40+ Million will Vote Weeks before November 6th!

This election could be nearly 50 percent decided well ahead of November 6th! [see graph below] How many days are left to vote? The ticker on the right side bar of this site shows 55 days. Wrong! North Carolina started voting last week. Wisconsin voters start voting in nine days. The all important Ohio and Florida states begin voting in 21 days! How many people voted early in the 2008 race? 40 million! That is a whopping 33% of all voters and the number of early voters increases significantly each election cycle. Check this graph from today’s WSJ:

The Journal article is titled, Vote Changes Spark Duel — Campaigns Battle Over Extended Ballot Season, ID Laws

The largest change in the shape this year’s vote will come from the rapid expansion of early voting—the process that lets voters cast ballots before Election Day. Thirty-five states now offer early voting, and the share of the vote cast early is certain to rise this year. In 2008, some 40 million people, one-third of the electorate, voted early, Mr. Gronke said.

The early-voting season is just starting. North Carolina, site of the Democratic convention, went first, with mail-in ballots becoming available last Friday.
The Romney campaign also is pushing supporters to vote early. Republican officials estimate that 75% of the votes in North Carolina, 60% in Florida, 57% in Iowa, and 60% in Nevada—all battleground states—will be cast before Election Day. “There’s a plan in place, and we’ve taken a methodical approach to build our support” through early voting, said Rich Beeson, Mr. Romney’s political director.

[emphasis added]

The runway is a lot shorter than many people think! Now is not the time for complacency. We can rest on November 7th. We need to grab an arm on the right and one on the left and go all out for Governor Romney now.

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3 Responses to 40+ Million will Vote Weeks before November 6th!

  1. Hispana says:

    Very good article Vic and I have been trying to warn folks that are depending on the debates to make a big difference that Mitt cannot afford to wait for that. The electorate will begin voting at the end of this month before the first debate. So, it is essential that Mitt begins using everything he has this month to get ahead before any debates begin. While we have great confidence in Mitt at the debates, surprises could happen. Best to be wise and secure as much as you can before this happens.

  2. Diane Godbout says:

    He needs to stump in Belknap County,NH as Obama has a “Strong” showing there and it’s Mitts to loose and Obamas to win.Better stop being complacent in this swing state!!!!

  3. AfricansforRomney says:

    I wish they stop early voting except for military and expats. Never know early voting in Sep? What are you waiting for NC, IA, WI ? No wonder Obama camps see advantages for early voting. Folks, the incompetent Obama has die hard supporters, willing to keep him with his misreable job records, high unemployemnt, high gas price, high cost of living, stagnant wage, open borders, moral, cultural corruption….

    I mean these people will fight hard b/c they don’t want to let go free contarception, free food stamps cks, amnesty….

    The choice is simple. Pay Check Prez Vs Food stamps Prez
    Vote Romney/Ryan!! Act NOW!