President Obama No Longer Fit to be Commander in Chief

Active duty military personnel cannot speak out against deplorable practices of the executive branch of The United States of America. However, veterans, friends, and former intelligence operatives of America can speak out on their behalf. They are doing so now.

[This editorial is the sole opinion of its author and is not intended to represent the opinions of any other person or entity]

Every branch of The United States military was involved in the operation that ended the reign of Osama bin Laden, as were many men and women of the intelligence services. It is they to whom this post is dedicated.

Normally, MRC would not post a video longer than a few minutes. I made an exception due to the importance of the message of this one. I don’t believe most Americans understand the grave nature of what President Obama has allowed to occur from the White House. Please watch this video, especially the last half (see caption below they symbol of the Navy SEAL at bottom).

Quote from the video:

“If we tell a **** terrorist we are coming to get him, how we find him, who is coming, how we are going to do it, me or some of my friends are going to die.” (~ Anonymous SOF Operator)

The extent to which President Obama exploited the bin Laden operation first came to my attention in February upon reading a powerful op-ed by former Navy SEAL, Leif Babin (see post here). I have been researching the extensive leaks ever since. Later this video was produced by a veterans group denouncing President Obama for his glory run.


The men and women of our armed forces and intelligence services, by oath, place their lives ahead of self interest and are committed to lay down their lives to save those working next to them and for their country. President Obama also gave an oath to protect the Constitution of The United States of America. It is obvious that by consistently allowing senior White House officials to leak methods of operations and other classified secrets for political gain, Mr. Obama is no longer fit to be Commander in Chief. For he alone has reduced his standing to pedantic politician. His motives are purely political now. Evidence: Since Labor Day 2011, he has spent virtually no time attempting to do his job as POTUS; rather he has been campaigning or resting (golfing) from his campaign ever since.

A true leader gives all the credit to those he or she leads. A true leader takes full responsibility for his failures under his charge. President Obama has done neither of these. President Obama is not a leader and never has been a leader in the classic definition of that word.

Thousands of dedicated women and men of America’s armed forces and intelligence services were involved in the bin Laden raid. I believe the caption below typifies the state of mind of these, our patriots, and all American service members:

Humility: The Trident is a symbol of that humility. In the Trident of a Navy SEAL, the majestic eagle has his head bowed. Without humility, the Navy SEAL knows he cannot learn. Without humility, the Navy SEAL in all likelihood will die on the battlefield. Humility helps them to learn and live to their full potential.

Twitter handle of the Navy SEALs: @US_NavySEALs

***** Hat Tip to Mitchell for bringing the “Dishonorable Disclosures” mission to my attention! *****

Following is an outstanding description of the Navy SEAL by Tony Baron, President, Servant Leadership Institute, quoting two-star Admiral Dick Lyon. Click here ——>

I have never met a U.S. Navy SEAL that wasn’t a leader. So when I was invited by Bullfrog 1, two-star Admiral Dick Lyon, to attend a special session in Coronado to meet this special breed of warriors in action, I jumped at the opportunity provided by my friend. Dick, a graduate of Yale and Stanford, is the first Navy SEAL to achieve the rank of Admiral in the United States Navy. A world record holder and Olympic swimmer, Dick was part of the pre-SEAL team that was called the “Scouts and Raiders,” whose mission was to clear the beaches in Europe and provide reconnaissance and demolition of beach obstacles prior to island landings in the Pacific in World War II.

The Navy SEALs are physically fit young men with an uncommon desire to succeed in the midst of adversity. Their training is unparalleled in the world. Marked by an introductory 27 weeks of physical and mental conditioning, the future “Frogmen” receive six additional months of a U.S. Navy parachute course along with special warfare survival, escape, resistance, and evasion courses held in San Diego. The drop out rate is severe in the training. In a class of less than 200, I saw more than 25 helmets placed on the ground in a straight line, representing recruits that had already volunteered out within their first week in San Diego, and two men were standing next to them ready to drop their helmets because the training was too much for them.

Captain Bill Wilson, a Navy SEAL and lead trainer, spoke about the five qualities they look for in these young men in order for them to become Navy SEALs. He reminded me that the best kinds of leaders are Servant Leaders who willingly sacrifice for others for the greater good. The five qualities are:

Physical Courage: All of them, even the dropouts, are expert swimmers. They seek to discipline their bodies so they can achieve their mission. Fitness is not a goal for its own sake, but pursued for the sake of others. Their physical training, according to Capt. Wilson, is equivalent to swimming from Cuba to Florida, then running from Miami to New York City. They cannot allow their bodies to fail them for the mission.

Moral Courage: The Navy SEALs look for men with integrity. They know the difference between right and wrong, they understand sacrifice, responsibility, and honesty. They thrive on mental adversity, knowing that the right thing to do is the best thing to do regardless of circumstances. They live not as one, but as a community, willing to die for another.

Humility: The Trident is a symbol of that humility. In the Trident of a Navy SEAL, the majestic eagle has his head bowed. Without humility, the Navy SEAL knows he cannot learn. Without humility, the Navy SEAL in all likelihood will die on the battlefield. Humility helps them to learn and live to their full potential.

Creativity: The Navy SEALs expect innovation in problem solving. Their technical skills and tactical proficiencies are always challenged by the obstacles of life, so they must always be creative in giving full attention to details. They must know what it is the “box,” but must be willing to think outside the box to survive.

Team Ability: Every Navy SEAL, regardless of military rank, must be willing to lead and be led. An officer will submit to the expertise of a corporal. They all are courageous followers and courageous leaders who trust one another. They know that the lives of their teammates and the success of the mission depend upon being able to lead or be led.

The Navy SEALs are our guardians in America. They are always ready to defend those who are unable to defend themselves. They all have that spark of determination that only grows through the tough times of battle, regardless of circumstances. In essence, they never give up because their character and honor are steadfast. As the U.S. Navy SEAL creed states, their word is their bond. In a day where most institutions are lowering their standards, this institution seeks to maintain their standards so we can live in the land of the free.

I salute you, Navy SEALs, for your sacrificial leadership and your steadfast commitments to your ideals that make me want to grow personally as a human being and as a Servant Leader. Thank you to Bullfrog 1, the former mayor of Oceanside, and much honored Navy SEAL, for teaching me something about servant leadership.

Tony Baron+

American Values: “In God We Trust” — “Liberty” — “E Pluribus Unum”

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Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007.
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Victor is a businessman working in the healthcare industry. He and his wife of 33 years have five children and four grandchildren. Vic has been blogging for Mitt Romney since 2007. View Posts | View Profile
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14 Responses to President Obama No Longer Fit to be Commander in Chief

  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you for this great article, and for posting the video. They were both outstanding. I had typed a long post but decided to simply state my belief that nothing could be more un-American than leaking sensitive military-related information, information that puts our service men and women, their families, and our country at risk, all for personal or political gain. Shameful!

    ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!

  2. David says:

    Thanks for the article and great video! Romney/Ryan 2011

  3. Deborah Donnison says:

    Quote from the video….”If we tell a **** terrorist we are coming to get him, how we find him, who is coming, how we are going to do it, me or some of my friends are going to die.” (~ Anonymous SOF Operator) It is not your job to second guess the President. If you were worried about being killed, then you should have NEVER become a soldier and you should have never sworn you allegance to our Commander in Chief. This is an act of a coward and a traitor.

  4. Deborah Donnison says:

    To those of you who have commented. You have NO IDEA how many leaks do happen. You have NO IDEA how much it takes to keep leaks from happening. Obama cannot watch every single person, from the janitors to his top advisors 24/7 and to blame him for a leak is irresponsible and idiotic.

  5. Victor Lundquist says:

    Deborah: You are missing the points. Almost all of the information about the bin Laden operation was highly classified and all of the leaks came from the White House. There was a commitment the night of the raid to keep the information secret and all present in the meeting made the commitment. A small group of men and women.

    Less than 24 hours after the raid, Obama and other WH officials began to brag about the operation and details related to it.

    If you are unaware of these details, you need to perform the research to understand how comprehensive and how extensive the leaks were. The number of leaks was very high.

    To your comment about who would know. False. In this type of operation, NONE of the details should ever have been released. Never.

  6. Cathy says:

    Obama and the White House leakers are traitors to our country. Relieve them of their (non) duty in Nov.
    Romney and Ryan will ALWAYS put country and our military first.

  7. Tom says:

    The most important part of the oath of office is defending the Constitution. More important than “following” the Deceiver-in-Chief. A man who repeatedly has violated the Constitution and his own oath of office. Blindly following a man unfit to serve, is not why we are called warriors and leaders. What these men of valor have done is what they are expected to do when they are being led by a failure at ANY level. But liberal sheep like you wouldn’t understand that.
    As for the leaks, you act as if they came from outside the WH. They came from within. The Prez IS responsible for his own office.

  8. AfricansforRomney says:

    This is nicely done advise for our Juvenile “noble Peace prize winner” war Prez “I” commander in chief and the current Juvenile admin. What’s Deborah’s complain for? I hope, the investigation still on and i would like to see someone who’s responsible for these leaks put in orange jumpsuit. What ever happend to the rule of law? No consequences for their bad action in this admin.

    I’m very frustrated and angry by Prez Obama’s Afghanistan endless, worthless war, kill list around the world, excessive drones on innocent people. It becomes a habit now leaving a war without winning, unfortunately it is necessary to get out of Afghanistan. NOW! People are dying everyday. Sad, the loud mouth libs even don’t care anymore. No prinicple, only party line.

    Please, GET OUT OF AFGHANISTAN! It is not worth it.

  9. Sarah says:

    Wow, Deborah. You really think the man you quoted doesn’t know his life is at risk every day? I think the point he was trying to make (that you clearly don’t get) is that he certainly didn’t expect his Commander in Chief, or other high-ranking officials, would be irresponsible enough to publicly disclose information that would put him and his fellow servicemen/women at even greater risk of injury or death. And he has done it repeatedly. How could you, or anyone else, excuse that? Just because he is our current president doesn’t mean we have to support and defend everything he does, especially when he puts the safety of our military members, their families, and the safety and security of our country at risk! Talk about idiotic.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Romney, I’d like to leave my thoughts on the Dishonorable Disclosures video……. As a solder and an American citizen we all know “It’s the governments first duty to protect the people, not run their lives” let alone carelessly compromise them. My men are not just sick of bad voting, greedy corporations and ignorant leadership, we’re sick of the whole idea of propaganda all together! This video had a simple moral about “Capital Gain” ….don’t you feel that trying to support this video right before an election is a little hypocritical? I don’t like Obama and I do support the makers of this video, but you really surprised me taking advantage of it. You’re better than that!!!

  11. Victor Lundquist says:


    Thank you for your comment. From your words, I infer that you are a service member.

    First, this website (MRC), is a grassroots site not affiliated with Gov. Romney, his campaign, or any campaign.

    Second, it is I and I alone that made the decision to post this. If you watch Gov. Romney carefully, he does not exploit any group or the military in his work.

    Third, I did not intend to exploit the military when I posted this. It is my opinion and mine alone.

    Thank you for your service.

  12. Janet Scaruffi says:

    When you leave a comment would you please note if you were in military or have family in military. Our family has had quite a few from earliest American Military thru present day.
    None let us know what mission is coming up or anything about it. They do not feel it is glorious to kill or loose their buddies in battle.They do what they do to defend their country and keep us free. The job of the Commander in Chief is to back them up ,not put them in harms way. Look back in history and see if any Pres. ever did what this one did and make your own decision . Better yet pretend your son/daughter is now going on a mission like the disclosed one to take out another top enemy. How secure do you feel that your love one will make it back alive since all the surprise tactics have been disclosed. THINK PEOPLE like your and your love ones lives depend on it…….because they do ! Thanks guys for defending me and my love ones. Soldiers’Angels and Blue StarMoms will ALWAYS be there for you !

  13. Phil says:

    As Soldiers, we swore allegence to the President regardless if we respect the president. Obama is our president.

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