Romney / Ryan Campaign Reaches New High - 12,386 feet

Ahead of the GOP National Convention, RNC delegates and fellow Republicans, in an effort to show support for Romney/Ryan, hiked to the top of Republican Mountain in Colorado. They also carried a banner for Obama…
(Posted Aug 21, 2012, Photo – Kendal Unruh)

The Romney/Ryan campaign has reached a new high…

A great group of hiking Coloradans, including State Senator Ted Harvey, John Kidd (running for House District 1), RNC delegate Keri Brehm, and other supporters climbed magnificent Republican Mountain (yes, that’s the name) in Clear creek County to show their support for America’s Comeback Team and send a message to Obama and Biden:

Saturday’s “Republican Victory Hike 2012″ was organized by conservative activist Kendal Unruh, of Castle Rock, a seven-time national delegate to the Republican National Convention who leads mountaineering trips through the meetup group she founded, “Christian Hikers.” Unruh also organizes and leads annual high altitude humanitarian mission trips to Tibet.

Saturday’s hike to the summit of the appropriately named Republican Mountain took the group five miles and 3,506 feet of elevation gain. They carried with them Romney campaign signs and a banner that stated “O, did you get us here, too?” – a reference to President Obama’s now famous comment earlier this summer that business owners “didn’t build that” on their own.

Well done!

It’s a reminder that no matter how steep and rocky the trail may get, Romney and Ryan are going all the way to the mountain top!

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10 Responses to Romney / Ryan Campaign Reaches New High - 12,386 feet

  1. Hispana says:

    Mitt/ Paul followers from all around the country are letting Obama know IT IS TIME TO GO! Love it!

  2. Raye says:

    I love it! Send a clear message that we will not be defeated in November! Go Romney/Ryan :)!

  3. Jean Coombs says:

    Love this and yes, we are going all the way to the top!! Romney/Ryan 2012…on to victory!!!

  4. Cathy says:

    “Aint no mountain high enough. Aint no valley low enough. Aint no river wide enough. To keep me from voting for youuuuu.”

    R and R can move mountains…

  5. AfricansforRomney says:

    ahh… i’m jealous. This is different and fun!

  6. Nancy Sullivan says:

    I would love to have joined in on that climb with that message!!! Coker Creek, Tn.

  7. john heimburger says:

    Super idea! Wow…would have loved to climb with the group…and bring along 100 additional supporters. Go Colorado!! Bring home the bacon!! Texas Veterans For Romney will be invading your state with support for R2’d in October. Loaded for bear…watch out Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden….we’re comin’ to git yah!

  8. shirley casale says:

    thumbs up for the Republicans climbing up the mountain to display how we all feel .May God Bless each and everyone of you in the name of Jesus Amen !

  9. Jerald says:

    Hi Jayde
    This is Jerald in Japan.
    For a long time the system won’t let me register my name so that I can chat. Do you know what the problem is? Thanks!

  10. Jayde Wyatt says:

    Jerald! Good to hear from you!

    Hang on; we’ll get you fixed up.