America: Obama’s Reality vs Romney’s Reality

With sufficient frustrations born of the media’s failing of America by not disseminating truth and facts, and with bewilderment over the media’s blindness to truth and substance, I have compared below the realities of America under Obama and Romney. To be fair, Mitt Romney hasn’t led America, yet, but his history and record is clearly indicative of what we might see under a Romney Presidency. Further and notwithstanding my bias towards Mitt Romney, I have tried to be dispassionate in this comparative.

Romney’s America seems to be more robust and more hopeful, in fact, more Free.

Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel.
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Conservative advocate, husband, father of six, grandfather of 18. Author, conservative blogger, and retired investment banker.Enjoy my family, my mountain home, political and philosophical discussions, golf and travel. View Posts | View Profile | View David's New Book
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8 Responses to America: Obama’s Reality vs Romney’s Reality

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    I’m still struggling to understand exactly what Romney/Ryan’s plan foreign policy different from Obama especailly in Afghanistan. I heard, Ryan’s interview a week ago and his answer was not clear to me. Basically, he was suggesting that having more ground troops is the soultion? We must get out of Afghanistan. Period. More ground troops for what? Obama policy already screwed up and it is byond repair now. Tell us you’re pulling out ASAP!

    I think Romney/Ryan have to come with more clarity, convincing plan what they’re planning to do differently.

    No dobt, Romney/Ryan have strong defense=strong military!

  2. Victor Lundquist says:


    If every voter were to study this for 10 minutes, nobody would vote for Obama.

  3. David Parker says:

    Unfortunately Obama’s lack of reasoned strategy and overriding of our military leadership has shaped and/or altered critical Afghanistan strategies. Mitt would have handled the exit from Afghanistan far differently. Mitt’s strategy will be to sit with the military leadership, seek their counsel, assess the situation and then act on principles - the most important at this point - protecting our military forces. I believe President Romney would pull out our troops as quickly as possible while protecting them in the exit. The Afghani’s have been severely compromised and cannot be trusted in partnership with the US as we exit. Thanks to Obama’s ‘election year’ war policies and governance, American lives in Afghanistan have been placed at higher risk. Mitt would stand with and protect our troops - Obama has done just the opposite. Mitt would pull them out ASAP, and not re-engage (my opinion).

  4. Cathy says:

    I’ll take Romney’s America, without even reading more than a few points. What a contrast! Who could not make a clear and decisive distinction when issues are seen side by side.
    Romney is for America to survive and thrive. Obama is for tearing down and downsizing America. Just what our enemies want, to come in and take over when we are weak and defenseless. We are being destroyed from within by calculated step by step. Wake up, watch out and educate yourself. Vote like your life depends on it…because it does.

    Romney will save America and restore her to greatness.

  5. Susan Ray Martin says:

    Thank you for getting the facts and putting them out for all.

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  7. Wendell Hurst says:

    Romney will meet with members of congress, and others who have expertise and interest in various issues, and work out solutions to problems. He will not have an assistant who restricts access, so he only has to meet with people who agree with his point of view. Romney will work until the job is done, not quit and go golfing, or upstairs to watch tv with his kids when there are important matters to be dealt with. If he doesn’t yet have the best plan for particular issues, it will come together when he meets with stakeholders and all the required information is shared. He has a track record of completing what he starts. I can’t imagine Romney would skip intelligence briefings. He’s too principled for that kind of irresponsible behavior.

  8. cen says:

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