Debate Analysis: Barack Obama is Unprepared in Every Way

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Many thoughts crossed my mind as I watched the first presidential debate last night. For me, the most important, even critical aspect of both performances came down to one glaring fact: Preparation.

Barack Obama was wholly unprepared and Mitt Romney was completely prepared in every way. All “the experts” are trying to spin it in the mainstream media to say that Governor Romney won the debate on style. That is utter nonsense! Mitt Romney has been prepared his entire life as a leader.

Barack Obama is unprepared to lead our nation in these ways:

• As commander in chief
• He is unprepared to lead America’s economy
• Obama is unprepared to create jobs for Americans
• He is unprepared to take our nation in the right direction with energy
• Obama is unprepared to lead out in foreign affairs with American flags burning in our embassies

I could list many other areas in which Barack Obama is simply not prepared. Check David Parker’s post here to see how Mr. Obama is simply not up to the job. Do we have to see another four years of this man’s smile to determine what we already know today?

Mr. Obama was weak and very uncomfortable last night. Is this why he did not want to meet with Israel’s Netanyahu? He did not want to be there. In the last six months, pundits, politicos, and reporters have been saying Mr. Obama does not like being President of the United States of America. I believe they are correct.

Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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About Victor Lundquist

Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007. View Posts | View Profile
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18 Responses to Debate Analysis: Barack Obama is Unprepared in Every Way

  1. Barbara Davis says:

    Hurray for Romney! Those are not word I ever expected to utter, much less send in an email. The man who took the podium last night was a man in whom I can have confidence, a man who has what it takes to take the reins of this country and lead us to a better place. My husband and son, with the assistance of 5 women, have a small law firm in southern Ohio. When we turn that small business over to my son to run, it is important that he, his family, the employees, and their families will be safe, valued, and protected. I believe their future is best placed in the hands of mitt Romney.

  2. Govind says:

    At this point before you vote consider USA as a huge organization who is about to go bankrupt and you are it’s employees and ask following question before you vote!!

    1. Would you want a guy like Obama to run your company or Romney, Would you want Obama to be your boss or Romney?
    2. What matters to you –
    a. The fact that your boss can speak a lot and make his point across crowd, a boss that does average jobs and has little idea of what happening to bottom line of your company.
    b. Or a boss that know how to run a company, has experience in fixing failing company, and a boss who want to fix the company so finally he can provide you a pay raise
    3. A boss who is busy pleasing the unions who he knows are abusing the system and draining the cash from company with unskilled workers or a boss who is against any union or worker that is not fit for health of the company and want to hire skilled people to run company while getting rid of employee who bring no value to company
    4. A boss who hates management because they make more money or a boss that want to provide more resources to management so they can invest in employees future and provide more resources for employees to succeed
    5. A boss that provide you with one health care option based on what he thinks is best for his company and his employees or a boss that go out and fight for best possible options and then let different companies fight for your money while giving you choices to pick what’s best for you.
    6. Finally a boss who is middle class because he has never been in management before, he can relate to you when it comes to getting similar paychecks but has no idea on how to run the company toward profitable growth or how to make you rich by improving your skills and position in company or a boss who is rich because he was the CEO of many different companies that are now successful and is now ready to make your company move toward profitable growth.

    The case is simple, if your are from middle class you know who should be you boss that will lead you to next promotion vs. the boss who will keep promising a better future and keep asking you to be patient while he figures out how to run the company.

  3. Ronald Young says:

    Thought for sometime Media was building Obama up and last night we saw who was the better candidate and debater….Romney……..this debate was a game changer. Obama can’t hid from his record anymore.

  4. Susan says:

    Back during the health care debate, Obama was on record exclaiming that too many doctors were performing operations to remedy tonsil issues when often the surgery was not necessary. So he was pointing the fingers at doctors saying they just wanted to make lots of money to do operations that were unnecessary. If obama had ever taken his own children to the doctor, he would know that the primary doctor doesn’t perform operations. He will if necessary direct the patient to a specialist. Often another voice in needed from there. So the system doesn’t just automatically go for the operation. This made me realize that Obama just is out of touch of many typical daily family matters. He is living in a bubble. My husband had surgery in Feb that took months of soul searching on our part and also a deep reluctance of the doctor to do any unnecessary surgery. Now doctors are supporting Mitt. They voted for Obama in 2008, but not after he painted them all as only after the dollar.

  5. RC says:

    There are Americans who are died in the wool Democrats and died in the wool Republicans. However, it is the Independents and Moderates who are going to determine the next President of the United States.

    This is a good thing, because, these undeciders are for the most part open-minded. They will vote for the best man - after doing some homework and engaging in the political process.

    Clearly, after the Frank Luntz focal group last night, I am very excited to see 90% of them voting for Romney. They saw Romney for who he really is, with no pretense. It is a totally different picture of what B.O. has painted.

    I only pray for my fellow citizens that they will “see the light” before it is too late.

  6. Cathy says:

    Mr. Obama is not a leader, a president, or an honest man. He is a figurehead and a “front” for all of the radical liberals that have weaseled their way into our government. They are standing behind him, feeding him all this extreme liberal thought. He puts a pretty face on it and try’s to sell it to a gullible electorate that would rather lose their country, than offend the first black president.

  7. Marjorie Doby says:

    It’s not that Obama wasn’t prepared —Romney told the truth that has been held back so much by the media. It was refreshing to see Romney look him in the face and say things allot of us have been bothered about. Obama knew he was cornered and didn’t have Valerie Jarrett, Axelrod, or his advisors. I do think that Romney needs to cut sharper next time, because this one fumed obama and he’ll not go down easy next time. GO MITT

  8. ND says:

    Congratulation to Mr. Romney. You did a great job as a next U.S president. I watch the news, the Obama’s campaign and his supporters try to depend for Mr. President, but they cannot change the fact that Mr. President can not defend himself during the debated and his record. Mr. Pre. applied mathematic in his speech, but he only used addition and subtraction, he forgot the multiplication. To collect tax from one person is much less than 10 working people with sufficient amount and also kill jobs creators who risk their investment to paid heavy tax. Remember, when the small business is grown, jobs creation is on the way, more people go to work, tax collected to balance the deficited, the SS system and medicare is stabilized, because the working people’s issurance is coverage by the employer or their own provider. I hope that Mr. Next president should point that out in the next debate or campaign and also detail how to create jobs by reformed the tax code, such as given the tax break for the corp. which maintains 70% employees in U.S or the corp. i.e., Apple, the new tech. or products at least produce in U.S. for one or two years, that is maintained jobless in balance. Tax collected uses into researched and improved infanstructure that also help to create jobs. Resized government agency, such as merged the agency and given out the retirement packaged to the elderly federal employees, gives those jobs to new grad. student with less paid that reducing government spending and balance budget.
    Again, congratulation! Wish you will succeed to be the next president.

  9. DR says:

    Great job Mr Romney! Easy to see who was relaxed, had great responses, knowledge of what he was talking about, and competant. Try to keep PBS though and get rid of other frivolous programs! Thank you.

  10. Canda says:

    Having been a Romney supporter from day one I wasn’t surprised by anything he said, but was taken aback, even astonished by those in the media who were shocked at Mitt’s plans. I know they have been rooting for Obama since he came on the scene in 2007, but I thought their negative comments over these many months may have had some kind of investigation on their part to see what it was Romney was saying. People are saying that Obama was weak, flat, tired, whatever. I think this is the real Obama. He sold himself in 2008 with a bunch of dreams, hopes & wishes. Now that he has no record of doing anything he promised, and the glittery dreams aren’t as enticing as they once were he showed up with nothing to sell, and got trounced. Mitt, on the other hand, has substantial experience, understanding, and intelligence to do the things necessary to get this country back on track and kill the socialist beast that is trying to destroy our Republic. His responses, questions, challenges to his opponent were precise, powerful, and backed by facts, and figures. The best Obama could offer was telling us that math is arithmetic. Duh! The man on stage last night ripping the Obama campaign apart is the Mitt Romney who succeeded in business, in government, and in his personal life.

  11. Nancy says:

    Mitt re-tooled his message completely in a ploy to appeal to undecided voters by denying everything he’s ever said thus far in the campaign (and by shamelessly running rough shod over the hapless Jim Lehrer). “I do have a plan that deals with people with pre-existing conditions. That’s part of my health care plan,” Romney said. Gee, whiz - he must have totally rewritten his plan, because the one he’s been campaigning oto n this year says it’s fine for insurance companies deny coverage to individuals based on pre-existing conditions. You couldn’t make up a more perfect example of what that campaign aide meant when he said it would be easy for Romney to campaign against Obama - he would just change what he says the way you change an Etch-a-Sketch. I think you all will find that the truth has a way of catching up. Enjoy your victory now - it will be short lived.

  12. Derby Girl says:

    Gov. Romney: There were many of us who fasted and prayed for you this past Sunday. We wanted you to be able to recall the facts so that you could present them in the manner that you desired, to come across as an accomplished leader, and to keep cool-headed in a hot situation such as this. You’re welcome - glad to help!

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  14. AfricanforRomney says:

    “Unprepared” is very kind word for you to say. This Prez knows shit, nothing. He knows he’s not capable facing the nation with his misearably failed Presidency so, he decided to ignore the debate and do campaign stamp speechs. He began with “anniversary” craps to Sandra fluk’s crowds and ended addressing to the redistribution, sharing, rich haters crowds and the usual sexism, racism, divisive manner of speech. What an embarassment! This is exactly what his former economic advisors, natioanl security advisors complaining for. The guy do not understand anything.

    Gov Romney had no choice except explianing this fool the people struggles, the consequences of his undemocratic polices, what it means for us another 4 years of the empty chair. Obama the fraud Prez couldn’t explain his major economic policies, couldn’t defend his signature undemocratic legislation. He can’t even explain what he was blabing to his Odummers in the campaign trails. The only missing statement from last night debate was “i’m emperor Obama and i approved this message”.

    Gov Romney got an opportunity to EXPOSE this Fraud big time. Obama was left in the stage naked with his hammer and sickle in his head.

    Thank You! Gov Romney uncovering the TRUTH for us! Let Jah reward you victory on Nov 6!

  15. Victor Lundquist says:

    African for Romney:

    What do you really think?

  16. Romney/Ryan 2012 says:

    Mr EyeCandy/Telepromter President should have known those facts backward and forward but when you spend as much time out of the White House as he has and trying to be a rock star he doesn’t know them. Homework? It is his work!!! He works for the American People not his own agenda.
    Makes me wonder if that noise that was heard behind them was Reid and Pelosi getting the “vapors” and hitting the floor thinking they may have to hit the road too.
    Thank you Gov Romney and God Bless You

  17. Bob West says:

    Obama has been adored as the liberal socialist savior and coddled by the media for so long that he has no idea how to facilitate his own ideas.

    Obama does well with softball eyecandy questions from “The View” but is incompetent as the leader of the Free World.

    In foreign affairs, in economic knowledge, in working with both parties, in business sense, in honesty….etc. Obama is not a leader.
    America needs Mitt Romney.

  18. resident evil 6 says:

    Wonderful writeup.