NO RESPECT: Team Obama Gets Political on 9/11

Most Americans’ hearts are heavy this morning as they remember one of the most tragic days in US history. As a nod to our need for a day of reflection and remembrance, both campaigns have suspended television ads.

Evidently, though, the political hiatus — for Team Obama — does not apply to Twitter.

The first tweet from our President on 9/11 is all politics:

The first tweet from our President’s top campaign stooge gets dirty:

Compare this with the tweet from soon-to-be President Romney:

Keep it classy, Team Obama.

UPDATE: An email from First Lady Michelle Obama this morning is also politics as usual.
*For full 9/11 statements from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, see Jayde’s post here.

Nora Gutierrez

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.

About Nora Gutierrez

A mother of four rowdy boys writing from the great state of Ohio (Sandusky area). Long-time Catholic conservative with a passion for politics. Informed voter. Ohio State grad and Romney fan since 2007.
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13 Responses to NO RESPECT: Team Obama Gets Political on 9/11

  1. Brandon says:

    Romney and Ryan need to get specific about what thay are gonna do. To many people I hear say he has not been specific enough for them. Please come out swinging and hit them hard. Dont be another McCain. Our country needs Romney/Ryan, we cannot do another four years of this.

  2. BenInOregon says:

    Unfortantely that wasnt the Presidents Post. he alwasy signs his “-bo”.
    “As painful as this day is and always will be, it leaves us with the lesson that no act of terrorism can ever change what we stand for. -bo” Twitted at 947AM PST

    Truth wins hearts and minds. - ANON

  3. Georgia Hedrick says:

    There is a line from from Shakespeare that fits Romney: “Oh that one can smile and smile and smile and be such a villain.”

    The level of hatred shown by people of the Republican party is amazing. It is sad, as well. gh

  4. pancakes says:

    This is typical dumb fantasy propaganda, the only thing FAUX news knows. Keep pumping out the lies Rupert Murdoch… your billions of bucks have them all fooled into believing everything you pump Faux news with…. disgrace…

  5. Nancy Roba says:

    Well I will stand up for God and Country every day of my life ,and when someone try,s to take that away from me thats when they see the fighting side of me weather it be a Pen or a gun ,

  6. Cathy says:

    It’s time to post this again.

    Do you ever feel this way and say …”Sometimes I feel so helpless and want to do more. What can I do to support Mitt Romney and help get him elected?”

    Here’s 11 simple ways to make a difference…

    1.Comment on ANY and ALL posts that are for or against Mitt. Search out sites to comment on and don’t be afraid to speak up! Now’s not the time to be shy.

    2.Donate what you can to Mitts campaign…$3. $5. $10. Go without that cup of coffee or soda and send that in. Every little bit helps to get ads out.

    3.Wear a “ Mitt” shirt, hat, bag, anything with name recognition when you go out. (Many have come up to me and said “I’m so glad you’re for Mitt too, and I live in Ca.”).

    4.Display a permanent or temporary “Mitt” decal, sign, or bumper sticker. Display it especially while you drive around.

    5.Convert at least one Democrat or undecided to Mitts side. Talk to a neighbor, co-worker, someone online, family member, student etc.

    6.Have a neighborhood, church, family, or friend picnic, and find out what others are doing to advance the cause. Strength in numbers, so you don’t feel alone.

    7.Contact you local Republican Party headquarters and see what can be done. Make calls from home, send out flyers, man a shift in call center, pass out yard signs etc.

    8.Listen to the speeches of Mitt and Paul, so you know the talking points when talking to others.

    9.Write into media, organizations, blogs that misrepresent, edit quotes, and lie about Mitts message. They need to know they can’t get away with it.

    10.Pass along ALL e-mails you get with positive messages about Mitt, ESPECIALLY to the Democrats and undecided in your address book. Always add, to pass the message along to everyone in their address book as well.

    11.PRAY, yes a powerful tool to calm, connect and comfort us to carry-on with hope, determation, and resolve. (This is the most important one).

    Please add any more ways to help Mitt. This election is truly a matter of getting out of our easy chair and replacing the “empty chair” with a leader that values this country.

  7. Cathy says:

    Excellent post Nora. We all know who has the best interests for our country at heart and reflects true moral character. Mitt is a great man sent at this time to restore our country to it’s former greatness.
    Those of you who don’t agree with Mitt’s message, open your hearts and minds. We welcome you with open arms and Mitt wants everyones lives to be better.

  8. AfricansforRomney says:

    I don’t know what it takes to educate the empty chair absolutely moron supporters. We’ve seen the troops were used at the Dems convention, Bin Laden death, 9/11 is a campaign weapon for Obama. Disgusting! I’m sure Churchill is rolling in his grave today. It is amazing that what i’ve been hearing, reading today. You’re lucky if you missed what out there. Vanity fair writer reporting that Obama were seeking junior staff opinions for US involvement in Libya. Oh, he’s such a great leader so, he’s not only taking advice from seniors, he’s paying attention to the young and the clueless, too. I wish i can turn the clock to Nov 6 TODAY. errrrrr

    This’s the Prez who is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” and Obama pat himself on the back to take credit even for Libya as a great warrior the world never seen. They were even blaming W Bush for 9/11 today. Are you out of your f…. mind????

    Do you know how many christians are still slaughtered in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Sudan… Don’t even mention the bigger threat in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan. The whole world is in trumoil under this empty chair Prez and Obama state media has a nerve to tell us the incomptent Prez is the greatest of all. Pathetic!!

    Support Gov Romney!!!!!

  9. Claire Henry says:

    Thank you Nora, for the 11 things I can do to support Mitt. I get so frustrated with the media distorting the facts. They talk about his likeability. Being likeable isn’t going to get us out of the mess our economy is in. A smart businessman like Governor Romney will. Like Ann said, he won’t fail us.!!

  10. urciegirl says:

    Thank you for mentioning the Sudan. Over 3,000,000 non-Muslims tortured and killed so far… and the slaughter continues… if Obama was a Christian he would feel their pain as if it was his own and he would do something to stop it! But he does nothing and shows loyalty to the Muslims. This makes us believe that he must be Muslim.

  11. Fer says:

    now that 9/11 is over, I will comment on politics again. I am tired of people saying that Mitt offers “no specifics”. People, Mitt and Paul have a SPECIFIC PLAN. The “no specifics” line is just a democrat propaganda talking point. In fact, in every speech of Romney and/or Ryan, 5 points are specifically mentioned to get the country back on track. Of course these 5 points are just generally outlined, as they should be in a short speech. For further detail on each of those, anyone can easily go to the Romney/Ryan website and study the plan in as much depth as his/her knowledge of economic and political matters will allow.
    I am Hispanic, former Obama supporter and pro-legal immigration, now for Romney/Ryan.
    Go Mitt!

  12. Cathy says:

    Remember, Undecideds… behind the voting curtain…

    *No one will know who you vote for.

    *It’s just you and your conscious.

    *You can FINALLY vote for the candidate YOU know will do the best job.

    *No one will demonize you.

    *No one can call you a racist.

    *Your liberal friends will have no influence.

    *You will know you made the right choice for the country, and you still can keep your liberal friends.

    Life is good!

    R&R 2012

  13. KyDawn says:

    Oh yeah beninoregon cause I am sure that first of all you see him tweeting and therefore know that when it says -bo that it is definitely him and it still doesn’t excuse the fact that the first damn tweet coming from his account was not about 9-11 so keep your Truth bs for actual facts bc truth is that he did not make that his first tweet which shows he did not think enough of the day to make sure that was the first message!