Obama’s War On Coal is a War on Energy Independence and American Jobs

Coal Miners for Mitt

Coal Miners for Mitt!

Today I saw a man standing on the sidewalk with a sign that said “Out of work coal miner. Need help.” The young man holding the sign looked embarrassed to be asking for money. I have to admit, I’m usually skeptical of panhandlers, but given the last several years, I didn’t doubt this man’s story in the least.

Barack Obama and his Democrat friends in Congress formally declared war on coal in 2009 when they introduced the American Clean Energy and Security Act, also known as Cap and Trade. After it failed to pass the US Senate, Obama enlisted the help of his EPA Administrator, Lisa Jackson. Together, Obama and Jackson have put a regulatory stranglehold on the coal industry by manipulating both the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act beyond their original intentions. The Obama Administration has used the Clean Water Act to deny, delay, and even revoked mine permits throughout Appalachia. And they’ve used the Clean Air Act to restrict power plants from turning coal into affordable energy.

On Monday, Alpha Natural Resources, a large coal producer throughout Appalachia, announced it was closing eight mines and laying off 1,200 employees, 400 of those in the Mountain State. By some estimates, that brings the number of mining jobs lost in WV this year to 2,200. Among other things, Alpha’s CEO Kevin Crutchfield cited the closures and layoffs as a result of “a regulatory environment that’s aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal.” That’s a nice way of saying “Obama’s War on Coal”.

While still a candidate, Barack Obama promised he’d bankrupt any company with a coal-powered plant. Just this month two companies announced there will be at least eight coal-fired power plants closing in WV as a result of environmental regulations. I guess that’s just Barack Obama keeping his promise.

Enter Mitt Romney. This week the Republican nominee released two new ads, clearly illustrating the war we’re fighting here in Appalachia. The ads, appropriately titled “War On Coal” and “Way Of Life”, feature real miners concerned about the harmful impact the president’s policies are having on their livelihood. These miners’ testimonials are heart wrenching examples of what’s happening all across this area of the country.

Fortunately for coal country, Mitt Romney’s energy plan includes overhauling and reforming many regulations that are hurting coal mining families. He wants to streamline the permitting process for new mines and amend the Clean Air Act to remove carbon dioxide; two specific proposals that would relieve the regulatory burden on the coal industry and restore thousands of jobs in the region. Perhaps the most important part of Romney’s energy plan is that it doesn’t pick winners and losers, like Barack Obama giving an unfair advantage to so-called “green jobs” while working families in Appalachian suffer shutdowns and layoffs.

Mitt Romney offers Appalachia hope for a better future. As for the out of work miner with the sign, I gave him the few dollars that were in my pocket and told him help is on his way.

Believe in America.

Todd Gunter is a government and political professional based in Charleston, West Virginia. Mr. Gunter serves on Governor Romney’s WV steering committee and was recently an At-Large Delegate to the Republican National Covention in Tampa, Florida. His areas of interest include coal and gun rights, among other issues important to his native Appalachia.

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About Todd Gunter

Todd Gunter is a government and political professional based in Charleston, West Virginia. Mr. Gunter serves on Governor Romney's WV steering committee and was recently an At-Large Delegate to the Republican National Covention in Tampa, Florida. His areas of interest include coal and gun rights, among other issues important to his native Appalachia.
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13 Responses to Obama’s War On Coal is a War on Energy Independence and American Jobs

  1. AfricanforRomney says:

    Why Santorum, Gingrich campaign behalf of Gov Romney is swing states? In the primary, Gingrich energy plan talks were attracting a lot of voters and Santorum big attraction was connecting with blue collars, social conservatives. We need them swing states ASAP!

  2. ccr says:

    Yes, AfricanforRomney………..where are these Americans doing all they can to help our country?

    I hope the surrogates hit this point over and over again……….how Obama is KILLING jobs in America!

    Bank of America laying off THOUSANDS by the end of the year.

    Obama’s regulations are KILLING American jobs! THAT is what Obama IS building!

  3. Annette S says:

    I don’t know how Obama, who has never run anything, thinks he should reside over a government directed economy picking winners and losers with no understanding of how the economy works. On top of that he has disdain for the private economy, not believing in a free market, but that government knows better. So now the Coal Industry is shutting down mines and meanwhile Obama wastes billions of taxpayer dollars investing in green energy jobs. Not only does Obama redistribute wealth by taking from one class and giving to another, but he picks winners and losers in our economy.

    EPA regulations do not help our environment enough to warrant the crippling our economy and keeping us from being energy independent. We don’t want to rely on the Middle East for oil and put our national security in jeopardy.

    It’s no secret that Obama supports the redistribution of wealth. So do many of his supporters. A liberal Fox contributor stated on Bill O’Reilly that America has always been a prosperous country because it has supported the redistribution of wealth. She went on to say that the redistribution of wealth is what has made this country prosperous. Excuse me!…The private economy creates the wealth as a result of a Free economy. Our private economy has not grown due to redistribution policies.

    Vote for Freedom…Vote For the Truth

    Vote for Romney/Ryan..2012!!

  4. John says:

    The problems is Obama lie are working because the American people love the lie more than the true, they believe the good talking more than the good working, they like the blaming more than the achieving, Obama brought down our country to the ground by the result of 23 million unemployment, 15 million add to 32 million food stamp, 5 more trillion add to 10 trillion combine by the entire 43 president of the US and the high cost of living but the American still believe Obama fail policy will work better than Mitt success record and achievement of his entire life that is too bad for America or it is time to fall for America,what ever Obama said and how good he is talking not working for America, Mitt can’t talk the way America love but he got his record with success from his entire life, good talking can’t compare with good ideas, good campaign can’t compare with good vision, only the true gave good result, please wake -up before it too late America, please honor our founding father principle that they gave us this great country,don’t destroy it by the socialism ideological from Kenya style.

  5. ccr says:

    Thanks, John…….

  6. cheryl Arnold says:

    Please save this country and help me vote OBAMA out!!

  7. Joseph says:

    What will the GOP do after this defeat? Four years from now, the US population will include a much further shift to the left. Elderly are reliable conservatives and the next 4years will add many new young liberals. Have we seen our last republican president? Tax rates will “go European” very soon, imagine a 75% tax rate for the super rich. Those rich need to support Romney with all that they can afford, before their wealth is involuntarily redistributed.

  8. AfricanforRomney says:

    Your wrong. People are fleeing from the left. Independents numbers are increasing not the left. Guess what? You’re not immune from paying more taxes. There’s no such thing tax increase for the rich. Obama will make sure you’re funding his govt programs with your hard earning money as long as you work for living. You’re not immune from paying more. If you’re for incompetent Obama, buckle up for Obama tax rides.

    Obama tax penality will hit more middle class, average penality $1200 by 2016.


  9. Ann says:

    America needs our OWN energy! Coal has always been a staple of our way of life; especially now when the middle east countries are killing our diplomats desecrating our embases and burning our flag! HELLO! Time to get off foreign oil and use our own power! Coal is valuable, and the minors’ jobs are also! I vote for Mitt Romney’s energy plan, not Obama’s failure!

  10. VoteNow says:

    It’s not just Appalacia. What we are facing in Montana is not the mines being shut down, but the power plants being shut down. One power plant shut down was announced on Thursday and there are two others that are looking at the same thing due to the regulations. Which, in turn shuts down the mine. And yet, here are all these union guys shouting Obama’s praises!! I don’t get it. Is it more important to vote democrat with the union than to vote Romney for a job?

  11. anna sansom says:

    i hate obama i think he is destory our nation and we need to get rid if him asap because if we dont we all are gone we will not be able to eat because the food will be to high and we wont have any lights because obama took our coal miners and i think romney is the only choice we have right now for help please help us romney

  12. randy swartz sr. says:

    Romey, did u really give two years of milk to a vet hospital?
    If so, your a dam good man. and the outta pocket cash for the coalminer, love it. its where i remember leaving off before this penny swindler got into office. helping hands, people were happy and life was good. Best wishes to you sir. God bless you.

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