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Although American Crossroads video is laced with humor, the fact remains frightening! With an agenda contrary to American interests, Obama unchecked in a very dangerous world is frightening. A Foreign Policy of appeasement and accommodation is not a Foreign Policy - it is, however, a road to ruin. Mitt Romney said it on 60 minutes tonight - this is about FREEDOM!

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2 Responses to Operation Hot Mic - Agent Flexible

  1. Kym Van Der Linden says:

    Awesome video ! Everyone needs to see this now and to election day. Obama says one thing to the American people, and does something else behind close doors. Dishonest, and deceiving. You don’t earn respect with this. Unbelievable coming from the president of the United States.

  2. Joan C. says:

    This video alone should get the man defeated, if only the American people would demand to know just what that promise was about. This video. the debt and Obama Care. God help us.