Romney Gains Energy & Strength in Face of Media Firestorm

Governor Romney, Costa Mesa, CA

Please leave a comment if you attended this event or if you have an opinion about the media frenzy over Governor Romney’s comments yesterday.

The speech Governor Romney gave last night in Costa Mesa was as inspiring, energetic, and passionate as I have ever seen him give. “So?” You might ask. The speech I was privileged to attend was given right after his press conference to address the insatiable appetites of the mainstream media relative to the earlier video about the 47%. (I apologize for the terrible quality of the photo at right taken with an Android phone at a distance of about 50 yards) Prior to the reception last night, I had not seen the original video nor had I yet seen his remarks from the press conference, but some might have thought he would have been subdued from the never ending fault-finding of a media hell-bent on shielding their annointed leader, Mr. Obama, from the realities of his failed domestic and foreign policies. To the contrary!

As with most California events attended by Governor Romney, this was a fund raiser. He seemed most relaxed, as he spoke without a teleprompter. In the middle of the speech he paused a moment and said, the following, in effect,

“I want to thank each one of you for being here tonight. Your generosity and contributions are greatly appreciated. I am most grateful to every one of you. I realize you have not made your donations for the Republican Party or for conservatism or for me but for our nation — for America. Thank you so much!”

Terry Fator & Maynard the Elvis Impersonator

As he continued his speech, he gave specific, detailed plans that included 1) Energy Independence, 2) The Skills to Succeed, 3) Trade that Works for America, 4) Cut the Deficit, and 5) Champion Small Business. Anybody that states that Governor Romney does not have specific plans to bring America and Americans back into prosperity quickly are either ignoring the facts or are intentionally misleading the nation to shield President Obama from truthletting. Both are happening every day.

David Foster performing one of the many songs he wrote or produced

The evening included brief comments from Spencer Zwick and Craig Romney with his son Miles. David Foster and Terry Fator provided wonderful entertainment along with their assistants.

Given the events of the day and the intense media focus on Governor Romney’s 47% comment, I am going to end this piece with Mr. Obama’s comments from April 2008 when he made patronizing statements of the people from Pennsylvania and the Midwest. Remember this? After a brief brush with the press, Mr. Obama effectively got a pass from the mainstream media:

“And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations,” Obama said, explaining — he thought — some voters’ politics during the long Pennsylvania primary.

“Pennsylvanians don’t need a president who looks down on them,” Hillary Clinton responded then.

Do you think for a moment the media will give Governor Romney a similar pass? Not on your life! They will hammer Governor Romney as long and as hard as they can to keep the focus off the fact that Mr. Obama’s failed leadership allowed advance warnings to go unheeded ahead of September 11th which left an ambassador and his team exposed to assassination — the first time an American ambassador has been assassinated in over 30 years!

As leaders go, Barack Obama has failed at just about everything he has attempted. Unemployment is stuck at a stagnant 8% (or 15% if including those that gave up); the lowest job participation levels in many decades; lower median income; much higher poverty levels; exploding, unchecked deficits, etc. Space does not allow the entire list of his failed leadership and policies.

Governor Romney has succeeded in every challenge and project he has taken on. As leaders go, Barack Obama does not even compare; he cannot even learn on the job! We cannot allow him, his lemmings, and the lapdog media to dictate the direction or outcome of this all-important presidential election. We need President Mitt Romney and we need him now!

Kudos to Stacy Davis and Steve Samuelian for an extraordinarily successful event last night!

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29 Responses to Romney Gains Energy & Strength in Face of Media Firestorm

  1. Marcia Chimie says:

    Media bias is completely out of control. Governor Romney is an honest man and tells the truth. The prez is more concerned about what Romney said vs the failure of his foreign policy appeasement contributing to the murder of our citizens
    This president has been the biggest failure of our history. When you cannot run on your record or policies you attempt to put the concentration on everything else. One and out!!

  2. laurie friedler says:

    Romney is the ONLY hope for people who have been victimized.
    One of my biggest problems with the Democratic Party is the systematic victimization of the poor and now, it has expanded to the middle class. It is the ‘new racism’ that keeps people in serve-dom. They make promises, to hispanics about equality but they don’t follow through. In fact, the rate of unemployment is much higher with the hispanics. Likewise with African Americans and other groups of people who are doomed to failed school systems and encouraged to have children out of wedlock because the Government becomes the Daddy. That is disgusting and it perpetuates a state of victimhood and powerlessness in people. Obama has been particularly bad for the needy and has ulterior motive to enlist that segment of the population in cycles of dependency. We are entrenching those behaviors generationally and it is incidiously taking away the American Dream. Mr. Obama, is the one who seeks to divide and conquer. The Emperor has new clothes!

  3. Erika says:

    If the Gov feels energized, his base is even more so. This is what we all want to see and hear from him. The truth cannot hurt him in the long run. We/I agree with everything he said.

  4. Lynn says:

    So sad that the media goes wild with this crap..why? because its easy for simple minds to understand..Romney is a rich bully..he said this blah much harder to understand QE and the fed printing us into complete understand what the real cause of the rioting in the middle east is…no…media creates a bully and the simpleton thugs fall for it! Pathetic

  5. Raye says:

    I think the media couldn’t wait to pounce on these comments and use them to divert attention away from the current Middle East upheaval. Personally, I do not find Romney’s comments offensive; in fact, I think they are very factual and direct. Hard-hitting, sure, but the truth is never easy to handle. Whether we want to admit it or not, there IS a sizeable segment of this society who are quite content with remaining dependent on government. Entitlement IS the root of the problem and it must be addressed if we are to ever move forward as a country.

  6. Raye says:

    who is quite content*

  7. D. Fleming says:

    You are right Governor Romney…Thank You for telling the truth! We are so tired of the victim mentality that support’s Obama….Keep up the good work, this will energize the base.

  8. Ron Richey says:

    This little video could turn out to be the turning point in the campaign-in Romney’s favor.

    Truth hurts. The politically correct media may go berserk, but if it starts a dialog, a REAL dialog about entitlement and the future of the American experiment, then the advantage goes to Romney.

    After they get a few days to mull it over, the thoughtful political commentators on the right and in the middle, will lay out some reasoned analysis that will say, “you know what, Romney is spot on with this one, and he should be elected to get the country out of this unsustainable entitlement mentality-or the republic will fail.”

  9. Shane Ownbey says:

    I appreciate so much what MItt is trying to do for our country. He is such a great man, with a great heart and the skills to help our country succeed. We’re gonna WIN!

  10. JohnCronin says:

    I don’t have a single problem with anything Gov. Romney said in that video. It’s very telling that in America 2012 the truth is made to seem very “controversial” by the propagandists is the Obama campaign and their surrogates in the Press……I hope Mitt takes the opportunity to take the fight to the leftists and re-ignite the base by being more aggressive. Its the only way we win this election, IMHO.

  11. Dan Ventarola says:

    Although I agree with Mitt`s statement about the 47%, the conversation must be directed back to this Presidents failed economy that has many more dependant on government. Mitt must focus on creating good paying jobs for the 47% and all Americans, which will broaden the tax base and help to reduce the deficits

  12. John says:

    Wake up, stand up America, don’t sleep with the liberal and democrats that turned away the true from all problems that faced our country now,because they saw Mitt leadership, Mitt strength, Mitt character , Mitt look very presidential and has Reagan style,so they just hit Mitt every thing what ever they want to do to kill and destroy Mitt but the American people are not blind and are not stupid this time,because we saw the good talking result,the laughing answer,and the arrogant record in 4 years now that didn’t work instead it make America worse and went to the ground in the America history,think about it, 47 million American on food stamp,there are just 260 million in this great country,47 are almost 1/5 of our people in food stamp,23 million unemployment are 1/11 of our people,16 trillion debt,high living cost,low income and much more worse than we can talk right here,please stand up and fight for the true ,fight for our country and fight for our founding father that gave this great country for us,don’t let it down any more or it is time for America to fallen and other nation will come to replace America in the world super power if we still sleep and drunk with the social medias and failure Obama 4 years promised that if he can’t fix the economy in 3 years, he will be only 1 term proposition but never kept his fail promised,he say he will make good paying job, equal pay for equal work,bring jobs over sea back to the US but instead it ‘s no pay check, no equal payment,no job coming back from over sea, oh god, please help turn the spirit of America and their soul back so we will re-remember ourselves and wake-up on time to the poll in November 6th and take back our country and celebration our victory for the new direction that can lead us for prosperity and have better lives by Mitt leadership in 2013.

  13. ccr says:

    BHO and company have spent more time getting people ON welfare and food stamps……..than they have trying to create jobs!

    Well, let’s face it, Obama is about DESTROYING jobs: healthcare, EPA regulations, outsourcing to China, etc.

  14. Cathy says:

    Sorry to say, the Dems had to come up with a new hat trick and saved this footage from way back in May to use when there was an Obama meltdown. So when the heat got too hot for Obama in the Middle East, DISTRACTION was the name of their game. They had to play this up big to try and change the subject of the mess Obama has made in the middle East. Too bad it won’t work. We are wise to his M O.

    I agree completely with what Mitt said in the footage and glad he said it. It’s about time people knew how many able bodied people are dependent on the Government. It’s a very sad state of affairs to realize much of the able bodied country has no confidence in their abilities and decide to settle for crumbs from the Gov., excuse me, taxpayer.

    Mitt will get may new supporters, especially from the undecided. This man tells it like it is and we can take it!

  15. Baffled says:

    We love Mitt, but he must ask for everyone’s vote and be honored to get it. A friend who doesn’t pay taxes feels strongly about abortion, especially long term abortion and she is on Medicare Advantage which will be cut. Her grandson is a Marine and going to Afghanistan. Ask for her vote!!! Don’t assume, ask for everyone’s vote.

    The Democrat party is not the same as it was years ago.

  16. Mary Gilbert says:

    I saw the video last night and couldn’t contain my giggles….I was so happy that he finally said something to sway the independents….I think this won him the election, myself!!!

  17. Renna says:

    AT LAST - we do not have to dance around the elephant in the room anymore - America - you have a clear choice in November - you can choose to support a man whose political and social ideologies have led to decline in every aspect of what makes this country great or you can choose to support Mitt Romney who believes in the individual and all of the things that have made America great. He will restore, protect and preserve all of the wonderful reasons why this country had its birth. By the way - can you just imagine the dialogue that goes on behind closed doors at an Obama “private” fund raiser? Where is that footage??? Stand tall Mitt - stay on message and do not apologize for your comments - they are the TRUTH.

  18. Cee says:

    Mitt Romney is right. I am definitely voting for you. Four more years of obama scare me to death.

  19. Carol Hefner says:

    No matter which side of the aisle you are on or if you are riding the fence, know one thing: Mitt Romney is for YOU. He gets it and is ready to do what needs to be done to restore America and YOUR American dreams. I believe that Romney will eclipse Reagan - give him the chance - God knows that Obama has been a dismal failure with his teleprompter speeches that have produced nothing worthy of this nation’s greatness. GO ROMNEY/RYAN!

  20. kay rogers says:

    I think Mitt Romney is right! if they don’t like the truth well too bad! Romney is going to have to stand up to that arrognant amueter and the bias Media because no matter what he says they will attack him so he will have to stand up and be strong and don’t back down, alot will critize but alot will respect and more inportantly the republicans need to stand behind him. what he said about our embassy was great and the republicans should stand by him , that looked bad. the democrats stand behind that idiot Obama no matter what he says and he is ahead too so they better wake up and stand behind Romney and let him say what he thinks he should say. I will stand behind him! we want strength, we need strength! Romney you and Ryan do like you did before after Ryan was elected, they was so much momentum then! do that again we need that kind of leadership!

  21. TMAMA says:

    I was not at the fundraiser but I read in the news about the 47% comment. I definitely support what Mr. Romney said because it’s the absolute truth. There are way too many people in this country who have been allowed to abuse our welfare system. Why should my hard-earned tax dollars pay for people who refuse to look for jobs, continue to abuse the system and even if they are able to find a job, can’t pass a drug test? If I have to pass a drug test to get and keep my job, anybody collecting welfare or unemployment should have to do the same. So Mr. Romney, you got my vote and keep your stance!!!

  22. Linda says:

    I expect they will soon be using his religion against him. There are so many things people say about it that are not true or are twisted. Many make fun of things that are sacred without having any knowledge at all. I almost hope so because I think most people will rebel against that. However, they can make up or twist things to make the Mormon and Catholics look like CULTS and unstable. Not so, but people will believe them. Most will be offended I think. I’m pretty sure that will happen when they can’t make up anything else.

  23. AfricanforRomney says:

    The out of control govt dependency culuture must be addressed. Unfortunately, Gov Romney’s best ideas always comes out in the wrong way and that really frustrating me. I feel like i’m in roller coaster ride with Gov Romney.

    Please, please, please, choose appropriate words when you frame issues. We don’t have enough time spending time clarifying, explaining statements for Obama. Obama can get away with everything b/c he’s a black prez. Affirmative action is on his side :-) Gov Romney can’t afford any error.

    The choice is simple
    Obama a food stamp Prez=Carter=Misreable failure
    Gov Romney a pay check Prez! =Authentic Leader!

  24. Annette S says:

    Romney has led an effective campaign, but when you have the MSM in the tank for Obama, it makes it very difficult. The press along with the Obama Campaign focus on words taken out of context and mislead the public with misrepresentations of Romney’s views and policies. Obama is hiding behind a fake facade built from misleading facts and more promises he’ll never follow through on.

    Romney stands with the truth. He does not mislead his supporters. When the debates roll around Obama will have to pay the piper. He will have to explain his failed policies to the people of this country. This is a president that has recklessly promised that he will cut the deficit in half at the end of his first term. He promises to care about people but he cut Medicare by $714 billion to fund Obamacare. He promised that no one would be forced to leave their health insurance. Obama wasted billions of tax payer money on energy and auto companies. Do you think that a man that is this reckless thinks about consequences! Has he thought about how he will come out of debate with Romney unscathed!

    You ask any liberal and they will give you a left wing talking point that will defend Obama’s policies. Talking points put together by Obama and his allies that distorts the truth and promises more hand outs. Romney can argue against Obama’s policies on many different fronts. But he only needs to expose Obama on a few to shake the public trust for Obama. The public does not like to be lied to or mislead. Obama will be exposed during the debates.

    Romney will Win……..”If Truth is the Standard We Will Win!”..Romney.


  25. Paul Ironmonger says:

    Mitt is on the correct path.
    I think his comments on the 47% - not
    Paying taxes is dead on

    Mitt needs to stay on the attack.
    And never apologize for his beliefs and values.

    I left Canada because of the leftist turn of the federal government, we can’t
    Allow it to happen her in the USA.

    I would recommend, after seeing it Friday that every America an see the Movie -Obama 2016… will open your eyes to his plan (Obama)
    Good luck Mitt and Paul

  26. Susan says:

    Check out the poll at CNBC. 44,211 votes and 76% agree with what Mitt said.

    Tell him NOT TO STOP.

  27. Jennifer says:

    I am NOT worried about Mitt at all. The media is worried about him…that is why they are constantly attacking him. I know he’s the right man for this time. Now we just need to keep working for him! Have Faith! November 6th will be a great day.

  28. Rudy Avila says:

    He said nothing wrong. However, Romney seems absent from his own campaign. Wheres the sense of urgency and what is it going to take to light the fire in his belly. Romney needs a pint of Winston Churchills blood corseing through his veins. Obama is a presense daily. Lets fight!

    Keep Up The Fire

  29. Joan C. says:

    I have said the same thing many times. We are in the middle of a new American Revolution. We must fight to save this country. Our freedoms will be gone in four more years. Obama is signing agreements with the UN to take more and more of our freedoms away. He doesn’t just want the wealth spread around in this country. He wants to give our money to the rest of the world. He is already doing that. If we drill for more oil the UN agreement will share that with other countries. He gave money to several countries to pay for their drilling, at the same time he has shut us down as far as he can. He will do more “sharing” in the next four years if he has his way. He is doing so many things behind our back that most Americans are not aware of. Spread the word! He must be stopped! Our country is in danger from this Socialist and his Communist Czars. We must stand against this. We seriously need Mitt Romney. He will probably not take a salary and still work harder than any president before him. He can and will pull us out of this PITT.