Poll: Who won tonight’s debate? Romney or Obama?

Be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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Be sure to let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of MittRomneyCentral.com.
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About Nate Gunderson

Nate owns and manages a small souvenir manufacturing business. He and his wife of 12 years have 2 children. Nate has been blogging for Mitt Romney since late 2006 and is co-founder and editor of MittRomneyCentral.com. View Posts | View Profile
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105 Responses to Poll: Who won tonight’s debate? Romney or Obama?

  1. Cathy says:

    Mitt hit it out of the ball park!! So impressed with Mitt and so unimpressed with Obama. Mitt had passion, performance, and positive energy. He came on top on all issues. Well done Mitt. You will be our next president.

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    Thank You! Gov Romney for doing a fantastic job at the debate.
    The choice is simple America!

    Obama’s Govt Control life
    Romney/Ryan Individual Liberty, Freedom and strong America

  3. CharRenee says:

    Quoting Bill Clinton…. Obama looked like a Amature

  4. Zigrid says:

    Obama was sleepy, sloppy, all over the place: Romney was sparked, precise, fact oriented, on the mark! Congratulations President Romney!

  5. Mary Miller says:

    Mitt knocked it out of the park and looked well-informed, on task, did his due-diligence, got his message across clearly and looked presidential. A TKO!

  6. Matt Conlon says:

    I think me Obama really missed his TelePrompTer .mr Romney clearly has better focus. And finally, we need a business person to help get us back on the correct financial road to recovery.

  7. Debra Scheidt says:

    Oh yeah……a great night for Romney! This WILL be our next Commander in Cheif!!!!!

  8. Mary says:

    Mitt aced it. Obama had a terrible had a smirk the whole time.

  9. Sharon Lannon says:

    put a fork in obama hes done!!!!! Romney won by far!!!!

  10. william cox says:

    was obama even in the running?

  11. Joanne White says:

    Mitt was SO PRESIDENTIAL!!

  12. Jim says:

    Romney wins! Not by a mile , but, significant. Obama’s pinched lips showed a lose, and a smirk that he was not happy. Romney remained up beat. The only thing he missed, was when Obama brought up the Ryan budget, Romney should have brought up that the democrats have not presented a budget in 4 years, and the one Obama produced was voted down in the senate 97-0. Good job Romney!

  13. Ivan says:

    Now that’s Presidential!!!.
    Go Mitt!

  14. Barbara Risner says:

    Mr. Romney, you did us PROUD!!! My prayers are with you for continued success. You are the ONLY choice for President!

  15. Mae Adams says:

    Obama without a teleprompter was as poor as his job of Commander in Chief. If Romney doesn’t win this election, something is terribly wrong with our system. Let’s get back to the Constitution and the American way.

  16. Norma Baker says:

    Mitt you did a great job.I knew you would.

  17. Rebekah Davis says:

    Mitt, You were FANTASTIC in the debate tonight! Wow! Thank you for giving our country such a great Presidential candidate! You must win, we need your leadership in our country.

  18. Mike Finley says:

    Mitt Romney, our next America-loving President!

  19. Gintte Diaz says:

    Mitt Romney knows what he’s talking about!!!

  20. Arlene says:

    Mitt Romney won hands down tonight. Obama never knew what hit him !!

  21. Donna Sanfilippo says:

    Great Job by Romney! Did not think we had a chance. Now I think we can win.

  22. Robert Belgrad says:

    I thought Gov. Romney did a good job tonight, but i thought he missed a couple of prime opportunities:

    1. On 2 separate occasions, Pres. Obama stated “Budgets matter. Budgets indicate choices.”, and I believe these were ideal opportunities to point out that the Democrats have failed to produce a budget for the entire Obama term in office, and that BOTH of Obama’s budget proposals got not a single vote from EITHER party.
    2. When Pres. Obama criticized Gov. Romney for not going into detail on his healthcare proposals, I thought it would have been a good time to mention the 2,900 page Obamacare bill, which was voted on by Democrats before it was fully read by them, and which Speaker Pelosi stated they’d have to pass to find out what was in those pages.

    Otherwise, it was a job well done.

  23. Larry Childs says:

    Obama should just give up. No contest.

  24. SFC says:

    Mitt took the fight to Obama and won! It’s apparent that Mitt isn’t going to let Obama hide from the truth on his failed policies.

  25. Helen says:

    I was for Romney from the time he started campaigning and I still am but stronger, he did great tonight and I think he slapped obama in the face a few times.

  26. P Forrett says:

    Why has no one thought about making medcal costs more transparent? We shop for prices on groceries, cell phone plans, vehicles and so much more. Why can’t we have clear cut costs for procedures at health care facilities. Attorneys, beauticians, accountants all can account for their costs and fees before we utilize services. Is this not a logical place to start?

  27. darla deane kavanaugh says:

    I am so proud of Mitt & can’t wait to vote for him next month, I’m 76 years old 7have seen many men run for president & you are my choice !! Thank you for your faith in our country & our Lord.!!

  28. Debbie Amaral says:

    Mitt was awesome tonight, we just met the next POTUS.

  29. Thelma says:

    Mitt spoke with conviction. He is what this country needs.
    He showed lots of positve energy and is ready to do a great job for 100% of Americans.

  30. louie says:

    ROMNEY! ROMNEY! ROMNEY! THAT WAS SO PRESIDENTIAL!! GO MITT ON WITH NOV.6 AND A MUCH BETTER FUTURE. what i enjoyed the most is all the facts that mitt layed out. especially when he started talking or rather reciting the constitution. and mitt stand on how important our military is.100% loved it!!

  31. Karen says:

    Never a doubt in my mind from the beginning….Romney/Ryan all the way!

  32. Jack Garren says:

    Poor Obama, no tele-prompter!!!!!!
    Mitt by a mile.

  33. Gerry Erickson says:

    Mitt, you slew Barrack like David slew Goliath, fantastic job, was praying for you the whole time.

  34. shirley gee says:

    Mitt Romney look’s and act’s talk’s like the presidential candidate and should be in the White House alone with Paul RYAN. GOD BLESS BOTH OF YOU

  35. Annette Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for being bold, your strength and command was priceless!! You Sir are amazingly Presidential. You have my vote of course. God bless you and good night .

  36. Janet Hartz says:

    Romney clearly was the more intelligent on the issues.Obama looked like he was being taken to school!


    Romney ruled!!!

  38. Nancy Roba says:

    You did great tonight Mitt you had Obama nailed to the floor keep it up Mr President .Romney

  39. Andrew Pearson says:

    Romney hits home run! Obama lost in weeds, looking for the ball! #2012Debate

  40. Earnest Johnson says:

    Romney won by a land slide. If Obama loose in November he’ll have more time to play GOLF. And we can get back to the business of fixing our country.

  41. Elton A. Ashley Jr. says:

    Great job Mitt, everything I was hoping for and more.

  42. Linda Clark says:

    Governor Romney I have been a support of yours from the day you entered the race. As a young student from the U of Denver state, you did control the debate, you did make the points that you needed to make and it was a changing moment for a lot of people who needed to see you take a strong stand, face to face with Obama. Thank you for giving us what we needed to see, and for giving the undecided voters what they needed to see from you. Excellent evening for Romney/Ryan.

  43. Judge Rembert says:

    Mr Romney was very informed. He was clear and clean with his answers. He did not allow himself to be pushed aroung but he did not push himself too much. He was a President the way I want a President to act. He has my vote.

  44. pat says:

    obama showed up, but he didn’t think he needed to prove himself. his ego got in the way. mitt shut down all of obama’s arguements

  45. Maggie Hayes says:

    So proud of Mitt. Great job. I didn’t care for the modertor. Obama took advantage of him but it didn’t help him any.

  46. Steve Craven says:

    I can’t believe that Obama kept bringing up “when you’re running on a budget . . . “!!! WHAT BUDGET, Mr. President?? The one so ridiculous it has never been passed in congress?? The one so ludicrous that it was unanimously rejected (meaning EVERY democratic congressman also voted “no” on it.” (Yes, Mr. President, sometimes you DO have to know when to say “No.”)

  47. Marie Arena says:

    I think Obama might vote for Romney.

  48. Patricia says:

    Mitt Romney, you did so well tonight, I think Obama will go home & cry in his soup. I want you to know that you have people praying for you, and we love & care for your family.Congradulations to the soon to be Mr. President!

  49. Cliff says:

    Obama looked confused without his teleprompter! Romney was very well versed on all subjects.

  50. patty says:

    Way to go president romney we need a man like you in the white house.obama was stuttering with all his lies. Your a pittbull good for you keep it up good job

  51. Rebecca Mohammed says:

    Romney was so clear, and articulate. Educated and informative… all by himself! No teleprompter required. It was so refreshing not to hear “uh, uh, uh” over and over.

  52. Johanna Peeler says:

    Great job! My prayers are with you, President Romney. You showed vitality, strength and knowledge. Keep up the good work.

  53. AfricanforRomney says:

    “Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,”Clint Eastwood.

    Vote Romney/Ryan=Save the soul of America!

  54. Mike Cummings says:

    If you didn’t believe in Mitt Romney before, you should now. He demonstrates all of the qualities of leadership our country has been lacking for the past four years. He is the man that will be able to lead our country out of these troubled times.

  55. gatkinson says:

    Romney you were great. You stayed upbeat & factual. I liked that you smiled thru the entire debate. After about the 1st 2 minutes Obama was frowning. You looked prepared & comfortable. Continue to stand on & preach your conservative values. So very tired of Obama’s half truths & his out and out lies. We are seniors and we can’t get jobs because so many are out of work that employers don’t give seniors a chance. You are A+ in our book.

  56. Cel says:

    Romney lies! If he gets to be president, you will all be sorry. Obama was cool and calm and PRESIDENTIAL!!!!’m

  57. lois johnson says:

    was impressed, with MITT ON MEDICARE,

  58. AfricanforRomney says:

    LOL! “Look, I’ve been in business for 25 years. I have no idea what you’re talking about. I maybe need to get a new accountant.” Gov Romney

    Wow, “the $90 billion spent on green energy was spent on education it would have funded 2 million teachers.” Gov Romney.

  59. Marilyn says:

    Mitt Romney owned the wheel house…Congratulations Mitt Romney!!!, job well done………..This IS the man we the people want in the White House as our next President of the United States of America…….ROMNEY/RYAN 2012

  60. AfricanforRomney says:

    Obama Serial Liar! Obama EXPOSED naked tonight in front of the American people. Obama’s lies were on display for ALL to judge.

    One LOve for Gov Romney!

  61. Steph says:

    Tonight showed that this country needs a strong leader with business experiance and tonight showed the lack of experiance about the economy that Obama has not provided and this country desparately needs. I just hope everyone watching saw the same thing. Romney showed tonight just what we need. A stong leader that knows how to run this country! The media has been so one sided through this whole campaign. I just hope people saw the light tonight. Our future and kids future depend on this.

  62. Susan Rae says:

    We sat there in awe! You were truly, truly wonderful in your presentation, taking Mr. Obama to task for failed policies, and yet you were not offensive. Thank you for your kind and knowledgable presence as well as the passion with which you spoke so inspiringly about the sacred documents upon which this nation was founded. Thank you for referring to “our Creator.” You have what it takes to bring this nation back to its founding principles, not to mention inspiring families and individuals to voluntarily work together to lift this country to its divinely inspired potential! The only people who will vote for Mr. Obama are those waiting for their govt. provided cell phones! Thank you for showing concern for the poor. I believe if the Republican party speaks more compassionately about those truly in need and convinces the voting public that there are better ways to give them a hand up and not a hand out, more Democrats would change sides. Please, please expose the Democratic platform: pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage, pro-redistribution of wealth and socialist policies, pro-Mideast oil, anti-American oil production, anti-strong defense. Anyone who can tell the United Nations that the Muslims have suffered the most from terrorism does not deserve to be Commander-in-Chief. The Oval Office is the most sacred political office in the entire world. You are worthy of sitting in the presidential seat!

  63. Teresa Cardona says:

    God answered my payres. Praise God!!!! You did great Mr. Romney, the best!

  64. kelly Gregory says:

    Mitt, I thought that you did a fantastic job tonight. You answered the questions and did your homework. You had the facts. I will be a very upset American if Barack Obama is re-elected on Nov 6. Our country is in desperate need of leadership, experience and moral ethics. You are a candid, honest man and would make me a proud American to have you as my President.

  65. Laura Hardin says:

    Gov.Romney said all the things he has said before in a strong, assertive tone. He made it clear that he wasn’t going to be sidetracked (as his sons must have tried at some time in the past) no matter how many times the President said the incorrect fact, he assertively restated the correct fact.

    Way to go!

  66. AfricanforRomney says:

    CA and NY is the new Spain. We’ve a big chance winning these two states :-)
    Register to Vote! Vote Romney/Ryan!
    We MUST keep American exceptionalism together.


  67. nancy says:

    Mitt won this debate. Mitt Romney is a businessman, CEO and has a lot of experience. America is a business, and it needs to have a CFO to take care of that business. Mitt Romney is the man to take over that job. He will do it with knowledge, experience and compassion. He has the desire to pull America up from the brink of further disaster. He will put America back to work.

  68. Emily says:

    Romney took everything Obama had to say and emptied it like a trash can! Way to go Romney!!! And I CAN NOT WAIT for the VP debate. That should be just as entertaining, lol!

  69. Raymond Sylvain says:

    Congratulations to Mitt. He articulated the message that will restore America and its values. I hope that all who believe in him will support him at the polls and by helping with his campaign. It is time for all who believe in Mitt to stand up for what they believe.

  70. AfricanforRomney says:

    Let’s keep the momentum! We MUST send Obama a permanent vacation to Chicago with one way ticket!

    Register to vote,
    Vote Romney/Ryan!=Believes in America!

  71. namvetbiker says:

    Lets hope and pray that Mr Romney and Mr Ryan keep the momentum going. I want a Commander in Chief who won’t bow down to some Third World Muslim nation and offer up apologies. Plus we need a strong leader who can think without the teleprompter like our current leader. We need a person who understands business management unlike the street corner community organizer and one term senator who refuses to provide transparency to anything.

  72. Nassi Morgan says:

    Mr.Romney, in next debate please look at the camera,when you answering to the questions!! Not Obama…
    Wish you the BEST

  73. D2 says:

    He satisfied my expectations 100% and showed who he really is! An American! Obama’s not really an American.

  74. Keith Kuder says:

    Romney Won . Obama Kept Putting His Head Down In Sham !!!

  75. Sergio says:

    Romney sounded like a used car salesman. Pumped up but lacked credibility. Still won’t disclose actual plans. Still all talk no facts to support his ideas.

  76. Edward Amoros says:

    I hope the American people saw what I’ve seen since 2008, Obama’s nothing but an actor and a opportunistic liar. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, everyone saw just how fake he is. “I am not a perfect President” is his hypocritical way of admitting he has done absolutely nothing as POTUS to restore America to greatness. No mention of God or Country in the entire debate and his lack of conviction and principles was put on display for the whole country to see.

    I hope America wakes up from all the hype and realizes they made a big mistake in 2008 by electing an opportunistic, socialist for President and that the past four years were a waste. People may think what they want about Romney but anyone who can judge a mans character knows Romney is twice the man Obama is and would be a thousand times better as POTUS.

  77. Cathy says:

    Maybe the liberal main stream media will “put a sock in it” now and give Mitt the respect he deserves and earned….but I doubt it, they are traitors and tyrants, so be on guard.

    Love you Mitt, you rocked it tonight!

  78. Fer says:

    Sorry Obama and crew… As Romney said you don’t get your own set of facts. Obama accused Mitt of no specifics, but Obama himself could not answer the simple question: If he has a REAL PLAN for America, what happened in the last 4 years? It only took Reagan 2 years to turn Carter’s bad economy around!
    And Sergio, Romney is no used car salesman. He is the former governor of a state which ranks #1 in education, very high on healthcare, improved income and employment during his leadership. He’s not just hot air. He knows how to do it right.

  79. Annette S says:

    Barack Obama is NO match for Mitt Romney!

    I believe Romney will win all three debates and Ryan will win his debate with Joe Biden.


  80. Lucinda Craven says:

    Sergio, it was Obama that didn’t have his facts right….cause he has spent way too much time at the golf course when he should have been in his meetings. Yea Romney! He was fantastic tonight! Obama looked angry, and beaten up. Someone actually said Obama looked “meek”! That was not meekness, that was anger! He knew he was losing and it showed on his face!

  81. Denny says:

    Mitt Romney wons hands down and cleaned Mr. Obama’s Socialist clock!!! Go Romney/Ryan!!!

  82. AfricanforRomney says:

    we know, we know, it is so difficult for Odummers to understand Gov Romney’s intellectual, philosophical details.
    This absolutely cluless sitting prez in the entire history couldn’t explain what he has done the last 3+ years besides printing money and destroying this naation economy.
    Obama EXPOSED!

  83. Karl Park says:

    i thought i was watching the movie Rocky,,,,,, only one verse of flying high now, and Mitt went rite into Eye of the Tiger!,,, i loved it!

  84. Mike Castle says:

    Mitt took Obama to school. It is to bad there was not more time. Obama looked confused and hardly looked at Mitt. He then looked at the moderator for help. No help there at Matt could not control the debate. The end could not come fast enough for Obama and he looked bunch drunk. I loved it when Mitt’s family took the stage they are beautiful. Mitt can be proud! Semper Fi, Mike

  85. Harold Henderson says:

    One thing that stood out was Obama took three to four minutes talking his bull c-p while Romney stayed within the two minutes.

    Another thing that stood out was the narrator tried several times to bypass Romney’s time to reply to Obama’s lies about Romney’s policies. The narrator acted like the main stream media.

    Obama and the narrator’s behavior in these regards was cowardly, selfish, and showed disrespect for Romney.

  86. Nita Bucklen says:

    America finally got to see the true Mitt Romney without being misrepresented by the news media, H won this debate hands down. He is what our country needs to lead us out of the desruction Barak Obama has had us in the last four years!

  87. Rick Day says:

    After watching tonight’s debate, the choice this November could not be clearer.

    A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for four more years of economic stagnation and weak foreign policy; as well as higher taxes, debt, and healthcare costs. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for real reforms that will bring a real recovery, including 12 million new jobs, tax relief for the middle class, better healthcare at lower costs, a balanced budget, and leadership for an American century.

  88. Freda Hayes says:

    Mitt Romney, our new president thank God

  89. RC says:

    After last night, I am proud to be an American. Mitt has restored my faith in America again. I will be very honored to say “President Romney”……….

  90. Cindy Lundquist says:

    The Obama’s need to call their real estate agent and get their Hawaii house in escrow. A little over 3 months they will be packing up their belongings in the White House.

    Way to go Governor Romney! Grateful you will lead our nation soon, America needs your leadership!

  91. Govind says:

    At this point before you vote consider US as a huge organization who is about to go bankrupt, and ask following question before you vote!!

    1. Would you want a guy like Obama to run your company or Romney, Would you want Obama to be your boss or Romney?
    2. What matters to you –
    a. The fact that your boss can speak a lot and make his point across crowd, a boss that does average jobs and has little idea of what happening to bottom line of your company.
    b. Or a boss that know how to run a company, has experience in fixing failing company, and a boss who want to fix the company so finally he can provide you a pay raise
    3. A boss who is busy pleasing the unions who he knows are abusing the system and draining the cash from company with unskilled workers or a boss who is against any union or worker that is not fit for health of the company and want to hire skilled people to run company while getting rid of employee who bring no value to company
    4. A boss who hates management because they make more money or a boss that want to provide more resources to management so they can invest in employees future and provide more resources for employees to succeed
    5. A boss that provide you with one health care option based on what he thinks is best for his company and his employees or a boss that go out and fight for best possible options and then let different companies fight for your money while giving you choices to pick what’s best for you.
    6. Finally a boss who is middle class because he has never been in management before, he can relate to you when it comes to getting similar paychecks but has no idea on how to run the company toward profitable growth or how to make you rich by improving your skills and position in company or a boss who is rich because he was the CEO of many different companies that are now successful and is now ready to make your company move toward profitable growth.

    The case is simple, if your are from middle class you know who should be you boss that will lead you to next promotion vs. the boss who will keep promising a better future and keep asking you to be patient while he figures out how to run the company.

  92. Beverly Schroeder says:

    “There you go again” worked great for Reagan. Mitt could use the following every time Obama distorts his position.

    “In all due respect, Mr. President, apparently, YOU JUST DON’T GET IT……and I don’t want you to mislead the public…. so I’ll explain my position again.”

  93. hollaye vladimiroff says:

    I have been waiting for this debate a long time, I knew Gov Romney would shine in every way. I have never been so honored to have someone like Mitt Romney run for president. If only they would of elected him four years ago we would not have this mess. If the American people do not wake up and vote for this man they are missing the greatest opportunity to turn this Country around. They do not make men like Mitt Romney anymore, very difficult to find, someone with such CHARACTER and INTELLIGENCE. He stands for greatness, he is greatness.

  94. Shane Ownbey says:

    Obama was incedibly lousy! Hands down Romney was Presidential, professional, clear, and strong! Obama was unorganized, passive, WEAK, pathetic, unprepared, confused, and lacked focus. Obama was not a leader! You try to argue about the substance, which Mitt won with but You could have turned OFF the sound and came to the conclusion that Mitt is a leader and Obama is a loser!

  95. Debra Johnson says:

    I voted for Obama in ’08..i thought i’d give him a chance…& i absolutely ‘planned’ on voting for him this year. However, based on the debate last night..& it is NOT just that Romney ‘won by a MILE’..i will now absolutely VOTE for Romney..not based on his ability to ‘debate’ but based on the FACT that he knows the numbers, he has a much better PLAN & has the IDEAS we need! So today..(don’t even NEED to see more debates)..i WILL vote for Romney!! PresObama appeared at the least..inept..& even ‘bored’ to be in the debate…he was unprepared, obviously could NOT deny any of the ‘policies’ that have failed, he appeared very unorganized & without a ‘focus’ to ‘fix’ our problems. I will be casting a vote for Romney! Romney was very knowledgeable & very ‘presidential’…i will voting to help him get the title he so obviously desreves! Consider me a ‘convert’…hands down!! Romney really deserves to be our president! Thanks for allowing me to ‘add’ my comments..& add my vote!

  96. john says:

    Both Obama and Biden are rather dull-witted and have been protected by the Media. Romney exposed Obama last night and it will be Ryan’s job to humiliate Biden. Let’s hope that Romney doesn’t go soft and become mushy Mr. Nice Guy in the next debate. He should become more aggressive in the 2nd debate and even more aggressive in the 3rd. Oh yeah, and would someone please tell Romney to stop making that insipid and weak looking face after he finishes speaking. It’s not good.

  97. William Bryant says:

    I liked Governor Romney’s debate very informative. Mitt romney has my vote

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  99. Tami Wilson says:

    Romney pointed out Obama’s faults with the economy and healthcare. Obama went in thinking that he had the debate in the bag ! Go Mitt !

  100. Linda says:

    I loved how Mitt took the fight to Obama….was not what O was expecting. It was awesome. Mitt was studied up and had his ducks in a row. Keep up the good work, Mitt. You have our vote!

  101. Joan C. says:

    Mitt is brilliant. Obama is an empty suit.

  102. Lisa Collins says:

    Governor Romney proved that Clint Eastwoods analogy was correct……. The chair was clearly empty !!!!

  103. Mary Oldham says:

    I believe Gov. Romney ran away with tonight’s event. There were many good moments, however, a reminder that he has balanced budgets before and been successful with his state’s economy offered me great comfort. I dread to think where we will be should Obama be re-elected — higher taxes for the middle class, a healthcare plan no one knows anything about (except it IS a tax plan), a weak standing around the world, and so on. Gov. Romney has had much more experience what with his duties as governor than Obama as a organizer and short-term senator. Mr. Romney is a very intelligent man who wants to put his skills to work for the whole country. Let’s give him a chance since nothing good has happened during the last four years.

  104. Glen M Jones says:

    Gov. Rommey next president of the United State

  105. Shirley Butchart says:

    Gov. Romney held his cool when Obama was looking for a fight. A lot of people said they were sick and tired of bikering. Romney showed he would be able to talk calmly in stressful situations. Obama wanted to be able to twist Romney’s words again like he did in the last debate. Obama showed us how and why he couldn’t win over some of the foreign leaders with his kind of attitude. I thought in a few instances that Obama used a little Marxism infused in handling his issues. Obama had a shady past when he was in college because he believed in Marxism. How do we know he still doesn’t think that way? Doesn’t feel like more of our freedom is being taken away and stricter rules being placed on us under his leadership? I want a real American leading our country, someone who knows how to balance a budget, create jobs, create a better economy and show great leadership. Both of Romney’s parents were born in the U.S.!