Presidential Debate: Rocky Mountain Mauling by Romney (Full VIDEO)

Post debate Oct 3, 2012- While Mitt Romney gathers his notes, the reality of the past 90 debate minutes sinks into Michelle and Barack Obama as they prepare to leave the stage. University of Denver, CO
(Photo – David Goldmann:AP)

What a difference 90 minutes makes!

It was a Rocky Mountain mauling in the mile-high city last night.

If you missed Mitt Romney’s masterful message to the American people during his first presidential debate between himself and President Obama in Denver, Colorado, here it is:

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Last night, in spite of all the Obama mob and mainstream media have done to dishonestly disqualify Mitt Romney, the Governor reassured America he is far superior to our current White House occupant.

Romney is the guy for the job.

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37 Responses to Presidential Debate: Rocky Mountain Mauling by Romney (Full VIDEO)

  1. Annette S says:

    Michelle definitely doesn’t look happy! Romney does!

    I am looking forward to the next three!


  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    It must be a dress code for FLOUTS then. I don’t remember seeing this classles FLOUTS her arm being covered.

    Can we have another debate sooner, NOW, please? It was fun. It always awesome feeling being in a winning side. kekekeke
    Gov Romney=Authentic Leader!

  3. Roy says:

    While you were taking a victory lap today, perhaps you didn’t have time to check your favorite fact check sites. They showed that Romney has no regard for the truth. How can you support someone who is so opposed to the truth? Don’t facts matter???
    Here’s an excerpt from
    Romney sometimes came off as a serial exaggerator. He said “up to” 20 million might lose health insurance under the new law, citing a Congressional Budget Office study that actually put the likely number who would lose employer-sponsored coverage at between 3 million and 5 million. He said 23 million Americans are “out of work” when the actual number of jobless is much lower. He claimed half of all college grads this year can’t find work, when, in fact, an AP story said half either were jobless or underemployed. And he again said Obama “cut” $716 billion from Medicare, a figure that actually reflects a 10-year target for slowing Medicare spending, which will continue to grow.
    Are you proud of this type of performance? Or will you tell Romney to tell the truth?

  4. maha hakim says:

    i find it really unrealistic that you pick on Romney’s “exaggeration of the truth when for the last 5 years ever since the beginning of obama’s campaign he has been telling one lie after another and people were buying into the lies and believe them as truth. Who tells a lie and end up believing it and convincing millions to believe it?? only obama, our country is in trouble, he is outsourcing our jobs, increasing debt and the size of government. He wants to change how this country was founded. wake up and see things as they are, obama is bad for america. its time for a new fresh blood in the white house, someone who lifts the head of every American high and keep our pride and our great model of freedom and respect of individuality. God bless America

  5. Cathy says:

    Roy, the BIGGEST lie is the person that has lied to you for 4 years. Sounds like you’re easily deceived and unable to see the forest for the trees. Hope you’ll see the light soon…it has a cleansing effect.
    And YES, I’m very proud of Mitts performance and truth telling. He makes me hopeful.

  6. Sharon says:

    Roy please just accept it-Romney did a Great job and no matter what it is the TRUTH that Obama’s time in the White House has been and is abysmal whether or not the numbers were exactly right or not-Close enough!

  7. darla deane kavanaugh says:

    Can’t wait for the next debate, Mitt. But be prepared, I don’t trust them !

  8. Concerned American Citizen says:

    Well Roy and like thinkers, the president has been lying to us for his entire term. He has not done the things he has said he would do. Now, I could go on and list them, but I think you’re probably a smart man and can look this up yourself since living it hasn’t seem to hit home with you people. Fact check our unemployment rate before obama and now. Ask yourself this Roy, how is YOUR life better since obama took office! How is the economy better now than before he took office?? He stated last night he did not agree with Mitt on giving our military money stating they don’t need it, yet he thinks giving to green to the sum of 90Bil is much more needed while teachers are laid off etc. He also told the Russian leader he would have more flexibility after he is reelected…the naval seals are disgusted with him. This is all verifiable, go fact check what you have in office NOW, then decide who is worse! He is anti constitutional, anti American and he should be the 1 term president he said he would be if he didn’t fix the economy in 1 term. Wake up

  9. Concerned American Citizen says:

    and Roy, you copied and pasted that from the left wing media…which is smeared all over the internet. Do yourself a favor. Go fact check what people are telling you about his lies before he got elected. He also lied in last nights debate…they both did..or exaggerated, but what you will see all over the net is the liberal media doing what they do best and that’s supporting the liar we have in the white house…who by the way, nobody remembers ever seeing in his college years. He probably went as a foreign exchange student…on our dime….just like their lavish vacations :-)

  10. John says:

    Roy, the true is who is the real and who is the fake, just look and turn around the country,what had happened to this great country in the past 4 years? if you are a loving American you must accepted the true,the true is Mitt is the most experienced, most qualify and most presidential in this time in America that no one can compare with his leadership. When the two Mitt and Obama stay at the podium(the stage) Mitt look a great leader, a very presidential and a man of integrity that suit to be our president,the American people saw that, the world saw that, and the democrats saw that yesterday too why they try every thing to destroy and kill Mitt,they and you knew that if you don’t kill Mitt and he win,he will be a great president, a famous president, Obama has nothing to compare with him, Michelle Obama was the one who knew better than me and you when she look both of two stand at the stage so she hurry better to go home and even doesn’t want to look MItt.

  11. Roy says:

    What is it about ( to quote Ann Romney) “you people?” Is there not ONE of you with the slightest concern for the truth? Let’s hear from you about your favorite fact check site???? I haven’t seen one yet and I’m hoping that there is at least ONE of you with an ounce of honesty. Why can’t you invest a few minutes searching for the truth???

  12. Cathy says:

    We KNOW the truth, you’re the one that needs to find it…and quick!!

  13. Roy says:

    Cathy, So juvenile.Why can’t you answer a simple question. As Jack Nicholson said” You can’t handle the truth.” You won’t even look. Pathetic!

  14. Victor Lundquist says:

    Roy: It is called whining. Whining is very unbecoming a man.

    To your last point: Mr. Obama could not answer any questions last night without falling back into his MSM memes. Stumbling along was completely listless and if he is the all confident, wonderful leader of the free world, why could he not look Mr. Romney in the eye?

    Last night appeared as if Mitt Romney was the President of the United States while Mr. Obama was the manager of a banana republic.

    I realize you cannot answer this simple question: Why could Obama not look Romney in the eye last night while showing weakness and meekness? Why? Because he had no answers to support his sorry record of failure and driving good people out of work.

    And yes, it is 23 million. Unless you prefer not to count all of the people that gave up looking for a job altogether. If so, the number is less. Mitt Romney and I consider those people important too. They want to work as much as I do; they just became too discouraged and they gave up.

    I recommend you head back over the ditch to

  15. AfricanforRomney says:

    Obama’s debate opneing LIE. Obama said “20 years ago I became the luckiest man on Earth because Michelle Obama agreed to marry me.” 20 years ago, the first lady’s last name was Robinson.”kekekeke

  16. AfricanforRomney says:

    Question for you. If you said gov Romney were not telling the “truth”, why Incompetent Blame-in-chief didn’t refute what you stated above at the debate then? After all the purpose of the Preidential debate is to debate. Obama doesn’t understand the economy. The guy is cluless. Speaking of jobs, have you checkd the latest #s this evening?

    The bottom line is Obama never qualified to be a prez then and he’s not qualified to stay in the office another term now.

  17. Roy says:

    African, Answer the question please. Quit avoiding. Show that you bring something to the table instead of insults. Is that all you have or can you contribute to an intelligent conversation. Time is running out for you. November 6 is near. Then, will all you have to look back on was the childish way you address others trying to engage you in a conversation. Don’t continue to disappoint me and Victor. Show some leadership to the others and prove you can do it!

  18. AfricanforRomney says:

    I’m not avoding anything. I’m fired up! I’m so glad 65+ million people got a chance to see Gov Romney’s authentic leadership, intellectual arguments last night instead of Obama’s 2 minutes ads full of lies about Gov Romney.

    Regarding your fact check org claims, i heard it on radio this morning. It depends who you asked, it depends what party you’re in. AP is Obama’s mouth piece, don’t care about them. The fact is the unemployment rate jumps from 8.1 to 8.2% under Obama. Gov Romney is not a Prez yet. Obama owned this economy. He has a burden to explain his failed policy to American people instead i created 5 million jobs lies. You don’t need fact check org for Obama failed leadership. Where are the jobs that he claimed he created last night? These numbers are not lying. But, Obama does lie! Where are the fu… jobs????

  19. Mskier11 says:

    This guy Roy needs a major wake-up call for the truth. He keeps accusing all of us Republicans and Moderates of not facing the truth, and I’ve heard plenty of people call Mitt Romney a liar (and most of them are left-wing liberals a.k.a. the media), but he’s just not a liar. And both candidates exaggerated last night; who doesn’t in a debate? Come on man, get with the truth. If you can say how the last 4 years have been better for you, then you have an argument. If not, please accept the truth - Romney is our man.

  20. AfricanforRomney says:

    Don’t be intimidated by Roy, Odummers. Roy want us to beleive this is a new normal living in high unemployment and in poor economy growth. Obama owned this economy. People are struggling in Obama’s economy. The unemployment number is not a lie. The Prez has a burden to proof to the American people why the unemployment is high, why we’re having slow growth, why all his policies failed.

    The Blame-in chief needs to answer why he’s destroying the American economy?

  21. Roy says:

    There you go again. You still can’t look a fact in the eye and have an intelligent discussion of it. What is it about facts that scares you so???
    Putting a fact in front of you is like putting a crucifix in front of a vampire.
    I suspect that you don’t and that says volumes for you. Is this the best you can? Are the people here the best and the brightest of the Romney crowd. If so, it’s pretty pathetic.
    Again, I pose the question. Grow a pair and provide an answer.

  22. deb says:

    in 2013 the obamacare medical taxes start, when you sell your house, a 1% tax goes to obamacare, too bad the tax didn’t
    start this year, oh wait, it’s election year, what was I thinking. (no lies there)
    Romney ruled the stage, obama looked like a little boy caught doing something wrong.

  23. Annette S says:


    With all due respect to fact & other fact check organizations sometimes they’re too literal. They are probably referring to the number of people on unemployment. The 23 million number is……1) unemployed..2)underemployed…3)people that have dropped out. People that are underemployed aren’t making ends meet and so they are still looking. We know how many have dropped out because we can measure the size of the work force.

    College grads….the same applies….your number is not considering underemployed or those that have dropped out.

    Medicare….Obama cut $716 from Medicare. He admitted it in the debate but he represented it differently. Romney calls it a cut and Obama calls it a savings or cost control. Cost control is what he has led his supporter to believe.

    FACT: $425B was the reduction made from Provider Payments. This is the amount paid to doctors and hospitals for the services they provide to seniors…..$156B was cut from Medicare Advantage. This is government funding to allow seniors to pick their own insurance plan. These were the 2 largest cuts.

    Obama and his campaign have justified these cuts as nothing but a reduction in insurance company subsidies. The only problem is these so-called subsidies are in fact payments for health insurance that seniors rely on. They have paid into FICA most of their lives and expect to be reimbursed for these funds. Obama is using this funding for the expansion of Obamacare which has nothing to do with seniors.

    The Medicare Trustees have concluded that these cuts “will not be viable” Medicare’s chief actuary has called them “unrealistic”. Obamacare’s long term cuts to Medicare will make it harder for seniors to find doctors who will see them.

    Recent survey by the Physicians Foundation….”Foundation indicates that Obamacare will compel more than half of doctors to close or significatly restrict their practices for Medicare patients. Additionally , the government estimates that 15 percent of hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health agencies will begin losing money and have to consider cutting off Medicare patients from care.

    Besides the above….Vic has an important point. If Romney is telling lies why does Obama just stand there. Why didn’t he defend the so-called truth. He should have put it right back in Romney’s face but he didn’t. He didn’t….because, Roy, Obama doesn’t have the goods.

  24. Adam says:

    Intelligent response by Annette. Except for the point about the fact check sites being liberal. Do you know where comes from? Go online and check it out and then come back and tell me that this is liberal. If facts are so important to the conservatives, then why don’t they have their own fact check sites. Even Fox News was critiquing Romney’s debate performance for his failure to remain factual and the Romney staff was walking back some of his debate statements.
    Nice to see some intelligent discussion here finally.

  25. Moi says:

    Roy is suffering from the same hypoxia that Obama suffered during the debate. Go to a lower elevation, Roy, and breathe deeply.

  26. Annette S says:


    I didn’t say liberal, I said literal, but maybe that wasn’t the right choice of words. I don’t think fact check organizations are always set up to check facts comprehensively. Romney is talking about people looking for work. He wasn’t talking about how many jobless claims there are and I think that is what they are talking about. There are fact check organizations that are leaning both directions. Maybe not fact, however.

    Most likely the Romney campaign is clarifying what Romney said so that is not misunderstood. Until you can tell me what specifically they are supposedly walking back on, I can’t defend it.

    What I told you in the above post is correct. Those were the issues that Roy was complaining about.

    If Romney was lying or exaggerating why didn’t Obama stick up for himself. I really don’t believe Obama thought he could win the argument.

  27. Adam says:

    Good commentary. A welcome relief from the others who think that we benefit from insults and childish behavior.
    Glad to see that you agree that is not biased. If you go to their website you’ll see plenty of facts checked against both sides. However, Romney has by far the worst record and he is obviously willing to say anything at any time, hence the ole etch a sketch line put out by his own campaign manager. If you look back on the archived docs on this site ( and you don’t have to go too far back) you’ll clearly see how his positions have ( to be kind) “evolved.”
    They really “evolved” on Wednesday night as he made a u-turn from many of his long (for him) held positions.
    Here is an excerpt from following the debate:
    “Romney sometimes came off as a serial exaggerator. He said “up to” 20 million might lose health insurance under the new law, citing a Congressional Budget Office study that actually put the likely number who would lose employer-sponsored coverage at between 3 million and 5 million. He said 23 million Americans are “out of work” when the actual number of jobless is much lower. He claimed half of all college grads this year can’t find work, when, in fact, an AP story said half either were jobless or underemployed. And he again said Obama “cut” $716 billion from Medicare, a figure that actually reflects a 10-year target for slowing Medicare spending, which will continue to grow.”

    There’s lots more there ( on both sides). But for the people on this stream to absolutely deny the obvious is very disconcerting. You certainly seem to have an open mind and you seem to agree that facts and the truth are important moral responsibilities for all of us.

  28. Annette S says:

    Adam…..We are going to have to agree to disagree. I don’t want to repeat my argument. Please see the post above on 10/05 1:11 pm. It states my position on the 23 million number and the $716 billion cut on Medicare. Romney was justified in his remarks. The CBO office says 3 to 5million. The Romney campaign surveys businesses to reach certain numbers. I don’t know how the CBO comes up their numbers. I’ve never been too excited about the CBO office.

    Look…..I have been following Romney closely since 2007. I’ve read his book and many articles written about him and listened to most of his speeches and interviews. I believe he is consistent and truthful. I agree with his philosophy and viewpoints as all his supporters do.

    Obama and Romney have two different visions. Obama wants centralized planning such as Obamacare with government directed economy. Romney wants a free economy with far less government so that businesses can prosper. Positions can be spun differently depending on ones viewpoint. So if Obama feels that Romney is untruthful or has the wrong spin then he needs to fight back. But in the debate he just looked down and didn’t engage Romney. He is the POTUS. He needs to show that he is not intimidated. He needs to look Romney in the eye and give it back to him, but he didn’t. I don’t think he has the goods. Sorry.

    I’m done here.

  29. AfricanforRomney says:

    Will the real Roy Adam please stand up? Glad you’re happy with Annette S. I guess, the rest of us don’t have moral responsibility. LOL!

  30. Roy says:

    Annette is smart and respectful. She can make her points thoughtfully. I really respect her point of view. African, on the other hand…brings nothing to the discussion other than hate and disrespect. Hope s/he doesn’t have children. We need more mature people. The truth and facts matter and if one can’t intelligently outline their position, maybe they’d be better off just staying out of the discussion as they do nothing to advance their cause. Does African really think that even one person would be attracted to Mr. Romney based on her drivel?

  31. Anita David says:

    Here’s the upcoming New Yorker Coverre: the debate with “the empty chair”

  32. AfricanforRomney says:

    Btw, I’m not here attract or impose my black intellectual to anyone. I’m here to support 110% for my future Prez Romney regardless of his postion on the issues. I vote Gov Romney just b/c for the moral decay of America under Obama.

    Your assumptions are so nauseating on Children, Intellegent, morality is a big ha ha, “fact”, “truth”. Finally, you’re right on one thing, though. Yes, I’v Zero respect for Prez Obama Blame-in chief and a serial liar. I do hate Obama’s America for another term. oh, also I missed so much a white Prez. hehehe

    Obama is a bad Karma!

    Gov Romney=Saving the soul of America!

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  34. Roy says:

    Continued intelligent conversation from Annette. I know you are a serious person. Regarding the President’s plan to reduce the deficit, his plan calls for a $4T reduction over 10 years, The plan called for $2.5 in spending cuts for every $1 of increased revenue. Domestic spending will be at the lowest percentage in 50 years. Now, you’re not going to get this information by listening to the noise coming from the Romney camp or Fox News.
    Romney on the other plan apparently thinks he can balance the budget and pay down the debt with spending cuts alone- spending cuts he won’t disclose. The Ryan plan is even worse and that’s why the’re running away from his plan. Unfortunately, he has a record of votes in Congress along with his disastrous budget plan that has Republican Senate and House candidates disavowing, lest they get tagged with it. Let’s see how he can defend his positions Thursday night during his first national debate. He has never been in a statewide debate. That deer in the headlight look is sure going to get worse when he tries to explain his votes with Akin and his failure to vote against one penny of the Bush spending spree. Fiscal conservative he is NOT.
    Romney’s debt reduction plan does not have support among any credible economist and this is more “Voo-doo economics.” Look at who is saying this is a credible plan. It’s just not serious. If you disagree with this point, please tell me which source feels he has a credible plan. I haven’t seen one yet but I’ll be happy to look further if you can favor me with your favorite source.

  35. Annette S says:


    I looked over some of the fact checkers and I found some holes in their analysis. In all honestly they seem a left leaning. Obama allotted 90 billion in the stimulus package for 26 green companies and fact checkers are quibbling about how the money got to them. (Romney said tax breaks). The Romney campaign makes the case that the 90 billion was committed in one year and they say… but it was distributed in 2. Not an important argument to me. They say only 3 companies filed bankruptcy. Look….I know of 9 companies that have filed for bankruptcy or they are close to bankruptcy, under investigation or on a downward financial trajectory. It’s not a pretty picture and this is the narrative that the public has to see. Those are just 9 that I know of. With 26 companies there could very well be more. Fact checkers don’t mention that.

    Cutting the Deficit

    Yes…Romney has a bold plan. This is how it has to be. He will also save funds by repealing Obamacare, downsizing the size of our government agencies, and cutting government waste. Also Republicans believe in raising taxable revenue by growing the economy.

    Romney has a ton of economist who endorse him. They are reputable. You must be listening to too much MSNBC to think that no credible economist is behind Romney. LOL
    I will be back with that post. Romney/Ryan….2012!!

  36. Annette S says:


    Over 400 independent economists signed a statement at the website “Economist for Romney” Included in this group is 5 Nobel Laureates…Gary Becker, Robert Lucas, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott and Myron Scholes.

    “We enthusiastically endorse Governor Mitt Ronmey’s economic plan to create jobs and restore economic growth while returning America to its tradion of economic freedom.”

    They write that Romney’s plan is based on sound principles..”more contained and less intrusive federal government, a greater reliance on the private sector, a broad expansion of opportunity without government favors for special interests.”

    If you go on their site… they break down their reasons in bullet points along with why they don’t agree with Obama’s policies. They agree that Romney needs to slow down the Federal growth of spending and cap spending to 20% of GDP

    Voodoo economics? Who are you listening to! Romney worked in the private sector for 25 years. All the wealth in the country comes from the private sector and they create the jobs. The private sector pays for government. To prosper we need a strong and free private economy and who knows better than Mitt Romney.

    No deer in the headlights for Paul Ryan!…..I am looking forword to it.


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