Mitt Romney: We Can’t Afford Four More Years Of High Gas Prices

“I don’t think you can afford another doubling of gasoline prices under Barack Obama. I mean, since he’s been president, the price of gasoline has doubled, and that’s happened in part because the President has not taken advantage of our energy. When I become president, we’re going to double the number of permits on federal lands and federal waters for drilling, make sure that we can get more oil and gas and use our coal and our nuclear, renewables. We’re going to have an energy abundance in America and keep our prices more moderate.” - Mitt Romney

Originally posted at Romney Response.

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4 Responses to Mitt Romney: We Can’t Afford Four More Years Of High Gas Prices

  1. Cathy says:

    $5.00 + gallon of gas here in California. Not in my budget! We hear it may be here a while. Mitt needs to get in and get us to be energy independent. Mitt can and will do this, so we don’t have to be held hostage to outside sources.

    Vote your gas tank…Vote Romney/Ryan

  2. Annette S says:

    Trucking Companies are not happy in CA. Fuel went up .49 over the weekend. We need energy independence…….Romney/Ryan….2012!

  3. Ann says:

    America is so very blessed with natural resources, including abundance of our own energy! Too bad Obama’s mistakes have led to excessive prices at the pump! Manufacturing has suffered, the average driver has suffered, transportation has suffered and passed on their higher costs to consumers, who have also suffered. Like a ripple effect on the freeway…. one stupid driver can mess up the commute for many… I only wish Obama would admit HE is the stupid driver causing the problems instead of blaming something else! I can’t wait until November 7 when we have two genuine leaders elected to lead our nation! Go Romney and Ryan! Let us all do our best to make that happen!

  4. Joan C. says:

    I hope that many of you watched the special on Sunday night about the EPA. It cleared up the mystery of Obama appointing a known communist to a position of czar and head of the EPA. (Van Jones) I was confused by this when it happened. Now I understand. The EPA can control our businesses and much of our society. They are shutting down our energy production. They are falsifying test results in order to shut down energy companies. Shouldn’t we question WHY! They can control our economy by shutting down our energy production. They will control us BIG TIME with Obama care. Add that to, control of our energy resources. We are finished! Ask yourselves why so many of his Czars and consultants have Socialist/Communist leaning backgrounds? What did he whisper to the Russian, that he could not do until after the election? His moves are questionable, but added together they are frightening! Romney/Ryan will stop this disaster that is fast approaching.