Barack Obama’s Entertainment While President of the United States…To the Lyrics of “You Didn’t Build That!”

Put this in the category of entertainment. And what type of entertainment is that? The kind that Mr. Barack Obama enjoys the most as President of the United States. He can sing. He can Dance. He can do whatever he wants a President. What do you think?

Hat Tip to Mitchell Lundquist for today’s entertainment!

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4 Responses to Barack Obama’s Entertainment While President of the United States…To the Lyrics of “You Didn’t Build That!”

  1. Katrina says:

    It’s a great, catchy song. The maker also did a denigrating one on Mitt Romney (slim shady song), so he’s not exactly picking political sides. Still, it’s always fun to hear the “you didn’t build that” quote again. ;)

  2. AfricanforRomney says:

    This’s why his likability is over the roof. It is sad to see people don’t care anymore the Prez performance, his day to day obligation to the country, but they prefer seeing him sitting pretty as a celebrity.

    This guy is unelectable by any standard. If he’s a company ceo, his ass could’ve thrown out by now. He never serve the people. All he has been doing was shoving his commie agendas down our throats.
    Register to vote, get engaged, get energized!

  3. Ann says:

    Obama is entertaining people to get votes again! Some folks think that his performance on stage relates to his performance as President… That’s as stupid as me pretending to be a computer genius because I can put words in this little square! Ha Ha Ha…. Let’s use our brains to elect someone who DOES have the talent and ambition to be President! Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will show us all a better nation!

  4. donna osterkamp says:

    I had no idea that Mitchell Lunquist was sooooo talented ?
    Same song , second verse …., huh? ..I think Obama has to keep us watching the fun shows while America goes down the tubes in a hand basket ……keep us entertained . Eat drink and be merry … does that ring any bells ?