in regards to the 47% issue. Ryan…..””And with respect to that quote, I think the Vice President very well knows that sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way.”


  4. Cathy says:

    Biden reminded me of a sleezy condescending used car salesman. Willing to say and do anything to close the deal. I think I’ll take my business elsewhere.

    Romney/Ryan are a class act. I’m buying what their selling!

  5. Cathy says:

    “Proverbs 29:9 - If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet.
    Sums up the debate pretty nicely.”

  6. Abc123 says:

    When Ryan’s turn to talk and told Biden to stop interrupting “each other” (he was being too nice) Biden replies, “well if you quit using up all for minutes I will stop interrupting”. As he is saying this, Biden still had 2 minutes talking time more than Ryan. Biden is so arrogant and dumb.

  7. Julie says:

    Yes, proverbs 29:9 captures it! Good point.

  8. darla deane kavanaugh says:

    just happy to see others feel the way I do about the debate last night, Biden was so rude, & scary if he had to take over the Presidents job, Please vote !!

  9. Bob C says:

    So, the same intelligence community that is being blamed for informing the President and the VP that there was a protest over a video in Benghazi Libya (there WAS no such protest and the intel community did NOT report this), can be relied upon to assure these clowns that Iran has no bomb to stuff fissile material into? Biden DID vote for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, so he is as guilty as Ryan of “putting two wars on a credit card”. Anyone who interprets Biden’s sneering, laughing, interrupting, blowhard buffoonery as winning this debate needs to have their head examined.

  10. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Watching Biden last night was a horrifying reminder that this blustering blatherskite is one heart beat away from the Presidency. NO CAN DO for another four years! He needs to pack up his orange wig, clown shoes, and get out of D.C.

  11. Donna Gibbons says:

    This Bible scripture says it all about who the “wise” man was in the debate. Proverbs: 29:9 “If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether (and) he (the fool) rage and laugh, there is no rest (peace)”. Biden looked like a raging, rediculous fool!

  12. AfricanforRomney says:

    I didn’t watch, i listened on the radio. Biden behavior was very annoying, very rude even in the radio, however, i noticed that Biden the village idiot managed to paint Romney/Ryan as a warmongers.

    I’m anti war supporter in the current Afghanistan situation. I know it is impossible but i want the troops comes home ASAP. For some unknown reason, I never get satisfied answer from Romney/Rayn so far regarding Afghanistan. Ryan’s explanation was very weak last night.

    Romney/Ryan seems to agree with 2014 ending the war and the 10 year Obama security agreement with Afghan govt, but so far Romney/Ryan struggling articulating their position in the manner where anti war voters can understand. I think for Gov Romney MUST articulate the issue and address to the voters.

    Obama/Biden=Destroying the American economy!

  13. robert oswalt says:

    What scares me is that there are people out there that think that Biden did a good job…

  14. Joan C. says:

    Romney and Ryan are saying that we win with strength not weakness. I lived in central Florida during the Cuban crisis. If JFK had not been as strong as he was, we would have had the war of all wars. He stopped it with a show of strength, not weakness. The world thinks that we are weak because of our economy and our debt. If Obama cuts our military we will be even weaker and tempt other countries to go after us.

  15. clb2012now says:

    I want a Vice President who takes serious the circumstances of America and the world. Evidently, dead Americans are funny, hurting Americans are funny, wanting to repair our social security or medicare is funny. What does Biden take seriously? The laughing Biden was just as bad as the silent Obama. The “Joe will be Joe” that everyone spouts makes me angry. He should be held to the same standard as any other public servant.
     Biden wants to tax the millionaires and billionaires. I call that a success tax. Our tax system is already progressive. His boss wants to tax those who make above $200K. Yet Biden objected to a progressive system for Medicare. That Medicare premium support being proposed would be need based. This means those who make less get more premium support than those who make more. Right now, all get Medicare at the same cost no matter what their income.
     Biden was chastising Ryan on the votes that he had done for Afghanistan and Iraq and yet he voted the same way. We need to remember that the military we pay for today is the military that we will use in 30 years not today.
     I want an administration that takes responsibility for its actions. That speaks to America with frankness and clarity. They may not have had everything right after Benghazi but it wasn’t the video that the administration’s insistence that it was the video spurred the subsequent violence in the region. Whose hand is it on the reins if Obama and Biden “didn’t know”?

  16. AfricanforRomney says:

    @Joan c, i odn’t know you were trying to respond to my comment or not. Yes “peace through strength” is an excellent idea. Every peace loving people can appreciate the idea, however, when you ask more troops to go in Afghanistan in a very dangerous places, in harms way, b/c failed policy, Romney/Ryan can’t just say “what we say is peace through strength”. My problem is Romney/Ryan’s on the messaging. Talking the talking point alone is not enough.

    Gov Romney have to do more on his message differently, in a very convincing way why his position is different, how Obama’s & his admin undermined the surge effort, why the timetable setting was a bad idea. I’m Gov Romeny’s 110% supporter, i’m still demanding clarity. Imagine, how many undecided voters out there still searching an answer then?

    The good thing is foreign policy is not a priority in this election (in prior years, i’m also a foreign policy, national security voter). Obama/Biden are very good painting Romney/Ryan as if they want more war in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan. They are almost giving impression to voters that Romney/Ryan wants to go back in Iraq, too.
    Obama can take advantage and can hit him hard on the next debate.

    Obama/Biden=Failed Leadership=Weak on foreign policy!

  17. Joan C. says:

    Yes I was responding to you but not in a critical way. I just think that they want to express to the world that they (Romney/Ryan) will stand up for us and not look weak. Carter looked weak and we had bigger problems. Obama apologizes and we look weak. A stronger military and a strong will serves as a warning. JFK was weak and lost the Bay of Pigs. That was the reason we had the Cuban crisis. The Russians thought we were weak. JFK learned a lesson and stood firm on Cuba. . That is Romney’s theory. I think. JFK lost Cuba because of backing down but prevented A World War by bring strong when it counted. Romney will not let his guard down. It is fatal if you do. I have seen that happen so many times in the past.

  18. AfricanforRomney says:

    You’re right. Agreed.
    It’s so laughable these days Dems and Prez Obama are getting strong credibility on foreign policy issues for bunch of lies. Republicans always stand for strong defense, strong military, but they are shying away on foreign policy issue b/c of Iraq mess. When they come out they muddle the issue and don’t come out with clarity. Poor Ryan didn’t take the opportunity to hit back at the debate either.

    American exceptionalism is key to this election b/c we know what it is like for so many of us who came thousands miles away.

    Romeny/Ryan=American exceptionalism=Indivdual Liberty!

  19. Rick Ouellette says:

    In spite of Biden acting like a laughing Hyena, the president thought he did great ? No wonder nobody fears the USA anymore, we have a muslim sympathizer and bozo the clown in charge. Vladimir Putin loves those two and the fact that there are enough idiots in the country to re-elect them. Pray for America.,