Foreign Policy #ObamaIsntWorking

If President Obama did as bad as he did in the debate on domestic policy, what is going to happen when the debates turn to the topic of foreign policy?

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4 Responses to Foreign Policy #ObamaIsntWorking

  1. Allison Hawkins says:

    We need to get that idiot out of office he is destroying are country

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    Obama’s juvenial foreign policy, his admin lies, deceptions and insulting our intellegence is really, really irritating me. This’s a very good video EXPOSING Obama’s deception.

    It is so laughable Obama and his camps are criticizing Gov Romney??? Are you kidding me.. Get real!

    Gov Romney=Believe in America!

  3. Myrtiss Leslie says:

    We need to get that whole bunch of idiots out of office!! They really are destroying America and Obama in particular doesn’t even like Americans or America and he wants to be a dictator and have us all under his thumb. He will destroy us, if he gets in again!! Vote him out!! Romney/Ryan will help us get things moving again.

  4. truth says:

    Something is going to happen this month that Obama thinks will help him get elected so be prepared. Maybe something with Iran (a meeting they leaked today) or a strike on terrorists in Libya. He needs to do something big to get us off track with the Benghazi murders. God Bless America, Romney/Ryan