Coal Miners are Mobilizing for Mitt Romney

Last week, in my first post here at MRC, I wrote about Mitt Romney’s two coal ads and how they accurately depicted the war we are waging here in Appalachia against President Obama and his EPA. I described those ads as heart wrenching, and I’m not afraid to admit they brought a tear to my eye. It breaks my heart to see so many of my neighbors struggling simply because our current President hates coal.

This week, we learned that the Obama campaign has been targeting coal supporters at rallies. In Virginia, Obama staffers confiscated pro-coal signs and hats worn by folks at a Joe Biden rally. And at a rally for Barack Obama in Ohio, coal supporters were banned from the event altogether. Banned? He had people banned because they support coal? Yes. He. Did.

The Romney campaign released a new ad today targeted at coal country. Let me tell you, if the one last week pulled at my heart strings, this one fires me up! We are sick and tired of fighting our federal government, which by the way, is supposed to help, not hurt, create jobs. The new ad, titled “Bankrupt”, reminds voters in Appalachia of Obama’s 2008 campaign promise that under his energy plan “…if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them.” You heard that right; here we have an American president promising to bankrupt an industry. Has there ever been a politician so brazen to brag he’ll bankrupt an industry and kill jobs? Not that I can remember. The ad goes on to explain that China has no problem taking our jobs and burning our coal. The spot closes with “Mr. President let us keep our jobs. We can’t afford 4 more years.”

Great news! I’m not the only one fired up! This week I learned that a group of grassroots West Virginians calling themselves “Miners for Romney” are organizing a caravan of nearly 100 vehicles to travel from Logan County, West Virginia to Ironton, Ohio. The caravan, organized by Shaun Adkins and other grassroots folks, will make stops in Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia, before arriving in Ohio. It will include coal miners, their families, local residents and business owners that rely on the industry, as well as ordinary people concerned what would happen to the coal industry if Obama got reelected. Joining the West Virginia group will be likeminded Ohioans and Kentuckians. Once they all make it to Ironton, “Miners for Romney” will spend hours knocking on doors and getting out the vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!

After door knocks, the group will be treated to a picnic by the Romney campaign, followed by a rally where several people will speak. Among the speakers are a passionate West Virginia coal miner named Josh Nelson, who’s running (and winning) for a seat in the West Virginia House of Delegates that’s been held by Democrats for nearly 80 years! The rally will be keynoted by Tom and Deneen Borelli, two nationally known pro-energy conservatives. Tom is a columnist at and a Senior Fellow at FreedomWorks. Deneen is the author of Backlash and Director of Outreach at FreedomWorks. Both are frequent contributors at FOX News. The rally will also feature representatives of the Romney campaign as well as Josh Mandel’s campaign.

I don’t have to tell anyone how important Ohio is on the electoral map. It’s a huge part of winning the White House and Mitt needs all the help he can get there. It makes me so proud to know that my fellow West Virginians are stepping up to help turn Ohio red for the Romney-Ryan ticket!

Governor Romney, if you’re reading this, keep it up! Thousands of Mountaineers stand ready to help you take back this country and save coal!

Todd Gunter is a government and political professional based in Charleston, West Virginia. Mr. Gunter serves on Governor Romney’s WV steering committee and was recently an At-Large Delegate to the Republican National Covention in Tampa, Florida. His areas of interest include coal and gun rights, among other issues important to his native Appalachia.

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About Todd Gunter

Todd Gunter is a government and political professional based in Charleston, West Virginia. Mr. Gunter serves on Governor Romney's WV steering committee and was recently an At-Large Delegate to the Republican National Covention in Tampa, Florida. His areas of interest include coal and gun rights, among other issues important to his native Appalachia.
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13 Responses to Coal Miners are Mobilizing for Mitt Romney

  1. Victor Lundquist says:

    These men and women of the coal industry are going to make a big difference for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

  2. ccr says:

    Thanks for this article! I had no idea!!

    GREAT idea! I hope the PAC’s come up with some hard hitting ads on this and other subjects! If OH goes BO, this will be a HUGE case of fraud……..well, or just downright “stupidity” as ALL of them will be affected by the “necessarily skyrocket (ed)” energy prices.

  3. Annette S says:

    Frank Luntz appeared on Sean Hannity’s show yesterday. They showed the first Romney ad that came out in support of coal miners. Both Democrats and Republicans in a focus group reacted very positively to this ad. Democrats reacted as positively as the Republicans. There is nothing more heart wrenching then seeing a group of hard working people fighting for their livelihood. EPA restrictions do little to help the environment and America loses jobs and energy. Coal miners mobilizing in support of Romney is a big plus!!

    Vote for Freedom!….Vote for Prosperity!

    Vote for Romney/ Ryan…2012!!

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  5. AfricanforRomney says:

    Nice caption photo. This is exciting news. There was a story this morning on the radio the coal mines voters roles in many swing states in this election. I heard that Southeast OH were very strong Dems and now interestingly you’ll find lots of undecided voters with “Save Coal-Fire Obama” signs among the Democrat local candidate signs.
    Obama hates coal. Incompetent Obama is a very misinformed Prez in history. No vision, no energy plan for the future America. He just want to sit pretty in the WH with taxpayers money paid energy consumption for another 4 years. We get his carbon prints when he vacationed now and then. His energy plan is printing money for wind energy, solar shit.


  6. Nancy Roba says:


  7. grace bandecchi says:

    I was a democrat until this year, now I am a republican, with great pride. Yes, I am from West Virginia. I have watched Oduma pull the wool over so many of his sheepel and I feel that what he has done is not for the good of American people. I have read up a lot on Mitt before I decided to vote for him, there’s a lot that people do not know, but should, you would look at him in a whole new light. His father left he and his siblings money, Mitt gave all his to the poor and charity,he did a lot of community work for free,he gave over four million dollars to charity and did not claim it on his taxes unlike Oduma, who gave a little over ninety thousand and claimed it on his taxes. He has a lot of money, yes he does and gives 15% of it away every year to various charities. He is a business man, thank God, he will know how to get this great nation of ours and get it back on it’s feet. Do you really want four more years of I think this and I think that or do you want to have someone who say’s I know how to fix this and will do just that. How many of us make over two hundred thousand a year? I make $25,000.00. The higher taxes will be for those who make over two hundred thousand, the rest of us will get lower taxes if taxed at all. Small business’s will pay a lower tax to encourage keeping them here in the states. The bigger ones? Do you really care how much the millionairs get taxed, meaning higher taxes. You know the ones who sent jobs overseas. Well, I for one hope they get taxed so high on their oversea jobs that they have to bring them back to the states to make money. Something has got to give. Before the US is the US no longer. At the rate Oduma is moving this could become a very harsh reality. Mitt 2012

  8. Vote to Save America's Future says:

    Welcome aboard, Grace! We Republicans are always glad to welcome good, thinking people like you. My grandfather and uncles were coal miners and this affects many, many people I care deeply about. This election is life or death serious for our country, and I agree with you that having someone who actually knows how to run something and keep it afloat financially is essential! Obama is KILLING America! He has GOT to be defeated!

  9. Nancy Roba says:

    Thank you Grace you are a very wise women. I am so afraid that Obama will try to do something to our country before we get him out . live in Florida and just found out that Iran gave charves missels and they are pointed right at the gulf coast and are capable of hitting us and other states along the gulf.We find these things out threw other people Obama want to let people attack us.

  10. Joan C. says:

    We must stand up with the coal miners and the medal of honor winners. We cannot let one man take us down. Many have tried but this is the closest we have come to letting it happen. What did he promise the Russians after the election? Obama Care will bankrupt us and take our freedoms away. What is wrong with so many Americans that they will not wake up. They blame Bush, but he had Democrats in charge of both houses. Maybe they caused the meltdown! Clinton had Republicans in charge of both houses. Maybe they were responsible for the good years. Stand up before we allow America to be changed forever.

  11. grace bandecchi says:

    I want to thank you who agree with me. I was bred and born here in 1953, and i have seen so many changes, so many different President’s,most very good, a few bad, but not one of them were ever as unqualified, so unpatriotic,so immoral, so dumb as to call our Ambassador and the three guards called a bump in the road. How many other bumps in the road has this insidious person caused? And, I find it horrific that he want’s to make afterbirth abortion legal.That is pure murder to kill a living child. What’s next? Will he make killing legal? Hell, no. You go out and kill your newborn and see what happens. Prison.More later, I am tired and need to sleep. Mitt/Ryan 2012. It say’s in the Bible. ask and you shall Receive, Dear Jesus,Please help Mitt to win the Presidentry.Sory to tired to spell. Thank you Lord for your help in these trying and frightening days. God Bless you Lord and God Bless America.

  12. grace bandecchi says:

    PS dear Lord, Please help all these coal miners as well as others who need you guidance to keep their jobs, to be able to provide for their familys, they need you more than ever and I beseech you in the Holy Name of Jesus to help these desperate peoples in their time of need with hope, jobs and housing. I thank you and give you Praise you My Lord,Amen. Grace

  13. Kayla Bush says:

    The first yr my husband and myself are voting (not our first yr being able) and we will be voting Romney/Ryan :) I am a proud Coal miners wife and believe Gov. Romney is a very smart man and Obama is an ignorant person that I wish he wouldnt have won 4ys ago! Thank all of you for supporting Coal my family appreciates it very much!