BREAKING: Romney/Ryan Dramatically Outraising Obama

Obama/Biden vs Romney/Ryan
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The new fundraising numbers are out and things are looking very good for the Romney/Ryan team. At this point in the race, Obama has $124 million available, while Romney/Ryan have $186 million.

That means that Obama/Biden have only two-thirds of the cash Romney/Ryan have. And there is still three months left to go.

The huge cash advantage by the Romney team comes from huge fundraising hauls over the last couple of months. Also, the Romney campaign has been very careful in its campaign expenditures, saving most of its heavy spending for the fall.

Meanwhile, Team Obama has been struggling to meet fundraising goals and spending heavily on its ground organization. Obama’s fundraising team has stated that they don’t expect to raise as much money for the 2012 campaign as they did for the 2008 campaign. Up till now, Democrats have taken for granted Obama’s fundraising superiority. This has to be a humbling experience for the previously undisputed king of fundraising.

For the first time in history, an incumbent president could be out-raised by his challenger. And we can be sure that Romney will stretch every dollar of that money he has raised to full advantage in the fall.

Let’s keep this train rolling! There is still a lot of ground to make up on Obama’s established organization. Click here to donate to Romney/Ryan! Just $15 or $25 can make a difference.

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6 Responses to BREAKING: Romney/Ryan Dramatically Outraising Obama

  1. Victor Lundquist says:

    Obama feels entitled to every dollar he receives; a complete entitlement mentality.

  2. Charlene Riddle says:

    my prayer is that people are starting to wake up and see the real obama .Then Mitt will win by a land slide.

  3. Annette S says:

    Obama has been so over rated. The King of fundraising is seeing his campaign spend money faster than it’s coming back in. Romney will be able to hit Obama hard with advertising right before the election. People will take into account Obama’s failed economic policies and how he has misled them on Obamacare. Romney/Ryan…2012!!

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  5. Cathy says:

    Look how the candidates run their campaigns…
    Obama spends out-of-control and spends all he has and begs for more. Just like he runs the country.
    Mitt is controlled and spends where it will make the biggest impact and doesn’t waste what he has. Kinda like he will run the country.
    This should tell you something. Who do you want spending YOUR money??

    R AND R 2012

  6. Susan says:

    Yes, I think we just might win this thing!!
    Go Mitt and Paul!
    Love you both!!