Obama, Failing American Families

Below are two of Mitt Romney’s latest ads, mostly broadcast in swing states. There is no doubt about the battle ahead: Mitt Romney, principles, integrity and freedom vs Barack Obama, the mainstream media, Labor Unions, lies (say and do whatever it takes to retain power), dependency and debt. The lines are drawn and America will have a clear choice. Even so, Obama and his cronies will conform their message with guile and duplicity to try and purchase our society. The agendas are clear, and so must be the message. Obama will shade his message to appeal to all with a “flaxen cord” approach trying to reel us in before binding us in untenable chains of debt and subordination. Romney will deliver a message of reason, rationale and hope for restoring what made America great and exceptional; a strong and free economy; a strong and free America that defends freedom around the world. Romney will also have to call Obama out for his lies and those of the media. The cause is freedom and it is worth the fight!

The messaging of these two ads are indicative of some of what we will see in the future. You have to ask the question, how do you feel when viewing the ads?

Further, the upcoming debates will have a profound affect on the hearts and minds of American’s. Our prayers should be with Governor and Mrs. Romney, and Paul Ryan and their advisors, that they might be endowed with discernment in knowing how to communicate their messages of light and truth that will resonate with American’s and the world, and further how to expose the lies and deceit of those who seek to flatter America to its demise.

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11 Responses to Obama, Failing American Families

  1. manny says:

    great add go for it jobs jobs jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. manny says:

    tell america wake up stop drinking the koolaid

  3. Cathy says:

    Great ads. I’d vote for Mitt from these ads if I wasn’t already voting for him.

    We need to turn this nation of takers into a nation of makers!!!

    Romney 2012 or we can kiss America as we know it goodbye!

  4. Rick says:

    I lke the last add but also start having adds about the distruction of Obama’s policies and the cliff that we are about to fall off of. To wake people up u have to scare them yes I said scare them If Obama is voted in we are headed for finicial ruin . People have to be told this with urgency and intensity.

  5. Annette S says:

    Good Ads!! I like all the ads that I have been seeing!


  6. Jerry Fenimore says:

    Great ads. Go Romney and Ryan

  7. L. Greenberg says:

    Talk about how high gas prices are. Tell them in strong words what our country will be like if Obama is elected. You have also got to way in on this Islam stuff or you are persumed as weak. What a bout how Obama when e was in Chicago vote for a late abortion of living new born baby, who is put a a table, left alone to die. It is too late to make nice nice the people want to see you fight. Don’t worry what the press is saying, their going to say it anyway. Fight is missing from your stump speeches. I can to a rally and repeat your speeches. Come up with something strong and new!

  8. Trudy Van Horn says:

    Good ads. I would also speak about what’s going on in the mideast now, Tell the people how we got notice 48 hours before the uprising. Tell them how the four lives that were lost died in vain because this administration did not warn our embassies about the coming uprising! Tell them how the Libyan President told us that it wasn’t the film that caused this but it was planned. Be forceful. That’s what the American like and want!!

  9. Shirley says:

    Start bringing out all the outstanding horrible things Obama and Hillary and the big wigs in Obama administraion has done to weaken our country . The money Obama is giving to our foreign countries who hate us in return . Put a stop to foreign aide if those countries want to kill us . And start arming our military to help defend our rights and freedom . Start giving more money into our defense and cut back on Sports players who are always crying for more money to play games . Our military come first to defend us and are under paid !

  10. Terry says:

    Both ads are great and speak directly to the problems our nation faces. The video comment aired this morning about the 47% voting for Obama was spot on, although I would double check the percentages. My husband and I deal with this group every day in our business, and the comments we hear are exactly what you stated-these couch potatoes plan to vote for Obama because they don’t want to lose their “pay check.” It is the truth. Don’t apologize for your comments, but I would advise making no further references to it unless asked directly, and even then tie it to the need for welfare reform. Telling the truth in so many words is one of your greatest strengths. Keep up the good work.

  11. Joan C. says:

    How can the American people expect anything different, when we elect a man who has never had a real job. This on-the-job training just has not worked out. Obama is as naive as a teenager. Your first job is always hard, but for that to be President of the United States. What were we thinking? He still organizes people, but he hasn’t figured out what to tell them to do. Mitt will stay in Washington and get out debt under control. Pray for Mitt and our country.